The Colonial Theatre, Keene NH
95 Main St, Keene, NH 03431, United States

Review №1

The Colonial is the most beautiful theatre Ive ever seen. The staff is wonderful, kind, and helpful. Great prices for shows. They have a variety of things to go see. Best theatre around!

Review №2

A beautiful old theater that has been refurbished. It looks fantastic inside. We recently attended shows sitting in the front row and then another show in the very last row of the balcony and we enjoyed both of these regardless of seating. We could still see and hear the whole show even in the last row! A big variety of performers come to Keene so it is worth paying attention to find the ones you like. We enjoyed both Jake Shimabukaru, ukelele show and Recycled Percussion concert very much! The ushers are outstanding!

Review №3

Great intimate venue. Beautifully restored. Lots of great places to eat only steps away.

Review №4

Wonderful, majestic theater with live entertainment with old world charm. Great acoustics and beautifully decorated. Very comfortable seats with no obstructed views. Very professional, friendly staff and volunteers. Highly recommend.

Review №5

Awesome view from wherever you sit! Had a great time. The only downside is the seats are a little cramped. The staff was very helpful and friendly!

Review №6

Great theatre and great location. I went and saw an opera and it was fantastic. The sound quality coming from the speakers was amazing (it was a recording from the Met). They have other cool performances too. The staff was nice and the tickets arent too over priced. My only complaint is that the food is fairly expensive. But I had a great time.

Review №7

Very nice theater for a small city. Lots of leg room and the seats are pretty comfortable. First time here but it looks like there are no bad views of the stage. Saw Pif The Magic Dragon and had a great time.

Review №8

I Have Been Paralyzed For 14.2 Yrs & I Love Their Kindness, Respect & Compassion Toward Those Of Us Who Have Met With Devastation & Alteration To Their Ability To Remain Independent !!! Thats A Real Blow To Me !! The Loss Of Myself !!Thank You For Literally Carving Out Special Seating Areas On Each Side Of Your Theatre That Includes Quick Exits To The Outside World !!! ️

Review №9

Very small and tight but a nice venue with easy access in and out.

Review №10

This is wonderful old theatre, I would not call it a movie theater though this is a stage theater. We were here for a live folk music event. As an old stage theater it has the same charm that they all have. Accommodations have been made for handicapped.As I was on vacation, I will probably not be back, but not because of the theater. It is not close enough of a regular venue to me.

Review №11

This was our first visit here since we moved to the area. What an amazing building! I hope to go back soon to be able to explore - I really want to learn more about the history.The staff - ticket takers, concessions, ushers, security - were all polite, friendly, and professional. I had to call to make a change to my tickets a few days before the show and Heidi was amazing.Thank you for a fantastic evening!

Review №12

Show was great. Seats upstairs are way to close. If you are more than 5 6 you wont be comfortable.

Review №13

Beautiful location and amazing interior! A little tight in the seats and hot throughout the show.

Review №14

I went to the Whos Bad? event there and I enjoyed it! You can purchase a decent a ray of food and drinks, even alcohol. The have so many people there to help you find your seat and everyone is very sweet and always willing to help anytime.

Review №15

Great local venue, love the staff.. classic old style theater, well maintained, sound system is good..

Review №16

My husband and I love this classic theater. We have been to many great shows. Warning, pay for the seats on the main floor. The balcony seats have very little leg room.

Review №17

Great theater but they need to offer more shows and movies.

Review №18

Great place to visit

Review №19

They have great shows here. I always enjoy going.

Review №20

My family and I attended a Met Opera Live show of the opera Terandot on the big screen. I think this is a great opportunity to expose yourself and kids to opera; without having to travel, pay hundreds of dollars and get all dressed up without even knowing if you like opera or not. Seats are comfortable and it wasnt very crowded so you could spread out and select any seat you want. I would even suggest the balcony seats above.Since its a live show you have extended intermissions while sets are being changed which gives you a break to get coffee and snacks at the concession stand. I highly recommend as a first step to anyone who would be interested in attending an opera. This show was part of a series so check the Colonials website for their full schedule!

Review №21

Wonderful venue. Very ornate woodworking. The staff was absolutely amazing. I will definitely be back for more performances. It would have received five stars, but the sound actually left a bit to be desired and not being able to have a drink where they set up the merchandise booth would have also earned the fifth star. Overall it was amazing. Thank you, New Hampshire!

Review №22

Really nice looking place and plenty of parking in the back.

Review №23

Nice local venue, just a little too strict when it comes to dancing.

Review №24

Saw the world of dinosaurs great show my grandson loved it

Review №25

Mama mia show was awesome i had a blast.

Review №26

There are 3 entertainment gems in the Monadnock region...the Vermont Jazz Center in Brattleboro, the Peterborough Players, and the the Colonial to be renovated again soon. Beautiful old theater that has seen world class acts. In the renovation they will pick up the 5th star when they institute a new sound system for movies (they get the best, but usually only for a week). Love it️

Review №27

Beautiful renovated theater, 95 years! Wide variety of shows

Review №28

We drove several hours to The Colonial Theatre to see Bernie Sanders speak, and we were very impressed by the venue.

