Galaxy Skateway Davie
3737 N, Davie Road Extension, Hollywood, FL 33024, United States
Review №1

Man! I havent been here since I was 8 and in summer camp! That was well over 15 years ago! This time though I came in on a Friday night during covid. Theyre at half capacity, but it still feels like half is too many. They enforce masks on the rink, but I noticed a lot of people sitting around with no mask on outside of the rink. Id prefer to come back on a weekday, with less people on the rink. Good tunes, positive vibes. Lots of laughs.

Review №2

This was the best roller skating place I have ever been to. I had the time of my life visiting this place it is highly recommended by me. The staff is so nice and the service is the best.

Review №3

I really enjoy this location. Galaxy has really been a fun outlet for my children during this pandemic. Family, friends funtime and social distance.

Review №4

I had a great time here, learning to skate again was so much fun.

Review №5

I was so disappointed when I went to take my daughter to skate today. Being that there is a pandemic going on, there was no one at the rink when we arrived. I didn’t mind as safety is our number one concern at the moment and we try to go out and visit places where social distancing is possible. We also like to carry our own water bottles for extra safety. We don’t want anyone touching things we will carry and put in our mouths. As I was signing my waiver and getting ready to pay, the lady at the counter tells me I cannot enter with my own water bottle because they sell water. I told her I was not going to be purchasing their water when I was bringing my personal and safe water bottle. She said she couldn’t allow it and so we decided to leave and take our business elsewhere. I often visit children’s places and never have I once been told I could not enter with my own small water bottle. I didn’t have food or a cooler or some other large container of any sort. It was a water bottle. I’m disappointed that this place being that it was empty and I’m sure is suffering in business, would rather make you buy their water bottle than understand that some people rather take water from their own home. It wasn’t Gatorade, soda or lemonade. It was water! Poor customer service. I will never return.

Review №6

Me, Alicia Keys, America Ferrera, Liza Koshy, Lilly Singh, Tierra Whack, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Brittany Furlan, Amanda Cerny, B. Simone, Jess Hilarious, LaLa Anthony, Kodie Shane, Sasha Lane, and Corinne Foxx will dress up as Party Girls and take an awesome 2021 summer vacation to a huge dance party at Galaxy Skateway Davie.

Review №7

Old school skating environment that fits the scene, but it would be nice if they updated the skates. They’ve probably been used since the beginning of the establishment

Review №8

Great place, very fun. Theyre following safety guidelines so its safe to come even in these times, do try it out

Review №9

Ty is a great asset to Galaxy. Friendly, compassionate and courteous. Glad to see him when I skate there.

Review №10

This place is fun to go to with your family and friends

Review №11

Reliving the 80’s! I take my 10 year old when they open at 10 am. It’s heaven, music is good the ring to ourselves.

Review №12

It was pretty fun and the pizza there is Amazing!!

Review №13

My daughters and I go here almost every weekend, and we have a great experience every time! It has a family feel and my girls love it! All the bathrooms are clean, and the food is good! The music played is newer, but is still family friendly. They also have the newer skates to rent. Niiiiiiice! They also sell skates. Needless to say, I purchased one for each of us :-) and the prices for everything are very reasonable! Love this place!

Review №14

The food is overpriced and not that good. Its like the typical lunch food youll get in a public school. And for some reason they didnt have any napkins. But, the skating was ok with great choices of music.

Review №15

I feel bad that Galaxy Skateway has had to close the past few months during the pandemic. I cant wait for it to reopen as my grandkids have been practicing in their house! Always a fun time for a very low price and the people that work there are friendly and caring with the kids. I highly recommend them when they reopen.

Review №16

Horrible service. We paid for 2 of our children to skate. They never got onto the floor to skate because they panicked and didnt want to skate . We asked for our rentals to be changed for us (parents) to skate. Even though the skates were never used they made us purchase another rental. Most of us have lost out jobs and we are trying to 1. Take our children to enjoy themselves and take their minds off of everything they have been going through. 2. Support local businesses. This will be the first and last time that I come here. Definitely will make sure to let everyone know how horrible their customer service is.

