Windy Saddle Park
Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO 80401, United States

Review №1

Nice trail to the top. Grey views of Golden Colorado and the Coors Brewery. Look close at the hill side, there 5 whitetails in it

Review №2

Really beautiful trail, make sure you bring water and wear appropriate footwear! The trails are narrow and steep, be prepared. Masks are currently required during COVID, so prepare for that as well and make sure if youre within 6ft of another person you have your mask on!

Review №3

Gorgeous overlook, parking spot but was full had to drive around a couple of times. There is restrooms onsite also. Lots of people walking on trails and walking up the mountain side.

Review №4

I park here then climbed up the ridge north to photograph the city at night. Also great to photograph Clear Creek Canyon from above. The only downside is that you have to leave the park to access the trail north.

Review №5

Wonderful space. Very clean. Everyone is l friendly. Parking can be a little bit difficult. Amazing sites. For us this was a easy hike. Very relaxing.

Review №6

Its always fun here. With multiple ways of trails to follow its a lot of fun! Hikers only Beaver Brook Trail is full of view and challenges. Have Fun!

Review №7

Kinda scary driving on that 2 lane road up to the topBut absolutely breathtaking views!!

Review №8

Stopped here while riding my bike to the peak of Lookout Mountain and was not disappointed. Seems the lot can fill up quite quickly, as there isnt a huge amount of space (remember, youre on a saddle between peaks). The views from both sides are memorable, but looking away from the city and into the mountains is truly spectacular. You can see for miles and miles from this ridge and I highly recommend you stop on your way up or down from Lookout Mountain.

Review №9

It was a challenging enough hike with plenty of shade and gorgeous views. My coworker and I were able to stop at small openings with a feast for our eyes as we continued our conversations able to stay out of the way of others. Its very close to Golden which makes for a convenient after hike meal. Great place!

Review №10

It was a nice short hike. I would start down at the bottom and go up from Chimney Gulch for a great work out and hike. Be careful of Beaver Brook trail as it is very hard and marked well off the main trail.. Have fun wear a mask and social distance..

Review №11

Tiny parking lot, little to no street parking. Mid-way up the mountain. Be careful as you ascend the drive because the road is heavily trafficked by cyclists. Great views. Trailhead leads to Lookout Mountain and Beaver Brook. Moderately trafficked. To the reviewer who says no shade here - that totally depends on which trail you pick!

Review №12

Gorgeous place that isnt too touristy, at night youll have to take some time finding somewhere to park due to all the romantics coming up to the area.

Review №13

My friend and I came here back in November beautiful sight of the city. We came back and watched the sunrise this time and it was the MOST beautiful sunrise Ive ever seen!!

Review №14

I did the hike to the Nature Center, which didnt really have a view. The hike up from Windy Saddle wasnt too bad and I appreciated the signs pointing towards the right directions! It was all shaded on a dirt path, and the incline wasnt too intense either.

Review №15

Anytime I can get out into nature and soak up some beautiful views and weather with the family is a good day! Nice hike, good exercise for everyone.

Review №16

I really liked this place to hike. It wasnt a tough walk and many beautiful views as we were walking up the side of a mountain. In one of the pics, you can see highway 6 winding through the mountains below and in another pic, you can see the city of Golden. There was quite alot of smoke in the air today due to the wildfires on the western slope. Without knowing, we hiked up to the Beotcher Mansion which was built over 100 years ago. Was a pretty cool building. Was a very nice hike but not alot of parking at this trail head. I think you will like it but you may have to park a little distance away if the parking lot is full. There was a few more parking spots south of the trailhead on the side of the road, which we were lucky to find a parking spot. Just get there early and you shoud be able to park.

Review №17

Such a great hike and beautiful scenery

Review №18

I love this park. So close to the city. Great for a fast hike. Kid and dog friendly. There are lots of people at this park always.

Review №19

Look out mountain is Awesome! Buffalo bills grave was educational and the floats are great! Plus we seen some wildlife on the way down.

Review №20

Its a very nice park with many trail options. Lots of friendly locals and tourists alike. The scenery is awesome. Ride your bike. Take a hike. Go fishing. Have a picnic. What ever you do, your sure to have a nice time.

Review №21

Always a nice drive, great view at night of denver.

Review №22

FYI That beaver brook trail goes all the way through to Genesee up where the Buffalo are. About 10 miles I think but a great hike. Do it!

