Fort San Jacinto Historic Point
Seawall Blvd, Galveston, TX 77550, United States

Review №1

Awesome time with my kids, I dont have the option to post a video now, but they were so happy. Actually they wanna go back next week. They can have fun on the side that the water isnt deep in case they felt into it while parents can be fishing in the deep side without losing the view on them. Had a great catch today and weather helped a lot . Only thing I didnt like is the 1/2 mile walk to get there . But was worth it

Review №2

A place all Texans should visit! Walk the grounds and you can feel and relive the fierce battle that won freedom for Texas! Great museum that is certain pique your interest. Adjacent to the park , the battleship Texas is moored as a monument of past wars. The last remaining giant dreadnaught of WW I.

Review №3

Good place to park and fish or just enjoy the view. There are no amenities, so be prepared for packing up if you want restrooms or food. Its the end of the seawall and the way to east beach. The ship channel has fish, birds, and dolphins if your lucky. You may also want to go down further to the boat ramp. Dont park on the hill on the seawall you will be towed.

Review №4

Appeared to be a great fishing location. The large ships pass this location which my kids were excited about. We do not see large ships in our part of the country. There were not any restrooms so go before you visit this location.

Review №5

My wife and I enjoy stopping here and watching the ships coming in or leaving. It is a popular fishing spot has well.

Review №6

Roll down the windows and enjoy the view of the ships coming & going. Very relaxing. We also can see local people fishing.

Review №7

Nice place to hang or to watch the ships pass by. Also good fishing location. The only issue is the mosquitos. They follow you back to your vehicle. They also pose when you snap pictures. Other than that, an awesome place to spend time away from crowded beaches.

Review №8

Well it’s kinda dirty but if you look past that you can get some great views at sunrise and sunset. But beyond that it’s good to spend some time fishing or maybe even relaxing a little bit. But yeah it gets messy

Review №9

Fort San Jacinto, formerly a United States coastal-defense fortification on the eastern end of Galveston Island, was constructed by the United States government in 1898. It contained three gun batteries and a direction-finder-control station.The gun batteries are not found now. But you can view the ships going in/out from the bay area. Nice view. There is a small parking area where you can park your vehicle and enjoy the view and take some photographs.

Review №10

Beautiful place to park the car n have a snack n fishing

Review №11

Warm and windy today .

Review №12

Its a good place to watch the ships sail into and out of ship channel.

Review №13

Clean ,calm and restfull park to be at.Thumbs up ,Y hey have clean restrooms as well

Review №14

Not too exciting but nice drive to go see this spot

Review №15

A must see!!!! Its so cool to see all the ships lined up, incredible sunsets. You can drive all over that area, look for shells and enjoy the salty air and lots of birds.

Review №16

Pretty cool to visit historical sites while on vacation.

Review №17

A great history museum and well worth visiting!

Review №18

Great view of ships coming and going

Review №19

Great place to visit and do a little fishing.

Review №20

I cant came here on a beautiful fall day, which seemed like summer! Beautiful scenery and a lot of room to walk around! Stayed for some Caribbean salsa dancing in the evening.

Review №21

This man (didnt get his name) was amazing and I want to thank him. He noticed we have a handicap van with rear entry, he went out of his way to ask if we wanted extra space so we could open it. No one has ever given us that option. Things like that mean more then he will ever know

Review №22

Cool place to watch all the barge boats

Review №23

Cool spot to watch the ships move in and out. There is a lot of good fishing and it appears to be a popular spot to bike to.

Review №24

At the end of the Island. Great place to watch the ships go by. If you are lucky you may see dolphins or a harbor whale. Also, a great place to walk down the beach and find a fishing spot. There is also an abandoned ruin of an old army artillery fortification WW2. Its covered in graffiti and if you hike up to it from the water side be careful on the rocks.

Review №25

Beautiful area but people trashed all the places!! Pick up your trash please!!!

Review №26

Very cool spot on the tip of Galveston to watch the ships go by. Im from Illinois so seeing ships of that size was pretty cool if not downright foreign.

Review №27

Interesting place on the east side of Galveston Island.

Review №28

Brin the off bug spray. The mosquitoes are bad out here.

Review №29

I loved this place its was very peaceful when we were there nice place to go fishing and relax or just to sit and enjoy the view

Review №30

Very beautiful beach with a magnificent scene (at least to me).

Review №31

Beautiful sunset. Could see ships up close.

