Moody Gardens
1 Hope Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554, United States

Review №1

Absolutely loved it! Each pyramid had something different. We went to the aquarium and the rainforest ones and my niece and nephews liked it very much ^_^ I would definitely recommend going here.

Review №2

Very beautiful place to get away in Houston. I got a room with the pyramid view, which i hear has a better view than the island view rooms. The grounds are pretty, love the palm trees and very serene feel. Went there during a low occupancy period which was even Better. I did the rainforest and aquarium attractions with were great. Will definitely be returning and I recommend this place.

Review №3

I brought my boys here for the first time. They rangd from 3 to 11 years old. We visited all the attractions with the value pass that allows you to see everything with one purchase. They all loved it. They each found something interesting. And the 4D movies was the best part for my 11 and 8 year old. Even my 3 year old put the specials glasses on to watch and enjoy the movie. We loved the rainforest pyramid the most. I took hundreds of pictures of animals and fish and reptiles, etc. It was fun photographing the birds. The ferry ride was a pleasure. Would definitely come back again.

Review №4

This place totally exceeded my expectations! Each pyramid is unique in its own way and offers a variety of fun and interesting attractions. I think the aquarium is definitely more targeted towards kids but the rain forest is the perfect place for people of any age. If youre looking for a close-up experience with all sorts of animals from monkeys to stingrays, this is the place to go!

Review №5

The great place for a family. Kid would love here. I loved Aquarium and the gardens. The staffs were friendly. Jelly fish were awesome. I enjoyed watching the aquarium so much. The gardens had many kind of birds. Its pretty quite in the weekday during the pandemic but its good for someone who don’t like crowded like me.

Review №6

Was actually very clean and well kept after living around the area for 35 years. Its actually in. Better condition than I previously remember after hurricane Katrina or way way before in my child hood. Everyone was pleasant considering corona virus happened. More shops with food and drinks vendors could have been open but overall considering everything that has happened recently. Id still give. 4.5 to 5 star out of 5.

Review №7

It was awesome. The best part was a wonderful young man named Clayton Leopold who taught us soooo much about birds. He inspired both of my children to attend Cornell University and pursue careers in ornithology. He is an asset to your system. You should name a new pyramid after him. Moody gardens rules!!!!!

Review №8

Totally surprised with this experience. The staff at the moody gardens and the exhibit were all worth the experience. We recommend staying a night at the Moody Gardens to get advantage to discounted tickets to the attractions. Less people during COVID and totally safe.

Review №9

MOODY GARDENSVISITORS LOVE THIS PLACE BECAUSEThe great place for a family. Kid would love here.I loved Aquarium and the gardens.The staffs were friendly.Jelly fish were awesome.I enjoyed watching the aquarium so much.The gardens had many kind of birds.A NICE ENJOYABLE PLACE

Review №10

Awesome place to take the family. There are some things that are closed down inside of Moody Gardens due to Covid, but that didnt matter to us. We were still able to see so many amazing things! It was an absolute joy to see and my family loved every minute of it! Make sure to go see the 4D shows.

Review №11

So much fun. Definitely an all day event. My 5 yr old enjoyed it! Reasobln for the 4 stars is The Christmas lights wasnt all that. Kind of boring. Also a lot of animals were not in their cages/displays.

Review №12

Came here for first time (Covid Season)All pyramids and attractions had hand sanitizer, very clean restrooms and friendly helpful staff members!My son, wife, and I enjoyed this to the MAX!Highly recommend everyone visiting.

Review №13

Great place to spend a cpl of days exploring. We visited during the week but I wish we had known to wait until Friday or the weekend so that we could ride the paddle boat. With that closed during the week and the zipline closed, we felted we missed out. The current routing exhibit is geared more towards elementary aged kids, so our middle school kids felt it was a bit boring, but overall a great place to stay and visit - and Id definitely recommend to someone with younger children.

Review №14

We really enjoyed our stay here. There is a lot of family things to do here. It is very clean, nice, elegant, and huge indoors and outdoors. They really have eveything here: bar areas, beautiful pool with a jacuzzi, spas, restaurant, ice cream shop, gift shop, mini nature walks, park, water park, aquarium, and so much more!Staff members were very helpful and we didnt have any issues. Overall great place to stay!

Review №15

As always a good stop and I usually learn something new

Review №16

Aint no covid stopping us seeing the festival of lights. But the Chinese sculpted arent here this year. They did it to themselves.

Review №17

We enjoyed the day, we went to the aquarium, rainforest, festival of lights. The paddle wheel boat is dispensable. I think everything is very overpriced for what it is. I dont think I will come back, maybe if it wasnt so expensive.

