Palm Beach At Moody Gardens
8928, 1 Hope Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554, United States

Review №1

The cabana rentals are worth it! You get your own area for 4-8 people depending on which one you decide to go with. Free waters and a waiter or waitress to serve food and drinks.Definitely recommend this place for a low key place to hang out and relax. Designed more for kids and the younger crowd but a great fit for anyone.

Review №2

We had a wonderful experience!Masks required to enter however once you get in the water area not required so we had a sense of normalcy. People social distanced and it was great.The price is reasonable, it wasn’t over crowded. The food options are good and the staff is friendly. I will return!

Review №3

Great for little kids that you’re trying to keep easy track of. Enough to stay busy and have a fun few hours to relax.Cost: if you’re going to pay for this just go across the street to Shliterbaun. More worth the money. Palm Beach is more like your local city pool and splash pad.

Review №4

Great Resort-style water entertainment for kids!Whether you stay at Moody Gardens Hotel or you purchase a two day pass for Moody Gardens exhibits, carving out half a day to spend here at Palm Beach is definitely worth it! There is a variety of water activities for both Toddlers and older kids. There are plenty of free life vests for the little ones and a very large play area with only a few inches of water where they can play and slide safely. Theres a separate splash pad with no standing water and another play area where there is a little over one foot of water. Your older children will probably have fun in the wave pool or the lazy river, complete with inner tubes of different sizes all at no cost. The food options were not amazing, but there where some really good beef fajita tacos at the on-site Grill. There are several great dining options elsewhere on the Moody Gardens resort.

Review №5

Had a nice time here with my 5 year old. If your kid is a swimmer, into big water slides and thrill seeking, this probably wont do much for them. The staff is wearing masks and visitors enter the park with masks, but once you start getting in and out of water, the masks come off. I stayed away from water slides (there are only 2 really) for that reason but like the president says, It is what it is. The beach chairs are nicely spaced and it doesnt seem overcrowded.

Review №6

A enjoyable place for kids. It is great for 10 years old and less. However, they do have a zipper line and some rides for teens and adults. A great way to enjoy palm beach is to get a yearly membership at moody gardens( check Groupons for palm beach offers if you are not interested in membership). Not crazy crowded usually, and the line is so acceptable. Highly recommended.

Review №7

I have taken my kids twice. First time was fun, the kids were younger and had a really good time.Second trip August 2020. The chlorine or whatever chemicals were so strong that it burned my kids eyes. You could smell it when sitting down out of the water. I saw/heard several other kids complaining to their parents about their eyes hurting, two were even crying about it. My kids arent complainers, but it hurt my mom and my eyes too. Someone also pooped in the lazy river at 11 a.m. and it was shut down the rest of the day, so that kind of stunk, (pun intended). Also, if you go you need to wear water shoes, especially the children. The ground gets so hot and there are plenty of places where there is not water to cool your feet down. The texture of the ground hurts as well, it is pebbled concrete.In my opinion, the place is really good to take kids 6 and under. My kids got bored after an hour or so. There arent very many opportunities for fun for older kids. The staff is very friendly, I really appreciated how nice they all were.

Review №8

Super fun and pretty! Food was pretty cheap too (thankfully considering outside food and drinks are not allowed in, other than bottled water). My only complaint is that it is not LITTLE kid friendly. My daughter is 3 and there wasnt much she could do alone, with me watching closely obviously.

Review №9

Super fun in the sun water park section. My only suggestion is to hire a patient person in the gift shop. My kid touched some water sandles and he yelled Are you going to buy those?!! wow just rude!!!

Review №10

Went there labor weekend. The webpage indicated the they would be at 25% capacity. It was packed, no way that was 25% of capacity, we left soon. Also, one of the slides was closed so the queues where longer.

Review №11

Good time. Killed half a day. All the slides were off. Take out the trash and empty a trash can once in a while.

Review №12

Pretty good for the kids. I would have preferred Schlitterbahn. The food was public school lunch room quality and drinks were watery. Not bad for the price they made it cheaper for Covid.

Review №13

Nice day out. Small, not over crowded. Areas for little ones.

Review №14

Great experience with staff and management, especially Kristi at Palm Beach. She was extremely efficient and friendly. Very clean and great service. Definitely recommend for adults and children

Review №15

Its a great place to do a mini vacation with the family.

Review №16

The lazy river is the bestThe sand is nice and clean,they have two but splash pads for kidsThe fireworks at night time is the wrap for all the funLove this place

Review №17

My son loves it here so we had his 7th birthday party here. Educational dept. was easy to communicate with. Reasonably priced, they provide a room for two hours for food games and cake, then on to Palm Beach for the remainder of the day!

