Endangered Pieces
535 E Lipoa Pkwy suite 201, Kihei, HI 96753, United States

Review №1

I was told about this store from a friend when I first bought on Maui but it was in a different location that wasnt as nice as this. I was amazed at how many cool things there are and I really love the new location. I keep going back and finding new things that I didnt see the first time. The owner seems to get different things in every day so if you dont keep up, you might miss something. He seems to care about making sure that you get what you are looking for. Very helpful. Great finds from vintage clothes, super high-end art, furniture and other little treasures. Have fun!

Review №2

This new place that David has is beyond amazing. Theres so much great stuff to see I was in there today and it felt like I was on a field trip he has so much Rich dead peoples stuff for sale with great deals like his no reasonable offer will be turned down or his 50% deals Im telling you if youre looking for that one of a kind type of item for your home office yard Barn guest house rooftop table topper Im telling you David is the man to see. Thanks David for the grand tour of your new spot. He even offers delivery for a fair price

Review №3

Nicest guy I’ve ever met. Super cheap prices for very high quality antiques! 10/10 recommend giving this spot a visit! Thank you David!

Review №4

Hands down the coolest store on Maui! The owner David is very friendly and helpful. I could spend hours checking out all the pieces in this store!

Review №5

The most fun you will ever have on a history tour. Walk about half a mile through Eclectic furniture, clothing, lamps, art work, and accessories. Can’t wait to go back

Review №6

A place that has a lot of JUNK and they want a lot of money for it as well. Apparently the owner seems to know a lot about the salvation army, he puts it in every bad review that he gets.

Review №7

One could literally spend hours in this place and not see everything. Truly, an amazing place and stories to go with many of the pieces.

Review №8

I was looking for the salvation army when i was hit by a blunt object. When i awoke i was in the most amazing place. Music was playing, people were billowing in laughter and all items were half off! But where could i be? No one replied to my questions they just laughed and laughed as if i was dreaming.Finally a man stepped forward and spoke. Its $2 to enter he said. He must have been the leader of this wonderful place because he was dressed as if he blended in. Camouflaged if you will.I reached into my pocket and all i had was a crumpled up dollar and 16 cents. Before i could begin to wallow and tear up i felt a hand on my shoulder. It was him! He opened the velvet rope and i floated into the extra space full of euphoria.I dont remember much after that but Ill tell you what. With the new swag that found its way home with me things have changed. Changed for the better. I got a raise at work. My girlfriend brought home another woman who sleeps with us, cooks, cleans...she even pays her share of the rent. My runaway dog cane home, my lawn grew back.....and so did my hair!Thank you endangered pieces. Your store is amazing! 5/7 stars, would visit again!

Review №9

Some of the items seem to have a sentimental value attached to them as many things are overpriced. The owner is open to negotiation but alas Ive heard this place will be shuttered soon and turned into a different business. Im not sure if the owner has plans to relocate or just close up shop but if you find yourself in the area I highly recommend walking around this very eclectic antique shop.

Review №10

Lots of weird unique stuff here. Mostly furniture and decorative peices. You can wander around for a long time and not see everything in here. Prices are negotiable. Make sure you have an idea what things are worth and the owner will discount significantly.

Review №11

A lot of cool furniture, jewelry, and art pieces. Its much cleaner and tidier compared to most thrift stores. The owner David was welcoming and informative, and I appreciate his style in his inventory. They have excellent shipping rates if you live off island or on the mainland. We will definitely return whenever we visit Maui!

Review №12

If you want to find weird stuff, this is your place. The owner was very friendly and helpful. Lots of old stuff to look at here

Review №13

The store was extremely overpriced and in bad condition, the owner was aggressive. He laid hands on my brother without permission and made my entire family extremely uncomfortable. Who lays hands on a 12 year old?! I’m upset I can’t give 0 stars.

Review №14

A place for every personality and gender. If you are looking for something special just ask and if its not there they may have it at another one of his place!Take your time and look you can find many interesting things something you may not be able to live without!!Have fun!

Review №15

Lots to see. Very interesting and exciting to look at!

Review №16

Seek and you will find things beyond your wildest dreams!

Review №17

We have shopped there for about 4 times in 3 years. Vary nice service and sales. My wife would live there if she could. Prices are fare. Staff knows there stuff.. Will continue going back. We still need more

Review №18

Great rare item store! Wanted many things but couldnt figure out how to get them home or how to raise the money to buy them.

Review №19

A very interesting store but extremely expensive.

Review №20

Store owner was very rude. Everything was way overpriced!EditI screenshot It just Incase he decides to delete it. I think it showcases his presumptuous attitude well.First off I never tried to purchase anything from the shop, I went in there thinking I might buy a gift for a friend of mine. Store owner never greeted us just kind of stared at us the entire time. I said hello to him but he did not respond. He sure did follow us around the store though.Many of the items were overpriced items from Asian countries that you could easily find on amazon or eBay for way less than that.There was a room in the back that had a two dollar entrance fee but I was thoroughly creeped out by this guy and so was my SO so we left.

Review №21

Very nice collection.Even with going out of business/closing shop prices the price tags are $$$$.Kind of disorganized.Back part costs 2 dollars to enter.Has many unique pieces.Definitely worth taking a peak.

Review №22

Dave is excellent to do business with

Review №23

One of a Kind items @ fun for everyone all ages. Ask @ David has it for you. Exquisitely Beautiful items for home office family @ friends

Review №24

Attempted to negotiate a price on an antiquity with owner, but he lost his temper when I asked to view (COA) Certificate of Authenticity. Owner is very rude and not pleasant to communicate with. Local businesses call him the moku aihue or island swindler. Buyer Beware

Review №25

Super cool place filled with super cool and weird stuff. We ate at Nalus and saw the odd stuff on the sidewalk. It lured us in and we wandered around looking at all of the oddities for about 30 minutes. Cool place for sure.

Review №26

The response from owner below is untrue! I found two crystals balls marked 60% one was priced $65 and one was marked $48. I chose the $48 one. But when rang up was charged $31. When I called them on it owner and sales lady did nothing but try to make excuses and say they were giving me a deal. Very clear they were just scamming me. Rip-off artists and will never set foot in their store again.

Review №27

The most amazing store ull ever walk in .Swingers discountVery reasonable make an offer the Boss man will Work With you.

Review №28

Despite being told that everything was as half off, prices were way too intense for me. Sticker shock doesnt even begin to cover it.

Review №29

What a freaking joke. Rude dude and laughably exorbitant pricing for mostly worn old junk and mass production Asian trinkets.

Review №30

Expect to be asked to pay admission for the ability to shop.

Review №31

Interesting store, has some strange pieces that would work well in a movie set or play. For a couple dollars you could also explore the back part of the store.

Review №32

They put an ad and didnt honor the price they would not sell it to me. False advertisement.

Review №33

Unbelievable collection. This place has everything.

Review №34

Most interesting, if David doesnt have it - you dont need it.

Review №35

Interesting, the owner David is fun to chat with

Review №36

Purchased a mermaid for our pool. One of a kind piece!!!!

Review №37

Too much stuff to look at at one time. And too high-priced

Review №38

Extremely, overpriced yard sale

Review №39

Nice shop for unique items

Review №40

Cool and eclectic

Review №41

Crazy little store

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  • Address:535 E Lipoa Pkwy suite 201, Kihei, HI 96753, United States
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  • Phone:+1 808-870-1112
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  • Credit cards:Yes
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