Mines Museum of Earth Science
1310 Maple St, Golden, CO 80401, United States

Review №1

I really hope they are able to open back up soon. They have the most beautiful and extensive collection of rocks ,minerals and gems from all over the world. Every stone looks polished and well taken care of.I spent hours gawking at the beautiful displays. The gold section was gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to go back to share this place with some of my friends but due to the present situation I’ll have to just show them pictures. Please donate! Hopefully we can soon.

Review №2

Free two-floor unique, rich, compact display of geology - moon rocks, meteor remnants, state and national mineral and gems displays, fossils, maps, you name it. Found this searching Google Maps after skiing farther west for a few days, a huge win on your way back from the mountains.Did the scavenger hunt with the kids to guide us through the displays. Daniel, the guy on staff, checked our answers for the scavenger hunt, and then our kids got to pick a mineral from the basket which they took to show-and-tell the next week when we returned to school. We were here a good two hours with our 7 and 9 year old.

Review №3

My new favorite place so many beautiful gems, and crystals to admire! The friendly staff will help you identify your own finds, and the gift shop has AMAZING pricing on some truly stunning pieces! I will definitely be back soon!

Review №4

Free! But PLEASE DONATE!! This place was one of my favorite spots while I was visiting CO, the rocks were gorgeous! Clean facility, nice people at the desks, very informative. Would recommend to anyone young or old. This place rocked ;)!

Review №5

What an incredible collection of beautiful and interesting rocks, minerals, fossils, and history! From moon rocks to gem stones, meteorites to borax, this museum has them all in the most pleasant, well lit, and well labeled displays. Added to the two floors of exceptional collections is an outdoor tour of geological formations. With mining being the foundation of Colorado history, this is a great place to see the findings that lured adventurers from all over the world.

Review №6

This place has a very comprehensive collection of high quality mineral specimens, including many famous pieces from well known Colorado locales.Definitely worth the visit, seeing as its free to browse but open to donations. There is also a gift shop on the second level with some surprisingly expensive and quality specimens, as well as a 50¢ grab bin. Overall, if youre interested in minerals, this place is world class and I would make it a priority place to visit!

Review №7

Huge selection of minerals, rocks, and gemstones. Very cool to look at and a great place to wander around. They also have some good displays on contemporary science on materials and geology.

Review №8

Little Al shows evidence of the short and savage life of a carnivorous Dinosaur, like Big Al, Little Al had a rough life, Little Al wouldve hunted Othneilia, Young Dryosaurus,

Review №9

Hands down my favorite museum. The quality of the specimens is superior to what you find in other, larger museums. Use the QR codes placed around to access more information about the exhibits. Dont miss the moon rock down in the basement. Keep an eye out for special exhibits because they are always spectacular! Side note, I was the first person to get married there because I love it so much and my husband and I are both geologists.

Review №10

Just visited the Mines museum with my sons 1 grade class for the first time. So many great things to see: minerals, fossils, mediorites, moon rocks... Such an amazing place we returned Saturday as a family.

Review №11

Amazing hidden Gem cant believe Ive never been before! So many Gems and Beautiful exhibits, with an outstanding gift shop!

Review №12

A lot too see,interesting and educational,staff is very friendly

Review №13

This is a great little free museum. Plenty of fascinating rocks and facts and everything was labeled! They have a scavenger hunt that keeps kids (and adults) engaged finding the various answers. In the lower level theres a gift shop with great options for souvenirs or collectors items.

Review №14

A sweet gem of a niche museum good for all ages, best perhaps for elementary kids and up, although toddlers were there as well. Add this to your list of complementary, thats free, places to visit that are educational and enjoyable. Walking through a faux mine is a highlight as is seeing space and moon objects.

Review №15

So cool! I absolutely loved all of their pieces. Their QR code system for information is also awesome - overall a great time!

