Go Ape Zipline & Adventure Park
7331 Oakwood Dr, Kansas City, MO 64132, United States
Review №1

Loads of fun. Staff was great and very accommodating.

Review №2

What an awesome experience! It was a great way to be outside and do something different and challenging!

Review №3

So awesome! Fantastic experience, would do it again. Definitely physically taxing.

Review №4

This place is awesome, you have to go! I went last weekend with some of my friends and they were very accommodating, the staff were friendly and punctual, and the course was very fun! While we were driving home my friends were saying they were ready to go again! Also, one of my friends lost their glasses and they overheard it, contacted me the next day when they found them. Cant recommend them more, they are awesome!

Review №5

An adventure for sure! Had a blast. If youre not afraid of heights, I would recommend going!

Review №6

We had a blast! There was never a time when an instructor or guide wasnt near us.

Review №7

Hour long at the axe throwing and 2hr climbing and Zipline adventure. Kids had a blast and I got a workout!

Review №8

Always have a great time. Had a birthday party that went well.

Review №9

The place was a lot of fun. Very friendly staff. A little more hands off after instructions were given ,but they were still around so that was nice. I wouldnt say it was very difficult ,but there were a few obstacles that were definitely harder then others. We had a group of 12 and it took about 2-1/2 hours to complete at a layed back pace. A good experience and worth checking out.

Review №10

Had a really good time here! Workers were courteous and encouraging. Youll be challenged and have a good time Youll here!

Review №11

I had a great time. It was an adventure a workout and thrill rides all in one. Cant wait to do it again.

Review №12

Ton of fun. Staff was extremely friendly and helpful.

Review №13

My friend, my daughters (15&11) and I visited Go Ape KC this weekend as part of our annual girls weekend. Our check-in process was very smooth and our instruction guide was fantastic. My 11 year old daughter is small for her age and very timid. She made it through the instructional course and up to the first platform and was absolutely panicking. The staff was very forthcoming and told us that the obsticles only got harder from there, so we decided to let her watch from the ground. The staff was fantastic with her. Never made her feel bad or ashamed. The other guests who had to wait on her were also very kind and patient. I did recieve a full refund for her ticket. The staff let her follow them around and I could see her at all times from the trees. The obsticles were much harder than I expected, but I didnt really research the place properly before we went. Honestly, I was pretty terrified most of the time. It required both mental and physical strength to complete. It really was a fun and emopwering activity for us and even my 11 year old who didnt make it past the 1st course was proud of herself for trying. The staff was walking around regularly giving tips and advice on how to best cross the obsticles. If youre looking for a fun and challenging activity I 10/10 recommend Go Ape KC!!

Review №14

I had a lot of fun, used a lot of upper body strength

Review №15

Really fun great staff helpful when you need it and let you just go and have fun. Its got some challenges but overall great experience.

Review №16

Good workout, had lots of fun and worth it for 3 hours, I loved the zip line the most, this was so exciting trip with my friends.

Review №17

I loved it had an amazing time with my best friend

Review №18

Definitely recommend doing this while youre in the KC area! Priced well for what you get, challenging, rewarding, and a lot of fun overall. Our guide Sydney was great, explained the course and rules clearly, and was easy to talk to. We will be going back.

Review №19

Great growth tool. Fun experience. I couldnt go because of weight limit but my son tagged along with another adult. Great experience and amazing staff and course.

Review №20

Went for the first time with my husband and friend, had a blast! The instructions at the beginning were very clear and they were extreamly helpful any time we did need assistance, which was hardly ever. The place is set up really safe as well, and I love just about everything about it. Cant wait to go again some time, but its the end of the season now ^-^;

Review №21

A really fun adventure with great safety precautions.

Review №22

So much fun for the whole family. It was a little busy the day we were there, but they did their best to keep things moving. We will be coming back.

Review №23

Super fun, and not overly difficult.

Review №24

My daughter and I went on a Friday morning when it was not crowded at all. We had a great time, even if there were a few areas on the course where she got a bit scared. She was able to get through it all though, and at the end she rated it 5 stars!I would also rate it 5 stars, except I think the cost is a bit high for the time spent, so I deducted a star for that.The only part of the course which was a challenge for me (a fairly tall guy with minor knee problems), was the fishermans trap, which is the vertical structure you must climb your way through to get into the treetops. Fortunately that was only at the start of each of the 5 courses.