Review №18

The water felt so nice under the hot sun. This place basically has four areas for kids aged 2 to 10 to have a good time. Wave pool, lazy river, mini slide and splash pad.

Review №19

Always enjoy it here. More family friendly but with a bar for adults and staff is very friendly!

Review №20

That one is really fun for little ones to have water exposure , toddlers who are little scared to hop in water pool can have fun water exposure here. Beautiful view for family picnic, clean !!

Review №21

It was ok for the kids if it was filled to capacity it wouldnt be as enjoyable.

Review №22

Great place to stay ! We really enjoyed out time there althought we couldnt go ziplining due to covid

Review №23

Perfect place for my 8yr old. I love palm beach, its not too big and not too small. Just right for maybe kids 12 and under. They do have maybe 2 or 3 bigger water slides for bigger kids and adults but definitely a great place for kiddos. Food prices are high but cheaper when compared to a lot other water parks and the place was clean!

Review №24

I like this place because it was not spaced out and not hard to find the kids. Price was great and drink were great. The only thing was thatthey tell you its a white sand beach that was the only thing

Review №25

Good place to have a family time. Very inclusive for people with special needs. Love the ramp at the pools and the chair for the hot tub.

Review №26

Nice place warm water

Review №27

Nice package deal with hotel. Water park was small but nice, along with the aquarium and other features.

Review №28

Fun for the kids. Love the lazy river!

Review №29

Had so much fun very clean

Review №30

Awesome family friendly place to relax and make some wonderful memories! I would recommend getting there when they open so you can get a good spot and enjoy everything before the afternoon crowd comes!

Review №31

The best, my kids dont want to leave

Review №32

When we went to Galveston we had every intentions to go to the beach since we were staying at Inn at the Water Park, we decided to go to Palm Beach GREAT IDEA. The kids had so much more fun there. They were able to swim play and feel safe. My daughter and I were able to enjoy the water and have a shaded area also. It was just great fun

Review №33

Its a great place for family with kids, palm beach is open only on summer

Review №34

Its fun but really small for the price. After about an hr and a half, we did everything and the kiddos were ready to go. Restrooms were a mess but they were busy and had a few people waiting on the restrooms. The drinks were really good. Parking was fine but when we left there were people circling to find a spot.

Review №35

Ive been planning a trip here for months now. And Im glad I came! This was an incredibly beautiful and wonderful experience! One of the best summer vacation days Ive had. It had a great 3D and 4D theater with great programs, s richly diverse exhibition of both marine and tropical wildlife and plants. The day passes are good for entry in all of them, and also the water park-like feature, Palm Beach and Lazy River. Only thing is that you can only go into the theaters once and the souvenirs are obviously expensive. Oh and obviously theres an amazing boat ride that travels around the bay with relaxing music. All family-friendly and entertaining!

Review №36

We love the improvements. We havent had a family pass in several years, and came back this year (2019). We love the lazy river! The water slides are very fun too. There are other fun pool options in the area as well. Bathrooms are really clean. Park area is clean. Water is nice and clear. Employees are generally polite. Dont forget your sunscreen!

Review №37

Palm Beach was a good size for young babies and toddlers to keep entertained. Lazy river was pretty cool and not too deep. Wave pool was fun and life guards paid good attention although one of the life guards almost ruined our visit because he couldnt get over himself but I put him in his place when I spoke to his supervisor. Also the band at the beach in the afternoon was a nice touch. All in all I would definitely take the drive from Cypress to visit again.

Review №38

Not a terrible experience; however, when the water park right next door has so much more to offer not sure why you would go here. The bar tenders were kind of rude and could give no cares about hospitality. The wave pools waves are hardly existent. That said if you have a small child the splash pad will keep them entertained for hours and the lazy river is a good low key activity once you have worn them out.

Review №39

Did not care for the food too much, but kids enjoyed their time in the water

Review №40

Its a great place to cool down from the heat with the family especially if you have little ones. Highly recommend renting a cabana in order to have a place to sit. Water does not get any higher than 3ft. Kids loved the lazy river and they also have a bar for the parents. The only thing I was sad about is that they closed at 7pm instead of 9pm but other than that it was a nice place to celebrate my kids birthday.

Review №41

Great place to go with the family.

Review №42

I think is a Good place for kids under 10 years, I got 3 kids and I use to bring them when they where little , now they are 8, 10 , and 12 years and I dont saw them very exited as before.

