Lynch Field Park
520 New Alexandria Rd, Greensburg, PA 15601, United States

Review №1

Great Farmers Market and trail access. Loved the outdoor summer concerts in the pre-COVID era.

Review №2

Cute field to walk, ride a bike, learn to ride a bike, or huge fields to run and play any sport on. It does swamp in the fields after rain due to poor drainage in the field in many spots, but prices for sports for kids to join are reasonable and parking is free. There is a trail u can take in multiple directions from here. And maybe one day the public pool will have construction complete and safely updated for swimming on hot summer days. Ice skating rink is an extra perk.

Review №3

Its a park. Lots of ball and soccer fields. Has a biking trail and an ice skating rink. Nice little get away for people living in Greensburg

Review №4

Everything is well-maintained, theres plenty of flat walking area, the five star Trail is right there of course, and the bathrooms are great!

Review №5

Took our son to burn off energy around the track,he cut through the field and it was a swampy mess,even though it hasnt rained. The helicopter was his focus forget the playground, thats amateur stuff

Review №6

Its relaxing. An sometimes you get to see the fire departments practice. Watch some play baseball or softball.

Review №7

Old facilities with odd signage to find the ice rink but the ice is cold!

Review №8

Great for walking but some areas need some cleaning

Review №9

Was a nice place for an outdoor wedding. My friends rent the same pavilion for small gatherings.

Review №10

Nice walking track. Lots of people out and about!

Review №11

Great tribute to military veterans!

Review №12

Memories of my this place!

Review №13

You can access the 5*trail from here which is a bicycle/walking trail that runs from Greensburg to Youngwood, Pa and is approx 8 Miles one way. Pretty nice trail, not much to look at, but its a good trail.

Review №14

Great Hockey facilities and staff. Trudy Rocks

Review №15

Love lynch park, a good place to job, aerobic center and 5 star trail are great too

Review №16

Visited here for my sons ice hockey game. Stayed fir some post-game play time. Very cool park with a great veterans memorial including a helicopter.

Review №17

Great place even greater staff!!!

Review №18

Get place to take a walk and has great classes in the aerobic center. They have great little farmers market in the summer months and a festival in the summer as well.

Review №19

Very nice park with good walking trails.

Review №20

Great place to walk and enter the trails

Review №21

The pool has been remodeled and is very very nice. Ive been visiting since childhood and can truly say that the improvements are much better than before. My kids ENJOYED themselves.Plus they now have a kids slide and zip line. #Awesome

Review №22

Its beautiful park and trails. I gave it a four star because the ice skating rink has horrible hours but is still wonderful place.

Review №23

Good place for kids

Review №24

I LOVE Dairy Queen and feel bad for writing this, but there were SO many fruit flys/nats everywhere a few times I went there which was recently and they kept landing on our food and it was disgusting. And most of the time the kids working there are goofing off and messing up orders because theyre not paying attention. I see at least somebody mess up an order every single time I go there. And the tables are always dirty when we go in there. And I go there 2 to 4 times a week because I live very close. Other than that, the food is amazing!!!

Review №25

3/4 mile track great for my son and his wheelchair!

Review №26

Many things to do. Swimming, Ice Skating, Running, and Walking. Great place to do physical fitness. It was the place where as a Soldier, we conducted PT.

Review №27

This is a wonderful community green space. Ball fields, swimming pool, creek, ice skating, pavilions, etc.

Review №28

Really nice park, with cool views

Review №29

Descent bike ride, basketball hoop facing the road need some kind of a backstop

Review №30

Its a really nice park, nice walking trail... theyre working on the public pool and should be ready this summer. We went specifically for community days and thats always fun!

Review №31

Love the nice walking path

Review №32

City owned & operated community center for outdoor activities. Swimming pool/baseball /soccer/football/basketball court/aerobic center. So many things to do. Many youth sport & all around fitness programs are run on one of the many beautiful fields of this site. This is Greensburgs community recreational center.