Review №25

It was a fun course and the extreme was definitely a challenge at times! Definitely more exciting for kids, but as a young adult it was pretty good

Review №26

Super fun! Super safe! The employees are helpful and explain things well and keep an eye on you so you understand the rules and have a good time

Review №27

Staff was very helpful. Dont fool yourself, this is not a touristy zip line like you find in Mexico and Caribbean. It is physically demanding. Line 4 is almost impossible.

Review №28

We had an absolute blast here. Definitely tests your physical capabilities.

Review №29

A great experience. The way its set up and the team on-hand, theres no need to be nervous. Its a great view and a great workout. I will go back absolutely.

Review №30

Amazing time! It is a bit of a work out. However so fun. Even if your afraid of heights this is the perfect place to overcome that. Highly suggest this for anyone looking for a fun unique activity in Kansas city. Also the people who work there are awesome.

Review №31

Great place for getting outside and getting some exercise. If you want to move a little faster a weekday might be preferable as weekends tend to have a little more congestion on the trails. Give this place a try, youll love it.

Review №32

Went here for a surprise bday with friends. It was awesome adventure and obstacles and sweet big zip lines. This place was a lot of fun. Staff were all extremely friendly and helpful.

Review №33

In love with this place! Wish we had more in the area or closer to North if the KCMO river. Super fun and good work out.

Review №34

This is SO much fun! We went with another couple, were overall not super fit, but not out of shape either and it was a tough day! You could definitely feel it work parts of your body that arent normally worked.But it was a blast, you dont realize how tired you are until the end because its so much fun.The instructors are great...they have a lot of fun working there you can tell. They are patient and helpful. We went on a busy Saturday so there was some waiting, but that okay to have a little break here & there.Bring your own gloves! Itll help I promise, but they do have some for purchase at the check in.Definitely going back & telling everyone.

Review №35

This place was awesome, incredibly friendly staff and also the most fun Ive had in years!!

Review №36

Highly recommend!!! Don’t know why this place isn’t on the top 10 things to do!! I was expecting it to be cheesy, not high, not scary .. more for little kids but NOPE ! It was a Adrenalin Rush at its best!!! They don’t follow you around with a tour guide you are on your own once they show you what to do! (Yes they have workers periodically) Awesome experience sad I didn’t find out about this place until now! Oh yeah and the staff is awesome too! Don’t want to forget about them!

Review №37

This was an awesome adventure thru the tree tops. The staff was friendly, competent, and made you feel safe while dangling high high off the ground. I would definitely do this again!

Review №38

We took our employees here today, and had a great experience! Were all of pretty average fitness, and the course definitely challenged us in places - but not to the point that we werent having fun! This is a great place to bring your team, your family, or pretty much anyone. The instructors/course guides did a great job on the safety brief, explained how to use the equipment well, and were present along the course to provide encouragement or guidance when needed. The course is well kept and in great condition. I will definitely be back with our kiddos when theyre tall enough!

Review №39

This was FUN! Loved the challenge of the course with the thrill of the zip-lines. Great staff as well!

Review №40

Would rate higher, but theyre cashless.

Review №41

We had so much fun, but this place wore me out! It was awesome anyways! #crushedit

Review №42

This is a fun course! Easy and challenging obstacles are mixed well throughout the course. Instruction on safety and how to use your harness was efficient and clear. This course was maybe not the best of its type that Ive been to, but was definitely a great use of 2-3 hours. The price is reasonable. Website says to bring change for parking but we found it wasnt needed. I would do this again without hesitation.

Review №43

We had a small group go today. We had a great time! Staff was very friendly and answered everyones questions. They space out the groups well so there isnt much waiting around. We will be going again. Would highly recommend.

Review №44

Went today 5/19/19, and had the most fun I have ever had on an outing! The staff was fun and knowledgeable, and knew how to hype you up if we were nervous about getting off the ledge. Will definitely be going back!

Review №45

Great staff, really fun zip lines and ropes courses. We have been twice, still as fun the second time around.