Review №18

Absolutely gorgeous and well-maintained grounds, perfect for a walk or stroll. There are lots of signs with facts about the plants, and about the local butterflies. There are even outdoor parrots you can visit, near the Rainforest pyramid. Gorgeous ocean views as well and lots of opportunities for pictures!

Review №19

Very little crowding (not like normal)!! Awesome to get outside and enjoy the Christmas season with lights and good exercise! Nice for kids to run around.

Review №20

Very nice place. We went to the Aquarium and the Rain forest. Lots of beautiful garden areas inside and out. The price seemed way overpriced for no longer than it takes to see but it was nice and it had to be expensive to build and maintain. If you got the money and time I definitely recommend. My 2 year old grandson had a blast so it kinda made it worth the expense. Some attractions were closed due to coronavirus.There were other attractions as well that we did not do, I bet the 4D attractions would be neat but probably not with a rambunctious 2 year old.

Review №21

Such a great place to go with kids or a girls day out! We had a blast I do recommend getting the pass for all the attractions its worth it. Youll be glad that you did and its a much better deal in the long run.

Review №22

Always an amazing experience. Always something fun for the kids to do and see the discovery tower always has something new for the kids to learn. overall anytime we visit Galveston this is one of our main stops. go out and enjoy yourselves take a trip to Moody gardens its well worth it..

Review №23

This is the first time Ive been to Moody gardens in the last 15 years the rainforest is just gorgeous and the three and 4D movies are fantastic. All of the people who work there were very courteous and helpful. I live in California now so its hard to get back very often, but I cant wait for my next visit

Review №24

Fun cool activity while still social distancing! Beautiful jungle with flowers and aquarium filled with ocean creatures. What more could a child ask for.

Review №25

Amazing place! I would recommend you stay at the hotel, get one of the base price rooms ($185 in 2020). Then purchase your attraction tickets at the hotel lobby, you get a discount there. The beach water park is WELL WORTH the $15 per person discounted price. The hotel pool is also AMAZING! You wont be disappointed.

Review №26

Easy to notice from the street in normal traffic. Wheelchair accessible parking lot structure, entrances and restrooms. Cash, credit and debit cards accepted here. Awesome views. Courteous staff and employees. Near Seawall.

Review №27

I did not stay this time. Off season, new plants planted not so colorful. But hey the virus did not stop the main purpose. Wedding was fantastic.

Review №28

Moody gardens has plenty to offer for people of all ages. With 3 unique pyramids its a nice way to kill several hours while expanding your knowledge of the world we live in. Staff is always kind and the yearly membership makes it worthwhile for constant visits throughout the year. Completely worth it.

Review №29

Its a great place to visit. A beautiful place that holds amazing animals and its a great experience. It holds a cinema, a little aquarium that allows us to feel stingrays, starfish, and jellyfish. The tropical pyramid holds exotic creatures. Overall its a very well kept place by the staff. It could be better if the discovery pyramid held more hands on activities for kids.

Review №30

Amazing service. Very clean and every fresh and sanitized. Loving every moment being here. Especially since theres sooo much to do and see

Review №31

Had a wonderful day with my child here. The rainforest pyramid was our favorite area.

Review №32

We had a great time at Moody Gardens. We got the pass that gives access to everything, which seemed a little pricey, but well worth it for all the enjoyment we had throughout the day. The whole place is clean and well maintained.

Review №33

Awesome hotel! Hazel has some of the best customer service I have seen in a very long time. Very polite, very helpful, and friendly. the other front desk employee Gina, not so polite not so helpful nor friendly. Overall great hotel experience, and covid friendly with sanitize placed in various spots.

Review №34

We really enjoyed the Aquarium and the Safari Pyramid. The water park is fun and the pool and hot tub at the hotel with swim up bar are great. The Cafe Restaurant food was pretty good. I wish I wouldve tried the prime rib and seafood restaurant upstairs.

Review №35

Moody gardens is a great tourist attraction. There are multiple things to try, however due to time constraints we tried three: Festival of lights, Rainforest experience and 360 Aquarium.It took us around 5.5 hours to complete all three. The festival of lights is a trail filled with different creatures/structures which you can enjoy. The rainforest has a lot of birds and a few animals you can see. A lot of them are out in the open and therefore its an amazing experience. The aquarium has a variety of different sea animals and fishes. The Jellyfish section is aesthetic and you get to see penguins too.The rainforest and Aquarium are indoors and the festival of lights is outdoors. If you are in Galveston for more than a day, definitely check them out.

Review №36

Moody Gardens is by far a beautiful place to visit. You need a FULL DAY to do everything there the Aquarium, lMAX, bird & reptiles, monkey, birds & jungle. Its just breaktaking and clean fun for all ages. Yes, it is on the expensive side but if you look at the exhibits, the exotic animals, the biologists that care for said animals, the employees its well worth the fun & learning experience. Theres gift shops to remember your trip by and a food court. Parking is free. Ticket prices are $74 per adult $64 for seniors not sure about children but should be on the website.

