Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve
15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, CA 93536, United States
Review №1

Its really beautiful place to take pictures when the pappies are in full bloom. Youd better check the status of blooms through the website before visiting.I visited here about the beginning of April, 2020. Its pretty cold there because of the wind.

Review №2

It’s a great place to hike and leave the city behind. Best time to get here is early in case there’s a lot of people visiting. Even when there’s no blooms it’s a beautiful place to take a hike. ***Tip*** if you follow directions that go through Santa Clarita you’ll have a wonderful scenic route of winding roads, hills and farmhouses.

Review №3

If you are looking for a short break away from your busy life, this would be a great place to do just that. This is a great place for taking photos whether the poppies are in full bloom or not. It’s also great for panoramic photos. Be advised that it is ILLEGAL to pick the poppies since they are on state property. After all, they are the state flower!

Review №4

Beautiful Nature. As of mid March 2020, the Reserve is closed. You can drive around. Miles of poppies and other wild flowers. You can see the snow covered Hills, poppies, and wind mills. One word can describe it: awesomeness!

Review №5

We have been coming out here whenever there has been a good bloom. We do go to the park but prefer to drive the dirt roads around the park. Dogs are not allowed in the park, but we can have them on the roads around it. The park can be crowded while the dirt roads can be empty. Its a way to take in the views by yourselfs. Either way, its always a treat to see the wildflowers in bloom when they make a sea of color.

Review №6

No disappointment at allllllll! First time experiencing the poppies in full bloom! I have been craving nature lately surrounded by too much concrete. This was exactly how I imagined this escape would be! Thank you God for this beauty I get to surround myself with.

Review №7

We arrived around 6:30am paid $10 fee to enter the park; arriving early was good as we had lots of parking spaces available. Around 7am the parking lot was full. the sunrise was amazing. It was worth to come and enjoy the orange hills.

Review №8

Incredible little find. Beware rattle snake holes, but we had no troubles.

Review №9

Who doesnt want to see a Poppy Super Bloom? The trails are easy, the flowers are fantastic and it is a wonderful experience. Arrive early to park in the lot or you can park off of the road and climb up the hill and walk in for free. Nominal parking fee. Please use sunscreen, bring sunglasses or a hat and water. It tends to be extremely windy so a light jacket or windbreaker is helpful. Stay on the trails! They are very obvious but the Mojave Green Rattlesnakes hiding just off of the trail are not! Their camouflage is nearly perfect and they are hard to spot even in relatively open areas. Dont risk your lives or your childrens lives by stepping off of the trails. All pics I have taken are from.on the trail. As a bonus, there is a snake in one of my pictures. I did not spot it until I got home. 10 points if you can find it!

Review №10

We visited this place in April and it was such a great time. We took the back roads and got to experience the Poppyfields in a way that was away from the crowds. It was the beginning of the pandemic to so there wasn’t a bunch of people, but there were definitely more on the main stretch. There are also some vendors out there selling local honey and local fruits and vegetables, we really wanted to stop but because of the pandemic we were not comfortable with buying goods. We took our dogs with us too and the year enjoyed walking up and down the back roads. The only bad thing about it was watching the people walk through the Poppyfields. It was disheartening to see people trample all over the flowers just to get an Instagram photo. But the experience itself was very lovely.

Review №11

I was lucky to visit this beautiful place during the poppy bloom. It’s not huge as walker canyon but it’s very pretty and different. You feel like you are “inside the fields” not looking from far. Lovely spot. The parking was available as well. I would recommend coming here

Review №12

Gorgeous blooms! All the east sides of the hills are blooming. I went at 10 AM on a Friday. Just a little crowded. It was good to see people staying in the trails. It was windy the entire time so bring a jacket. The purple flowers smelled wonderful, wish I knew what kind they were. Its $10 per vehicle. Cash or card is accepted. Id recommend getting there before 11 am as when I left the reserve, the line to pay for parking now more than tripled in length probably taking 15 minutes to park.

