Centennial Cone Park West Trailhead
2224 Douglas Mountain Dr, Golden, CO 80403, United States

Review №1

Beautiful location for a less crowded front range bike ride. Vault toilet was clean, but no hand sanitizer. Be sure to check the website to make sure you are going on the correct day for your method of exercise, as it is on an alternating schedule between biking and hiking/horseback riding. The Evening Sun loop was rated a green and it was good for beginners. The Travois Trail was rated blue and there were some technical, rocky parts that I wouldnt recommend for novice riders. The views were very beautiful in the late afternoon to early evening and was great spot for families.

Review №2

Love this spot. One of my favorite locations to go hiking. It is smart to plan ahead. Trails in this area will split weekends to provide one day for hiking and horseback riding, and another day for bike riding.

Review №3

Mayhem Gulch was a great hike! I love that it connects with Juniper for an awesome loop trail, and its right off the highway!

Review №4

I enjoy this hike so much. Its well taken care of and relaxing.

Review №5

One one the best running loops around. Also happens to be an excellent MTN bike ride as well.

Review №6

Pretty nice beautiful drive to and from Golden Co . Would be a great place to take horses on a trail ride . Take route 6 East back to Golden for a beautiful scenic short drive along the water .

Review №7

Enjoyed a 2.5m hike with my 6 and 10 year old kids. Great views and well maintained paths

Review №8

Steep but easy hike with awesome views. Shady in the morning. Alternates hiking and biking days. Get there early before the crowds and heat move in.

Review №9

Hiking and biking are prohibited on alternate days and the map you can get contradicts the posted signs. So this place sucks.

Review №10

One of the best places in the front range for a mountain bike ride or a long hike.

Review №11

Amazing Hiking & Biking Trails

Review №12

Beautiful hike. Pretty easy. Keep in mind they alternate biking and hiking days on the weekend!

Review №13

Places is beautiful and amazing and I cant wait to go back!

Review №14

Great spot to start a hike. Be aware of the hike / bike restrictions. Even day = bike. Odd day = hike.

Review №15

Nicely laid out with access to great trails

Review №16

First they nearly clear cut the trees. Now the bicycles are ripping up the trails.

Review №17

This trail isnt for beginners if you want to hike from one end to the other ....Bring nothing but water, hard candy and wear a goid hiking boots!! Make sure you wrap a band-aid both feet for cushioning as the trail is rugged with sharp rocks and be careful with Rattle Snake!!!

Review №18

The loop is about 12miles, and there arent really any alternatives besides doing the whole thing. If you are looking for something shorter, I would start in Mayhem Gulch

Review №19

Best MTB place I know of. Just my opinion. But Id ride it clockwise.

Review №20

Amazing views and trails. My kids all kept up and loved the trail.

Review №21

Great trail with no bikes on odd weekend days

Review №22

Beautiful and peaceful setting thats not too far from the city.

Review №23

Great single track trail. Its close to a 14 mile loop so great for biking, a longer run and hearty hike. The scenery is pretty awesome so shorter out and backs would be fun too. Trail can be pretty exposed so be careful mid day during the summer.

Review №24

It gets a little crowded on the weekends, but this is a great mountain biking loop with some awesome single trail. Weekend days alternate between hikers and bikers, so make sure to know the schedule.

Review №25

My family and I spent a few hours on a 2 hour loop, and our only regret was being out at noon. The trail and views were beautiful! The path we took was well kept and not difficult to navigate. Id caution new explorers to avoid the heat of the day, and definitely bring plenty of water!

Review №26

A fun loop to mountain bike!

Review №27

So peaceful and a really nice and easy trail!

Review №28

Not many trees so it would be good for a spring/fall hike. Pay attention to the alternating days for hiking and biking before you go.

Review №29

Absolutely stunning sights however a challenging hike to the novice

Review №30

Beautifullllllll! Cannot complain. The trail was well groomed and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

Review №31

Was great kids loved it we loved it would definitely do it again

Review №32

It was good once we got there took the long way

Review №33

Not as crowded as other Jeffco parks

Review №34

Great views for a fairly short hike. Not crowded at all (but that may be due to the season). Trail is well marked

Review №35

Very beautiful peaceful! Great for walks and photography!

Review №36

Beautiful views. Disabled mom had a great time with restroom close and clean. Didnt go on trail but was cool still

Review №37

A very good and large park managed by Jefferson County Open Space. There are good trails (easy to moderate difficulty) that allow mountain biking as well as horseback riding (though the schedule alternates based on the weekend).There are a few trailheads, with a fair number of parking spots, and room to pull around with a horse trailer and park.They are the only Jeffco open space that allows hunting (only when the park is closed to the public and far from any homes) for population control and to prevent the spread of disease (CWD is an issue in the region). More should allow this!Well be back, thank you!

Review №38

Nice hike, took the evening sun loop to catch the sunset. What would have been perfect, have a bench to sit and watch the sun go down.

Review №39

Love this place! The parking lot is not that big... Maybe 15 cars can fit here, but there are three parking lots all together so there is not a problem to find parking. There are two main loops one about two miles and the other about 12. It has odd / even days for usage on the weekend. Most people mountain bike in a clock-wise direction but you dont have to. There are about equal distances of climbing and flowing downhill. Very exposed in summer, but a great fall/spring trail as it is closed in winter due to meeting season for the wildlife.

Review №40

This is an awesome trail!

Review №41

Take my KOM, I dare you

Review №42

JeffCos one and only trail that is pleasantly designated hiker only or biker only depending on the date of the weekend day! Fantastic.