Review №32

This is where Interstate 45 ends. Go any further and you will be in the Galveston ship channel. Since the 1800s several different forts were established at this very sight. The last being a WWII post with a 90mm gun locate on the point. You can actuly climb up on the structure that held the gun that protected the bay from aggressors. The ship channel is right in front of you. Go here and watch the ships pass by. They are so close that their wakes spill over the rocky shore line. The jetty, back in the day was the worlds longest. I think it is now #2. This spot is at the north east end of the seawall. Its a must see vista that is accessible 24-7. If you cant wait to pop the question you might want to go here at night under the stars. Its a guaranteed YES! Funny thing is...wait for it.....the Battle Ship Texas may some day be docked at this location. Just think, 20 years from now you can take the kids to the spot you proposed to their Mother and an old battleship will be sitting there! Lol

Review №33

Beautiful spot to take pictures of the ships coming and going from the Port of Galveston..

Review №34

My family explored the area and found these two graffitied battlements, super cool to explore, lots of art, but also very muddy, just follow the path (pictured). Tip: dont wear flip flops, we found a scorpion.

Review №35

The best place. U can wait in the water and off shore fishing is nice. Bring cat food bc there r lots of cats. there is free parking and a food truck down a bit.

Review №36

Very historic spot. Love how you can still see where the guns mounted. Its also a great place to just sit and watch the ships come and go. Oh and if you play Pokemon Go, its two stops and a gym. So you can set 2 lures off a catch until youre tired.

Review №37

Its a cool place to watch the shipping traffic.

Review №38

Great place to fish. Gets crowded sometimes, but during the week you pretty much have the place to yourself. Cool place to watch the ships go by and take pictures. Flounder are usually easy to catch, trout hit the sprite spoons regularly. Never know what you might catch with shrimp and cut bait.

Review №39

Nice place to visit.

Review №40

Good fishing spot and some cool history.

Review №41

Not a lot happening here today with the hurricane that just past and covid-19.

Review №42

This is our favorite spot, were here every weekend

Review №43

I sure hope we are allowed at the construction cause man that’s a fun spot to fish.

Review №44

Great view of the tankers coming in and other boats going out.

Review №45

It is historical and has plenty to see. I spent time with Kay Van Eek there on a nice and beautiful day.

Review №46

If youre into ships and history, this is where they merge in modern day. It is right on the tip of Galveston Island and all the waterway traffic that heads into the port must pass this spot. Patience will reward you with some of the most interesting nautical views youll find in the entire country.The area is mostly a concrete turn around, so I dont recommend having a picnic lunch here, but East Beach is only about a mile down the road.Both are open to the public in the off season, too.

Review №47

Historical in some sense of the word. A nice view for the ships coming in and out. Smell that diesel burn. Windy yet nice to sit and watch for a bit. Easy time to get here and a good place to have a nap. Road was decent with only two big bumps. Come check it out. But do not expect a history lesson unless you meet someone interesting here.

Review №48

Beautiful spot to fish and a catch an amazing sunset, but the mosquitoes are relentless and come to feast! Parking isnt bad because there are people going in and out enough, but it is limited. Bring plenty of your strongest favorite choice of repellent and relax with the rest of the flock.

Review №49

Great view of lg ships going in & out of Galveston bay.

Review №50

Great views of the ocean and ships coming and going. If your a little brave you can walk down on the rocks on the water and see small fish and hermit crabs trapped in ruins in the water.

Review №51

Cool views, but not alot going on. It is a 5 minute stop at most.

Review №52

Great historical site lots to see nice marker.

Review №53

Great view of the Galveston-Houston ship channel.

Review №54

A place to fish but dangerous - a lot of snakes, roaches and spiders on the rocks.

Review №55

Very nice mostly clean soon fishing line about but no broken glass. Great few of the cargo ships.

Review №56

Nice spot to view ships coming and going.

Review №57

Its a plaque and a cement pillar. Good view of the passing ships but not much else. Wouldnt drive down all that way again

Review №58

Been fishing here since diapers

Review №59

Sunset was amazing.

Review №60

Neat view of the ships passaging in and out of Galveston Bay.

Review №61

Free to park + watch the ships up close. Never crowded , I will stop at the McDonalds on Seawall Blvd (right where the road splits) and take my lunch with me and watch the steady stream of ships up close , go in and out of the Houston Ship Channel . Enjoyable .

Review №62

Not a bad place to fish if you can tolerate the rocks and trash that some people leave. Cool place to park and check out the big ships coming in and out. Its also a nice place to take pictures.

