Roller Time
707 Arcadia Cir NW, Huntsville, AL 35801, United States
Review №1

Large rink with a nice hardwood floor. Friendly patrons and staff. Great sound system, lights, and music. Has games and a consession stand. Wheelchair friendly. Had a blast. Tnanks.

Review №2

My child and her friends always have a blast and get super excited every time I suggest Roller Time

Review №3

Great place for family time. Prices are reasonable, service is great, staff is friendly and and the music is bomb!! We had a great time and will come back often!

Review №4

Very friendly staff, clean, great music! Tons of fun

Review №5

Cool skating rink. It needs updating but the staff is kind so we like it. It feels safe and wasnt over run by teens little were able to enjoy them-self. I hear they are updating soon. so i changed my review to a 5 star because I appreciated that they even took the time to respond. We will definitely be back all summer. I think it would be cool if a night out of the month they turned it into a dance club for the littler kids like 12 and under . My son cant really skate but enjoyed the music and trying to dance.

Review №6

The afternoon session on Saturday is great for the little kids. My little one says she gives it 2 thumbs up !!! ️ ️️️️

Review №7

Great time at adult skate night. Everyone is super nice. Loved the rhythm skating.

Review №8

Love the Skating Rink, great place to have fun, at an inexpensive price

Review №9

Great place to skate! The music was perfect, the prices were amazing, and the rental skates were in great condition!

Review №10

We had my daughter’s birthday party at Roller Time. Libby was extremely helpful and accommodating. The kids had a great time. We will definitely be back for more fun!

Review №11

I didnt skate, but the prices were pretty cheap for entrance. The atmosphere is also really cool.

Review №12

Our place to take the kids. They play good music and its never super crowded. My child have so much fun.The place is always clean, however, the vending machines are way over priced.Consession stand has OK popcorn. Pizza is usually dry with no sauce. But its a place I can take my child to skate and have a good time.

Review №13

The skating rink is every fun because i go every other saturday and the music is great and i enjoy my self and the food is great and next weekend i am coming so.....yea

Review №14

Not many kids skate today but my grandkids like to go sometimes but when I take them not many there. But they play same music from when I was 16 thats 40 years ago. They dont play much of todays music because pf bad words but most parents let kids listen to that music anyways.maybe if they did & maybe let kids get put there & dance the last hour they would get more business. Just saying cause young kids do need zone where to go & have fun.

Review №15

Son loves this place

Review №16

Great time kids had fun we will definitely be back

Review №17

This place is fun and and its awesome came here for my birthday and Im having a blast

Review №18

I love it here because its fun and you can talk to your friends and I come evet weekend

Review №19

This is an awesome family friendly environment with staff that are willing to help whereever needed I will be back for sure

Review №20

There the best I love them so much you should come yall will love it like I do.

Review №21

Had a really nice time for Adelines birthday party. The staff was great and professional

Review №22

When I walked in I wanted to go skating immediately! Plays very great music and its incredibly clean

Review №23

It was fun as hecc. Not all the games work though

Review №24

So much fun! I went twice in a week - Monday for $1 and Friday for $9. The foods not bad. Will definitely go again soon.

Review №25

Floor was good ...owner personaly involved.

Review №26

This place was great they had great music and take requests I will definitely be back

Review №27

This place is awesome! Mondays are $1 skate night. From 5-8. Even if you dont skate its worth it to listen to the music and watch the experienced skaters

Review №28

Great fun for the family, especially on special nights. Classic!

Review №29

Very nice place to take your family. Staff very nice and helpful.

Review №30

It’s great, one of the staff members has been quite unprofessional in the past. but everyone else there is very sweet and i go there a lot. love it

Review №31

Had a birthday party here. Kids loved it

Review №32

We have had 2 parties here. It is super easy.

Review №33

Love this place. I take my daughter and we have a great time

Review №34

I took my Daughter and Nephew on a Saturday morning. They skated for an hour, played games for an hour, then skated again before they were worn out. We had a great time!!

Review №35

This place was so nice... My kids had a great time... Decent price as well... My twins cant wait till twin night

Review №36

Nice adult night change of pace...older rink but nice smooth rolling wood floor.good travel 2rink highly night is Sunday night.

Review №37

I would give this 0 stars if I could. The music is terrible. Very outdated!!! & the food prices is high. $3 for a medium & you have to have a $10 min for a card! SMH never again.

Review №38

A Huntsville classic institution that is still wonderful. Its a throwback in all the right ways and has fantastic birthday party pricing.

Review №39

The Best Rink in the World!

Review №40

Good variety of music with the largest skate floor ever. It is getting a new and updated look. New carpet already installed with more updates to come.

Review №41

A nice, large ring. Staff is friendly and a great place to skate.

Review №42

Visiting from Michigan...attended the Sunday adult night skate. This was a good time...lots of friendly people and staff! Only real complaint...when I arrived my wheels were clean, when I left they were black. Will need to re-groove to get all the stuff off. Roller Time...wash your floor and carpets.

Review №43

Great skating rink with decent prices and daily deals. Nice music choice as well

Review №44

The staff were great. Clean song list and games for the kids to play. Had a blast. Thanks for the memories.

Review №45

I love being at a roller skating rink again. It brings back good memories. The music was so loud though that it was painful sometimes and impossible to have a conversation.

