Dick Blick Holdings Headquarters
1849 Green Bay Rd #310, Highland Park, IL 60035, United States

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I shop online regularly. The prices are great, selection is super and shipping is fast. I qualify for free shipping but choose the $3.00 add on and it arrives in 4 days. Everything is always packed well and the quality is good. The website is easy to navigate and they identify which items might be out of stock and when they are expected back in. Blick is my go to place for quality and good prices.

Review №2

My dealings are with the online store (and had no problems with them as long as it was a simple exchange of money for goods...no returns...no refunds...and no cancellations).I recently placed an order and changed my mind about it and called (within 24 hours) and was told I could not cancel because they had already loaded it on the truck to ship. The customer rep was nice enough to tell me that I could return it for a refund once it got there and so I did and I did indeed get the refund although I was a little miffed that I had to pay to return the order...an order that I attempted to cancel even before they shipped it.I ordered again from Blick and another company some paint of the same brand but in different colors (one company didnt carry some of the colors Blick did). The order from the other company reached me first (even though I ordered from them a couple of days after Blick) so I tried out the paint and unfortunately had a bad reaction to the fumes and had to return it. The other company was prompt with the return. When the Blick order came in I went ahead and sent in 2 brand new unopened tubes of paint for an exchange at my own expense. They sent me an email. They needed my credit card number to do the exchange even though the exchange items were less than what I paid for the original paint and there was enough to cover the items and the postage. So I called immediately and gave them the order number and told the rep that I would like to change my order (since I knew they hadnt sent it yet...I mean why would they have already sent it...they needed my credit card number). I was told that they had indeed already shipped it. So I figured they had just made a mistake with the email, thanked them, and hung up the phone fully expecting to receive my order and hoping to receive a tracking number in my email shortly. No such luck...two weeks later and still no order. Is it coming pony express with a real pony or something...or not at all.I truly believe they lied to me both times...the first time when they couldnt cancel the order because it was on the truck and the second when they said they shipped it. They have my money and the merchandise I paid for and even if the items come in at a later date Ive simply had enough...Ill be doing my shopping for art supplies elsewhere from now on.eta...just checked my mail after posting this (still at 2 weeks) and my order is still not here but lo and behold I got a Blick catalog...not the little flyer/magazine type but a catalog as thick as a big city phone book. Seriously....smh.

Review №3

We stopped in to the store in Chicago on Kingsberry. The store looked good but what was disturbing about the store was the feeling of a dark cloud hanging over it. We did get asked if we needed help twice by young people who work there, but these people looked terrified as if they were afraid to actually Smile. There were a few people standing at a computer looking at some sort of spreadsheet, so I can only assume they were the managers and after viewing their behavior it wasnt hard to understand why this place had such a chance dark mood hanging over it.Its kind of sad that the stores that were fun to shop at are gone in Chicago. perhaps its just the store perhaps its just the management at the store were not sure, but we will try a different store next time thats how thick this Dark vibe was in your store in Chicago on Kingsberry.Oh yeah. There was a obvious lack of music playing in the store, you know, that other art form.

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  • Address:1849 Green Bay Rd #310, Highland Park, IL 60035, United States
  • Site:http://www.dickblick.com/
  • Phone:+1 309-343-6181
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