Review №16

I loved this place! I really appreciated that it was free because I unfortunately did not have a lot of time to go through the museum as thoroughly as I would have preferred. I hope to return some day because they have a wonderful collection and the staff is really friendly. 5 stars, 10/10 would go again!

Review №17

Hey its shiny rocks! So aesthetically pleasing! Plus this collection of shiny rocks is better, and better displayed, than the collection at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Oh, and you get to learn stuff as well, which is always good.

Review №18

Park on 11th & Illinois for free, but dont try to get away with parking on campus (you WILL get a ticket). Excellent collection of rocks, minerals, and gems and admission is free.

Review №19

A great little museum. Spent a little over an hour here on a self guided tour. Free and friendly! Kids will probably be bored, but great for adults!

Review №20

Really fun field trip with my second grader. Lots of amazing rocks and mining tidbits. And they have a moon rock on loan.

Review №21

Free entry to the public. Beautiful gems and rocks. Very impressed with the collection they have. Great for middle school - jr high aged kids.

Review №22

A hidden Gem in the mountains. Love the beautiful rocks. Most impressive are the fluorescent rocks which are rare.

Review №23

Great variety of minerals on display. Fun little challenge for the kids. Some truly amazing rock features on display. Great thing to visit when in Golden. I would definitely like to visit again. Some nice rocks and gifts available in the gift shop.

Review №24

A wonderful little museum with lots of minerals and gems on display and some cool history behind the mines in Colorado. Theres a small corner with lots of great fossils as well and the chance to see and touch some meteorites. Museum is free and just asks for donations. Parking is free on the weekends behind the building and seems to be free on the street as well.

Review №25

Loved it. Great collection and a scavenger hunt for the kids too.

Review №26

Quiet beautiful well done!! A walk through simulated mine display, 2 levels of magnificent stone, gift shop.

Review №27

A wonderful little gem. If youre into gemstones and rock hunting this is a must. Its small but full of information and history. A great place to visit. Admission is free and a place to bring the kids.

Review №28

Jaw dropping experience, both minerals from around the world as well as awsome selection of Colorado minerals including Astro Pocket Fluorite.

Review №29

I was very impressed by their selections and the crystals that they had on display

Review №30

Awesome exhibit! Moon rocks, gold, cool geodes and a lot more. Plus its free. Definitely worth checking out if you like geology.

Review №31

Loved this museum. Thought it might be an ok excursion but it was a pleasant surprise. If you have any interest in Geology, check it out. Colorado has a lot going on geologically, and this was fun to learn about. Also has a cool treasure hunt for the kids, so they had fun too.

Review №32

A really great museum with an amazing collection. My kids loved learning about the local geology and finding Blaster. The students working at the museum were very helpful. Looking forward to going back many more times.

Review №33

My 5 year old is very interested in rocks and minerals right now and has been begging to go to the rock museum. The students working were very kind and helpful, and we really enjoyed the scavenger hunt. Its free to get in, just pay for parking. We really enjoyed it!

Review №34

The vast array of geology from around the world was way more than I expected. The beautiful specimens on display were worth the visit. And its free admission.

Review №35

Great Geology Museum that make you think about rocks and what they do for our economy

Review №36

I love this place! I went as a kid in another iteration and have come several times with the next generation of kids in the family. Its really nicely presented, free, and staffed by knowledgeable Mines students. Highly recommend to check out.

Review №37

Enormous variety of minerals on display with exceptional specimens from all over Colorado and the world! Incredible experience will return soon!!

Review №38

Had a great talk with the volunteers and learned a lot about minerals.

Review №39

This museum is incredible! Their collection is absolutely breathtaking and displayed brilliantly. The staff was helpful and available without being overbearing. The perfect afternoon activity if you are nearby or passing through!Admission to the museum is free; most nearby parking is $1 an hour with machines that accept cash and card.

Review №40

This place will blow your mind! Its free!!

