Tenoroc Public Use Area
3829 Tenoroc Mine Rd, Lakeland, FL 33805, United States

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Very cool place to take your family you must have a valid fishing license but well worth it many lakes to fish in you will catch fish for sure fees are 3 dollars per adult kids are free

Review №2

Love this place!! No bites, didnt catch any fish. Great place to see gators!!

Review №3

Tenoroc is a fantastic place with a variety of ways to enjoy. They have a shooting range, multiple ponds that have been overseen to hold monster bass, and even a fishing pier for kids. The lakes are part of the old phosphate mining operation and can reach depths of 50 ft in places with steep banks. It is truly a unique fishing experience.The lakes are limited on access with everyone required to check in at the ranger station. This helps keep the pressure down and with the lakes being catch and release the big bass are always present.One word of caution, have your nerves under control, there are a ton of large alligators throughout. You will be near them and while they dont tend to bother anyone it can be unnerving to look over and spot a 10 gator swimming alongside your kayak.Bring plenty of water and enjoy this unique fishing opportunity.

Review №4

Aside from the rude, elderly man who was working there this morning (10-26-20)... its a great place.

Review №5

I love fishing here, nice and quiet place. The guard in the shack is a really nice and respectful person. I appreciate having a quick chat with him every time. Love Teneroc and love fishin!

Review №6

Nice lake. Would have been better if I had caught some fish!!

Review №7

Some of the best fishing around only $3 plus fishing license all you need to have a epic day of fishing!

Review №8

Aside from the ultra long line, my son and I had a great day of fishing out at picnic lake. Feel line the line will go away as the rona goes. Lake front was clean and mowed. Even weeds in water seemed less. Will most definitely have tenoroc at the top of my future fishing trip list

Review №9

Beautiful place to hike.

Review №10

4 1/2 year old Grandson caught a 4 lbs 22 inch long large mouth bass!

Review №11

We had a lot of was way to hot for fishing but we did catch about 30or so fish.

Review №12

This is a beautiful place to visit and go fishing or just have a picnic!

Review №13

Plenty of options for fishing. Beautiful scenery, and docks for the kids to fish from.

Review №14

Good place to go fishing plenty of lakes to bank or boat fish. Shooting range and horse trails.

Review №15

So glad they opened up again. Really missed. Awesome fishing.

Review №16

Big Bass and all other fish.

Review №17

My teenage son wanted to go here. So, my boyfriend and I took him last Sunday. We used Shiners and what I call fake bait. Unfortunately we didnt catch anything, but we will go back again another time and try. The gentleman who works at the reception desk was nice and explained everything to us as it was our 1st time. We dont have a boat so we fished from land. Lol They have different lakes to choose from which is nice too. I seen a review suggesting Picnic lake and it was nice there. Quiet, except the sound of the nature. Oh, we seen 2 Gators. 1 was medium size but the 2nd one was big. I will share a few pictures but they dont compare to in person.

Review №18

Great fishing. Large bass and tilapia and croppy also.

Review №19

Awesome wildlife area. Beautiful lakes. Plenty of room and great staff

Review №20

Great fishing and lots of wildlife.

Review №21

Its very nice place to fish

Review №22

Really nice natural placePeaceful

Review №23

Great place to get away and do some bass fishing

Review №24

Best gun range In Polk County.

Review №25

My friend and I love to fish. Have been looking for a top notch place to fish. After driving to Temoroc Public use area.we are so happy to have found our ideal placeCant wait to get back and wet some hooks. One beautiful and awesome place!!!!!

Review №26

Great fishing and inexpensive. Lakes are packed full of hogs.

Review №27

Best fishing ever and the staff is friendly and helpful to persons just starting out fishing.

Review №28

Best place in the area to bass fish in a boat, kayak or shore fish. VERY kid friendly!!

Review №29

Teneroc is a multi sport area with Bird watching,archery,shooting range with sport shop, fishing and hiking. I spend alot of time out here to get away from it all. Very clean,well kept trails and roads. Highly recommend visiting here, alot of wildlife!

Review №30

Gorgeous day, endless wildlife.

Review №31

Great place to fish . Kids love it too.

Review №32

Teneroc is a beautiful place to ride horses, but the nearby shooting range ruins any joy of riding you may be looking for, extremely explosive noises turn your normally complaint horse into a squirrel. And it sounded like they were launching missiles in between normal gun fire...the trails are marked...but not shown on the trail maps so you really dont know where the trails go....but you can always ride towards the sounds of firing missiles so you dont get lost...

Review №33

Some water on the trails but more hills than most trails in Florida

Review №34

Great fishing and a monster gator in picnic lake.

Review №35

Very good. Caught 11 bass on Lake B

Review №36

Amazing place!

Review №37

Fishing. Come often to fish. Beautiful scenery.

Review №38

Best pubic place in Polk county to fish!

Review №39

Great bass fishing

Review №40

Its very nice its a nice place to go nice with childrens its just a lot of fun

Review №41

Great paddle trail. Definitely going back.

Review №42

The lake for the kids just doesnt seem to have much biting.

Review №43

My name is Chuck , not Lyn..that is my wife LOL For a management area that gets a lot of pressure..Id still give it a 5 star. I[m not going to give away any secrets but I have no trouble catching bass , bluegill or specks but youll need to do your homework...they just dont jump in the boat. The lakes are secluded which I noise. Ive seen bobcats, wild hogs, and many different bird and butterfly species..The bass have a nice color to them. My favorite bass lure is the Zoom speed worm. and Lake 5 is always a good choice for all 3 fish species. For shore fisherman..Lake Picnic is your best choice.

