Tony Grampsas Dog Park
4471 Salvia St, Golden, CO 80403, United States

Review №1

I was very excited to see that this dog park was wheelchair accessible! People were very nice and the dogs were good ️

Review №2

I would have given this dog park 5 stars, hadnt there been the muddy stream that ran through it. One of my dogs loves mud n water way too much. Positive note is My doggie kids had a Blast at this park. My first time there and other dogs and people were really nice. My dogs thoroughly enjoyed this park and its their time, so we will be going back. Love to see the smiles on their faces as they run hard and play.

Review №3

Place is awesome to go to when its hot out. Plenty of tall trees shrubbery bark and a stream. Dont use your GPS to find it youll get lost. If you probably Google sports complex at Tony Grampsas you might find it or new terrain brewery which is on the other side of the dog park

Review №4

Little hard to find but well worth it. Awesome space for dogs and humans alike! I cant wait to come back to this dog park!

Review №5

Really great dog park and there is alot of space for my dogs to run and explore. There is more than one entrance I used Google maps and it took me to a spot where I had to walk a little to get to the park but thats okay if you like nature. Its a good short peaceful walk.

Review №6

Very spacious, lots of trees and green like youre hiking. My only concern is that they dont offer water. Seemed like there are some communal bowls there. Not sure how to fill those up without bringing your own agua.

Review №7

Awesome Dog Park!! Highly recommend. It has plenty of shade and wandering room for the pups. It almost feeling like hiking with your pup off leash.

Review №8

Such a great place for the doggos. This one has a small creek that runs through it. Big open space where your dogs can meet other dogs.i also enjoy how shaded it is. It isnt just a big dirt lot. I love that they have a small wooded trail that runs the perimeter. I am able to get my young dogs to walk with me and train on off the leash in preparation for what will one day be big hikes where I will need them to come when called.

Review №9

Best dog park around denver...lots of trees and space its beautiful

Review №10

Based on the photos and map, I thought this place was going to be a lot bigger and a lot less muddy. Not sure Ill be back.

Review №11

Great dog park! Nice and shady. Lots of vegetation with a tiny creek running through it

Review №12

Huge dog park!! I love how theres lots of trees for my dogs to run around. There are two entrances, one by the sports complex and one by the brewery. My maps took me to a dirt parking lot in front of the archery range. You have to cross a bridge and then take a left at the range to get to the dog park. People had brought water jugs and there were bowls there. I was told that there is a hose by the sports complex to rinse the dogs off if there are muddy or smelly from playing in the runoff.

Review №13

This is one of the more beautiful parks I’ve taken my dog to. Remember that you can access this park through the adjoining beer garden.

Review №14

This is a great off leash dog park. It has plenty of room for the dogs and includes a small stream that runs June through Sept.

Review №15

It was a madhouse when we were there on a Saturday. Make sure you bring water. Not as big of an area as the reviews say. Slightly disappointed when we arrived. Trees and shade were great. Secure fencing. Seemed like there were dogs left so their owners could hang out next door at the brewery.

Review №16

My favorite dog park to make my pup to!

Review №17

If is your first time getting here google; new terrain brewery and park on the street.otherwise Google Maps takes you to another entrance with no parking and its hard to find.The park is good it was big trees, little paths and tables and benches.

Review №18

A great park, my dog likes that its in the woods. Beware coming after it rains, because it can be very muddy.

Review №19

Maps take you to small parking areas on the road adjacent to the archery range.Youre better off parking in the complex, nearest the baseball field, and the dog park is behind that (the outfield scoreboard is actually inside the DP).You can also go to New Terrain brewery for a beer - its right behind the brewery!

Review №20

My dogs love this park...and so did I. Best dog park in Golden and surrounding areas.

Review №21

Read reviews that it was difficult to find, but if you pull into the sports complex and follow the sidewalk through the baseball fields, the gate is there!

Review №22

A little inconvenient to get to, but a good place for pups to play. It can also get pretty muddy with a little bit of rain/snow

Review №23

Very nice dog park. Clean and lots of trees. No sand!! which I love, Just dirt grass and trees.