Review №13

Amazing beautiful day. My family and I visited for the first time the poppy fields reserve after being quarantined for 7 weeks it was a graceful and peaceful day watching mother nature flowers. Worth every mile driven to sightsee this beauties in blooming time. Totally recommended for all those mommies with children for beautiful memorable pictures.

Review №14

The Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve is truly breath taking this year with the super bloom phenomena. A vast beautiful land of colorful scenic color!Such a blessing given to us by God!The photographers from Photografx Worldwide were there as well.A must see! Pack a lunch and bask in the stunning beauty!

Review №15

Id much rather visit this than visit any SoCal theme park. I think back to all the things Ive rated five stars. This raises the bar. Wish I could give it six stars. Yes, traffic was heavy but there are hundreds of acres of poppies. Its totally possible to be alone in a field surrounded by poppies and away from others. I meditated for a bit. It was just fabulous.

Review №16

My First time in this gorgeous area it was a very high vibrational feeling for we.

Review №17

Great place to the spring blossom. Parking along the road can be difficult to find at peak hours. Get there early.

Review №18

Gorgeous!Even tough everything was closed due to covid-19, it’s an open land to park and walk!

Review №19

Today was 3/27/2019, most Poppies are blossoms, beautiful wildflowers this year ever. Don’t miss a chance to check in here once everybody. Parking ticket was $10/ each.

Review №20

We went at night during a meteor shower and were able to get some great views. This place is great for viewing the stars because it is so dark here at night.

Review №21

Awesome beauty. Must visit. Please check the bloom status online before visiting. We did it on 3/30 and it was in full swing. You can also park your car outside the park and walk in. It will save lot of your time.

Review №22

After seeing all the news about the great bloom I went to this reserve. We had to park about 1 mile from the entrance. Then the hike to the poppies. The show was OK but I would attempt to go mid week.

Review №23

Enjoyed our time. Many trails to walk about. Information center and guides. Beautiful spot for reflection.

Review №24

Super bloom 2019, crazy beautiful. I believe we went the second week of March last year. Crazy to find parking on a weekend. The hike was absolutely worth it. Respect the poppies walk on the trails only!

Review №25

Very beautiful place. We spent an afternoon here. And saw so many poppy flowers. The hills were filled with orange poppies. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and we also took a long hike there and took many pictures and videos. Nicely maintained location. We were here on a weekday, avoid weekends if you want to skip the crowds. Active only in Spring when the poppies are in bloom.

Review №26

On 3/17/2019 there were tons and tons of poppies on the hills. Apparently there will be tons in the fields in a couple weeks. Lots of traffic around noon, so be prepared to wait 15 minutes and DONT BLOCK EVEN AN INCH OF THE ROAD if you park on the side of the road, because a police officer there got to give out probably 20 tickets for people whose tires went over the asphalt.Please stick to the trails, also :p

Review №27

Lovely place nice clean restrooms have to take some water and food before you go there

Review №28

Just so beautiful! We actually didn’t even have to go all the way in to see the poppies ... the hills were covered and it saves you $20

Review №29

Had a beautiful time. We were able to park near the entrance on the road to prevent extra traffic. During this years super bloom, I recommend arriving as early as possible to avoid the large crowds. The later the day got, the more crowded it became. The hikes are not too bad, though there some steep areas.

Review №30

When we were there in August, it was hot, the visitor center was closed, bit the place itself was very beautiful.

Review №31

Wow. And to think the whole California state used to look like this wonder spot. Thank you for thinking about future generations in preserving this spot. It was very windy the day were were there, so hold onto your hat!

Review №32

So many poppies! I heard the billion dollar s especially good this year. The hills are covered in blankets of poppies. It’s pretty and fun but can be crowded.You can park on the road below or pay 10$ to park in the parking lot. There are bathrooms at the trailhead. Make sure to stay on the path and respect nature and stuff.