Review №17

It was fun and there were a surprising amount of people for a Thursday night, mask rules enforced, helpful and friendly staff

Review №18

The skating establishment itself, with the entertainment that they provide is what we have all come to expect. The roller skating sessions are fun and the kids like it. Over priced food and drinks, are the norm.However, if you are considering doing any type of fundraiser for anything, reconsider. They do not let you verify how many people are coming in, and they will never give you credit for the correct amount of people. It will basically be your word against theirs, and surprise, they dont care. Think about how much goes into arranging a fundraiser. Your time, since it has to be planned for weeks to months in advance in order to gain enough participants. Your money, printing out flyers, making announcements, phone calls, social media ads. Everything you do, not to mention the volunteers that come to help, is for nothing. You will get shafted I guarantee. They have no checks in place, it is all in their court. It is plain out not worth it.***To respond to your message, yes things have changed. We used to be allowed to verify and account for our own people. That is very different from soliciting people in the parking lot. There is literally no way for us to verify that what you are paying us for is the correct amount. What organization would agree that that is a sound business practice? Concerning the free flyers, you have no idea how much time and money was spent on this event. If we had gotten credit for the kids and families that did show up, you would not be having this complaint. The long and short of it is, yes, we have been doing events at galaxy for many years. The past few events that we have done there have not been worth it due to the inability to have a proper count.

Review №19

Its nice for the kids. I wish it was one closer to me. I wonder how to start a franchise?

Review №20

Had a great time ,only down fall is food is hella expensive, but overall was good

Review №21

I would give no stars if I could a fight broke out and they made us leave without giving a refund will never come back ️

Review №22

If its close to your house yes. If not you can try something else

Review №23

Family oriented especially when you have a birthday party or church gathering entertainment. Brought some friends from my neighborhood on a school night for a birthday party. Very fun .

Review №24

Great place to go and skate if you remember how to.

Review №25

Very fun place nice staff

Review №26

I love Galaxy I always have and it always brings back memories.

Review №27

I enjoyed my time here. Wish they had a bar. But overall good music and staff. Kid friendly.

Review №28

Former Roll-bouncer here, circa 1985. Proud that Galaxy remains open to the community while thousands have closed across the U.S. What a great place to meet others, learn music, develop rythmn and, even fall in love. Living in NYC now but checking to be sure there still rings the old echo, shuffles only, back home.

Review №29

Great party experience for my 8- year old and her friends. You get what you pay for and they are honest and upfront about prices and rules. Im glad to give this place as a local spot to go from time to time.

Review №30

Needs a new dj music was trash , dj is always playing the same music over and over and has no care for people’s song request on saturdays .

Review №31

We had a great time

Review №32

Decent fun, the patrons can be quite rude when whizzing by and knocking others over. Food is trash as expected. The music choice that night was horrible though, everything wouldve been more enjoyable with more popular songs, including the old school ones.

Review №33

My experience at Galaxy Skateway Davie has been a positive one. I frequent this rink with both of my daughters and both of them love it. The staff are amazing young people who are ready and willing to help and I am truly appreciative of that and thats why I rate this skating rink a 5 star

Review №34

This is a great place to skate. Went there on a Thursday night. Had a lot of fun. Took my wife who did not know how to skate at all. Everyone gave her space to learn. Great place.

Review №35

Good times got a major exercise

Review №36

Overall, my kids and I love Galaxy Skateway. Customer service was super nice. We look forward to returning again and again.

Review №37

Awesome place! nice service

Review №38

Around forever and still fun. Good music but musty, mildewy smell. Make sure you take a jacket because its cold.

Review №39

My kid loves this place, but if you are renting roller skates, they are pretty beat up. We still go there but bringing our own.

Review №40

Every year we have a salty Christmas at the Galaxy Skateway Davie with our church. The kids have a great time. A time with family and loved ones ️️️️️️️️

Review №41

Wed $8 cant beat that

Review №42

They charge you for skate rental even if you have your own after a certain time. Besides that the music choices are always great you have a mix of dade and broward hits,hip hop ,R&B , old school they play everything. Always a good time with a group of friends.

Review №43

Rip off music was horrible for a skating rink $15.00 for that very much disappointed. They have a earlier session for kids and beginner the late session 8-12 mid night should be for older crowd why should I be skating with a groups 6yr 8yr kids who for most part are beginner skater. The belong in day time evening sessions. You cant skate anyway at 8-12 session all kids are falling on the floor. You have advance adult skaters and beginner kids skating together. Owner ripping people off with that BS. He dont cause he getting paid .But the Adult skater suffers when they do this. Thats why I dont go to daytime or evening sessions bunch of kids if I wanted to skate with kids day and evening sessions I would go to. Just not right

Review №44

Thursday night flashback sessions are part of my routine. When DJ George is spinning I barely leave the rink floor. Cardio, balance and agility - skating at Galaxy is my weekly workout.

Review №45

This place has been here for decades. My kids love it. Im glad that this place is here still for my family to enjoy

Review №46

Great place for a family fun day

Review №47

As a regular. I was disappointed today. The music was low and outdated (no DJ) Not skating music.The food changes, not the prices. One slice of pizza got cut to half. Now you need to buy 2 to equals the old size.

