Roller City
6803 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood, CO 80226, United States
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I am an avid skater and I absolutely love Roller City. I travel to all the skate centers in Colorado and this is my favorite. They keep the place very clean. They take temperatures at the door before you go in. And they constantly remind people to wear masks and follow guidelines. I highly recommend this Skate Center. I definitely feel safe in the environment that they have created. Youve got to check this place out. They have the best sound system in Colorado the lighting is on point and the music is great. I plan on visiting this place as often as I can. You can definitely feel the love. So go see for yourself!

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Very fun. Rink is really big and wide which makes skating even funner and less crowded. Great variation of music as well. Will definitely be coming here again!

Review №3

I hardly ever post any reviews but I had to do it for Roller City. This place exceeds my expectations every time, the environment is great, it’s always extremely clean, we love the music, the games and most importantly the kids always have a blast. The staff is friendly, always there to help. We feel safe coming here during COVID 19, they do an excellent job at enforcing mask wearing and temperature checks at the door, and remind people constantly to wear their mask and practice social distancing at all times while inside the facility. All in all I’m very happy to have a place like this close to home specially during this time.

Review №4

If you want to escape the reality of COVID-19 this is the place for you. NO masks, NO problems. Masks are completely optional; because as we all know, its so hard to breath with a mask while skating along to a poor remixed version of Thriller. No health metrics enforced because that would require competent managers; hard to find these days. SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Review №5

Roller City is a fantastic place with an even more fantastic staff!.... roller skating and rollerblading have been making a really great comeback and its fantastic to watch so many generations all enjoying the sport together. From dancing on the quad skates to inline hockey skating oh, there is something for everyone from 2 years old to 102 years old!.... for parents looking for something where they feel comfortable dropping their kids off. The staff there has a fantastic moral compass and I feel comfortable whenever I drop my kids off. Of course I enjoy skating around holding hands with my wife. Please kids doing the speed skating and dance skating are just amazing. The culture is very positive and I enjoy watching my kids have so much fun.. these kids doing the speed skating and dance skating are just amazing. The culture is very positive and I enjoy watching my kids have so much fun. This is by far the best roller skating location. I highly recommend Roller City on Alameda!

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I always have a great time at Roller City. Everything is on point! Clean, nice employees, good variety of music to appeal to everybody. Probably the nicest skating floor in Denver. I highly recommend!

Review №7

The best roller rink this side of the Mississippi! Fantastic and helpful staff with incredible music and space for socially distanced fun. Can’t wait to be back!

Review №8

This was me and my boyfriends first rime skating in a very long time and man did we have a great time! We were slipping and sliding the entire time but no one laughed or got irritated with us. In fact, a team member (celeste) even offered us protective gear to help us stay safe. Great diversity of music, great service and an overall accepting environment. We will be coming back!

Review №9

Apparently masks are optional here. I tried to go to have a nice night but half the people on and off the rink were NOT wearing masks. This place is an outbreak waiting to happen.

Review №10

This place is awesome! We rented it out for a private, adult halloween party and everyone had a blast. Kiki and her team are so accommodating, fun and made our guests feel safe during the pandemic.There is plenty of space to socially distance, many clearly marked signs stating their mask requirements, a sign in sheet and strategically placed hand sanitizer.Skating the night away to our own tunes was a blast! Easy to book. Great experience all the way through!

Review №11

Very awesome for my 5 yr old niece, has a beginners class 10am for 2hrs. to show parents were to begin she loved it everyone was patient and she was so happy.

Review №12

My son had a wonderful 8th birthday here. We love the DJs, the games and the overall positive environment.

Review №13

All of my kids loved it. We did a birthday party n adults loved it too. Has the lil pole bars to help guide the smaller kids as they learn how to skate .. Which is awesome!! Very family orientated. Try it out! Youll love it

Review №14

Kiki is the best! Great staff, great facility.

Review №15

We had a birthday party here and it was funtastic. Everyone should check it out. The owners did a great job restoring the place.

