Centennial Cone Park
4306 Camino Perdido, Golden, CO 80403, United States
Centennial Cone Park

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Great place to get a solid workout. Trails arent very technical, but there is lots of ups and downs, so youll get your cardio. Also nice that there is such a large loop.Know that even days are bikes only, odd days are hikers only.

Review №2

Great park, wide trails, quite.

Review №3

Great hiking trail. We hiked about 2 miles south east of the north trailhead on the Travois Trail and then hiked back out taking the Evening Sun Loop to not retrace out path exactly. Went through meadows, trees and some rock cliffs.

Review №4

Great park with incredible views and lots of wildlife. Not too many folks when we went. Trails are easy to moderate and allow mountain biking and horseback riding (check the online schedule as dates alternate on weekends). There are two main trails allowing for about ten miles of hiking or biking.We will return with the family again soon, thank you for doing such a wonderful job!We are also happy to see that you allow some hunting on the open space (safely very far from any homes) to help control local damage from the herds as well as preventing the spread of disease in the area.

Review №5

My favorite hike near Denver! When I have guests from out of town this is where I take them.

Review №6

Great hike but long so be in shape. Did run into one rattlesnake on the trail.

Review №7

Hands down my favorite Front Range trail. Keep in mind I dont get out to ride as often as Id like. CCP has the perfect mix of climbing, descending, single-track and jeep trail. There are only a couple of technical sections. I always park in the north lot and ride clockwise. Incredible views on the southern edge of the trail. Keep in mind that weekends alternate days for pedestrians and bikers so check the website before you head out.

Review №8

Beautiful open space park. Not too crowded but very little shade

Review №9

If you do the whole loop its 13.8 miles. Its a nice day out. Pretty easy for the most part.

Review №10

Small loop is easy. Did not do full loop. (under constrution) lovely views.

Review №11

Nice open space with hiking trails. One of the trails is closed February through mid-June for elk calving.

Review №12

Almost got bit by a rattlesnake. Decided to turn around and saw a few on the way out. They are everywhere up here. Not worth it.

Review №13

First time hiking the trail. This has just become my favorite place. The scenery is beautiful.

Review №14

Pretty public land.

Review №15

Great park. Just needs bigger parking lots for crowded weekends. Just remember weekends are mountain biker only on even days and hiker only on odd days. If youre on a bike be careful on all the blind corners!

Review №16

It was very nice. Great area

Review №17

Excellent trail that can be done as a loop. Even weekend days for bikes, odds for all those on foot. Round about 17.5 miles, 2400 elevation for the loop.Mostly flowing single track with a couple mildly technical sections.

Review №18

The best park Ive hiked in 10 years

Review №19

Easy hiking trails, place is wide open. Great for beginners that want to get out.

Review №20

Epic mtb in the shade on the travois trail

Review №21

My first time at the Northern (Ralph Schell) Trailhead. Stunning! At high altitude, the trailhead looks over an astonishing vista.

Review №22

Odd numbered days for hikers, even numbered for bikers. Great views. You should probably go check it out.

Review №23

Our favorite hike.

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  • Address:4306 Camino Perdido, Golden, CO 80403, United States
  • Phone:+1 303-271-5925
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  • Good for kids:Yes
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