Review №48

Fun, reasonable admission. Food needs to be better for the price. Cheap pizzas.

Review №49

Love Galaxy Skateway. I always come here to skate with family and friends. Its a fun family-friendly place.

Review №50

Way to many lil kids that literally cause falls and floor guards that walk right in front of you like they own the place. Place went downhill.

Review №51

We came here with all our children and they really enjoyed themselves. The atmosphere was good and the music was okay. All the staff members were nice especially the manager who listened to our complaint about the fries. She asked us what we would like and we asked for a pizza. She personally brought it to us. I can definitely say their customer service was excellent. Thank you

Review №52

Reading some of these Reviews; I felt the need to Comment, as we go here quite frequently... The Venue has a set of Rules in Place that apply to ALL; period. Some comments mention bringing in Water/Drinks, one even said she couldnt bring in a Baby Bottle..?CORRECT NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES -Right on the Front Door-However the baby bottle situation I find odd; as I have been to this venue w/ a infant baby (& kids 6-12) & I highly doubt the personnel wouldnt accommodate in an appropriate instance... Be realistic people your walking yelling 2y/o dont need a Bottle..! LoLAnyways we started going here after one of the kids went to their friends b-day party here... The kids enjoyed SKATING so much we have our own skates & go all the time now; and have thrown Several of the kids B-Day Parties here...I dont care what anyone says; the staff has always been polite & on par anytime we have had a Kids B-day there...And I dont care if the staff is young & grumpy like some (be real some customers can just be picky A-Holes) may say; at least these kids are given a venue of employment to be at & keep out of trouble..!!!I commend the venue for always hiring local kids and being so welcoming of YOUTH EMPLOYMENT and I really wish MORE VENUES did such a thing in giving kids a chance...A lot of people who complain are rather petty in their complaint if you really read them -vs- actually being a known Regular at the Venue; which let me tell you there is a lot of Family Regulars that frequent here...Any complaints about the Costs to enter the building is really based on what time of the Day/Week you go as every day of the Month can be one theme or another; but the schedule is mostly consistent... Also even though we are Grown adults Reviewing a SKATING RINK it really is a Kids/Family Venue; its not your local Nightclub/Bar and it never will be because it is a venue to Roller Skate at...Which Brings me to VALUE; if you take you and your lady out for a couple drinks each & a small bite to eat at a Nice Dining Venue out you will likely spend $50+ easy... For the same $50 you can take a Family of 5 (+ Skate Rental Fee depending on Time/Day) out here for Several Hours on end; granted we all have our own skates because we go so much...The online Monthly Calendar is usually pretty clear about the Days events for the Month and the Costs of Entry and what times what happens like when the Explicit Music Times begin & entrance/rental fees...Again we have done Several of the kids b-days here and we find it well worth our money every time we do it..!5-STAR THANKS AGAIN..!!!

Review №53

Shady! My daughter had a great time skating and the guys out on the floor were super nice. However, I would never spend another dime there or recommend this place to anyone, because their pricing is shady. It was my first time there and I dont skate, but my daughter does. Im not going to simply drop my 6 year old child off without supervision, but apparently that is what they want parents to do since I HAD to pay a per person entrance fee. So, instead of simply paying for her to skate I paid for myself too. WOW! Yes. It didnt stop there. On the way through the door I had to open my purse for the guy at the door to look through my bag. After my first thought which was WTF! I was like, how many shoot-outs have they had here? Great that theyre security conscious, but my purse? Im with a six year old. Do people bring there kids along on crime sprees in this area? If my daughter wasnt so excited about skating and there was another skating rink close by I would have turned around and walked back out. Oh forgot to mention the woman working the ticket booth changing the amount of my change when I asked for a receipt. Who owns this place, the mob? I drove pass this place for years, but never again will I stop.

Review №54

Very disappointed,Please read the following so you can find maybe a better deal and quality time somewhere else.Bottle of water: $3.00Adult Entry ( only to supervise a minor) : $12.00Reason: Evening fees per management only to access into the building.Luckily We had our own equipment because theres No disinfectant spray for the skates, Reason: They ran out of it therefore none of the skates from previous participants were cleaned properly.This place needs just needs better management.

Review №55

Dumb bans - you can’t bring your own water for children. Paid entry ($ 10) for accompanying children (2-year-old baby) is generally a unique requirement. Absolutely unfriendly staff at the entrance. Never again!