Review №43

The loop is roughly 1/4 flat prairie type and 3/4 narrow woods path. To the 4+ bikers that forced me off the path: perhaps you didnt see the giant colored signs informing you that today was just not the day to bike ride...Ill assume you were blind or ignorant of the rules; otherwise I would assume bikers were self centered asshats...and that would be rude of me. Please be civil and mind the alternating schedule on the weekend for bikers/hikers.

Review №44

Great walk even in winter.

Review №45

Fantastic mountain biking no matter which trailhead you start from or in which direction you travel.

Review №46

Nice park, good trails for biking, and excellent move by jeffco allowing ebikes!

Review №47

Beautiful Trail. Great place to set up the hammocks and chill!

Review №48

Love it.. first time there yesterday. Lots of exploring to do yet!!

Review №49

Safe and clean!

Review №50

Elk Range Trail is closed Feb 1- June 15.

Review №51

Beautiful park, wish there were park rangers to enforce rules. Only seen them once in 3-4 years coming here. Most people follow the rules.....Good place for a peaceful hike for the most part. Trail is mild...good for beginners and getting back into shape!

Review №52

Beautiful park and great trails. To long for us city slickers to walk the entire trail but walked out and back the distance that suited us. Slow start from the northern trailhead going south east but had nice mix of trees and great long views within about a 2 mile hike.

Review №53

Pretty but not too crowded. Breathtaking views.

Review №54

This is a beautiful place to hike or MTB

Review №55

Beautifully calm and nice but minutes from town. Loved it.

Review №56

Great hiking, beautiful scenery, and no one else was around

Review №57

Great place to chill, gather thoughts

Review №58

So amazing!

Review №59

Great hike. Not crowded, clean facilities at the trail head and the trail itself is well maintained. Check the weekend utilization - they alternate even/odd days on weekends for either hikers or cyclists. A quick drive from Denver!

Review №60

Easy hike at least Elk Trail.

Review №61

Fantastic as always. Last day open. Closed tomorrow for December and January for hunting.

Review №62

What a great trail! Sad its taken me 5 years to get there to ride. Will be back again soon

Review №63

A darn nice trail. :) Not too easy; not too technical. Combination of meadow and forest terrain. Ride on! Wooo

Review №64

Great mountain bike trail. You feel like youre in the middle of nowhere, but youre 20 minutes from Golden. Scenery is second to none. Ride the loop clockwise, mind hikers and horses during the week, and dont miss the Evening Sun side trail!! Its one of the best segments in jeffco.

Review №65

Elk Range Trail is open! Odd weekend days are for hikers. Even weekend days are for bikers!

Review №66

Much better now that the aux lot is open now. Doesnt help how crowded the park can get but its nice that you dont have to worry about parking anymore

Review №67

One of my favorite places to run

Review №68

This among the best intermediate loop trails in the front range. 13 miles of beautiful trail through mountainous terrain with roughly 2,000 feet of elevation change. This place is busy on the weekends with alternating use from mountain bikers and hikers on Friday and Saturday. Check.befpre you go that the trail is open for your desired use! Or go on a weekday when the traffic is MUCH lower.

Review №69

Nice place to ride to .

Review №70

One of my favorite parks. Please look up and follow the alternating schedule. Respect the private property that you hike through within the park, and respect hunters during the hunting season.

Review №71

Watch for rattlesnakes!

Review №72

Nice hike to bring visitors.

Review №73

Great Front Range mountain biking destination. Mind the trail usage rules for bicycles versus hikers. Be prepared for awesome views and intermediate level mountain biking.

Review №74

Another great managed to park by Jeffco open space. On the weeknds the uses restricted. Bikes only on odd days. Hikers only on even days. go enjoy!

Review №75

On the way to the casino in Colorado

Review №76

You gotta love all these cool trails that you pass on the way to Blackhawk!

Review №77

Nice park. Just keep in mind it alternates from hikers only to bikes only so dont go on the wrong day!

Review №78

Nice trail close to Denver that would be much better if people picked up their dog waste, and/or didnt leave their poop bags on the trail for when they come back.

Review №79

Nice for a easy hike!!

Review №80

Best place in Golden to hike. Never as crowded as the rest & more secluded. Beautiful trail & scenery

Review №81

Most excellent trail! Short, but scenic.

Review №82

Closed for all of December and January for hunting

Review №83

Lots of trails !

Review №84

Highway 6 is pretty darn loud.

Review №85

One of the best mtn biking trails in the JeffCo system. Beware of the weekend odd/even calendar day biking/running restrictions.

Review №86

Nice trails, lots of side paths to explore. Its open to hiking and biking but only on alternating days of the weekend (even day : bike, odd day : hike).

Review №87

Great hike. Long, rewarding, lots of scenery and not busy.

Review №88


Review №89

Gorgeous views from the great trails that run through high prairie to twisting mountain terrain.

Review №90

Nice and peaceful beautiful area

Review №91

Keep in mind you can only hike here on odd days. If you hike on even days you get fined 50.

Review №92

It was a beautiful place to ride bikes!! Not too technical and beautiful enough to be worth the lung burn!

Review №93

Beautiful, fun place for hiking and biking

Review №94

Awesome mountain biking

Review №95

Fantastic views and removed from the road so absolutely quiet. Check the website for alternative weekend day hike or bike restrictions

Review №96

12 mile hiking loop near Denver. Not a lot of elevation change but some hills. Closed to hiking and biking in December and January. Note alternate weekend day hiking rules.

Review №97

Trails are very runnable and well maintained.

Review №98

Nice Hike. Great views.

Review №99

Beautiful views of Clear Creek from the south side. US 6 is a pain, but a good hike.

Review №100

Very clean open space

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