Review №46

This place is extremely fun! The instructors were great. The course is awesome. It starts out simple but has its challenges along the way. If you are afraid of heights, this will help you conquer it. The course is safe, you are attached to a safety harness at all times. The Tarzan swing and zip lines are the best part! Definitely worth it to come out here with a group of friends or family. It’s fun and a good workout at the same time. Overall a great experience and will come here again!

Review №47

Super friendly staff, and so much fun with any size group!

Review №48

I had a great time climbing around through the trees on the different obstacles. Very friendly and helpful staff. There are 7 zip lines at the end of each section and it is hard to land facing forward. If you dont land facing forward you end up dragging your feet to stop which isnt as fun. One thing that seems to help us to get a good grip on both your safety line and your lanyard line and try to use that to keep you from turning. God bless you and have a great adventure.

Review №49

This place is a hidden gem. Wonder staff and course. I wish the Tarzan rope was open today!

Review №50

This was a great experience. Plan on bringing friends and family here.

Review №51

Awesome course, so much fun. Guides are amazing

Review №52

Went here with a group of 10 other women and we had a great time! Our instructor Madeleine was great, it seemed confusing at first but everyone picked it up really quick. The course was challenging but not impossible, and though we had a variety of fitness levels in our group, everyone was able to keep up and have fun.I am not so great with heights, but I felt very secure and found that focusing on the course really helped me get my mind off of how high up we were. All the different types of crossings kept it interesting, and all the greenery is lovely. Overall, its a great way to spend an afternoon.

Review №53

Overall I had a fantastic time! The only thing that frustrated me was that I made it through four sites with music on low on my cell phone. When I got halfway through the fifth/last site, I was asked to turn it off. The first time I was asked, I thought it was an extremely rude approach so as soon as that instructor left I turned it back on low. Then a different instructor also asked me to turn off with a less than polite manner. I dont think I would have had an issue with it if the first instructor would have said something to me in the first four courses. As soon as he was gone, it seemed to be an issue. I could understand if I was blasting rap music or something, but I was playing clean music that could be universally appreciated. Again, I had a fantastic time. Just wish I would have been approached a little bit differently about the music. I would recommend this place to anyone looking to have fun with their family.

Review №54

Its a fun course. Early is better, so you dont have to worry about being stuck behind someone slow or nervous about the ziplines.

Review №55

Great time, scaredy cats slowed us down, more time In between groups or beginner courses enforced would help, also the first of the 5 stages was just a training course so it’s only 4 real rides

Review №56

Waayyyy fun! Love how its partially self guided and you always feel safe.

Review №57

We went with a group for a birthday, and had a blast! At first, I wasnt sure if I would be able to make it past the first or second course but once you get going its fantastic. You really dont even notice how high up you are. A great workout and a great experience, that I will definitely do again!

Review №58

The customer service and safety instructors were very nice and helpful. They have water at the end/beginning of every course. Dont do it at the end of a long day because every bone and muscle in my body is in pain. Im not athletic at all, and I couldnt do the last course because the obstacles definitely give you a workout. Only for fit and skinny people. And for people who want to sweat profusely;)

Review №59

Great ropes course!!Perfect length, plenty of great obstacles and well worth the money! Great workout -- choose the difficult routes vs easy if you can. Instructors were very helpful, made us feel safe the entire time.Would highly recommend to anyone looking for an adventure and calorie burn!

Review №60

Fantastic obstacle course, if you get stuck behind people that are slightly afraid of the challenges you will be there awhile.....

Review №61

Worth the money. Fun for all ages. Challenging but not so difficult it isnt fun.

Review №62

Loved the experience!

Review №63

Great experience

Review №64

Staff was very friendly! It was a great time but not that challenging if you’re in shape. Go early to avoid getting stuck behind slow moving groups.

Review №65

We were there for 2 1/2 hrs and had a blast! The zip lines arent as long as I thought they would be, but I liked the balance stuff in the trees better. Id recommend to wear workout clothes, because its going to be more comfortable. Great workout! The sweat was pouring done everywhere...

Review №66

Awesome! A great workout and thrilling fun zip lines. Staff was very professional, put safety first but also made sure you had fun. Definitely want to do it again!!!!!