Review №33

When I live in Southern California, I drove there every weekend around income tax filing time. It only bloom once every few years when rainfall and temperature are just right.

Review №34

A gorgeous place to check out the poppies! Somewhat steep but nicely groomed and wide trails. Benches are spaced out as you make your ascent. We arrived early to beat the crowds and were glad to beat the Saturday morning traffic. Poppies were opening their petals as the sun warmed them up. By 10 am many of them were fully open. Today was March 16, 2019. I was told that there will be even more flowers blooming over the next few weeks, so it may be worth a return trip.Parking is $10 for a car. $1 discount for seniors. There are at least two lots but they did seem full by 10 am. Some folks were parking on the main road and walking in. Wear a coat, as it does get windy and chilly on top of the hill. Lots of portapotties and three or four “real” restrooms are located at the entrance to the trail.I was pleased to see everyone being respectful of the flowers and keeping the park in good condition for future visitors. Good job LA!

Review №35

Been there today and a week ago and it is a fantastic place to walk with all the orange poppies all around.Trails are nice and easy, and while you can get a trail map at the entrance you will really have gardctime to get lost.No food, no dogs, if you lucky and able to drive in its $10 per car, otherwise if you park on the road as we dud, be ready to walk a bit.Lots of people from all over, all ages, saw few family with strollers though some part you might need to be an a better fit to push the stroller up with you.Bring water !

Review №36

Easy hike on a paved trail among endless fields of poppies! Amazing breathtaking views of meadows and hills full of poppies.

Review №37

If you go the 14 frwy, it is 15 miles west on a two lane road. Lots of poppies visible outside the reserve. In the reserve lots of trails to walk and view the blooms. The rangers are out and about and considering the number of people walking off the marked trails, they were very nice. Small but nice interpretative center with some beautiful wild flower art, some for sale. There is a fee but it is worth more than $10 charged.

Review №38

What a spectacular sight at the Antelope Valley Poppy Preserve! The hills are so bright with the golden poppy color that it almost looks like lava flowing down the hills. Be sure to take sunglasses too! It gets bright out here and adding the gorgous colors of the poppies, it gets brighter. A must see in the spring in California!

Review №39

What can I possibly say?My wife and I took our youth group from church to go and visit the Poppy Reserve this year and it was spectacular. In this busy world that we live in, it is great to just get away and spend some time in nature.Coming here is a real treat, especially after all of this California rain recently! There were plenty of trails to go on here. We certainly could have been here the entire day to just take it all in.If you have never been here before, I would definitely suggest coming here sometime just to see the California Poppy Reserve.

Review №40

Been going every year for last few years towards end of March. Always beautiful and can get beautiful pictures from the trails by adjusting your angle. Super bloom this year is out of this world.

Review №41

Super bloom indeed!!!So glad I went this year, even though it was very busy and took a long time to get into the Reserve. So many cars stopping on the way there to take pix increased the congestion.Idiot people going off the park trails, trampling flowers, and letting their kids do so did not spoil the day, although I did yell at many of them, who just seemed oblivious.I hope the people who landed their helicopter there got fined big time and I hope the money goes to the Poppy Reserve!Incidentally, the land used to belong to my Great Grandfather, Max Godde.

Review №42

Kind of came here late when the bloom was dying out beginning of May. Nonetheless, still beautiful and they have vendors selling raw honey. Cool spot to check out and take photos but try better to come in March.

Review №43

A beautiful place to spend an afternoon when the poppies are in blossom. Plenty of parking and lots of places to stop and take pictures. Remember to be safe and lookout for pedestrians during the busy season. Oh and dont stomp on the flowers!

Review №44

Place is good weekend getaway from Los Angeles. However is good only when flowers are full bloom, otherwise place is desert with no humans around. Staffs at visitor center are friendly.