Review №43

The kids and I had a nice time. There were no adult slides but there was a lazy river that was really warm. The kids had a couple of slide options and play areas that they enjoyed. All around it was an enjoyable time.

Review №44

I love this place! The have some good options for spend quality time with family, specially with adventures kids. Also they have access to the beach and live music at night. The view its priceless. I didnt try the food there, just a drink. The games are not to scary, I think kids 5 years older could enjoy this place a lot.

Review №45

I was very disappointed. When we arrived, there was a no swim order. I understand the reason. But the least that staff can do when people arrive to show their passes or membership cards, is to let people know that there isnt any swimming allowed. I spoke with a staff member, Reynale, who told me there was a long line of storms and getting back in the water wasnt likely. I understand we cant control the weather. But I feel staff should have told guests as they arrived. There were people there since the facilities first opened. They had been waiting all day.

Review №46

My kids love palm beach. We typically go several times per week, and it never gets old!

Review №47

I have not been to Palm Beach but had to put something so I could suggest that Palm Beach remove any postings that are 5 years old and older. Info. from 2013 is, Im sure, obsolete. At least I hope so.

Review №48

My family and I enjoyed our day in this place ... its small but have something for everybody

Review №49

Friendly and knowledgeable employees. Plenty of things to keep the kids busy. I have never seen this number of lifeguards at any other swimming park. They were everywhere all over the place. Very safe place.

Review №50

Great place for the smaller kiddos. Under 10 I would say. Get there earlier for the umbrella coverage. The sand is nice but gets hot. Well maintained and clean.

Review №51

This is a nice place to go if you want water but not the bigger, higher rides/slides or long lines of a regular water park. It is great for people with younger kids and there were a lot. The slide is fun and the lazy river is relaxing. Rude people were the problem. The staff is nice but not overly and the life gaurds could be more proactive with making people move along and removing empty tubes. They do like to blow those whistles though. Its a decent price for what you get to do. You pay full price no matter the time you get there. We had to leave early because of a storm and lightning. No refunds!

Review №52

Fun place for the whole family, just the right amount of slides for preschool & elementary age kids. Lazy river is a lot of fun and relaxing. Lockers on site for rent, just make sure you keep your receipt.

Review №53

So much fun for the whole family. So happy we bought the year round pass. We have used the pass numerous times already. The year round pass has paid for its self just as palm beach.

Review №54

Large enough to keep a family busy & small enough to not be tuckered out after several hours. Love the sandy beach part with chairs & umbrellas! Not so thrilled that only water is allowed inside. Enjoyed the lazy river. Will be back.

Review №55

Great time with the kids, everything is kid approved. And small simple park- lazy river, some slides, wave pool.

Review №56

Great place to go with kids. My grandsons loved it. They love a challenge.

Review №57

My kids love it- which is a family water park but please tell me why at the bar they have adult videos showing women shaking their body and revealing their behind. Come on, have more class and respect for women. It’s right there as you walk out. Come on moody Gardens, I have to explain to my kids and tell them to look the other way.

Review №58

Excellent waterpark. Lots to do to keep the entire family busy! Looking forward to going again!!

Review №59

Very relaxing and pleasant staff!!

Review №60

We love that this is included when you stay at the Moody Gardens Hotel. What a bonus. Great for younger children and quick trips in and out.

Review №61

Great place. Definitely a good way to spend a day. Id wear water shoes or flip flops on the walkways because it gets uncomfortable walking on the surfaces and in the hot sun without them.

Review №62

Fun Fun Fun. For the price it was outstanding. We took the entire family and everyone enjoyed it. The food and drinks were priced affordability which is a huge concerns when traveling with children.

Review №63

NONE of the activities were available. Price was MORE than expected with NONE of its facilities in operation

Review №64

This place is amazing! I felt like i was on vacation! Its beautiful! Ive never seen anything like it! I loved loved loved it! Wish i could go back asap!

Review №65

Great experience, enjoying the sand and sun.

Review №66

Perfect place to take the family especially with small children. There is fun for all ages here. The food is very expensive but what amusement parks food kids and I always enjoy this place very much

Review №67

Fun if you have nothing else to do. We werent at all impressed and were very thankful we found a groupon for this. There are only 2 slides, a small lazy river, and a wave pool that only makes waves every couple of minutes. The little kids area was probably the best of the whole place in my opinion. There is also a splash pad. I feel it is extremely overpriced for what they offer. I dont plan on visiting again any time in the future.