Review №29

Amazing old school theater. Lots of wonderful artists have and do still perform here. Everything from bands, to comedy, to classic movies. Nostalgic place that everyone should support.

Review №30

Great venue for the Bernie Sanders rally

Review №31

A simply wonderful entertainment venue! Consistently great shows and independent film.

Review №32

Great place to take you back to 1924.

Review №33

Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue with special guest Devon Gilfillian... Dynamite Dynamite performance.. the show was great.

Review №34

Great seat AWESOME staff

Review №35

The Colonial Theater in Keene NH is the best local theater for live performances. They seem to always have some kind of live show happening every week during the show season.

Review №36

Awesome show last night ! I hope to bring her to one next yr

Review №37

I recently was privelaged enough to Ani Difranco perform at the theatere. The staff was amazing

Review №38

Its a pretty theater with good shows especially for such a small town. Its nice to have an opportunity to see theater (or concerts) so close to home.The concessions are also fairly reasonably priced for such a venue.

Review №39

Always a great time here. The shows that get booked are fantastic. The sound and view is always astonishing.

Review №40

Always a great place to be entertained.

Review №41

As usual, entering the lobby was a chaotic mess. Someone in management needs to figure a better system for getting people into the inner lobby before a show. The show itself was fabulous Step Afrika.

Review №42

I went here for a Bernie Sanders campaign/rally and it was greatand for those who went do you rememberwhen this guy stand up in the crowd and everyone thought he was Bernie Sanders and started to clap

Review №43

Wonderful theater and staff. Great accoustics.

Review №44

I love going to shows here. Acoustics are awesome and its gorgeous. Would love if they could get more classic country acts such as Patty Loveless.

Review №45

Our home town arts center. Wonderful atmosphere for any venue.

Review №46

The theater was fine. The employee that sold us the tickets seemed pretty disinterested in his job. He spoke with one word answers and didnt tell us where to go after handing us the tickets

Review №47

I meant to give this theater five stars, but accidentally gave it 4. It really is an impressive restoration.

Review №48

Great little venue in downtown Keene. Parking is easy to find and tickets are reasonable prices. Ever since the inside was remodelled or looks so much nicer. The staff are friendly and helpful as well

Review №49

Loved this great old theatre! Great sound, great architecture.

Review №50

Saw Trombone Shorty recently. Great show!!

Review №51

Its a great place to see a show or a movie

Review №52

Had a great time. Beautiful place, great staff. Horrible popcorn.

Review №53

Great sound & atmosphere. Good bookings most seasons. Make sure you know where your seats are because the volunteer ushers can be a little under-familiar with seating arrangements.

Review №54

Awesome place saw Arlo Guthrie tonight

Review №55

I love to go to this theatre during some of the live performances put on by the local MOCO Arts. Its nice to see a traditional play with the family or even catch a movie screening with some friends.This place is a truly wonderful and I highly recommend you guys check it out!Keep Exploring ∆Samuel Elliott

Review №56

Brings me back to the old time theaters

Review №57

Great old theatre venue!

Review №58

We had a fabulous time at the Roots of Creation & Wailers show. It is a beautiful historic theater. Plenty of room, competitive pricing, and a great sound.

Review №59

Wonderful theater, lovely history and architecture. But I will say, that at six foot two, I do not fit in the balcony seats. I did not have room for my knees and was extremely uncomfortable trying to find a position to sit in. Even with this, I will probably be back, unfortunately I may need to pay for the more expensive seats down on the floor or the front row seats. Very friendly staff

Review №60

Great little place to take the kids for a show! Incredibly hot inside though so dress accordingly! Its a tiny theater where they pack in a lot of people.

Review №61

The beauty of the Colonial in architecture along with the sound quality makes this a perfect place for any type of venue and the Colonial offers many different types.We are blessed to live 20 minutes from it.

Review №62

Nice gem in the middle of the city. Staff was wonderfully friendly and helpful.

Review №63

Great shows- local community productions, national tours, cool live music, quirky fun stuff, Met Live HD. All the movies that you want to see but might not come to the local standard theater. They run the Oscar nominated shorts too. Theres a film festival in the spring. The staff is friendly. But hey, be considerate... Arrive on time for the show and for heavens sake, put your phone away and be in the moment. Its worth it!

Review №64

Went and saw tequila sun rise, an eagles tribute band. Saw them twice and they are great.

Review №65

A great place to see a show or a movie. When going to see any of the wonderful indie films that come to the Colonial I always choose the balcony seats, as they offer a truly rare movie experience. Always an eclectic selection of live theatre and performances as well.

Review №66

Thought that while the show was very good, we purchased 3 of the VIP tickets. It was advertised that these included 1 official dinosaur zoo live item each. They ran out of the safari hats so they gave very cheap little rubber toys and stickers that were not merchandise items and felt that it wasnt worth the extra $20.00 per ticket.

Review №67

Always amazing....staff members are fantastic!