Review №23

Excellant hiking area. Clean restrooms, nice views. Not much parking.

Review №24

Beautiful views. Nice hiking trails although we didnt have time to explore much.

Review №25

Great scenic view. On a clear day you can see Denver

Review №26

Great hike! Moderate/easy trails just a little distance. Beautiful views,and not crowded. There are a few little spots that are great to stop for lunch

Review №27

Just incredible views and great hiking options. Moderate and difficult trails are available. Even on a cloudy day, amazing views and scenery. Trails going both up and down hill to start are available. Rest rooms and signage with trail maps as well.

Review №28

Breathtaking views that give me peace everytime I see them!

Review №29

Windy Saddle Park Is So Beautiful Especially At Night Time I Loved It Becuz I Went To Denver Colorado For Vacation & My Sister In Law Toke Me & My Husband There

Review №30

I loved this place! Theres a wonderful trail that runs right along the stream that has numerous places to access the water. The stream is crystal clear, not too deep, not too fast, and has a wide variety of mountain rocks in and around the bed. There were people swimming, people sunbathing, people hiking, and people panning for gold while baby was there. I highly recommend this place.

Review №31

Great place for hiking! Love it because its close enough to the city to make it easy to access but you still get the full experience of hiking a mountain. Awesome spot for nature pictures as well!

Review №32

I liked how there was shade and wildlife, and a nice lake to hang out by.

Review №33

Life changing experience. I conquered my fear of heights here. Beautiful waterfall. Great food at the 1828 restaurant

Review №34

This is amazing place, the views are the best.

Review №35

Coming here very early in the morning really fill you up with energy. Beautiful view.

Review №36

Love coming up here to watch the whole metro area from a different perspective

Review №37

Great views for sure

Review №38

Awesome vantage point for hiking, walking a dog, photography, meditation or contemplation. I love that there is a view of the city on one side and a view of the mountains on the other

Review №39

Beautiful place to be. We did a short hike and the scenery was amazing. It was warm and dry, and it was not crowded.

Review №40

Fantastic trail! Not too hard at all and a great length. Still a beginner here with all this hiking so fellow beginners no need to fear! Will deffinitely be back.

Review №41

This is a great place to visit for an easy stroll, especially when you have visitors who haven’t yet adjusted to the altitude. Also, if you’re lucky you may also get to see some wildlife!

Review №42

Nice view of the city at night.

Review №43

One of my favorite spots.

Review №44

Beautiful view... Quick drive from denver if you need a little nature...

Review №45

Beautiful views of the mountains and the city below

Review №46

This is a great trail head with a decent amount of parking on lookout mountain. The trail we took was Braver Brook ans can go on for a ways. The views are great, not super busy, and had the right amount of ease and difficulty.

Review №47

Alot of construction around right now.Otherwise great.

Review №48

Gorgeous little pulloff spot

Review №49

Went for a short hike. Was fun but very crowded -especially on weekends!

Review №50

Nice hiking along Chimney Gulch trail through the park.

Review №51

Great hiking trails and biking trails. DOG friendlyHas some more medium difficulty spots on the trail but my medium sized dog didnt have much of an issue. Wear proper footwear it can be steep. It is beautiful all along the trails.

Review №52

Bring water. 5 miles took us 2:39

Review №53

Great spot to pick up a variety of beginner-level trails. Perfect if youre in town for a short period of time and want to get in a fun little hike.

Review №54

Tunnel one on the Clear Creek Canyon before the snow melt comes May 15, 2019. All the cottonwood are beginning to leaf out.

Review №55

Being at an excellent time,the weather was perfect, the trail was well maintained and mediumly populated as its easily accessible by city dwellers and good for a cheap, easy hike and wildlife experience.

Review №56

Been coming here since I was super little. Great views and a great trail!

Review №57

Incredible views. A great enjoyment even though it was a busy holiday!

Review №58

The view was amazing and I have never seen anything like that other than in a movie.

Review №59

Great trails, well maintained and very accessible to all.

Review №60

Great view! Eventhough it was lightly snowing there were quite a few people on the trails.

Review №61

A gorgeous hike. From here it takes about 30 mins to hike up to overlook mtn

Review №62

Loved it had a great time with my kids there

Review №63

Lookout mountain trail was a nice, fairly quick hike. Good views all along the path. Lots of mountain bikers as well.