Review №56

I love this place! I specifically go on Thursday nights for adult night, The nostalgia and emotion it brings me is like no other... with that said the DJ that usually spins on Thursday nights always spins the same music and its slowly eating away at the fun of Adult night. I would just love to just hear more of a variety of roller disco music and I feel that I speak for a lot of Thursday night regulars that I’ve heard say this to me in person and that doesn’t include the people that skate with headphones on. I also hear that DJ cosmo is the better DJ from the word around the rink. I just love Galaxy with all my heart and mean no disrespect with what Im saying here but when the music gets repetitive every week, the special feeling galaxy has the capability of producing its seems like it harder to come across. Still look forward to Thursday every week regardless! Thank you Galaxy Skateway for the fond memories I’ll never forget.

Review №57

Very nice establishment, nice amount of space to skate and play games but food is quite expensive

Review №58

Vintage skate way, very nice place you can use 4 wheels or inline skates, nice sound system

Review №59

Me and my kids spent a wonderful afternoon here, a family place with afordable prices, nice music and you can buy food and beverages here (pizza, burgers, etc). Please be aware outside food and beverages are not allowed and any bags or purses will be checked. The place is a little cold, if you wont be skating bring a light sweater.

Review №60

Clean this place up. Smells like urine outside. Inside is ok.

Review №61

Fun nice time not all the way hip hop night but still enjoyable not too many people .

Review №62

I am almost 50 and I have been going here most of my life. Now my daughter does.

Review №63

Decent place but their posted hours are never correct. When you call they tell you that the posted hours are for office hours. Sorry Galaxy but I have no interest in visiting your office. Get it together and post the hours that people can use your facilities. Not cool, professional or courteous.

Review №64

Went there with 2 friends to have their skate fixed and ended up getting a roller skate as a gift for my birthday! I loved! James, one of the managers is very friendly and extremely efficient on having our skates perfectly adjusted to our needs. I also bought 4 pairs of outside wheels which he did exchanged for all of us. The place was closed the time we went there (close to lunch time) but they opened to us as we were there so we could buy our accessories. I havent used their arena yet as I like to roller skate outdoor, but I am sure its lots of fun.

Review №65

There was pizza all over the floor.the bathrooms were disgusting. but i had a fun time with my family

Review №66

I rate this place 1 star. They would not let me use the white balancing helper because I was too tall. This is really disappointing because I couldn’t celebrate with my friend. I needed it to balance my self. I don’t understand how am I too tall if I was using it before???!

Review №67

Their policy is to charge for every kid even if they are NOT skating. So if I bring my 1 year old that obviously can’t skate, they have to pay for admission as well? $10? UNETHICAL. My 6 year old son didn’t want to skate anymore because he was too scared, my 21 year old daughter didn’t skate, instead of being able to have her take his place. We still needed to pay an additional $10. RIDICULOUS. Walkers are a non-refundable $5, which should be complimentary. Someone shouldn’t be punished with a price tag to learn. You should come here to have a good time, not to get ripped off.

Review №68

I was first time and very disappointed. You cannot go in with your water even if it is a baby bottle. admission is $ 10 even if your children are not going to roller skate because they are very small. The music is very loud that you even cannot explain to the child where to go, you need to constantly scream to hear each other. there is a terrible smell of burnt oil from food. we stayed there for 40 minutes, all my clothes and hair smelled of this terrible smell. The toilets were dirty with a strong urine odor. I will never return this place.

Review №69

Not a bad place needs different mix of music for all. Rink pretty good to skate on. Prices are out of this world for food and drinks. Could be a little better when you come in kind of confusing which way to go first staff was kind and nice staff working rink needs to where skates too.

Review №70

Had a good time eventhough I couldnt skate because of my bad ankle. It was Queens LMC motorcycle party.

Review №71

This place needs to be remodeled. Great atmosphere, but ran down and dirty!!

Review №72

The kickoff celebration for Toddricks birthday, he and his nephews had a great time at Galaxy Skateway.

Review №73

I felt very secure due to Davies finest & the entrance was well secured by Galaxies staff. Upon entry my daughter was told that she couldnt enter with the head scarf on her head, & she could not enter the facility with it so my wife had to take it. I admire the policy that they have in place & I didnt mind dropping my daughters off so that they could enjoy themselves.

Review №74

I took my kids here to skate and there were a bunch of teenagers fighting. The teenagers were then kicked out of the facility but, the staff at this skating rink kicked every last person out that didn’t have on skates. I understand you go to the skating rink to skate but, to take $15 from someone and then tell them they have to leave because, of someone else actions... pst not right at all. Do not I repeat do not allow your kids to go here alone. After all the drama, they then closed down the facility and was not given refunds to people who paid $15 EACH PERSON to get in. I will never go to this facility again. Please be aware of these issues. You wouldn’t want your kids out here ALONE, with a facility that does not care anything about your kids. They had Police officers out there roughing up the teenage kids. It’s just wrong.

