South Table Mountain Park
16741 Golden Hills Rd, Golden, CO 80401, United States

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Nice place for people in Golden to go for a quick walk. The park doesnt technically include Castle Rock but there are trails that go there anyway. Nice views.Wide trails that allow for easy social distancing.

Review №2

Nice trails for walking and beautiful views! Great for families and for bike riders

Review №3

Awesome place with miles and miles of trails with beautiful views of the foothills, Golden, and Denver. Trails can be icy, and weather can change quickly. Please stay on trail, and be considerate to others and the wildlife.This is not a Dogs-off-leash area. Please keep your dogs on a 6-foot leash. And cyclists, please remember to give an audible warning when approaching pedestrians.

Review №4

Good easy hike. No crazy incline, but offers a pleasant view of Golden at the top. Can be very comfortably done.

Review №5

Very nice park with some great views and trails!!!

Review №6

Fun trails. Easy place to get lots of miles. 360 views of Golden and Denver

Review №7

Great for an after work bike ride, run, or hike. Plenty of trails of varying distance which allows you to customize your ride or hike distance . Nothing too technical.

Review №8

Great place for mountain biking. Lots of single track!

Review №9

Great network of trials for a leisurely stroll or longer hike. Mostly flat once on top as it’s a plateau but depending on where you start it can more or less aggressive incline hiking.

Review №10

The views from the top are pretty. And its not a large elevation hike. Great for new residence and visitors

Review №11

Great place for an evening run but not many places to poop.

Review №12

Absolutely incredible views with a fairly easy hike to the very top. This is the view from the top at sunset.

Review №13

This is a great place for an after work hike when you want to hike but don’t want to venture too far out of the city. It’s also a great place to hike in winter depending on conditions. Since there’s virtually no shade snow melts quickly. Also another perk of going in winter is you have to worry a little less about rattlesnakes (they’re avid here in summer). It’s also a great place for a sunset hike as seeing the sun set and the sky change over the city was beautiful.

Review №14

Lots of trails and not very crowded a

Review №15

A very nice nature reserve area. Multiple different paths of varying difficulties are present. The paths are not paved so it can get muddy depending on weather. There are no trees so sunscreen is advised. There are a few birds, snakes, and insects but otherwise there is not much for wildlife. Some of the paths lead to some very great views of Golden Colorado.

Review №16

Good hike. Personally, I think there are better places but South Table still offers amazing views of Denver and Golden!

Review №17

South Table is always a great easy hike. I take my friends dog and it is never too crowded on the weekdays. It is nice and open if you are looking for a hike without trees or forest. It seems great for mountain bikers as well. It is the closest hike to the mountains while still staying in the city but will give a mountain type feel with how open it is.

Review №18

Great place to hike or mountain bike in the sun. Not many trees, but the views are great. Trails are well marked and easy to follow.

Review №19

One of the more easily accessible trails around here, with miles of flat and smooth running along the ridge & views of denver on one side and golden the other.

Review №20

Beautiful place to go hiking. Great place to clear your mind. A fairly well known hiking place for people all over golden. Great for the newcomer and experienced hiker. Great for families as well, not very difficult for children. The views of golden in the fall are prestine.

Review №21

A nice open space to go walking. There are some private roads in the area, so avoid those. You get a good view of the city from here. It is mostly flat with a few small hills to climb but easy hiking.

Review №22

Great place to hike with great views of the mountains and Denver

Review №23

Went hiking here on a Sunday in January. Not many people, bo shade coved(so perfect for a breezy winter afternoon but probably not ideal in say July). The trails were dry which was good. There were a few loops and paths to choose from. Doggo loved it- park ranger thanked us for having dog on a leash and saw her giving tickets to people who didnt! Nice hike. Would do recommend and go again.

Review №24

An amazing park with so much room to run, bike, hike, whatever! Its supposed to be dogs on leash but I took mine off and they were able to run all over the place

Review №25

Beautiful place for a hike for most fitness levels! Gorgeous views of Golden and surrounding mountains!

Review №26

Wonderful hike in the middle of the city. Views fro the meas are great. The trail is not hard and well maintained. Be sure to take water with you in the summer. And ALWAYS be on the watch for critter, especially rattlesnake.

Review №27

Been a favorite place for decades

Review №28

You cant beat the view of Golden from the top! Take a short but steep jaunt to the top and see a fantastic view of the Front Range of Colorado as well as the city of Denver.

Review №29

Getting busier.

Review №30

No trees but great trails

Review №31

Decent views. Can bring small children without it being too tough for them

Review №32

Lovely biodiversity and views. See the k-t boundary!

Review №33

Great views, easy access; a hidden gem.

Review №34

Used to be my backyard. Good view of Denver. Flat terrain. Easy hiking, mountain biking. Lots of rattle snakes, just keep alert!

Review №35

Ive been running here for three years. This is an amazing route to bike, run, or hike. I love the view from South Table.