Review №24

Walk of mass excitement for our huskies to get in. Beautifully shaded in the spring and summer. Not too crowded in the winter!

Review №25

Great place for dogs to run and perhaps get a little muddy. I wish there was more places to sit down; theres only one picnic table and one bench.

Review №26

Love this park. Nice roomy

Review №27

Nice park,. But a lot of big dogs, and. Very physical with each other. If you have a smaller pup, or senior, I would look at. Other places

Review №28

Shade, water, vegetation, and a micro brewery with a food truck. Awesome!

Review №29

Our dog LOVES coming to this dog park. He is never bored since there are plenty of trees and brush to explore! Its extremely well kept and renovated with new fences and gates this year. This dog park is a real perk of Golden and we would recommend it to anyone!

Review №30

I think this is the best dog park around. Lots of space for dogs to run and explore. Trees for shade and benches. You can get water by the covered picnic area in the park.

Review №31

Visiting from out of town. We were blown away by all of the shade from large trees. Great place to take the pups and slept them run and explore. Bring some water in and you can even fill up some bowls for them to get a drink.

Review №32

Great place to let the dog run at. All fenced in area, lots of trees and a micro brew within 100 yrds or so that is very dog friendly and food trucks.

Review №33

This is a great Jefferson county open space. If you walk to the back of the park there is an awesome dog park with tables, benches and lots of shade. They have a pavillion with areas to BBQ, a large playground, baseball fields, volleyball nets and a huge grassy area. Great place to relax, play with the dogs and kids and spend time outdoors.

Review №34

I love this dog park and go almost everyday. The shade is nice in the summer but when there is standing water, the mosquitoes. Because of this, the heart worm shot is necessary. People also seem to let their children wander down from the brewery while they drink and forget they have children. People are nice and I love the regulars.

Review №35

Great place to take your dog to stretch her legs and meet new friends. Large and lots of trees and space!

Review №36

Great facility. Love how untamed it is for the dogs to explore. Would be a 5 if it had water for the dogs but otherwise a wonderful place. Even the other owners are great for short conversations.

Review №37

I love it when it snows here.... my dog loves it too... its the best park and the cleanest in the area...Folks, lets clean up after ourselves and our pets.A lot of recreational parks/dog parks, end due to lack of support and out really is your/ our job to keep parks clean, so that others enjoy and appreciate them in futures to come.

Review №38

Awesome park, gets a little crowded sometimes.

Review №39

Wasnt as cool as it was described to me.Its shaded, which is a definite pro in the summer. What little Water was there was gross. If you drink there is a brewery literally right next door.

Review №40

I love this place. Its not full of rocks and pebbles like some of the other places Ive been to in Denver. All soil and great trees and other vegetation. Really feels like youre in a clearing in the woods. The place is well maintained. Secure Gates, trash cans, and poop bags are supplied. I wish they had a can or two inside the play area. I also wish there was a water spigot in the park. So bring water for your pup. The owners are mostly all responsible. Youll run into a owner or two who thinks their jerk of a dog is cute. Other than that the place has plenty of space and trees and stuff for the pups to run around. It is also right next to a decent brewery that you can take your dog to. Great location. Ive been to half a dozen dog parks. This one is my favorite.

Review №41

Nice that this is near a brewery but the place is smaller in size, no grass, people do not pick up after their dogs and it smells like pee poo.

Review №42

Super fun dog park, the only thing is that there is a ton of mud when its wet, but the fun was worth the bath later

Review №43

Such a cute dog park! The space is so big and wooded so it doesnt feel like the usual dog park. Theres also a brewery next door so added bonus!

Review №44

A nice place to let your dogs get some exercise. There is a stream so they will get dirty. As long as they play well with other dogs this place is paradise for them!

Review №45

The place is beautiful, but for someone with a small dog... I would not recommend. My dog loves large breeds, but 2 minutes into entering the park, a large dog ran after mine AND ME. Never going back. Lady didn’t even apologize.

Review №46

Nice little park. Lots of trees. Pretty clean.

Review №47

The dogs have a great time here. Its just a little hard to find.