Review №45

In a typical year the poppy display is nice. This year it was spectacular! The super bloom did not disappoint, and it was worth the wait to get in on a weekday. The entire desert was in bloom so you can see amazing display other places. The Poppy Reserve was the highlight, though! Incredible!!!!

Review №46

Did not expect the place to be this beautiful. Must visit for people living in and around Los Angeles.The parking inside was full the day we visited and I believe it will be mostly during the flowering season. Cars can be parked on street outside but it is a good 10 to 20 minutes walk to reach the guest center.

Review №47

Antelope Valley is a jaw dropping place which will take your breath away. The scenery and number of wild California poppies is amazing. Definitly a place to visit and experience. However, it can be very busy depending on the time you visit. The spring season is the busiest due to the recent super bloom so plan accordingly or choose to visit on a weekday with fewer guests.

Review №48

An unexpected excursion! Absolutely beautiful. It looks like the hills are on fire. An absolute treat to park on the side of the road and walk down paths out to amazing fields. Dont just drive by. Lots of people around when we went, but its a huge space - you werent right next to people. There are snakes (posted) so be mindful. This is also in the desert and all looks the same - pay attention to where you walk and where your car was! (drop a PIN on GOOGLE MAPS)

Review №49

Very beautiful place. This was the first time we were their since last winter had heavy rain we were lucky enough to see this beautiful landscape

Review №50

Beautiful and shocking, the endless sea of ​​flowers, heaven and earth!

Review №51

Super fantastic! Nice walk on trail and amazing views!

Review №52

Really is spectacular! If. you ever have the opportunity to visit while there is a good bloom GO! And don’t forget your camera! You will surely impress your friends!

Review №53

It is absolutely gorgeous. SO scenic. But very cold, windy. Bundle up. Also, there were many disrespectful people there trampling off trails. Parking was an issue too.

Review №54

Great experience, the park was beautiful but the people working there make it even better. The line was long but well worth it. The poppies are amazing.Trails are well marked.

Review №55

Went today and it was very windy so we only stayed for an hour. It was cloudy and cool so the poppies were not fully open. I think the bloom is beginning to wane so if you want to see this bloom hurry over. Weekdays are better because less crowds. If you can go when temps are above 70 you will see the poppies while theyre open. Check your weather app and head over ASAP!

Review №56

Excellent place to bring families, friends, and lovers. Very educational. Comes and feels the gentle wind, and the sun over your face. Pack your lunch and enjoy the gigantic poppy fields. Lets your mind go free and leave all of the troubles behind. You also can assimilate the movie The sound of music on the back of your mind. Or event the movie Born free without the lions. Its a beautiful morning, Com on down!

Review №57

I took my trip two weeks ago it’s lucky I did. Because now it’s closed and the road to get to it as close to. So don’t try to go out Lancaster Boulevard. You might try Avenue D it’s also gorgeous

Review №58

A must see during super bloom. Endless fields of poppies. Amazing sunset.

Review №59

Beautiful place to watch the wild flowers. We went on a short loop hike and truly enjoyed the place. The best thing is you are walking in the middle of the poppy fields on a trail. Though its now 4/19/19 past the peak bloom, but they still have about 80% so it still looks great.

Review №60

After a good rain season season the antelope valley and fields along the 138 are on fire with zillions of California poppies. The recent land purchase for solar farms by PG&E has encroached some of the yearly orange fields but the california poppy reserve land and hills are a sure thing.

Review №61

The one iconic plant of California : this place is amazing when the poppy are blooming. You must have enough raining the year first, then come here in the early of April. Otherwise you might get nothing ( I did one time). The trail is easy for 3yrs kids self to finish it. 10$ for parking inside park lot nearby the trail if have young kids. But it is ok to park road side and taking walk about 15mim

Review №62

Absolutely beautiful. Nice place to escape & walk the trails. Sunsets during blooming season are out of this world!