Review №68

Mother of a Comedy Show was hysterical!!! I havent laughed that much or that hard in forever! If you get the chance, go see them!

Review №69

Watched Warren Miller with family. Great time. This is a great setting for a community viewing.

Review №70

Attended Three Dog Night in this beautiful theater. The venue is great for concerts - not a bad seat in the place. Great acoustics. A gem in Keene worth driving to.

Review №71

Seen Engelbert Hunperdinck there and it was awesome. Im from Massachusetts and it was very easy to find, inside was done real niceI will definitely go back there for more concerts, hopefully Engelbert will come back.

Review №72

Weve been to live shows here several times, most recently an excellent performance by Pink Martini. As far as I can tell, there is not a bad seat anywhere. Last night we noticed the first few rows were not fixed seats, but padded free standing chairs like you might see in a function hall. I havent sat there myself, but I wonder how comfortable they would be, and theyre too close to the stage for my tastes.

Review №73

Charming restored old theatre, it shows recent and the classic films . Many types of top live events too! A community gem!

Review №74

A beautiful theater with beautiful people running it. Had a great experience being and performing there .

Review №75

A beautiful, historical theatre!Support it today!

Review №76

Great hometown theater kept with the original interior, lots of great talent centerly located to have a meal ahead of time.

Review №77

This is the most uncomfortable theater Ive ever been in. I attempted to see Lewis Black on September 22 2018. We had balcony seats. Let me tell you, this place was not designed for average sized humans let alone larger or taller ones. People in 1924, when this theater was built, were much smaller then. With a packed house, EVERYONE was seated shoulder to shoulder, packed like sardines. There is no room for your legs and your toes are smushed against the seat in front. My husband is 5 foot 11 and his knees were tightly packed up against the seat in front. It was a claustrophobic experience. Between the horrible lead in comic, who went on and on for over 50 painful minutes and the ridiculous half hour intermission BEFORE Lewis Black even came on and the claustrophobic atmosphere we ended up walking out BEFORE seeing our favorite comic. I cannot seriously comprehend the positive reviews for this lackluster, uncomfortable, outdated PATHETIC theater.

Review №78

A wonderful place to catch a show

Review №79

Love the annual Acapella Sing off ( f.r.) by MAPS!

Review №80

Saw a great Mike Jackson trib band

Review №81

Just saw the Oak Ridge Boys, they were SO great!

Review №82

Saw Arlo Guthrie tonight. Super show. Brought good memories of the 60s . He did some Dylan and Pete Seeger. Ended with his dad Woodys This Land Is Your Land. So many good shows this past year at the Colonial. More to come!!!

Review №83

Beautiful old theater. Acoustics are Pleasant and good in any seat. I have seen live performances as well as films in the colonial. its all good

Review №84

A friend and I went to a concert right before Christmas. It was a very enjoyable show. The concert was sold out and was full but it was still comfortable. There were a lot of ushers/volunteers around to help guide people to their seats. I ordered the tickets online thru The Colonials own box office, paid by credit card & picked up the tickets @ the door the night of the show. No muss no fuss. We had a great time & Im looking forward to going to more shows there!

Review №85

Went to Lions performance of Tarzan; fantastic job by all.

Review №86

I have not been to this theatre but saw Kathy Mattea last night in Rockport, Ma. Save your money ! So tragic for her since she lost her voice during menopause ( her words) and had had to relearn singing. She is only able to sustain lower range notes . Very sad

Review №87

Always have 1st class entertainers! Clean facilities and a friendly staff

Review №88

We saw Bob Marley at the Colonial. The staff are very welcoming and friendly. Very nice theater. A great place to go to see this stand up comedian after a great dinner at Papagallos!

Review №89

Great concessions, very comfy seats, and amazing performances.

Review №90

Awesome Theater great shows

Review №91

It was a perfect show that we watched for tonight and beautiful seating view

Review №92

Great performances, well maintained

Review №93

Always a wonderful performance at that theater Class Act

Review №94

Not a bad seat at the Colonial!

Review №95

Great movie and . Always nice to go to the Colonial.

Review №96

The entertainment here is GREAT. Wish I had the money to buy more tickets.

Review №97

Classic theater. Beautiful venue. Old-school popcorn (real butter), comfy seats.

Review №98

A beautiful, well kept, old school theatre that we attended for the first time in November, 2012. The Colonial has a well dressed staff that pays attention to what is going on and is very helpful. A small but incredibly important footnote, this theatre has kept the secret to making the best tasting theatre popcorn in all of New England. Not only does the smell of it welcome you when you walk into the lobby but brings back the memories of all the great small theatres we used to visit when we were children. Definitely a key to the experience!

Review №99

The balcony legroom is HORRIBLE!!! I spent the entire Beach Boys concert worrying whether my old friend Charley Horse would start bugging me! NEVER AGAIN!!!

Review №100

Seen recycled percussion concert. Amazing show ..

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  • Address:95 Main St, Keene, NH 03431, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 603-352-2033
  • Performing arts theater
  • Live performances:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
  • Cheques:Yes
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