Review №16

Friendly staff, fun atmosphere, cheap skate night!

Review №17

Staff was super helpful. DJ was great. Games were fun and issues were dealt with immediately and professionally. Thank you for a fun time bonding with my daughter.

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Review №19

The employees there are great and the owners are amazing people!!! I love the game choices they have especially the new addition of the pinball games!! Awesome rink!

Review №20

This place is unsafe and has a literal sign up for skate at your own risk. I thought that the sign was worrying and some of the employees were unpleasant. There is no supervision on the game arcade section, so it was hard to keep track of my group I went with. I asked the DJ four times before they put one song my group wanted to skate to. The DJ ignored me once and I tried again and I was told If I have it, if I dont I dont. They also have a weird closed off section with broken car Mobiles and candy machines and it was not a safe spot for anyone because they have a wooden board with wheels on in the back section and people can get get hurt if they got on it. And I dont think they have good music or good hours for a roller rink, all in all I didnt have fun and I think the minimum age for skating is 8 years old. Its not okay to have a symbol of death on the wall and a broken game coin machine, its a roller rink not a death trap. If little kids are learning to skate, then they should learn at home and wait till theyre ready. I wouldnt go back.

Review №21

My grandchildren are 6 yrs old and they tried charging my husband and I to stay to watch them skate. Nowhere on the building does it say daycare. Well needless to say we sure didnt pay an extra $20.00. We complained and got a full refund and they got to skate. However I did see a family of 5 that they got taken for $50.00 smh... the parents had 3 younger kids. How sad is that!

Review №22

Excellent skate for my first time at roller city! Very comfortable environment.

Review №23

This is my favorite physical rink space. I love taking classes here. But they need better music for open skates/ adult night etc. I always bring headphones. But I love the space. So smooth and blue. This is the first place I ever really roller skated.

Review №24

Great place to go and enjoy with family and friends and by yourself

Review №25

Love the place. Brought the family... Clean, open floor, great management. Helpful friendly staff .... We had a wonderful time. DJ even played Sugar by Maroon 5 when my 3 year old requested it...Thanks for bringing this kid friendly place to Belmar. Awesome that you do parties too!

Review №26

Kids really enjoyed coming here! It was quiet when we arrived on a Saturday around noon and had plenty of time and space to get our footing. Even after multiple birthday parties arrived, there was space on the floor.Fun music and great staff. My daughter got a quick 5 min lesson and couldnt stop talking about it.Would love a punch card option for future visits! It would remind us to keep coming back!!!

Review №27

I been going to Skate City for years, but my first time at Roller City, I think its time for a switch! I liked that it was cleaner, especially the bathroom, it was bigger, way more seating space, and a lot less kids/people. I liked the art and decor a lot more. I highly enjoyed myself, and the general layout of the space, plus it has a kiddy skating ring for the smaller children, which I found as a major plus.

Review №28

Almost got jumped but I didnt cus Im built different

Review №29

Its an affordable, fun activity for $10 to skate with a free skate rental or $4 extra for inline skates. They serve food and they have a small arcade room. The skating rink is spacious. This place is more for youth/kids, although you will see adults skating there.

Review №30

We skate every weekend !!!!The community appreciates it being back open!

Review №31

Very attractive place to be, to skates, with kids, with girlfriend, for all family. 5 stars :)

Review №32

Had a great time! Good smooth rink.

Review №33

Sooooo much fun! I went with my friend on a Saturday afternoon. We stayed there for 3 hours and there where about 20-15 people on the rink. Plenty of space for me to get my balance. They also had great songs playing the whole time we were there.

Review №34

Had a lot of fun great place

Review №35

A little pricey and there is no option to pay less if you bring your own skates. Also very little seating for parents to watch kids skate. Nice big open area to skate and we loved the “kiddie” rink for practice or younger kids who didn’t know how to skate as well. No drinking fountain though. Hopefully that will be an addition in the future.