Review №63

So beautiful. It’s a place out of a movie.

Review №64

If youre going there, better go there in early morning until ten or almost late afternoon because at noon time and afternoon, its super hot down there.Aside from the temperature there, the view is so relaxing and breathtaking. Its a good place to hike and exercise too.

Review №65

I am torn about doing this review because there were so many other places by the reserve to see luciously dense poppies. We turn into the parking lot and made a U-turn because of the lack of poppies but I want this park to be supported. We just didnt have a lot of time. There were so many better views of the poppies on the way there.I think they charge to get into the park and they have alot things youll miss by not going in.

Review №66

Very nice place, lot of ppl came on the day we went and long lines to get inside the entrance. If they can make it fast to enter into the main entrance it would have been really great.

Review №67

Good place. go early in the morning to get nice proper lighting for photos , nice aroma of poppy fragrance in the air, must pace to visit in March/April

Review №68

Absolutely beautiful but so sad to see people trampling the flowers for some stupid picture on Instagram. If you go, please don’t wander off trail and be selfish.Went 3/21 and it was too cold and windy and storming so the poppies were closed but still beautiful. If you go here please don’t go in the flowers, it destroys them and they’re not even at peak season yet.

Review №69

Went on a Sunday. Big mistake. Huge crowd and traffic congestion so bad we never made it to the official parking lot. But we did park (for free) on the road leading up to the preserve and hiked the hills which had plenty of blooms.After we turned back and headed to D street to use its approach to the preserve. Same problem. We were able to follow a crowd down a dirt road to the back fence. We didnt plan that, it just happened as a result of over crowding traffic and no signage. There we could see the preserve just yards away but poppy police were present to arrest any trespassing. Also a poppy police aircraft patrolled the sky looking for park violators that strayed from its paths.We left. Honestly we had plenty of fun not going to the preserve and exploring nearby blooms. We took lots of photos, some with poppys and other flowers that werent in the preserve. We did see some people causing minor violations but in my opinion nothing that nature cant endure and overall even the violators were being respectful of nature. Its there to enjoy so, enjoy it. Leave the lawnmowers at home.Tip: Wear Polorized sunglasses. The colors really stand out and every once in a while youll spot a rare, off color poppy (yellow) that without proper eyewear would just blend in with the others.Also. We were told that the official parking lot has 300 spaces (thats a minimum $3,000 a day California is making and no one parks all day. For those of you that are counting and wondering who pays for the airplane fuel) and that by 8am that morning the lot was full. Our arrival attempt was at 10am.

Review №70

I was lucky enough to be here during the peak amazing and beautiful very windy day so the crowds were less during crowd at times it can be hard to find your own space but on the off day amazing

Review №71

Stunning, I believe, is the word. Wherever you are from in CA - or out of state - its worth the drive. The flowers and colors are 2nd to none and the amenities provided by the park are very adequate for a normal day. Notice at midday when the crowds are heaviest at peak season (March-April) it can get quite unenjoyable due to chaos of everyone seeing the flowers, but there are more than enough places to find in the many trails that weave through the park where you can get some peace and quiet. Remember STAY ON THE TRAIL, AND DONT CRUSH THE POPPIES!!! If you have a vehicle with an sort of moderate clearance (i.e. not a ferrari) your car will have no trouble on the dirt roads that surround the park when it is dry as they are all fairly flat.

Review №72

Nice place with great view of blooming poppy plants. Be cautious about the wind. It might get very numb chilling with such winds. We were told the peak would be march end to april first week this year, weather should improve too.

Review №73

Get there early like before 8:30 in the week day, not just for easy parking but you will have time to enjoy this breathtaking view without a traffic of people, by 10am it is already packed and hard to take photos without people in the view

Review №74

Beautiful place except for the bugs flying everywhere but still beautiful

Review №75

We went late afternoon around 5:30 pm during the last week of March. Weather was perfect. There was some crowd but not as bad as expected. Beautiful landscape.

