My Gym Kingston
182 Summer St, Kingston, MA 02364, United States

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Today we went for a trial class. My son is almost 2 and we decided on the waddles/gymsters class for a few reasons. One major reason is scheduling, between hybrid school for my oldest and her hockey schedule Our weeks are filled! Two, it allowed him to be almost 2 years old with little structure and rules to get comfortable with being out in the real world (covid toddler).The class started ok, my son was not comfortable and didn’t really move much, then once he found the trampoline it was game on. He was running, jumping, and flipping everywhere. He is a big kid, he’s solid, and tall and has no issues with mobility. He does have an issue with sharing tho, a child in his group had a toy from home (a security fidget object) and my son tried to yank it away, and gave a good toddler smack out of frustration, not being able to have the object.He saw a little girl waddling around that he called baby, and just wanted to pickup and hug, and be near her... but that didn’t go over well especially when he hug tackled her to the ground by accident. I know she’s not a toy, I’m not fully sure what my son thought about her, but he was infatuated.Both kids were shocked they went down, but were ok. After an aggressive Jesus from the girls mom, I grabbed my son and took him to the side for a water break and a teaching moment to be gentle! Welp... the instructor came over to us, asked if he tackled the other child (which he did, but not like a football game, more like a hug gone wrong on a waddler), I said yes and explained quickly... she told me with her happy eyes that this class is not a good fit for my son and that he would do better with the bigger kids! Bigger kids? He’s not even 2, and this class goes up to 2.9 years old!I get it, my son is a rough and tumble kid just coming out of lockdown with a large breed puppy at home and an older sister (was a preemie) who is rock solid and a fantastic hockey player! My kids are strong and I am not ashamed of that! He is not aggressive, he is learning feelings appropriately, and I am trying to teach him how to play with others! But how in the hell can I do that if he doesn’t fit in because of his size? He’s just like any other toddler boy I’ve met, but a little bigger! And he’s not a monster, he’s not unhealthy, he’s very active, we are a healthy strong family, and we find it extremely important to keep our kids active!So if you’re child is anything like mine, stay clear or request an older class, because you will get “happy eyes” before your very first class is over. There are no second chances, no coaching, just negative moms with blinders on, and an instructor who doesn’t know how to handle a future linebacker and calls it quits!3 stars because it has potential for the more laid back, quiet, gentle, slow moving kids, and it is very clean! The instructor seemed nice, greeted us with warm accepting eyes, but she has no idea what to do in this specific situation and as an instructor, instructing young toddlers 14months- 33 months my son can not be the only “big kid”For reference... my son is 30 pounds and 36” tall which is not that FREAKING BIG!This gym would have been perfect for my oldest who was a peanut, quiet, played alone, and didn’t have a total activity lockdown for 6 months during a crucial developmental phase of her life... guess my son didn’t get the same memo.

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Wonderful staff, beautiful clean facility! we love it here!

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MyGym here is awesome. Teachers, Jodi and Demitra, are amazing. Cant say enough about them and the faculty. They are great with the kids, teaching kindness and respect, in a fun environment. My kids have been going here on going 3 years. Highly recommended.

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Great programs and awesome staff. My boys love it here.

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Clean facility and all the teachers are patient and wonderful with the children! My son has been attending for almost 2 years and he LOVES going to MyGym!

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