Dan Bell Casting
723 W Broadway, Glendale, CA 91204, United States
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Could be the most aesthetically pleasing casting studio there is in LA. It feels amazing walking into a place that looks like it sells Selvedge denim & Loopwheled t-shirts. & Theyve been amazing during the pandemic. The amount of cleaning they do is remarkable so I feel safe in there. Great work.

Review №2

Way to go Dan Bell CASTING.

Review №3

Awesome place to go for an audition. Always very prompt. Atmosphere is great, and conducive for creativity! Clean clean restrooms !! I always feel like I am being heard in auditions and the person behind camera is always nice! Thank you !

Review №4

Best vibes in town for actors. and covid protocols top notch!

Review №5

Hes my fav! Break a leg!!!

Review №6

I dont know much about casting but I went because it was for Ultimate Frisbee athletes. This is for castings of all kinds with individual rooms for interviews. I felt out of place and it seemed quite serious. It was a cool experience since I never deal with the acting community.

Review №7

Cool vibes and building

Review №8

We have been working with Dan Bell’s office for about 10 years. Professional staff, lots of space and a good amount of street parking - all which are super hard to come by in the commercial casting space (amiright)! Definitely a top commercial casting director in LA.

Review №9

I always have a great experience at this office.

Review №10

Yesterday we were brought to a casting AGENCY where dreams are made. It is a performing ARTS studio an hour and twelve minutes [AWAY] yet totally worth the stay. While on VACATiON, our family is scheduled for an interview, in an office very inviting and lively. We are scheduled at 3:30 and all I’m wondering about is what it’ll feel like to enter a room and share monologue with a half dozen 5 star professionals. We arrive one and a half hour early to keep options available for parking, my heart rate is jumping and I need to catch my breath. Upon parking we discover inside there welcoming arms that wrap around us like a fence, fresh fruits too too many to name and a wide variety to pick, blocks and legos keep kids alert and savvy, this office is the ABSOLUTE best for bookings with universal families.

Review №11

This is one of my favorite casting offices in the city to visit. Theyve got a very groovy interior and its laid back, the casting offices have always done a great job of scheduling so its never a circus in there which can happen a lot in this business. My nephew and I look forward to tables and crayons they keep out 4 actors who are waiting, little details like that make a difference. Bathrooms are immaculate and theres a water boiler bottle filling station. Parking is not so great youre kind of on your own there on the Street.

Review №12

A very comfortable and Pleasant atmosphere for actors. The staff is very friendly, professional and encouraging.

Review №13

These guys are always a pleasure to work with. ️

Review №14

Loved the cool interior, layout and vibe.

Review №15

One of my faves! Ive been a few times with my family. My toddler loves the crayons and legos they have available. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful.

Review №16

Monday 22 April.Today was my first time there for an audition. The office is nice size and the sign in young woman was nice and the camera guy that is running the show.The negative point is that it is off the beaten path of the usual casting offices in Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City or West Los Angeles. They should have a public water fountain or machine.Dans office is in the non glamorous area of the city of. Glendale. 1 Thumb up.

Review №17

Dan is great the studio is ultra cool and runs like clockwork.

Review №18

What a great experience! Everyone was so positive! Everyone in the room at the callback was filled great energy and truly engaged with the actors! Thanks for making our process that much easier! :)

Review №19

The parking is terrible! Bell Casting is a nice casting agency within Seeker Studios

Review №20

Always a pleasant experience once inside. Parking in the area, however... Allow extra time to find a spot. It can be a block or two away. Or you might snag one right out front.

Review №21

Love this Casting Director. Great location. Great Staff. Fast and Efficient. Plenty of street parking. Restrooms on site. Very clean and pleasant office. Kid friendly as well.

Review №22

Very cool and chill spot. Parking good. Lots of Space

Review №23

Beautiful space and awesome casting agency.

