Genesee Park
26771 Genesee Ln, Golden, CO 80401, United States

Review №1

Im in love with this place. It is close to the city but far enough that while on the trail you get a sense of wilderness. The trails are well maintained and absolutely beautiful! Its so peaceful up here. I especially recommend the Gennesse Mountain Trail!Dogs are allowed but must be kept on a leash. Please help us keep this area clean and serene by picking up after your pup, and not blasting music on the trail.

Review №2

Surprisingly scenic easier hike with Bison and Elk so close to town off I70. I highly enjoyed hike. Could make it easier or harder depending on your skills.

Review №3

This park has outstanding views of bothe the Rockies and the plains. The facilities are well taken care of. Seems the public follows the rules and doesnt leave garbage. I appreciated this pristine park.

Review №4

Probably worth it just to see the buffalo if you havent already done that. The mountain biking here is mixed and fairly short. If you go counter-clockwise (as recommended), the first mile plus is a climb up a gravel track and road. After that you can get on some singletrack thats a lot more fun. Definitely worth it for fit beginners or for hikers (Id probably do a clockwise out and back hike), but less so for experienced MTBers.

Review №5

Amazing views. I took some national geographic quality drone footage. Nice and peaceful.

Review №6

Drove up on a whim, my poor car struggled up the highway. The park is beautiful and well maintained. Enjoyed an easy hike around the trails, saw some wildlife, loved the views. It is easy to hear all the highway noise, but thats to be expected.

Review №7

Beautiful area with lots of hiking trails. The Bison are of course a must see.

Review №8

Went to Chavez and Beaver Brook Trail. Loved the hike. Steady and beautiful area. Wish water levels were higher but it is what it is. Hardly passed anyone on a Tuesday afternoon in mid August.

Review №9

Pretty neat view of some Bison but the hike is nothing special, imo. Probably a great place to take children or older people.

Review №10

Nice! Beautiful views, a great walking path.We had a stroller so could get around well as path was paved. Picnic and restroom area was clean. We lucked out and got to see the Bison herd!

Review №11

So amazing to see these buffalo and they had babies too. Ive never seen buffalo in the wild like this. It was truly a beautiful sight to see. There is a parking area then you get out and walk down a trail a little bit to get to a good viewing point. The whole area is maintained well. Great for children too.

Review №12

Beautiful spot for look out, picnics, and even for seeing some wildlife. There’s also a bison farm, so sometimes you can see them roaming. We experience a beautiful sunset on our way out and stop to watch it.

Review №13

I like going here because it’s close but has trees and some Mountain View’s. I gave it 4 stars because I don’t like the part of the trail running by I70. But it’s great if you walk from the top up to I70 and turn around.

Review №14

Very pretty area. Secluded views from the mountain and curious wildlife.

Review №15

Genesee Park was outstanding. We started our hike without my girlfriend knowing much about hiking. By the time we got back she was a fiance, she loved it.

Review №16

Absolutely Beautiful ️ Fun Family Day!

Review №17

Great place for an easier hike with good views. Close to Denver, plenty of parking areas along the road, well maintained trails too. Good place to see elk in the winter, usually see a hummingbird too.

Review №18

I like this place. Good for walking and wild life.

Review №19

Awesome park on top of a mountain! Free to enter (as it should be!) and a good balance between natural and well-maintained.The rock overlooks near the top are absolutely stellar, the town at the foot of the mountain has a couple restaurants and bars, and the bridge crossing 70 is nationally known for its sunsets!!

Review №20

We had a beautiful and easy hike here! It was perfect considering our group included a pregnant woman, a woman with a baby strapped to her chest and an almost three year old boy. The boy actually walked most of the way up and down with only brief periods on dad’s shoulders. Gentle path up and back down. Nothing amazing scenic at the top, but that’s ok. There are larger boulders and rocks which my boy enjoyed climbing. And about half way up we found a little cave/tippee someone built - very fun!

Review №21

Amazing shady hike you can do with the dogs, a bit strenuous for those of us just getting back into shape, but totally doable. Latrines at trailhead are better than most and you may see the bison herd at the end depending on the day.

Review №22

It was a nice walk has quite a few trails. Although running across private property is quite easy.

Review №23

The hosts were amazing and very accommodating , we were there under special circumstances. And we couldnt have asked for a better place to be. Thank you Elliott and family , you are the best!!!