Review №48

I visited a few days after after big snow so it was super muddy, but even so I know its an awesome place. Lots of trees so it is great for shade and also some privacy if you have a dog that needs a break from the crowd. Theres two entrances so t he crowd doesnt just guard the door which is nice. I parked at sports complex and walked a couple minutes, past the archery range. Theres water out and a creek bed.

Review №49

Can be muddy after rain and snow

Review №50

2-1-19: a bit muddy cuz of warm weather but they are putting wood chips down to help.... nice park otherwise with human bathroom nearby

Review №51

Its not what I expected, and the little river is dry

Review №52

Weve been lucky every time we visit this park. The people and dogs are nice, and the park is big enough and wooded enough that you can get away from others if your dog needs a timeout.Unlike a lot of the dog parks in the area, this one is almost entirely shaded. That means its comfortable even on the sunniest days.You can access the park from two directions. You can park in the Tiny Grampsas sports complex and walk to the back where the dog park is located, or you can park at the North Table Mountain trailhead and follow the hiking path east into the park. There are two gates: one on the east side and one on the south.

Review №53

I love running here, so peaceful.

Review №54

Very unusual dog park. Its a wooded area with paths thru the woods for the dogs to run. You need to bring water. The only thing I didnt like is the muddy stream that runs thru the dog park. There is a hose in the picnic area you can use to wash off your dog.

Review №55

Best dog park Ive been too, and the bewery is a bonus

Review №56

Its as good as the other people who dont monitor their dogs let it be.

Review №57

Nice fully-enclosed dog park. Can bring beers down from New Terrain Brewery, just make sure to bring the glasses back.

Review №58

Sweet spot to visit with your dog. The brewery has music/food trucks sometimes too and there are benches within the dog park.

Review №59

Awesome! But google maps cant get you there.

Review №60

Fantastic dog park. Arguably the best one in the Denver area from what I am told.

Review №61

Great place.There are trees and New Terrain beers

Review №62

Do not follow Google Maps directions. 46th Ave is gated off. Park in the main parks parking lot instead. However, if you want a nice wooded walk, park on Easley Road and take the bike trail past the brewery and down to the other entrance to the dog park.

Review №63

The park was great. But trying to get there was a little confusing. Google sent you clear over on the other side of the park. It would be great if there were signs telling you where to go.

Review №64

Not fun at all -- long walk to get there, LOUD baseball games going on, baseballs flying everywhere (including ACROSS the sidewalk leading to the dog park), a muddy creek thats gray and looks like sewage water, high overgrowth along the narrow trails where snakes could be hiding, and aggressive large dogs that, like another reviewer commented, attack upon entry. At least the day we went there. Our dog is friendly with other dogs and more the quiet type; instantly got attacked by an aggressive pitbull wearing a Search and Rescue pack (presumably being trained, since the dog was badly behaved). The noise level from the ball games was atrocious, and aside from the shade, which was nice, the visit was not a pleasant one. Aggro-dog owner barely apologized. (More like made excuses for her dog being enthusiastic ... growling and biting and aggressively mounting is NOT enthusiastic -- its severe lack of TRAINING and sociability.) My husband and I immediately took our dog and left.Never. Again.

Review №65

Nice shaded off leash park. It is small but does give the dog an opportunity to run and socialize .

Review №66

My daughters pup had a blast with another pup...they wore each other out

Review №67

Nice and shady, with little trails for your dog to explore and a creek in the summer. Right next to New Terrain Brewing, so you can pop over for lunch and a beer if your dog wants a break from the dog park.

Review №68

Really cool dog park!

Review №69

Very nice place with lots of shade and two entrances

Review №70

My dog and I love this place paper were very friendly plenty of dogs to play with large areas to run water very clean what highly recommend

Review №71

The puppers love this one the most. So theres that.