Review №68

The price is a little high but if its a way to help them to take care all the animals. them Im OK with thalt!!!...My little 9 years old kid love it. And because its a small park he enjoyed more than Aquatica in San Antonio. Summers Saturdays or the 4th of July there is greatHighly recommended

Review №69

My favorite water park because of live bands on Fridays an actual white sand beach for that resort vibe and the best biggest hot tub ever

Review №70

Always a great time! Clean place. Many lifeguards. Kids always have fun. It is included with the Moody Gardens membership so we come as often as we can.

Review №71

Took a long time to find a chair or chairs

Review №72

Had fun but its for toddlers

Review №73

Walk our dog Leon all the time there. It is clean, well maintained and peaceful.

Review №74

Time to expand the water activities to accommodate the crowds. Clean and well managed but it is geared towards the 3-7 yr old crowd not much for the tweens to participate in. On another note my granddaughter had a medical emergency and staff handled it professionally and with great proficiency.

Review №75

We had a great time here.So much to see and the waterpark is the best! So clean.

Review №76

Great place for kids! Since it is smaller than Schlitterbahn, less stress for keeping up with smaller kids. Plenty of things for them to do and they have a blast!

Review №77

We have been taking the family to Palm Beach for years. Summer weekends there are live bands and a fire work show at 9. Lots to do for the kids. Wave pool and the lazy river not to mention the splash pad. The beach is full of clean sand and they have lots of sitting space. Drinks and food are also in site.

Review №78

It is great for families with small kids. Older kids got bored quickly. Get the Groupon.

Review №79

Great fun for my family and my little one. Food is a little pricy and sand gets really hot. Wear sandals

Review №80

Fun and way less expensive than Schlitterbahn. Cement and walkways are hot enough to blister the bottoms of your feet if you walk barefoot.

Review №81

Thank you what a great place for kids my niece loved it! They have a splash pad a lazy river food lockers restrooms waterpark slides. Cabanas are available for rent. Bring water shoes as the sand does get hot. They also have food and drinks. Not allowed to bring food inside though lots of fun!!

Review №82

Enjoyed all of Moody Gardens except Palm Beach, very lame! The lazy river is too narrow so youre constantly running into other people. The wave pool is more of a wading pool, they turn the wave machine on once or twice an hour for about 10 seconds. So dissapointed, didnt even try the water slides but they didnt look like much either. BTW, I am age 60, too lame for me! :(

Review №83

Perfect for grade school children. locker rental available as well as life jackets. My 6 & 7 year old loved the water slides - not too high or fast. wave pool and lazy river was very fun for all ages . There;s also a play area that splashes water. cafe serves alcohol food and snacks available to purchase also, cabana and lounge rentals are also available

Review №84

Was their on vacation we had a good time. Will go back.

Review №85

Its fun but everything is super expensive---- they changed so much

Review №86

Its a small water park but enough for a fun day with family and friends, you may take some extra money because there are some fun activities that are not included in the pass ticket.

Review №87

VERY expensive, like a man made beach experience.

Review №88

A good time at Moody Gardens

Review №89

The kids (11 & 12) had a great time. I love that theres so many life guards that I can let the kids go around on there own with there friends and I can relax in the lazy River or just hang out with my friends in the lounge chairs! We have been many times and will continue to go.

Review №90

Love coming to Palm Beach at Moody Gardens. Great place for the whole family and specially the kids. This place has everything for all ages. There is a kids area with kid friendly water slides and a splash pad too. The lazy river is great too and so much fun. We have the membership and it is so worth it. Overall great place for the family.

Review №91

Fun place. Clean pools and beach. Friendly staff.

Review №92

Overall not bad place to be but its crowed but 4.0

Review №93

We liked here a lot. Hope they open until the end of Sept.

Review №94

Its a small water park thats included in the value pass. Great time to get wet for a couple of hours after experiencing the other parts of moody garden. Not huge like Schlitterbahn next door, so there arent huge lines or over crowdedness. At least not early in the season (Memorial day weekend)

Review №95

Not very big, but good enough if you want to stay for 2hrs with your kids in the afternoon

Review №96

Such an amazing bonus to staying at a wonderful hotel, my daughter loved every minute of it, fyi she is only 4 and got to do everything at the waterpark so its geared towards all ages and kid friendly

Review №97

Small but that was ok. Wave pool was closed so made less of things to do. Bar drinks are watered down not to tasty. Staff was friendly and helpful

Review №98

Wonderful absolutely amazing the grandkids loved it everything even things i thought they would be bored with great time a little expensive but worth every cent.

Review №99

A great place for the family. I highly recommend getting the season pass and enjoy!

Review №100

Great place for family rent a cabana well worth it

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  • Address:8928, 1 Hope Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 409-683-4200
  • Tourist attraction
  • Water park
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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