Review №24

A wonderful break from a busy city life. I reconnected with nature here

Review №25

Absolutely beautiful. No picture can capture the natural beauty of this amazing park. It was a very peaceful and fun experience. Well worth your time to take a few hours hiking around and taking it all in. Just amazing views. You have to see it for yourself.

Review №26

Lots of easy trails, plenty of parking. Nice walk.

Review №27

Beautiful trail. The weather prevented us from staying longer ,but I would have. The views were amazing and the environment was peaceful.

Review №28

Many trail and scenery options. Good bison viewing, too.

Review №29

Very nice campground. Bathrooms/showers were nice (not vault toilets so that is a plus!) Great location to just go on a mini adventure an an easy drive to Idaho Springs / Central City.

Review №30

Epic forest and mountain views! Cruising this road is like watching a movie unfold before your eyes. We had driven by there a million times unknowingly. We just drove down the other day after randomly stopping off the freeway and seeing the Genese Park sign. I dont think you will be disappointed! (The pictures are from I-70, and do not do the drive itself enough justice!!)

Review №31

Most beautiful place I have ever been.

Review №32

A very well groomed trail. Great for the ladies as theres a bathroom!

Review №33

Nice trails for hiking and mountain biking with very pretty views! Right next to the bison sanctuary which is cool

Review №34

Genesee Park is vast and a very nice area to hang out, picnic, hike, and or camp. You can view bison...well, maybe; the Patrick House; the Chief Hosa Lodge; and the Chief Hosa Campground in just one day; all just west of Red Rocks and Mother Cabrini Shrine.

Review №35

Very nice park with a beautiful view

Review №36

Great place for walk and enjoy nature

Review №37

Good place to go on a Saturday morning. Not too hot during the summer time with a constant breeze. Lots of cool spots for pictures with spectacular views. It is straight up hill for the first part but the rest was relatively easy. Good trail to hit if youre short on time.

Review №38

Wonderful views, convenient trails, plenty of space for picnics, it is possible to maintain a social distance. Good for hiking with children.

Review №39

Picturesque! Great beginner to low-moderate hike.

Review №40

This is a nice gem of a location. From buffalo to picnic spots to vistas with great views. I highly recommend. Please pick up before leaving. Ive ridden my bike up there a couple of times to see people leaving waste/trash behind. This is a frequently visited site and we all need to do our part to make sure we can continue to use it in the future.

Review №41

We hike along the buffalo pen. Its never crowded. We see elk all the time!

Review №42

Nice park right off the highway.

Review №43

Happy Dance!!!? Youll be AMAZED!

Review №44

Just a nice quiet place to go shoot some photography

Review №45

It is very beautiful and very clear today worth the drive

Review №46

A wedding was held here and the back drop view was amazing and the weather was gorgeous that day. The lodge was a great place to hold the wedding.

Review №47

Very peace full and loved the Buffalo herd.

Review №48

Great trail. I like that its shaded. Beautiful views.

Review №49

Nice trails. Not crowded

Review №50

Fantastic place to hike, there is a good amount of parking, clean restrooms, and picnic tables to make for a nice outing. The trails start to get very beautiful and void of I-70 noise within 1 mile of the trailheads. Trails are well marked easy to follow and absolutely gorgeous.

Review №51

Great place for a family hike. Family of 4 with an 8 year old daughter and 10 month old son an had fun hiking Beaver Brooke Trail.

Review №52

Great trails. Moderate cliffs. Beautiful views and rock formations along water streams. There are restrooms at the parking area. Very enjoyable.

Review №53

Always an enjoyable time.

Review №54

There are actually a good number of picnic tables near the parking area. Easy hike, not very long, some nice views along the way and at top

Review №55

Absolutely gorgeous, I came for a wedding but Ill be back for the views

Review №56

Nice hike close to Denver with a Bison heard to boot.

Review №57

Very very nice campground will definitely be going back praise the Lord thank you Christ Jesus..

Review №58

The park was very taken care of but it was very difficult to find ANY staff and the bison were not out for the two days we were there. Does anyone know why they werent out?

Review №59

Nice hike. We saw bison and deer along our hike.

Review №60

Great views. Fun day. Worth the trip.