Review №46

Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Definitely enjoy every time we go!

Review №47

The whole family had a great time.

Review №48

Very loud music, still very fun. Easy to use guiders.

Review №49

I took a nephew and niece there and its all you can expect from a 1970s roller rink. The floor was good, skates okay, and clean enough. They enjoyed it and I did too.

Review №50

Been goin since I was little it’s kid friendly

Review №51

Spending time with the Grandkid s all 6

Review №52

Good services and friendly staff

Review №53

Bexays we go here every Wednesday and skate good pizza

Review №54

We had a childs birthday party here. It was wonderful and the staff was great. Very helpful, and lots of fun

Review №55

Great for kids parties and you can bring your own skates or rent from them nice and fun

Review №56

Kids had fun skating. However, the facility could pick some more appropriate music for kids.

Review №57

Old school skating rink. Fun for everyone, and super kid friendly

Review №58

This rink is nice on the inside, one of the better in HSV. Sound system is probably the best. The slate floor is noticably uneven and poorly refinished, so going fast is out of the question. Looking from the exterior I couldnt tell if they were open/on business, except for some cars in the lot. Overall clean, friendly and a good value.

Review №59

Nice floor and sound. vending machine prices are ridiculous. Prefer slate odyssey

Review №60

Been there many times and will be back. Great rates!

Review №61

My favorite spot to skate !!!

Review №62

Great place for the kids. Went on a Monday night and it was only a dollar to get in. Great music.

Review №63

Always have fun and everyone who goes here is really nice. Go on Mondays its a dollar to skate, but you do have to pay for the skate renal!!

Review №64

It is fun

Review №65

Grew up in this rink. Will always be my favorite.

Review №66

Thanks for the skates love them

Review №67

This is my favorite spot to skate the stress of life away! The floor is nice, very spacious and staff is very friendly

Review №68

Having a great time with the kids and friends! The pizza is delicious!

Review №69

I got 230 shirts for a Cancer fundraiser. The staff at roller time screen printing company was fantastic great prices great quality and great people

Review №70

Went to New Years Eve All Night Skate. This was very safe and crowded, although the parking lot wasnt. I didnt realize this was a drop off skate. The Staff was very polite, nice and friendly. I was probably the only parent/adult there besides the workers and Deputies. However, all of the kids were a great energetic well behaved and mannerly bunch. We arrived after checking out another FAMILY skate party in Madison. It was overwhelmingly crowded with teens and families with young children my sons age and Big bouncer guys milling about in Security t-shirts. My son (a novice skater) said he was more comfortable with the rink design, structure, and speed at Roller Time. I would gave it 3 stars because there could have been more food choices like chicken and waffles, potato wedges, burgers or even some kind of black-eyed peas +collards special for N.Y.E. But I give it 3.5 because the kids and staff impressed me, there werent any special holiday/event activities or give-aways, and my son was happy and comfortable with the floor access.

Review №71

Had a great time

Review №72

What you really want to know about - the floor. It is high quality maple, and slightly larger than that of the other rinks in the area. It does not have a sticky gloss coat, so the wood is slicker than the other rinks. Access to the floor runs on 3 sides--4th is a carpet wall. It is a step up, raised floor. Watch out for the little skaters who are not looking before they fall onto the floor from the carpeted party area.

Review №73

So fun , great time with the family

Review №74

I had great experience for my daughter birthday party at Rollertime. The staff was nice and friendly and made the party a great one.

Review №75

Really needs to be remodeled. The snack bar was dirty and ran down. Would be an great place for family if they fix it up.

Review №76

Great place

Review №77

Really nice

Review №78


Review №79

Had a very fun time and have pretty GOOD pizza and slushies

Review №80

Great job printing our t-shirts! Fast service!

Review №81

Great place

Review №82

Our 6th grade students had a wonderful Christmas party today. Libby, Devin, and the entire staff were very professional. Thank you!!!

Review №83

A favorite place of me and my sons ages 11 and 7 to goThey always have specials during holidays and school breaks.

Review №84

Nice rink, but not enough authority and helpers to make sure kids are following the basic rink rules.

Review №85

Its great you get to spend time with friends and chill and get lit

Review №86

Had a good time everyone was very friendly. We’re all one skate family no matter where you’re from.

Review №87

Kind of run down but the kids love it anyway

Review №88

Great place to do parties!!!

Review №89

Its a really good place to take your kids and have fun

Review №90

My daughter had fun skating.

Review №91

Its really fun to go to on Saturday.

Review №92

LOVED IT the manger trey i think his name is is great he is really good at what he dose he loves his job and all his coustomers

Review №93

I love it because they have all my favorite songs​

Review №94

Fun place to hangout with family and friends

Review №95

Great place to take the whole family

Review №96

Best place to be!!!

Review №97

Family had a blast !

Review №98

Good place to take kids to skate

Review №99

Had a good time till i fell down. Bruised my tail bone...

Review №100

Kids had fun there

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  • Address:707 Arcadia Cir NW, Huntsville, AL 35801, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 256-489-7655
  • Roller skating rink
Working hours
  • Monday:1:30–5pm
  • Tuesday:5–8pm
  • Wednesday:Closed
  • Thursday:Closed
  • Friday:Closed
  • Saturday:7–10pm
  • Sunday:2–5:30pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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