Review №33

Always a nice place to walk

Review №34

Nice, quiet, peaceful place!

Review №35

A fun place to spend time with friends and family.

Review №36

Ive been a member of the Aerobic Center since 1983/84. They are very good to beginners and Silver Sneakers. Assad, Linda, Maryann plus all the other instructors are great. Really take the time to make sure you get a good workout. I used to play Church League softball in 70s/80s fields flooded way back then too. Used to have 4fields but cut down to 2 the flooding is abt the only drawback. Ill keep going to Lynch Field and the Aerobic Center as long as Im able.

Review №37

Great park!

Review №38

Home of The Aerobic Center. Great place to exercise. Nice people, good instructors. No judging. Everybody welcome.

Review №39

We were at the pool...nice pool. They have slides and picnic tables. A nice place to take the family.

Review №40

Not a fan of this park at all. Personally I prefer Latrobe park or blairsville park they seem cleaner and nicer place to walk

Review №41

Great little paved walking loop when its not wet. Drainage issues can make puddle dodging a thing.

Review №42

Nice park with a little of everything. Ice rink, aerobic center, baseball fields, playground, open grassy area, running trail, and a pool are all in the area (some like the pool and aerobic center require a pass). Ample parking next to the park. This open field floods after it rains so beware of muddy fields!

Review №43

Very well maintained and nice design for outdoor fitness users. Good track and nice shaded pavilions to take a rest. Restrooms are available - kept clean, stocked & in good working order. Plenty of parking. Other visitors are courteous and considerate of others in my experience. Its also a trailhead for the 5 Star Trail. Signs says the park is under 24 hour security surveillance. Feels safe there early in the morning.

Review №44

Large park, with an indoor ice arena in the winter that is reasonable priced. In the summer time you can have an enjoyable time at the large outdoor poor that has a water slide that the children can enjoy...If you are an exercise type of person they also have an large outdoor track that is used for running, skating, biking, walking, you will even find people pushing strollers with young children in them as they walk the track... If you are there in the evening you could be lucky enough to catch one of the baseball teams that play ball there on one of the two ball fields that are use often during the youth baseball season.* handicapped parking is available*No pets in the park aloud*Open till dusk*No outside food permitted inside the pool area.

Review №45

Its a great park to go to!

Review №46

This is a very clean and maintained multisport facility. The staff was very friendly. The ice rink has a great skating surface!

Review №47

This is a big park area that offers a lot of recreational activities in all seasons.. It has a nice walking/biking track, ice rink, pool, fields and courts for sports. I was only here once so I am not sure about everything offered.

Review №48

Well lit for late night walks.

Review №49

Nice quiet place to stretch your legs. Running path is a little beat up but overall very well maintained

Review №50

Greensburg Pa Lynch field pool is very fun when weather permitting. Very kid friendly, great place for family fun!

Review №51

While not the fanciest place around its clean and neat and the equipment is in good shape and clean and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.

Review №52

Excellent place to take family and friends. Excellent place to catch Pokemon

Review №53

Community days is always a good experience...great live music and games..

Review №54

The running track is deteriorated. The bike track is also potholed. There is no visual attraction (unless a rotted out helo floats your boat - and you will need that boat for the field). The location is frequently littered and you will nearly never see kids play there. The play gym has graffiti and sometimes violent homeless are just off the main area. It is dangerous for any person, especially childrren to walk to the park as cross walks are not observed or maintained (speeding cars and kids rushing to the DQ are a deadly mix). Even the redone sole basketball pole is tilted, and the creek nearby is of such poor water quality that balls that roll in would carry dangerous runoff on to childrens hands. The concrete is so poor, with road crew filth that injuries could easily occur with any true streetball play. The once repainted tunnel now has huge portions of concrete that has fallen, and the mural is nearly gone. The flooding is frequent, and field play is always compromised. Even the rink has fallen out of favor and the Center is mostly for old timers. No one would ever come to Lynch for its outstanding qualities. Needless to say the noise of the road, exhaust of cars, dangers and deterioration, leaves Lynch as an albatross.