Review №61

Great short little hike. Not too far out of town either

Review №62

Easy hike through the woods. Shaded areas and gradual hills.

Review №63

Great hike well singed.

Review №64

Beautiful little pull off

Review №65

Good place for a drive and then walk. Wish it has got more picnic areas.

Review №66

Such an amazing place to hike.

Review №67

Great views but easy to get lost and a road was closed!

Review №68

Great, clean, quiet place for a family picnic.

Review №69

Full hookup with beautiful views for fun getaway vacation

Review №70

Buffalo grazing... stunning

Review №71

Great view and easy parking fuel gas and a bar and grill within walking of multiple trails

Review №72

Great place for an easy hike with kids!

Review №73

The place is beautiful there were no animals due to the sound of the equipment submit have to finish up quickly for people to enjoy.

Review №74

Our fav getaway when were enroute to Evergreen Colorado. Not too difficult hiking paths, very clean vault toilets, pavilion with grills to rent, handicap parking, and lots of bicyclists. We see bird watchers here, so many birds. Weve seen herds of elk, deer, buffalo, a bear once and again and cute chipmunks. We met a stranger here that turned into a great friend and we met many other happy fun-loving families here. Love, love, love this park.

Review №75

My peoples had a time of their lives

Review №76

Beautiful place to visit, but didnt see any Bison. Alittle disappointed.

Review №77

Buffalo were right at the front for us to see. I hear its where they like to hang out during the winter season. Other seasons you may or may not even see them. Very majestic creatures.

Review №78

Even after being raised near heard of bison in Oklahoma I must admit I was shocked by the size of the largest animal. The heard is regularly viewable, but they are wild animals that are not incline to follow our schedule. Be thankful and respectful if you get to see them.

Review №79

The bison are there about half the time, and from the parking lot you can walk along the bison reserve to the Beaver Creek trail (1mi). Great exercise and good views. Pictures are from the Beaver Creek trail.

Review №80

I have only done one hike here, but I will definitely be back. Decided to do a loop using part of Beaver Brook and absolutely loved the trail, it was a bit steep and we had rocks to climb down and over. We got there at 8am and for most of the time we were the only people there. The connector wasnt super well marked but we figured it out. Nice variation between rocky views, the creek and wooded areas. A lot of people with dogs, some off leash but friendly. But be aware that the rangers here are active, especially on the weekends, and its a $150 fine for having a dog off leash. They have bathrooms at the trailhead and plenty of parking. Get there early, as by 11:30 the lot is filling up.

Review №81

Beautiful views and a great trail with deer and Bison

Review №82

Saw Bison up close, not much to do other than that

Review №83

Beautiful, my only qualm was that it dips down. Would have enjoyed it more if the trail had a vantage point further out.

Review №84

Mostly one lane roads we drove... Beautiful views. The GPS Actually got us lost going to Lookout Mountain!

Review №85

I love stopping here. One of the best shots of the gateway to the Rockies.

Review №86

This is a wonderful place to go for a short hike and have a picnic. Lovely views and open space.

Review №87

Awesome place to hike and get out of the city!

Review №88

Quick, forgiving hike with gorgeous views of the Bison herd, and big, wide-open peak scenery.

Review №89

Was quiet and peaceful the day we hiked here; nice trails and opportunities to view bison

Review №90

Snow in June far out man

Review №91

Awesome drive or hike

Review №92

Beautiful parks to see the bison family..

Review №93

Beautiful place. Great hike or theres a nice walking path where you can try to see buffalo!

Review №94

Not really a park but you can stop and see the bison. Theyre usually on this side of the highway in the spring and intermittently throughout the summer.

Review №95

Great place for big family groups. Easy hike to the summit and lots of picnic areas.

Review №96

Close to Denver. Not so crowded. Great place to see wildlife apparently

Review №97

Coming over the hill and seeing that beautiful mountain range. It is breath taking. I love Colorado.

Review №98

Best place to see buffaloes up close during summer time, and its only 30 min from Denver.

Review №99

Amazing, fun for the whole family (and dog)! Easily unplug from the machine world on these beautiful winding paths. Full of ancient rocks, all types of mountain trees, and a mountain stream that really makes the whole experience. Go for a jog or play Lord of the Rings, the choice is yours.

Review №100

I saw Bison for the very first time there!

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