Review №72

Lots of nice trails through the wooded area, great location, mostly responsible pet owners

Review №73

Love taking my dogs here..big roomy. Feels like u on vacation kinda lol

Review №74

Super nice place to take the dogs on a run. Big wide open spaces with a few lakes that the dogs can swim in. Usually is very clean but lately there has been a lot of dog leftovers...kinda sad when there is a lot of stations that have bags and also cans to dispose of them in. Over all still a great place to come explorer

Review №75

Met up with some friends and their dog here. My dog loved it and so did I! It’s a lot nicer than your average dog park with trees and a rather large area for dogs to explore. If you go here, don’t expect a huge sand lot - it’s much, much better than that!

Review №76

After having my dog park closed in Evergreen; I have finally found the park my dog loves! Left in its natural state is a huge plus. The park is completely fenced with double entry gates. The dogs having a great day playing or exploring, chasing balls or each other has been great entertainment! I have not experienced any bad dogs, they all get along or trot off. All of their humans have been awesome.

Review №77

Nice small dog park with a ton of trees and shade. Lots of trails to hike around the park and they have done some work making the dog park more secure with better fencing. It is a good place to let my husky have some fun and great to hike around.

Review №78

Great place to hang out with your pups! They absolutely love it and you can hike on little trails and hit up the brewery for a beer and some food

Review №79

Largish park completely fenced in with trees and small stream with a brewery next door, and an archary range. But still a great park

Review №80

Great place to take to your dogs! Lots of room to run and play.

Review №81

A great dog park that has a stream running thru it that the dogs can play in

Review №82

Kinda hard to get to, look up the park on Google maps and walk in from there. Very nice dog park though, lots of trees and bushes, nice for dogs who like to explore

Review №83

Nice little place

Review №84

Not super big, sometimes sketchy fence. My dog loves this place though! Its quite wooded with lost of fun foliage to dart around and through. People are real friendly. However my dog has definitely gotten sick drinking the water through the stream. Ill only bring him there when the water is dry.

Review №85

Lots of trees other dogs to play with also and good people when I went!

Review №86

Shaded dog park with trees! Large, friendly, brewery up the hill. What could be better?

Review №87

Love this dog park! Decent size with some wooded & shaded area. Always some friendly people and pups to socialize with, and a dog-friendly brewery is next door!

Review №88

This a great dog park. Bit of a walk from the parking lot, but very near the brewery. Free poop bags and easy to access trash cans are helpful. Area is nice an shady. Lots of variety in terms of foliage and more open space for dogs to play. Not so big that your dog can get out of sight. I have heard the area gets really muddy when there is a lot of rain or snow. Would be better if there was a spicket to fill up water dishes as the dogs get really thirsty running around.

Review №89

Lots of dirt for dogs to play in plenty of water available

Review №90

Though I love this dog park because there is running water and shade and lots of room and places to play, I have been there a couple times when it seems owners leave their dogs dogs in there unaccompanied. Hoping someone can nip that in the bud.

Review №91

Great dog park with lots of trees and little paths for the dogs to walk on. It like a mini wooded retreat for dogs

Review №92

Great place to take your dogs. Secure, large, and nicely wooded.

Review №93

Great terrain for dogs, well taken care of with respectful nice people hanging out. Plus, there is a brewery right there so the whole family can leave feeling a little sleepy.

Review №94

Parking is hard to find when using Google Maps, instead navigate to the baseball park next to it and you can park there and walk. Nice shady park for those hot summer days. Only thing I can say bad is, there are a lot of mosquitos and your dog can get a bit dirty if the stream has water in it.

Review №95

Cool place for your dogs, shade, trees trails, little walk to the dogpark

Review №96

Loved how much room my dogs had to run and play, the trees made it great for them to run around obstacles.

Review №97

A hidden gem especially in the summertime because of the trees and the little creek. The people are typically super friendly and dogs are well behaved.

Review №98

Great dog park that’s not big, but not small. Have your dog play, then take him/her up to New Terrain for some great beer and food.

Review №99

This place is a 5 star three days of the week, the other days there are too many parents who let their kids run around offleash and run up to dogs whether the dogs want to meet them or not, can create a stressful environment if you are trying to socialize a nervous dog

Review №100

Beautiful shaded dog park

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  • Address:4471 Salvia St, Golden, CO 80403, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 303-384-8000
  • Tourist attraction
  • Dog park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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