Review №36

Weekend spot for both adult and children friendly staff and fair prices

Review №37

It’s so great to relive my best childhood memories here! Had so much fun! It’s the best feeling to be able to take my son somewhere I used to go every Friday night as a child! I love this place and will definitely be returning

Review №38

My friend and I are in our late 20s and were nervous about feeling out of place, but honestly we had so much fun here. It was pretty grungy and not taken care of very well, but for how cheap it was I still think it was worth it.

Review №39

Fun experience. Great price! Only five bucks for skates and admission.

Review №40

Had a great time with my family and friends definitely will be going back.

Review №41

Great place for a Birthday party! The staff was great and everyone had fun!

Review №42

Best rink I’ve ever been too great staff and floors really smooth

Review №43

I loved this place when me and my dad went weekly! Amazing that its back, made me happy to see it opened.

Review №44

The skating rink could of been a little darker on the area because the fluorescence lights from the service area went into the skating area. I didnt like that. The lights were ok but not really angled very well. They could use more lights once they make something to get rid of the fluorescence reflection. The sound system was good could be a little more powerful possibly add over head speakers maybe.The music was basically top 40s music but it didnt have that skating feel where it was constant or peaceful or filled with energy and made you really want to skate.They could use a little remodeling and add some more games in the game room, more prizes and incentives.I am a big advocate of healthy food though I saw pretzels and other processed food I would recommend energy boosting good to keep people there longer.

Review №45

I read that the pickles here leave more to be desired. As a pickle lover, Ive had my fair share. These pickles are the perfect size so I know I can eat them. They handle well and are very visually pleasing. A very clean rink with awesome DJs, fun games, and of course, delicious pickles.

Review №46

Had a great time with my step daughter. The skates are super nice and comfortable. The music was great.

Review №47

Love this place. Second time my two sons and I have visited. Were good skaters at this point, although we just started a couple months ago. This place has a spot for practice and a huge main rink. The staff is friendly. Music is really good. Definitely would recommend this place. We usually skate here for at least 3 hours if not longer.

Review №48

So much fun for my granddaughter! They are awesome!

Review №49

Had our daughters birthday party here! Service was awesome & all the kids were happy! Thank you!

Review №50

Its a very good rink both roller blades and skate are so fun perfect for birthday partys

Review №51

I hope Drake is getting all good royalties. Four out of five songs by the monotonous Canadian rapper makes for some brain draining atmosphere. Rink is good, probably better on a Wednesday with less kids crashing in to you

Review №52

Awesome place but please stock the concession stand!! They were literally out of everything!! On a Sunday afternoon. Thanks!

Review №53

This place is just like the Skate City I grew up skating at. It attracts all ages for good times. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Definitely going back. Great workout also

Review №54

As always, we had a great time here at roller city. We took our two grandchildren and taught them how to rollerskate. I wouldnt have wanted it to be any other place. Great memories made

Review №55

Its nice to see this place open again.

Review №56

This is the best place to go if your looking for a fun time ️ the music is great and I can’t wait to come back .

Review №57

Some kids stole our football. But besides that it was fine

Review №58

The facility is very nice and clean. The skates for rental are also very nice and there is a small practice area for new skaters. I took my five year old daughter here for her first skate experience and was pretty disappointed to find out they did not have the trainers that kids who are learning can use to hold on to. Unfortunately my daughter had a very rough time and was getting pretty frustrated so we ended up leaving soon after we got there and I felt like it was a waste of money. If I take her skating again Ill go somewhere else where they have the trainers.

Review №59

Awesome!Doesnt take forever to get into the place like the other skate places, they have a special place for kids and adults to practice and the birthday party stuff is great!This place reminds me of my childhood when I spent every Saturday skating here. They play games and do speed and backwards skating, its just a great, fun place to go! I cant wait to go back!

Review №60

Me and my man love how relaxing and fun this place is!

Review №61

Better music than Skate City. Loved the crowd and the vibe tonight. Lots of fun. Big smooth floor. And cool little extra practice area.