Review №76

It is a easy and colorful nature walk, there is paid parking available for a service use fee. During the superbloom expect traffic but the rangers did there utmost to keep people on the trails and preserve the poppys.

Review №77

We had a great hike into the poppies and lupines. Many thanks to the poppies volunteers that made us SMILE! Not a bad idea to bring an umbrella to walk the hills as there are no trees for relief from the strong sunlight!

Review №78

Very beautiful park. You can even see the while mountain covered in orange from a distance. The parking situation was pretty bad and we had to wait almost 45 minutes to get a parking spot. This was on a Saturday

Review №79

Ok so first off I want to say this place is BEAUTIFUL and California chose a vibrant color to represent our state. So many hillsides full of AwwwS and OHHS. IF YOU ARE NOT A OUTDOOR KINDA PERSON IT IS NOT FOR YOU. There are 6 picnic tables (one picnic area) and keep in mind youre visiting a reserve not a amusement park. Bring a blanket to have a picnic. When it comes to parking you do need to get there early and the park can not accommodate to weather so be sure to check weather prior to showing up. Anything under 70 be sure to wear jeans and bring a sweater or jacket (Anyway when visiting anywhere out door common sense). If going during summer bring lots of sunblock, hats it is very hot but not a good time to see the poppy at full bloom. There are restrooms/ port a potty... like any other popular spot there will be lines. We got there at 9 and couldnt park in the lot but was able to get parking along the road which to us was fine. I want to finish with that it is free so why are people giving 2☆☆.

Review №80

Im so glad we went on a weekday. It was border of being too crowded for me on Good Friday. You really cant imagine how bright the orange color of these flowers is until you witness them in person. The only bummer was seeing how many people refused to respect the rules of the park and going off trail to get a better picture. I called out several of them as I saw them leaving the trail, and their response was but, other people do it. Even though the park representives and signs specifically say that walking on already damaged areas MAKES THE DAMAGE WORSE. There were dozens of the silly Instagram wannabes in full makeup and cocktail dresses, and Chinese tourists who pretended not to understand, but the worst people were the parents instructing their kids to break the rules. Aaaarrrgh!

Review №81

The poppy’s are beautiful!!! It was worth the 120 mile round trip to go see them.

Review №82

Thinking about this superbloom and how spectacular it is. Mostly because it’s so fragile and temporary. It’s here for a few weeks and then it passes. It doesn’t happen every year so of course it’s natural to want to experience it in person. I went to visit 3 National Parks this past week and this superbloom was right up on the list of best things I’ve seen! But along with that it’s also up there with most disgusting things I’ve seen. When signs say “stay on trail” it’s pretty obvious what a “trail” is. That patch of dirt off the trail is NOT a trail. That’s from people repeatedly NOT following rules, disrespecting the park, and trampling on those areas. If you continue to use those “patches of dirt” you are also harming that delicate area and preventing growth for years to come. That “patch of dirt” gets carved larger over time because people continue to walk those fake dirt trails and creating larger areas of destruction. And eventually that becomes an entire plot of land where growth will no longer come back, shrinking the size of the superbloom next time. Please people, stay on the trail.Sincerely,a very heartbroken human+ Large parking lot, even enough space for trailers and RVs+ Plenty of public restrooms+ Great trails and amazing views+ Fantastic Visitor Center/ Gift Shops. You can ask the CA State Park Rangers questions and they are super helpful and informative+ Best time to come is mid-day with the sun is out and the poppies are open+ $10/car to visit the poppies+ Very crowded but thats to be expected with such an amazing natural phenomenon is happening.+ Bring water, good walking shoes, sunscreen, and snacks if you plan on doing a long hike here.

Review №83

Absolutely stunning place during the superbloom season. Hiking trails are partially paved and easily accessible from parking lot. Heavy foot traffic during the busy season. Please stay on the trails to avoid killing future blooms!