Review №44

Love kids pounds for young ones . There chances of catch is good.Nice place to start them off ~

Review №45

FISHING..LOL Omg, I love love love this place!!

Review №46

A hell of a place to fish for trophy BASS in a boat OMG what a place

Review №47

Great series of flooded phosphate pits that are managed by the State for fishing. Lots of different lakes to try. The number of boats on any given lake are managed so the fishing experience is always good.

Review №48

Great fishing and wildlife viewing area.

Review №49

Great fishing. Better than nearby public lakes

Review №50

Beautiful Florida natural place.

Review №51

State managed, controlled access, $$, GREAT Fishing, highly regulated, (size, type, amount) good launching ramps, mostly electric (trolling) motors, limited gas motors... NO Wake..

Review №52

Extremely pressured waters but a good ratio of big fish from what ive experienced.

Review №53

If I can give this place a zero I will, my husband and I are searching on google for fishing spots. In one of the reviews the man breaks down directions to the fishing trail.... we decide to check it out. We stop at the stop sign and it states,( visitors must check in), we didn’t we kept driving around too see if the park is even worth getting out the car, some trooper meets us on our way out and rudely speaks to us like little kids, than tells us to get out because we didn’t stop at the run down office. I will never come back however, make sure you stop at the office to avoid being disrespected!!

Review №54

Tenoroc Public Area - Lake C

Review №55

Great place to fish, family fun and quite

Review №56

Great fishing pits ....

Review №57

I live nearby and always wanted to try the fishing out. My first and second encounter with staff was excellent they even gave me some weights because I forgot to buy some before I came. As for the negative comments posted, I think these people shouldve first read up on the place before arriving or at the least called. The area has signs that clearly state to check in at office first.

Review №58

Learn the pits, and you can catch lots of bass most trips. Open for fishing Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. Fun place. Most pits trolling motor only. 2 you can idle in with a gas motor.

Review №59

Great place to fish and meet friends.

Review №60

Wyatts 4th birthday had a blast

Review №61

Great fishing

Review №62

Love your surroundings

Review №63

I visited Teneroc on two seperate occasions. The staff is very friendly and helpful in getting you a permit and directing you to a lake to fish in. There are over 20 lakes. Some you can fish from the bank and some are boat only. Some are non motorized. I did not have much luck fishing there either time. There seems to be adequate habitat for bass but it just did not produce for me. I usually catch bass at most places I visit.

Review №64

Awesome place!

Review №65

Great place for shooting, but not so great for fishing

Review №66

Good local place to fish.

Review №67

Love love love this place!

Review №68

Great for catching bass and have a small Lake for only children to fish in. Open Friday through Monday.

Review №69

Our favorite family fishing place

Review №70

Wonderful natural area for hiking and fishing!

Review №71

Where my son caught his first fish

Review №72

Great place to take young kids to fish.

Review №73

Always good staff. Good location with decent fishing. Weather a factor.

Review №74

Great place to take the kids fishing. Kids are free, adults $3. Must have fishing license.

Review №75

Great gun range.

Review №76

It was fun out there

Review №77

Good fishing

Review №78

Drove here to do some birding and was told I could not enter unless I was fishing. Was told I could only visit one place (Picnic Lake) and i would have to pay if I got out of the vehicle which was fine, but I wanted to see all the lakes to take photos of birds. I was told i could not drive in and I could only walk in certain areas. I am handicapped and should be able to drive everywhere the boaters are allowed. I will be calling this guys superiors. I feel i was discriminated against because I was not fishing. Very unhappy and the entire day was wasted.

Review №79

The manager at Tenoroc fish management area is a very rude an angry person ,And his management skills are in question after several thousand catfish dying during the stocking process,along with several other issuesPaying this manager with r taxspayer money is a waste....and is being brought to the attention of the governors officeA over sight panel should look into the management of this area because it is a great place and awesome ideal with good management.

Review №80

Awesome place to to teach your kids how to fish,staff is great,this place is like my escape from the rest of the world and stress.

Review №81

Nice bank fishing. Love Picnic Lake.

Review №82

A very nice spot to relax and fish

Review №83

Nice place near home for fishing, must have fishing license.

Review №84

Nice staff and great fishing.

Review №85

Fish werent very big

Review №86

Best bass fishing around polk county

Review №87

The office manager drives around in a old ford truck in plain cloths enforcing rule breaker .scared us blocking us in ....jumping in r face thought we were getting robbed ..We were video tapping the lake so we could post them on YouTube. Not knowing that u r not allow to leave your vehicle..But breaking a rule did not justify his actionsThis guy looked like he just needed a excuse to fight or worse ........

Review №88

Great place to spend with the family ..

Review №89

Good fishing and has restrooms

Review №90

Not biting good today....

Review №91

It was too much of a hassle to fish. Will never go back again!

Review №92

Always good dishinging and management

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Review №94

Not bad for fishing...

Review №95

Shooting range

Review №96

Fishing hiking camping hunting, plus outdoor target range

Review №97

Great place to Fish!

Review №98

Great Fishing

Review №99

Nice place

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