Review №62

Me and my friends absolutely love it here just better music is all

Review №63

Had a banquet there this week. The management was very helpful and price was very good. My team and their families had a great time.

Review №64

We went for the Halloween costume party. So fun!!

Review №65

Very unprofessional and not enough workers to help the at least 300 people in the place. Would not be returning. Food very overpriced

Review №66

Cheaper than Skate City but the same quality.

Review №67

Lots of kids and kids parties! Food leaves a lot to be desired. It was a good experience! Dude!

Review №68

Great place! Always fun time, great job!

Review №69

Its so fun especially if you dont know how to skate and your with friends. I would definitely recommend going with family and friends

Review №70

Cant tell you how much I love this place. My roommate and I go once a week at least. The rink is clean and in good shape, the staff is great, adult only nights are a lot of fun, and the discount Thursday nights are my favorite. I notice some repetition in the music rotation, but its still a decent variety. 100% recommend stopping in!

Review №71

Great atmosphere for family night or birthdays or whatever kinda night!!! love it

Review №72

This place is horrible, worst place ever. I had a horrible time here. Never coming back. To add on that I didnt spend 10 minutes here. the roller skates I got were soaked.

Review №73

Cleaner, friendlier, and more accommodating than the other guys.

Review №74

Wednesday night adult skate is great! Not to make people and really relaxed.

Review №75

My first time there took a group of students, we all LOVED it. DJ helped us skate, learn to get up, and fall safely. Awesome place.

Review №76

Easy parking, friendly humans, gluten free pizza, disco ball.Just had my daughter’s 7th birthday party here last Sunday and we had a wild time. The people working were a lovely group of individuals who helped make the party a breeze, even in accommodating GLUTEN FREE REQUESTS, OVER THE PHONE, DAY OF THE PARTY, as the designated pizza delivery place didn’t happen to offer gluten free pizza. We were that group of people with 15 kids, many of which had never roller skated at a rink, and had a giant pizza delivered from Big Daddy’s Pizza up the road, which Roller City includes in one of its group-rate birthday packages. We asked them a million questions during our three hour party window. “Can you find me this?” “How does this work?” “Can we request a song?” “Do you have a lighter?” “This arcade machine ate all of my quarters” blah blah blah, and honestly each and every staff member gave us their time, was super helpful, equipped us with roller skates or blades, and were so nice to my daughter and her friends. A gal even full-on ran outside after us to make sure we didn’t leave behind our very special dinosaur balloon.Didn’t quite get the courage to request any Ginuwine or Pendergrass but I bet you the gal at the sound booth would have accommodated this request had I plucked it up properly. thank you for a really fun place to gather and whoop it up, it was a delight and we will be back for weekend skating.

Review №77

My 13 year old daughter goes to Roller City every friday with her friends. The last few times she was there she took off her skates because her feet were hurting. A employee came up to her and said that if she didn’t put her skates back on she would get kicked out. I find that ridiculous, the same employee is also very rude to her and her group of friends. He’s a tall-ish caucasian teen, always on his phone. I honestly don’t want to send my daughter back.

Review №78

My family and I love going roller skating so Roller City was the perfect place for us to go my daughter shes a good picture taker

Review №79

Great Rink! Big floor, good music, clean and well taken care of. Definitely go here for some skating fun!

Review №80

First time skating here tonight. Great rink! Cool lights and sweet tunes. Wasn’t too busy and staff was kind to me. It’s $10 if you have your own skates, I’m sure you’d need to pay extra for rentals. The rink is a smooth/slick surface that is super fun to roll around on. They don’t make em like this anymore. Definitely worth going to.

Review №81

Amazing honestly, except their play list is a little rusty

Review №82

Absolutely a must do with kids....who am I kidding I go there for me. Great jams cool vibe. No stress night out.

Review №83

Great service, good music and it really took me back to my younger years...right down to the carpet. Overall great experience, my daughter had a great birthday. We will be going back.