Review №84

Amazing flowers, so many of them, the hills are turned into orange.We went on Thur afternoon, parking lot is already full, we park on the street and walk over. Need to parking parking fee if you park in the parking lot.When we leaves we see there are other locations bear by that has lots of the flowers too.

Review №85

I probably went at the wrong time and the poppy flower field is probably amazing to look at, I don’t blame the place. When I went, I only see a hill covered with yellow grass. The the wind is so so so strong you have no idea. I am not blown away by the view but I might by the wind. It’s kinda funny to climb to the top of the hill, it’s like you are on top of the Mount Everest, it’s that windy!

Review №86

It was a breathtaking experience; poppies so abundant they looked like pollen from afar.

Review №87

Fantastic, its crowded on the weekend. You can park outside and close to the entrance then walk to the park

Review №88

This year you must go this place.Poppies blossom it is beautiful.

Review №89

We hit it right after the peak in a high rainfall year, so the place was exploding with flowering plants. The poppys are beyond belief in how they carpet the desert for miles around. The volunteer staff is very good. Please be nice to them!

Review №90

This place is truly MAGICAL! The fields can be seen from far and stretch pretty far, making for a nice walk or a small hike.PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT SIT ON THE FLOWERS JUST TO TAKE PHOTOS!!!! You can sit on the trail, but dont trample the damn flowers.The smell in the air is so strange and foreign, but beautiful! Would return as often as possible.

Review №91

This year is amazing! The water was just right for a super bloom this year!!!

Review №92

Awesome place for a walk while observing the poppys in its natural setting. We were there on a super windy day, but it was still worth the drive.

Review №93

So many poppies and a lot of trails. Not a lot of parking available so be prepared to walk. They do offer a lot of clean porto potties along way with hand washing facilities.

Review №94

Parking space is relatively limited so you have to park outside and walk in. The poppy is still not at its peak yet, come back in two weeks and maybe you can see more. There are more wild poppies outside the park so you can simply stop by them if you don’t wanna pay the fee for it.

Review №95

Beautiful! My wife and I went during the first weekend of the bloom.

Review №96

What can I say about this place! There are so many things to highlight but here are a few to point out:- deff worth going during the bloom season with a nice camera and going early see pics attached- Take allergy meds- Go early during the season, mid day it gets busy- Take a backpack of water and foodWould happily go again!Thank you!

Review №97

Beautiful orange poppy covered mountains. Many different trails. There are combination of Orange and Yellow flowers. The densest area of of orange poppy flowers is at a small trail to the left off the Interpretive center at the front face of the hill of the main trail.

Review №98

Just a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. place

Review №99

This is truly one the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to. So many poppies! The wonderful colors everywhere makes you feel as if you are in a magical place. I went there on a Saturday, and I got there around 10:30. There was already a line of cars waiting to enter the parking lot, but I didn’t care for the parking lot because there was plenty of spots on the side of the road. So unless you want to wait a good chunk of time in the line to enter the lot, just park on the side of the road, and walk to the Poppyfields. The views are amazing! The trails are super easy, and well marked. It was infuriating to see people stepping on the poppies to take pictures. Please don’t be one of those jerks. You will be able to take amazing pictures staying on the trails. There’s a small souvenir shop, and there’s restrooms next to it, too. Put tons of sunscreen, you will regret it if you don’t. Take water with you, and wear comfortable shoes. They have free maps at the entrance of the park. There were a couple of people selling raspados and ice cream on the side of the road lol. Nice reward after a good hike.

Review №100

Sweeping vistas of stunning yellow, orange and green hills, big valley, and big sky! Well-kept walking paths and trails, easy, moderate and steep depending on which way you choose to go. Nice to have options! Bring plenty of water.

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  • Thursday:7am–7pm
  • Friday:7am–7pm
  • Saturday:7am–7pm
  • Sunday:7am–7pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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