Review №63

This place was pretty cool, creepy because No one was there and since its graffitied you think there are thugs living here which there wasnt when I visited, but its a cool place to take photos! Depending on which way youre coming from pay attention to high tide and low tide!!! The way you came in may be under water when you try to leave! Not heavily under water, but enough to get your ankles soaked the entire way!

Review №64

This place is located at the end of the seawall on the east side. It used to be the place where the U.S. army defended the Port of Galveston against the Spanish navy in the early 1800s. The remanents of the Fort San Jacinto are still in place. Today, many locals and visitors go there to enjoy the scenic view of the Port with huge cargo ships passing them within a stones throw away. It is also a great place to go fishing. Parking is free. Bring snacks with you as there are no shops around within a 15 minutes drive.

Review №65

Go during evening..less crowded but watch where you drive. Were always pulling people out of sand

Review №66

Good place to watch the ships come and go, and see feral cats/kittens.

Review №67

Nice place to relax and read or watch the ships go by

Review №68

Saw dolphins for the first time! So beautiful!

Review №69

This was a little bit more than ever expected to have my husband drive our family after a full day of work to an event that caused so much pain and suffering for the me to get the chance to say my goodbye to a great grandfather that was the first to see myself as a wife and life partner to a great husband that goes above and beyond to ensure I get the opportunity to stay calm and collected from the list of life changing experiences. We have together flourished and have become the best of our selfs to get above the water to see the rainbow of colors life has to offer

Review №70

Lots of parking but a little tricky to get to the actual beach. Beautiful views!

Review №71

Very cool place to watch the ships. People were fishing there too. It was a bit windy the day we were there.

Review №72

Beautiful view of the gulf, a very unique sight. Take pictures of the ships. Enjoy the gulf air.

Review №73

Lovely view especially when the sun is rising or setting.

Review №74

Great place to watch the big ships come and go. You can see dolphin fins surfacing out in the water and fishing from the shore. Just past this area is East Beach if you want to swim.

Review №75

Love the place its very beautiful

Review №76

Remember what they said - Nothing to see here, just keep moving on! Theyre not kidding! Nothing to see of any of the old primitive forts previously located here except the concrete foundation of a single gun emplacement (but no gun). A plaque explains the history and disappearance of the facilities due to neglect. Nice view.

Review №77

As the Galveston Seawall came to an End, facing East we see the beauty of organization and innovation with the Houston Ship Channel. This spot with its Serene Views and Outlook on Progress, we think of the days when it was just a Channel and a Distant Fort. Great place for relaxing and catching a Breeze. Ideal for a Photo Opportunity.

Review №78

Loved this place. It was cool to watch the boats, sunset, and dolphins.

Review №79

Love this place. It’s just cement and water.

Review №80

Its amazing and relaxing just dirty I would clean it but I dont have a group

Review №81

Good food

Review №82

A unique place to eat your picnic lunch- sitting on your car, watching the ships come into harbor. Also fun to drive along the narrow little road to the very eastern tip of the island.

Review №83

This place has a Great view.

Review №84

Truly nothing here to see. Definitely not for kids. I had my older teens, and they all were scratched up trying to head down the rocks to the water. Absolutely a Hazzard. Filthy water, trash and sewage everywhere...that has nothing to do with all of the debris from the hurricanes.

Review №85

Beautiful but ppl feed bird around ur car

Review №86

Great view of ships.

Review №87

We really enjoyed exploring the forts and learning the history and taking lots of pics of the big ships and had fun clearing shells and other cool things washed up! Def recommend a day trip here with a picnic lunch and a camera!

Review №88

Wonderful sunset spot with Jane

Review №89

An interesting place to view the ship traffic entering and exiting the Houston Ship Channel.

Review №90

Great place to get some sun and watch the ships and dolphins

Review №91

Good place to watch the ships.

Review №92

Great place to come and see the ships cruise by, definitely worth the small drive out.

Review №93

Not much there to see of a fort but great place to watch ships come and go. Good parking and wonderful vantage point to see big and small alike all the way from Galveston docks out to sea. Also good fishing place, get access to deeper waters.

Review №94

It is very good place.

Review №95

Great place to watch the ships, and wildlife including dolphins.

Review №96

Love it was nice and peaceful beautiful views.

Review №97

Nice place to sit and watch ships come and go.

Review №98

Great place to relax, fish, boat watch, and pelican watch; they are amazing to watch during their feeding/hunting time!

Review №99

Decent fishing, a bit trashy with all the garbage about but what do you expect with all of the people who visit

Review №100

Great place to watch the ships and fisherman. Be sure to take your binoculars so you can see the dolphins racing the moving ships. Its also a Pokemon stop!

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