Review №67

This park is actually a strong physical activity... Like I am a semi active 27 year old male and left very tired. It was very fun though. The staff is helpful and friendly but slightly over bearing on safety protocol... But theyre just doing their job.

Review №68

It was a pretty fun time. However, it was busy because we went on a Saturday and we quickly caught up to groups that were 1 and maybe 2 time slots ahead of us (and we werent rushing). So we actually spent a lot of time just waiting for other people to finish sections ahead of us.The ziplines were fun. One was pretty long. One of the sites (Site 4) had a board break and it closed for the day before we got to it. The place gave us a 10% discount (even though Site 4 comprises 20% of the course).The site says itll take 2-3 hours to complete. 30 minutes is instruction time before you start. Then we got through 4 of the 5 open sites in about an hour even though we spent a good chunk of time waiting.In the end, it was fun, but not sure its worth the cost.

Review №69

We didnt realize this was a lot more than just zip lining - it was pretty challenging, but something were all glad we did. It kind of sucks that you end up covered in mulch from the landing, which isnt something Im used to for zip lining. They dont provide gloves, which is unusual - they do have them for purchase for $6, but if they even just raised the price of admission by a dollar for everyone, they could afford to provide them for their guests, and they definitely would have been nice to have. All in all, we had a good time, but we came home sore, sweaty, and covered in mulch.

Review №70

Great staff and really fun activity for the whole family!

Review №71

Went here for my sons 14th bday. They had a blast.

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Review №73

Great experience! You dont need to be in super great shape to enjoy, but it definitely is a physical activity.If you have a big group let any smaller groups go first so you dont feel rushed.

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Review №75

I thought this was an awesome experience! It definitely challenges you to push yourself to the max but it was worth it! I am not the most fit person and was able to complete the entire course.

Review №76

Really beautiful and exciting. Beware that if you get motion sickness that this will be much harder for you even if heights dont bother you.

Review №77

The staff was great. Fantasia encouraged my kids to go a reasonable speed. Did a great job of encouraging my wife to do the Tarzan swing.

Review №78

This place looks amazing in the snow! I cant wait till they reopen next year!

Review №79

Super fun, would be awesome to do as a group. My boyfriend and I went together and just the 2 of us it was still awesome!

Review №80

Lots of fun and staff were extremely helpful and encouraging.

Review №81

A fantastic experience in a beautiful setting. It challenged my fear of heights, but the safety features and training helped quite a bit.

Review №82

Great staff and course was a lot of fun. We loved it.

Review №83

Quite fun, friendly staff, expensive

Review №84

Really fun outing

Review №85

One of the most exciting places Ive been. Very kind and knowledgeable people working

Review №86

Great adventure. Wife and I had a great time and plenty of exercise

Review №87

We went with the whole family. It was 100% worth it! Loved all the obstacles. Great for the family. Totally will go back with more friends to do it again. Youre taught about the cables then youre free to go on your own.

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Review №89

We had an amazing experience and the staff was great.

Review №90

Really good place and awesone adventure just downside is where u park cz someone broke rear window glass and stole dslr camera n our belongings from car in its parking.they should install cctv cameras.

Review №91

A great course. Challenging and is so much more than just ziplining. Very beautiful out there too.

Review №92

Great staff and awesome experience! The difficulty is good for almost any age. Promotes family bonding time and keeps your heart-rate in the fat burning range through most of the adventure.

Review №93

Gloves will help, but this is fun if you dont mind a workout!

Review №94

This was do much fun. The zip lines were fun and the physical challenges of the obstacles were a fun. Definitely recommended.

Review №95

The most fun Ive had in a long time. Zip lining in general is just fun.

Review №96

SO MUCH FUN!!! The workers are so helpful and informative. Easy way to get over fear of heights!!

Review №97

Had a great time with wife and friends! Makes for a fun couples date.

Review №98

Adventure in KCs backyard. Great place for active young people to play in between the trees and zip to the ground below. Climbing up to the 1st perch was a bit of challenge for those with limited bendy knees.

Review №99

It was kind of pricy but if youre active, its totally worth it.

Review №100

This place was awesome! Cant wait to go back again!

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