Review №75

It was pretty good and chicken wings are really good but it would be great if they played more games and after a certain time you cant get pacifiers and stuff but besides that its a pretty fun place to get your roll on

Review №76

Pretty fun place to go for some late night fun. Didnt like the two periods where regular brown skate people couldnt be on the floor. Expensive snacks, and drinks so come with at least $50 on you. Be prepared for long lines.

Review №77

Cool place for skating.

Review №78

I like the fact that non skating parents can go out on the floor with the kids. Good Pop music that most kids know. The exterior and interior is a little old and out dated kind of turn me off at first. Alot of games were out of order and the concession stand looked horrible(resembled an old corner store) Snacks are ok priced but meals are more than McDonalds. Staff was ok could be a little more personable. Coming in was a little confusing. Didnt know if we had to sign the waiver, pay first, or have our bags checked. We will revisit.

Review №79

It looks rundown and old on the outside but the inside rink is actually still nice. Very big and it was alot of fun. Going back soon.

Review №80

This place looks like an abandoned warehouse. I took my daughter to a party here and was surprised at the appearance of the building. To enter you must wait outside if there is a line as you must stop at the window to pay before entering. Unfortunately, the space in front of the window only fits a few people at a time. She enjoyed the skating experience, but I think the place needs to be renovated.

Review №81

When you are in summer camp it can be a little heckted and the price can be high for the dumass things but good with music and new friends you can meet

Review №82

Very fun, but the the food area was quite expensive. Like airport expensive. But I guess thats how it is in other places. Spending a bunch of money for admission AND skates. Then I have to pay way more than the admission for food..I think thats a bit absurd. 4 stars.

Review №83

Refused to allow me to bring my allergic son a safe cake to eat so he can celebrate his 5th birthday there. He wants a roller skating party so bad. They said they were a private establishment and were allowed to make that decision. Which is true but it’s pretty sad an accommodation won’t be made. They literally said I’m sure he can blow a candle from a cake that contains all his allergies. No, it’s not ok Galaxy.

Review №84

This place is a disaster. The food is over priced. Its more skaters than workers on the floor. They care mostly about money over the kids safety. Ive only been once and i was disappointed. I had such high expectations. If it werent for the overcharging I might have been better....

Review №85

My daughter enjoyed skating first time at this location.

Review №86

So much fun! Was at peace when my 8 year was able to use the skating support tubes.

Review №87

Cant believe they r still open.. A little getto but fun

Review №88

Great for teens & young adults.

Review №89

Had a lot of fun! Just wish they would have switched from skating counterclockwise to clockwise at least once. But it was still a great time

Review №90

Nice place to skate.

Review №91

It was ok. Derricks shuffle mix (skate) didnt like it tonight. Maybe next time. I need to see if they still have an adult night.

Review №92

Brings back memories from when I was younger when roller skating was popular. But its decent place to take the kids..

Review №93

Good times had by all. Reminds you of simpler times in the 80s or 90s.

Review №94

I went there from Miami last night with my kids and their schoolmates. We enjoyed it. We shared the floor with all kinds of people of all ages, skating just to have fun.My only concern: they should let non-skaters in maybe for $2-$5, and give bracelets to people who want to skate.

Review №95

Ive been going here for over 20 years. The staff is awesome. The interior seems a bit old. (As one might expect from my day. However it has been renovated 2016 ) Both my kids and there friends love going. We go atleast twice a month.Their meal prices are pretty expensive, however they do also have decent priced snacks.

Review №96

Kids party was great fun. Cost about $23 per kid plus tax and tip.

Review №97

Went for hip hop night and loved it.. Going this weekend for my 37th birthday!

Review №98

Went as a group of adult and 4 kids and payed a little over 100 included 1 pizza and pint of fruit punch.. 5 tickets/skates and one pair of socks (please remember to bring your own). The only downside for me was I was unable to bring my lunch inside..Im down 41lbs in 6 months so I packed fruit and a wheat wrap to eat and was told I couldnt bring it inside but they did allow me to keep it in the I had to be hungry the entire time I was there because I just refused to eat junk..I wasnt even allowed to get my water bottle out of the lunch box...was told they have water for sale at the snack bar smh other than that the kids had a blast and I enjoyed skating on an empty stomach

Review №99

Had a great time with my daughter. Old man had to show her i know a little something something on the rink.

Review №100

My daughter and her friends loved it

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