Review №41

Excellent museum with lots of displays of mining history, gemstones, florescent rocks, meteorites, gold displays and much more.

Review №42

Great for both kids and adults. Scavenger hunt for the kids was well received by children 8 to 14. The fluorescent minerals were so interesting to view.

Review №43

Amazing place, much to learn and an incredibly impressive collection! Gift shop wasnt too expensive

Review №44

Scavenger hunt was simple but fun it can entertain the small ones for a while. There a so many rocks and fossils and facts. Finally theres a small gift shop

Review №45

Very cool display of rocks and minerals, including a moon rock and meteorites as well. Parking isnt too bad on local streets either.

Review №46

Place is filled with more than I thought those BEAUTIFUL minerals and rock I seen let. I would if I was u check it out and even maybe hold so events,it is allowed here just let ur guest know that there not much parking let

Review №47

Went there last week to bring some mineral specimens to get identified, the staff and professors were so helpful and kind. They cut some minerals right on the spot and gave me more information then i expected. I was so grateful that i will be going back for further knowledge.

Review №48

Interesting museum. Low key. Friendly staff

Review №49

I loved it! It had lots of different types from different places. I really recommend going. It is a good experience.

Review №50

I got to see a rock from the Moon. I heard this is a hard school to get into, school of mines get it? I know nothing about gemology but this place made me want to learn. Awesome! Pay for parking 2 hours.

Review №51

Big display of gems from all over the world. And its free! You do have to pay for parking, though.

Review №52

Incredible, amazing geology. Rocks, fossils, hands on and off, just wonderful. Parking tricky though. Good thing we like to walk!

Review №53

Quirky cool place. A little hard to find but worth the challenge. Great exhibits of rocks and geology there. Quite a bit of walking to see the museum.not really wheelchair friendly in all areas of the place.great place to bring kids and shoe them rocks and mining.

Review №54

The campus is beautiful and their geology museum has so much to offer for everyone.

Review №55

The museum was really interesting. Ive wanted to go for several years and finally got an opportunity.

Review №56

I enjoyed the experience but I felt there was too much emphasis on crystals. I was more interested in modern mining techniques.

Review №57

Great day trip and got to see a moon rock from the Apollo Missions!!

Review №58

Very impressive natural history museumMinerals, gems, fossils, meteorites, and mining history

Review №59

A gem, pardon the pun. Very fun, well laid out. The scavenger hunt for the kids was a great touch. Superb examples and sizes for so many of the displays. Great way to spend an hour or so.

Review №60

A highly recommendable (and free) geology and geology history museum. My 7 yr old and I love the exhibits, the cave demo on mining history and especially the video that told of the 4 different rock formations they exist out the window. We highly suggest checking it out!

Review №61

So awesome!

Review №62

I dont know much about the geology but a free exhibit so why not!

Review №63

If youre into rocks its okay... Moon rocks...I liked the UV reactive rocks... Gems... Minerals... Ore... whatever the proper term is...

Review №64

Great exhibits. If you like to some of the best minerals this is a good place to visit.

Review №65

Very nice atmosphere

Review №66

Lots of great stones and specimen to see and buy. Very cheap to buy though!

Review №67

Free and interesting, meteors, moon rocks

Review №68

The Geology Museum at Mines is a great way to spend an hour or two in Golden. First, it free! They have an interesting variety of rocks and minerals. They also have an impressive collection of mining tools. I especially liked the different exhibits that highlighted the geology in different areas of Colorado.

Review №69

Best overall collection of mineral and gems, well lit and displayed.

Review №70

Fantastic museum with two floors of amazing exhibits. The staff were very friendly and helpful and there was a neat scavenger hunt for our kids that kept them engaged and allowed them to get a free mineral at the end. For being a free museum, it was a great way for us to have a family outing and see a lot of neat minerals and gems and some of Colorados geological history.

Review №71

A must stop if you like rocks. I wish I had more time to browse; nevermind the rest of the family was ready to go over a half hour ago.