Review №36

Great view for watching the stars and city lights! Great hiking trail.

Review №37

Lovely views,good to take it all in!!!

Review №38

Not highly curated but if your looking for an easy hike this is a great place. Great views of the foothills and the city. Very easy to get to. Didnt run into too many people and most were very friendly.

Review №39

Great place for hikes or riding your mountain bike.

Review №40

Nice trails and friendly people to meet while exploring them. If you have a dog please pick up the poop otherwise the experience is worth the hike.

Review №41

Great trails to hike!

Review №42

Disappointed the road up the mountain was closed but the terrain driving to that point excellent. Saw some mountain goats on the way way cool

Review №43

Good for a nice short day hike. Views of downtown are awesome. Wish the mountain views were better but you can only ask for so much right out your backdoor.

Review №44

Lots of view points and a great network of trails to do over and over

Review №45

Neat little park hidden in a neighborhood

Review №46

South Table Mountain is a great hike. You can park in the neighborhood off of Belvedere St and hop to the top of the table in about 30 minutes. There is a slightly difficult spot going from the trail to the top of the table where it is a little steep and rocky.

Review №47

Beautiful views from the top! A lot of fun walking up the 50 stairs to get a birds eye view of Golden. (Not great if youre afraid of heights, though.)

Review №48

This was a good warm up ride for a flat lander heading out west. Those climbs get intense out there real fast.

Review №49

Nice view on the hilltop.

Review №50

Been hiking it for years! Great views all around.

Review №51

Wonderful place to hike. However, only a portion of this park is protected. This should be changed.

Review №52

Nice spot

Review №53

Goes without saying, but given the more isolated nature, Beware Rattlesnakes! Since Jeffco Open Space plowed the old trails a few years ago, seems like dens were disturbed and Ive been buzzed a lot more on the smaller trails. At least May through September.

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Review №55

Great place for an afternoon hike but keep an eye out for rattlesnakes.

Review №56

I grew up at the base of South Table. Ive spent my entire 26 years of living running the trails up there, and as a child, even camping. I know that comes off as condescending, but I am so sad to see how busy this place has become. Please be respectful of the community, pick up all of your trash, and watch out for rattle snakes. Ive seen DOZENS on South Table in my lifetime. No exaggeration. Dont wear shorts in the summer unless you are willing to risk a snake bite and subsequent trip to the hospital.

Review №57

Good Trails and views

Review №58

Nice views, some good geocaches and lots of different trails and places to start. A nice little workout during lunch.

Review №59

Great trails and fun views

Review №60

Trails are well maintained

Review №61

The South Table Mountain trails offer beginner - intermediate trail running and mountain biking opportunities with some amazing views of the front range and greater Denver area. There are some steep inclines and sharp/blind turns leading to/from the relatively flat top of the mountain so a little care should be taken for bikers and peds to succesfully coexist. There is a 2 mile loop around the top, with several out-and-back opportunities for those looking for greater mileage.South Table Mountain sits adjacent to homes and offices and there are often many casual hikers on the trails too.

Review №62

Good get away

Review №63

Excellent hike, close to the city, mild elevation gain with a great pay off!

Review №64

Easy hiking, not very crowded in the mornings, great views of Golden, CO and the Coors Brewery. Be sure to stay on the trails, I went off the trails and almost stepped on a couple rather large snakes

Review №65

Dont go, coyotes and Rattlers will get you!

Review №66

Great place to go for a walk, walk your dog, or show family around.

Review №67

Nice views of golden.easy hiking

Review №68

Easy 1 hour hike and will give you a nice view of the clear creek valley. Very flat on the top

Review №69

Definitely beginner but the views are amazing!

Review №70

Amazing views and and trails of beautiful Colorado

Review №71

Hiked up to the Top from Golden and had a great hike & view out over Golden, CO. on the desent down from the crest back to Golden a large boulder broke loose and rolled down the mountain missing myself and a nice couple from Dallas, TX. Boulder started out about the size of a 1970s VW Bug but ended up with the final piece being in the middle of the trail close to the bottom of the mountain missing the pink adobe house by about 300 - 400 feet.

Review №72

One of my favorite trails to run

Review №73

Good place to visit!

Review №74

Hiking and mountain biking

Review №75

To know Golden.. you must trek its table mountain!

Review №76

Great hiking and mtb.

Review №77

Good hiking spot in Applewood

Review №78

Great hiking spot.

Review №79

Great views of Golden

Review №80

Walkers, hikers, mountain biking

Review №81

Love it!!

Review №82

Great place to ride

Review №83

I did climbing.

Review №84

Just 2 blocks from New homes at Golden Mesa.....

Review №85

Great place to run.

Review №86

Enjoy it

Review №87

Quick hike

Review №88

Beautiful trail, not to busy and well maintained.

Review №89

Wide open trails, takes a while to get to none gravel trials though

Review №90

Awesome trails

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