Review №64

We made a wrong turn and ended up here, since this was the first spot where we can safely turn around. So glad we chanced upon this place. The mountain scenery and views are amazing, and we even got to walk along the trail for a bit. And there are restrooms!

Review №65

Great place to enjoy the outdoors... Good trail head for hiking, train running, and mountain biking. Has a bathroom if you are on a long ride up and around lookout!

Review №66

It is so peaceful sitting out on the rocks just breathing the air and feeling how big the world is

Review №67

Beautiful nighttime views of Golden and Denver. If you want to witness a sea of lights, this is a good place to do it. There were lots of cars parked along the roadside but nothing rambunctious.

Review №68

Gorgeous sunrises! Great trails!

Review №69

This place is awesome. It has lots of trails to hike on and explore.

Review №70

Beautiful area nice hiking trails

Review №71

A great place for hiking and pictures of the Colorado mountain valleys.

Review №72

Just rode near it, but the bike paths are amazing! Some parts are a little rough, but well worth it. Beautiful scenery of course! Favorite time to go so far is just before sunset- cool Summer breeze with the sky and mountain scenes... perfect!

Review №73

Not as windy as I expected

Review №74

Good for hiking and really nice view. I love it

Review №75

Amazing views, great trails for hiking, walking, mountain biking, and just seeing some beautiful nature. From a mountain bikers perspective this place is on my list of favorite places to ride. I park at the lower chimney gulch parking area, ride up lookout mountain to the windy saddle parking area, ride windy saddle, ride back to the windy saddle parking lot, and take chimney gulch down to where I parked. If you are debating whether or not to visit windy saddle, then I would 100% say to throw your doubts into the wind, and visit, you wont regret it.

Review №76

Ive hiked here since childhood but the extensive new trails and nature center make it a great, quick getaway to the mountain. Chimney Gulch is a great trail. I especially like Windy Saddle. It goes for 10 miles.

Review №77

Great place to hike. It took me 25 minutes to get to the top.

Review №78

Good trail. Somewhat rocky and wish I brought a walking stick. Not suitable for children. Mostly incline so makes a great workout. Saw a consistent amount of traffic, hikers and bikers. Id come back, the sunrise was beautiful. Rattlesnakes and bear seen in area warnings.

Review №79

One of my favorite spots to go hiking. Different trails to choose from.

Review №80

Great place to hike, fantastic views and close to Denver. There are several great trail to explore, and if your looking for an adventure Beaver Brook trail runs all the way to Genesee Park.

Review №81

Peaceful. Serene. Quiet areas to reflect. Great trails.

Review №82

Fantastic trails, great for running and hiking. If you go between November and April, you may find microspikes to helpful.

Review №83

Never fails to deliver

Review №84

I hike there all seasons, lower and upper level trails offer a variety of physical challenges. Wildlife and wildflowers are a photographers dream

Review №85

Great hike. Advanced terrain though so be careful

Review №86

Nice short hike to connect back to the Clear Creek walk. Very enjoyable!

Review №87

Nice views for a short trip up the mountain. Parking is a challenge in the weekends. A short walk from the lot will bring you to beautiful metamorphic rock which is over 1 billion years old.

Review №88

This place is beautiful and gorgeous

Review №89

Great place!

Review №90

This is probably my favorite trails near Denver. I really like it because its not just going up and then coming back down. Its constantly going up down side-to-side. The majority of it goes through trees. There is great views at many different points along the trail. There are a couple of small streams and a little bridge about a mile and a half in. The trail is mostly packed dirt but there are two small Boulder fields that you have to go through. I really enjoy hiking and trail running on this trail.

Review №91

Just keep in mind there is no shade at all and can be a bit much for little ones.

Review №92

Beautiful location, very close to Denver and just outside of the beautiful town of Golden Colorado.

Review №93

Beautiful view

Review №94

Awesome! Hiked down from Boettcher Mansion along Windy Saddle Train and on through Chimney Gulch trail into downtown Golden. Second time down and a 3rd will happen.

Review №95

An excellent outing opportunity

Review №96

Great trailhead, rest area, scenic overlook.

Review №97

Beautiful place for viewing!

Review №98

Had a perfect time watching the sun rise.

Review №99

Had a great time.

Review №100

Gorgeous hike

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