Review №24

Great. In and out quickly

Review №25

Super casting office in Glendale California. They cast a ton of commercials and some other projects. The space itself is unique, eclectic, and perfect for waiting for your audition time. Street parking only and that can be a hassle, so make sure you are early.

Review №26

Great place to audition! Wonderful group of casting professionals. Friendly staff.

Review №27

The nicest casting environment Ive been to in nine years.

Review №28

Great facility and great staff.

Review №29

Very professional and such a cool decor. Activity tables keep kids and kids at heart entertained - great!

Review №30

Weve been here several times. Lobby is kid friendly and they are fast and efficient. Low stress atmosphere which allows talent to relax and prepare. Parking on the street can be tough at times but a spot usually opens up fairly quick. Ive seen Dan and his staff walking the room encouraging and supporting talent for their moment in the audition rooms. You dont see that at most casting offices.

Review №31

Almost all audition spots are inconvenient, crowded and uncomfortable. This one doesnt stand out so I guess it is more of the same.

Review №32

Step in, Slate and Slay and on your way!! No better place to Audition.

Review №33

Good audition experience. Nice facility. Street parking only.

Review №34

Knowledgeable staff. Quick and to the point. Plus my son got a call back. Easy to find and free parking. Cant complain.

Review №35

Friendly atmosphere, very friendly receptionists, far location though,

Review №36

Great casting office! Booked many jobs here! Thanks Dan Bell Casting!

Review №37

Good people.

Review №38

Great place to audition for kids, they have tables with crayons and paper to keep them busy while waiting. Great idea!

Review №39

Down to earth owner and super friendly staff and very talented staff as well

Review №40

Complete and utter waste of time. Ive had 3 auditions at this place and in every case I was made to wait 90+ minutes despite having appointments and being told not to arrive late (I was early in every case). In addition, the young people running the auditions act like theyd rather be anywhere else than there AND often times will demonstrate how to act for the part during ones audition. Those of us who have been acting for most of our lives (Im 43) and have a fairly successful career, do not need some 20-something-year-old demonstrating how THEY would perform the role. If you dont like my acting choices thats fine, but please do not patronize me. Theres a negative reputation building in the acting and v.o. community for Dan Bell Casting and I can completely understand why. Very unprofessional. Ive already told my agent and my manager that I will no longer be wasting my time here and Im not the first theyve heard that from. Also, I have it on good authority (if it wasnt already kinda obvious by the lack of comments) that a majority of the 5 star reviews are fake.

Review №41

1st timer.. it was an easy flow and not MEGA CROWDED- CRAZY

Review №42

Always a fun experience! Great Casting house!

Review №43

Great staff

Review №44

A lot of casting here

Review №45

Great staff. Almost all of the CDs are friendly and helpful. Usually quick too!

Review №46

Best of the best!! Dan and his entire team set the precedent for an awesome casting office !

Review №47

Loved it! Is my first time auditioning for Dan Bell

Review №48

Kid friendly casting facility. Had Legos and coloring for our short wait.

Review №49

Great place. Always friendly.

Review №50

Parking sucks. Office is clean and people are great.

Review №51

Friendly staff and a great place outside the city for casting directors to meet talent.Street Parking is hit or miss so make sure to be early.

Review №52

The space has a cool vibe with fantastic folks running it, and the frosting on that cake ... its a very professional office.

Review №53

They always call me in. Good people.

Review №54

Cool spot, parking just sucks sometimes.

Review №55

Madeline & Chelsea loved it

Review №56

One of the best casting office in town!

Review №57

Very professional and well run.

Review №58

Always professional and on point with casting

Review №59

Dan Bell is Awesome

Review №60

They are always a pros.

Review №61

Nice casting office.

Review №62

Awesome casting office

Review №63

Great Casting Director !!!

Review №64

King of America

Review №65

Beautiful space!

Review №66

Great audition place

Review №67

Great place

Review №68

I love the place most!

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We organized

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