Chamber 43
427 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904, United States

Review №1

Lots of stuff and reasonable prices but their lease is up and they have to move

Review №2

Ive been going to Chamber 43 consistently for well over a year now for different reasons: whether itd be for a casual visit, weekly and/or exclusive in-store events. Each visit has been nothing short of enjoyable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. If they dont have a record that youre looking for, they are more than willing to help track it down for you which shows how above and beyond theyre willing to go for the community. This is an amazing addition to Highland Parks downtown area and I can easily foresee that theyll be bringing in new cultures and experiences to the community for many, many years to come.

Review №3

Excellent selection of records and vintage items. Clothes are always rotating and the staff is fun, knowledgable and extremely friendly. They also host great events here, sometimes up to 4 times a week!

Review №4

Awesome record selection and helpful staff

Review №5

Awesome place!! Cool record store connecting with an eclectic mix of vintage and retro shopping. Its def a one stop shopping experience. Staff is super friendly and the host open Mic nights and other events during the month. Great atmosphere, Great location and Great Vibes

Review №6

The store has friendly, dedicated staff and features many events. As a local close to Highland Park, I can 100% say Chamber 43 is here to support the community. Competitive pricing, always expanding (I mean literally, they just doubled their store size) new inventory, rotating antiques/vintage items and rare vintage clothing. Im excited to see where the store goes next, it seems every year it makes drastic improvements. Also, check out their Open Mics on Monday!

Review №7

Chamber 43 is an outstanding vinyl destination+ they have open mic nights as well: music, poetry, comedy, art ,etc! The owner David creates a fantastic environment for Pop Culture, past, present and future. Im very pleased with the 70s and 80s vinyl records and vintage magazines I have purchased here.

Review №8

I went looking for hip hop records as I saw on Instagram, but the selection was very small for hip hop records.

Review №9

Neat very cool I have purchased a few tables and other antiques plus want to try and make the open mike.

Review №10

Great people. Great selection and fun events hosted here as well...

Review №11

Just purchased a beautiful stain glass piece and a record,so happyThey were great, I actually did window shopping when store was closed and they sent me photos.They went above and beyond

Review №12

They host free open mics events, great vibes

Review №13

I love this place! They have such a great variety of records but the staff is always really helpful as well.

Review №14

Friendly and helpful staff, awesome store! Definitely coming back, and the events held here are worth it

Review №15

This place is my favorite record store, and I go to a lot of record stores. The staff is very friendly and accommodating and will recommend great music to listen to. Their is a wide variety of records to choose from, with all genres and the pricing is very good! Whenever I want to buy records, I always go to this store. It also sells clothing items, artwork, and books. This record store is the best record store!!!!!!

Review №16

This place is a breath of fresh air. When you walk in youre immediately hit with a sense of wonderment. Not a typical record store as they also sell a variety of art, clothing, and various music and pop culture nostalgia. They host shows every month that are similar to tiny desk concerts . The staff is great and this store is a great addition to Highland Parks downtown area

Review №17

Great place to buy records, friendly and knowledgeable staff..This place is known for always putting on great events, open mics and other local artist perform here from time to time...Highly recommend it to anyone looking to buy great music or simply wanting to enjoy a night out..Open mics are Monday nights.

Review №18

Ive been to Chamber 43 throughout the changes of layout, inventory and staff. Not once have I regretted interacting with their outgoing and personal employees. Chamber 43 is exactly what Highland Park needed. Its in an excellent location (right on the main road in the middle of the town) and the hours are flexible. If youre looking for records you cant find in other record shops the owner, David, works with you and will keep you on a call list for when they do come across your desired record. There are a lot of hidden treasures throughout the store like limited edition paintings, private artists showcasing their treasured art, mixed consignment and other small businesses coming together to really make Chamber thrive.Thank you for opening such a innovating store!- Also a dog friendly store!!

Review №19

Some of the best prices for records around

Review №20

Visited to find a couple of records, one of which I could find here. The other is on the stores search to find and let me know. To do justice to the place, you will need at least a couple of hours possibly three to browse. Lots to go through and select. The shop owner offered to play the records and even washed one for me to check surface noise reduction. Great atmosphere and very friendly and helpful staff. Hope to return some time for more vinyls.

Review №21

A really cool addition to Highland Park! I walked in and was surrounded by vinyl records and was very happy :) I’m a former DJ (old school) and can’t wait to come back again when I have more time to dig through the stacks of albums and see what I can find like I used to at Cheap Thrills in New Brunswick. All the albums are in clear plastic sleeves, you can tell they really take care of their albums as it should be. I didn’t get a chance to browse their 45 collection yet, but will do next time.

Review №22

Wonderful little shop for the artistically and musically inclined. They keep expanding their products and include a ton of locally handmade clothing, jewelry, and a bunch of other things that Im not aware of for sure. David (the owner) is a gem, and his staff are actually passionate about what they do, which is refreshing. Its nice to see such a caring establishment in place of that awful vape shop run by that creep. I would and do recommend this place to everyone my little beady eyes make contact with!

Review №23

Great spot, incredible staff and awesome vibe. Cant beat their selection. On top of it, theyre always putting on new events. Great culture shop

Review №24

Awesome store, great staff! They out on shows, have sales, what more can you ask for?

Review №25

Great little store. Nice, knowledgeable clerks and good prices on used vinyl. New vinyl as well for reasonable prices. Hope they start doing in-store concerts!

Review №26

It fun and entertaining to look through all of their wares, as the store sells more than just classic and modern records. Chamber 43 also sells clothing, jewelry, cds, and art pieces. A beautiful venue with so much potential for musical talent. Go check it out now!

Review №27

Favorite record shop to go to. Very large hip hop and underground hip hop selection

Review №28

The new space is even better and the shows they curate speak to the music community that still thrives in the New Brunswick scene.

Review №29

Love this place I always recommend this store

Review №30

Only the best

Review №31

Great place

Review №32

Favorite place in highland park to find old tunes, I like the clothing and music combination

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4.8 Rating
  • Address:427 Raritan Ave, Highland Park, NJ 08904, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 732-354-3047
  • Art gallery
  • Antique store
  • Record store
  • Clothing store
  • Coffee shop
Working hours
  • Monday:11am–4pm
  • Tuesday:11am–4pm
  • Wednesday:11am–4pm
  • Thursday:11am–4pm
  • Friday:11am–4pm
  • Saturday:11am–4pm
  • Sunday:11am–4pm
Service options
  • Curbside pickup:Yes
  • In-store pick-up:Yes
  • Black-owned:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Quick visit:Yes
  • LGBTQ-friendly:Yes
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