Review №72

It free informative , go and discover many

Review №73

Amazing finds from all over the world. For a free museum, youre not going to get much better than this.

Review №74

This museum has a wonderful collection of minerals and gems. Admission is free and they have a scavenger hunt for kids to win a small polished rock for a souvenir.

Review №75

The upstairs contains mostly labeled specimens, and as a non-geologist, I didnt fully appreciate or know what I was looking at, but I really enjoyed looking around, nonetheless. Neat displays with more explanation for non-specialists in the downstairs area. I have gone multiple times and send visiting family there, too. Low-key and fun. All parking nearby is reserved for folks affiliated with the college, so I find it best to park in downtown Golden and walk up (just a few blocks).

Review №76

Interesting collection of gems, fossils, and other artifacts.Even including meteorites and other space rocks.

Review №77

Cool rocks but boring for young people

Review №78

Huge collection of minerals and gemstones. Great gift shop!!

Review №79

It was everything one might hope it would be. The workers clearly cared about what they were doing and knew what they were talking about.

Review №80

Amazing collection of minerals and a lot of them are local or Western USA finds. Theres some artifacts as well and info about radioactive minerals too. Its also free and the students who work there wont hournd you but will answer any questions if you have any. Parking is easy too.

Review №81

Coolest museum in Golden! The Mines Geology museum is a free museum on the campus of the best science and engineering school in the state. They have many mineral specimens, including economically significant minerals and metals of Colorado, moon rocks, fossils, gemstones, and UV fluorescent minerals. Also a gift shop with excellent specimens for sale. Dont miss this museum while youre in Golden!

Review №82

Fantastic museum for the entire family. 2 floors not very large. They offer a scavenger hunt for the younger kids. Awesome collection. 2 hours is more than enough time. Parking is not easy use a lot up the street $4.50 for 3-4 hours gives time to walk in town for ice cream after the museum

Review №83

Love Love Love this place! I spent hours in there and even did a scavenger hunt!

Review №84

It is such a gem (pun) in the middle of Golden. They also have a kids fact hunt and they can get a rock when they leave. Great place

Review №85

Informative, educational, and awe inspiring.Only negative was no one available for purchases.

Review №86

Free with amazing exhibits of an outstanding collection- rocks from places all over telling geological stories from all over our state and all the way to the moon.

Review №87

Self-guided tour. Free admission. Wonderful displays & very educational.

Review №88

Amazing and free. Focused mostly on Colorado gems and minerals but with samples from other areas. Nice moon rock.

Review №89

Awesome displays and helpful staff, bought a fluorescent rock for my son.

Review №90

This museum is one of the coolest in Denver. It has rocks and minerals from all over Colorado and the world (and a few from the Moon!) and ranging from gem stones to those youd find in your back yard. Theres a fun glow in the dark section, and a movie on the geological history of Golden that teaches you about the formations right outside your window. If youre not a geology enthusiast, the samples are pretty and rare enough to be thought of like natures sculptures.

Review №91

Took a group of special needs individuals on an outing. They enjoyed it. It was clean easy to look around. We all enjoyed it.

Review №92

I love this place! Rock hounds must see!

Review №93

Incredible collection of gems and minerals that are sorted by region, free of charge. Check it out if youre on campus.

Review №94

This is s great museum with a wide variety of specimens displayed really well. My favorites were the moon rocks, meteorites and petrified wood.

Review №95

The place you must see . Amazing collection.

Review №96

Free museum with an excellent collection of specimens definitely worth a trip.

Review №97

Awesome!! Free day really helps out!

Review №98

Relatively small campus easy to navigate.

Review №99

The geology museum is absolutely amazing! The displays are well-lit and well kept and very interesting in terms of the variety of gems and meteorites and labeling on each one. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and when go back again!

Review №100

This place is great, low stress and perfect for any kids (of all ages) interested in science.

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