Review №55

Great place to play wizards unite. Tons of inns!

Review №56

Nice walking track Im not hard to get to free parking.

Review №57

Good time

Review №58

I used the auto car wash. It goes from $5 up to $8. Great value and it did a great job washing my truck. Id go back.

Review №59

Nice place to have a Birthday party/pool party for your child.

Review №60

It is very clean well-kept everything is nice no holes or potholes on the trails its just one nice beautiful look

Review №61

I give it three stars because it is awful wet down there and it floods regularly

Review №62

It is a family friendly place and with the pool, a great place for fun.

Review №63

Really nice to have this local park with many activities going on there so close to the Downtown City. And with the recently newly paved parking lots you dont have to break an axle getting in and out of the place!Upper tract is well lit in the evening so you can even get a run in after dark if you want to.

Review №64

I was here for a festival and fireworks. Had a great time.

Review №65

I never knew all the things they have here. Wow! They have a little bit of everything. Nice place

Review №66

Nice place

Review №67

Try to make it 3 times a week. Always worth it

Review №68

Love walking around the track

Review №69

Really friendly environment, has just about everything. Only problem is the field floods pretty easily.

Review №70

One of my favorite home town spots!

Review №71

Clean and well maintained

Review №72

Good spot to hangout with friends

Review №73

A great place to take a walk

Review №74

Nice place to walk the track. Basketball hoop, pavilions.Ice hockey rink. Not sure open tp public as I see people practicing there.Gym there with silver sneakers and best of all DQ is right across the street !! Hahaha

Review №75

Really need to fix the water outside. But the ice rink is great for the kids! My grandson plays hockey.

Review №76

Need a better drainage system there as its often flooded. Used to go to the Farmers Market until the gyro guy harassed me. Their fireworks and festival at the end of May are nice. Good place to walk safely.

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Review №78

My kids love it here

Review №79

Great place to take the family, and easy parking to get up on the walking trail.

Review №80

Flag football right now! Worth it to raise money for the Greensburg loins kids 5-9. They still have to pay the city so if you can fund them somehow. DQ across the street too

Review №81

Its really nice when we have community days during the end of may when everyone comes together and you can see the fire trucks

Review №82

Nice family place

Review №83

Beautiful rink ! Baseball fields , pool ! Newly renovated parking lot , A++ staff all around great place

Review №84

I go there only to drop off my kids to ice skate during winter time. The price is $7 for admission and skate shoe rental. 8pm til 10pm on fridays and saturdays. They offer snack bar with variety of good foods and drinks. They also have aracade spot. Lots of seatings. A lot of kids goes there and it can get very crowded at times.

Review №85

Love the park and the trail. Its usually full of people exercising and enjoying the fresh air.

Review №86

Nice park! Has a nice pool when its in season, many fields for use in many different activities, beautiful paths for biking and walking.

Review №87

Very well kept park with beautiful walking trail. The bathroom facilities are nice and well kept. There is playground equipment and baseball and multiuse field that are well maintained.

Review №88

Great classes and community! Also accessable parking for the bike trail.

Review №89

Lots of parking. Nice park.

Review №90

A nice place to get some exercise. Great for the whole family!

Review №91

Its great when its not completely underwater.

Review №92

Good walking place

Review №93

Great park.

Review №94

Has various activities throughout the year. There is always something happening here. Family friendly.

Review №95

Liked the walking trail. All the new fields are a great addition.

Review №96

Great local park with connection to 5 Star bike trail. Floods with heavy rain.

Review №97

Its a great little park thats within walking distance of downtown Greensburg. The pool is decent but they plan on renovating it soon.

Review №98

Had an amazing massage with Rachel!

Review №99

Decent place to walk

Review №100

Can only ride bike in a tiny lil circle

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