Review №84

Definitely a place we enjoyed during the first three visits during Sunday nights. Music was good, place was clean, helpful staff. Enjoyed our time so much that we decided to come here every Sunday night. We’re beginners and we were rough at first. We’re a lot better now and can go significantly faster (but not as fast as everyone else). Well, this last time we visited the environment felt different. DJ asked as a “safety precaution” for beginning skaters to skate in the middle while advanced skaters used the outside of the rink. I personally found skating near the outline of the rink easier as a beginner because I could just step on to the carpet if I felt unsafe or unstable. After the first announcement, we took a break and returned to the rink. The same announcement was made. At that point it started to feel like maybe it was us. We decided to do a single lap around the rink and the same announcement was made by the DJ for a third time within the hour. He insisted for beginning skaters to be in the middle, which at this point, there were advanced skaters and some staff in the middle dancing and doing tricks. After that third and final announcement, we felt discouraged and unmotivated as the announcement was never made again after we stayed for another half hour off the rink. Definitely won’t be returning until we get better at skating as that was the impression we received. Such a bummer as this was our go to location for our beginning skating endeavors. Our previous visits here were fantastic but this last one was quite the opposite. See you in maybe 6 months, roller city!

Review №85

Good fun! Clean. Would like a wider variety of music.

Review №86

Kids jumping each other

Review №87

Had multiple visits to this rink~ Its a new favorite! Wed adult night is awesome and has started having a speed skate which is really fun. Good music variety, large open floor, no pits from roller hockey, and a no gum rule so your wheels stay clean. Inside theres a snack bar, tables to sit at, a small safe practice area for newer skaters, clean bathrooms, water fountain, and even an arcade! A friend and I hope to be a regular!

Review №88

So glad U r opening your Parking Lot behind your building for your Saturday morning flea market customers to park in. Very nice. That sure will clean up the sidestreet for residents who LIVE HERE. Great lights on your roof, They shine through one direction of my home, out 2 rooms to the other at night. So happy you cleaned out your parking lot so your customers can park on your property. U r so wonderful.

Review №89

A young woman kept she was going to teach kids how to skate on the little rink and go out then, Hold on Hold on Ill be back and never did, Get what you pay for....

Review №90

Great staff love how much space there is to skate and how long sessions are wonderful place.

Review №91

I love this Rink, I live in Junction but every time I come to town I stop in and skate with the speed team and also catch a couple sessions if I am able. The owner is a great person and the managers and entire team are very friendly, curteous and professional. This is the best rink Ive found in years.

Review №92

I dont write many reviews but I felt the need to write one over the concern of safety months ago. After returning a few months later I have noticed that the staff and customers seem a lot happier. The safety concern of the employees and management have improved. I am very happy with the new staff and with how the place is rolling.

Review №93

Adult nights are on Wednesday starting at 7pm! Its a great time for the $10 entry fee. (Rental included)

Review №94

Place was great. going back soon.

Review №95

Had a blast skating and listenibg to great music and seeing amazing visuals across the whole back wall! And awesome artists live painting and vendors. Please keep throwing events like the vinja hullabaloo show!!!

Review №96

Great price!! Old school roller skating. The rink is smooth, the music is a great mix, the staff is fun and friendly. Great snack bar with great prices. Clean and vibrant atmosphere. They have devices to help new beginner skaters as well as a small practice rink. The game room is a downside. They have a room for birthday parties.

Review №97

I had a great Birthday. The staff was very flexible with the kind of party I wanted and were very friendly. LOVE that Roller City is back!

Review №98

I love this place! Great music old and new, cool lighting, and old school 4 wheel skates if you prefer. Had so much fun, will definitely go back. PS very reasonably priced.

Review №99

Wish it was a bit cheaper. We had a buy one get one coupon. Cant say I would go if I didnt have that. But it was a lot of fun and loved that they had little kid beginner skates and walkers for my little.

Review №100

Not a place you wanna be if you dont have kids..

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