Review №37

I can do so many things here, like walk through the rainforest, the aquarium, or the Discovery Center; or watch a 3 or 4-D short film; or just walk outside. I chose the annual pass for $100.00 so I can come often but not stay until Im worn out.There is a hotel and restaurants on site but I live nearby and havent yet tried them.

Review №38

4D movie experience is different: water sprays you, something nudged you in back, feels like fish tail slapping you on legs at some points to give you experienceLike youre in the movie. Glad we went, better than I expected.

Review №39

Went for the Christmas lights, pretty basic and really not worth the cost nor the time. At least the weather was decent.

Review №40

A beautiful place that holds amazing animals. One of the best places to go in Galveston! I personally love museums and aquariums, so the Aquarium Pyramid was beautiful and exciting for me. We also went to the rainforest exhibit, and one thing to note is that it is really warm, if you are going during the summer wear appropriate clothes for warm weather and you will be fine. They have cinema, an aquariums that allows us to feel the stingrays. The tropical pyramid holds exotic creatures, theres this one bird that I had so much fun of. Overall, its a very well kept place by the staff.

Review №41

Went to the holiday lights and was so impressed!! Definitely worth the price!

Review №42

Great place for family fun time. Enough cool things to do to keep you busy. Awesome place

Review №43

Pretty cool place I really liked the jungle pyramid. We where here around the holidays and the Christmas lights are really cool and the ice sculptures are amazing. It is a bit pricey but if your in the area it is worth a look.

Review №44

A little hard to find your way around at first. And its expensive. But after seeing what they have to maintain one can understand the cost. The rainforest pyramid was great.

Review №45

Hotel was great! The room was clean, spacious, and had a great design. The bedding was perfect and everything was in good condition. Staff was friendly and pleasant. During Easter the hotel puts on a lot of activities for kids and adults to enjoy. There was an egg hunt, a tram ride, face painting, petting zoo, and other fun things. There was also an Easter brunch which was delicious and had lots of choices. Overall, it is a great place to visit.

Review №46

This was our first time visit to celebrate my moms 65th bday. We brought 5 grandkids, 2 of our youngest adult kids and hubby and I and of course the bday lady of the day.. we all really enjoyed everything accept a couple things.. staff was nice and helpful for the most part.. the food staff was ok not as great as rest of staff in other stations.. so the reasons why I did not give the 5 stars.. 1 is the food.. I completely understand about prices.. cant pay staff and royalties and overhead if everything is cheap like dollar tree but at least make sure the food is COOKED PROPERLY.. We bought about 100 bucks worth of food to feed all of us and we got a mixture of food items. Chicken strips. Pizza. Burger. Fries . corndogs. . Funnel cake. And of course drinks.. EVERY SINGLE FOOD ITEM was half cooked half uncooked.. when ANYONE pays that much on food they expect the food to be properly cooked.. Definitely needs improvement on cooking food ... the other area that needs help and improvement is the restrooms.. this is a water park.. there will be water EVERYWHERE.. management maybe think about investing in several mops and a commercial size ring out bucket.. oh and a squeegee mop.. the attendant seemed very annoyed.. I can understand why, lots of water everywhere on the floor, Toilets not being flushed cause apparently its too difficult for ppl to use their already wet and dirty foot or feet to push the toilet flush gadget.. will we return? Probably so because like I said.. we all had a great time.. just food cooking. Food staff. And of course restrooms.. these are the things need improvements.. Thanks for reading..

Review №47

Great time at Paloosa! They take good care of you. The recently re-opened Aquarium pyramid was outstanding. The staff was friendly.

Review №48

We visited Moody gardens on Nov 1, 2020 and had an awesome time. It was not overly crowded due to covid-19 so that was the plus, now the negative was that not all attractions were opened like the discovery center pirate ship was closed off. There was only 2 areas that you could purchase food/ drinks from and the restaurant was closed. Most of the employees that were wearing the orange shirts had little to no interaction with the people or offered information about the exhibits. The last attraction we did was the colonial boat ride. The 2 gentleman that was supposed to scan your ticket were sitting down at the covered picnic tables. One of the gentleman demanded that we walk all the way over to him( about 20ft from the white metal gates) while he was still sitting down to show him our tickets which I found rather rude.

Review №49

Pretty place to visit, very nice people. We didnt pay to visit any of the attractions, but the staff were still helpful and pointed out several nice spots to take photos.

Review №50

I love seeing all the animals and attractions and exhibits in the place. Everything is absolutely beautiful and fun. Especially the water are, Cest magnifique.

Review №51

Excellent! Definitely a great experience. Had a lot of fun looking at all the ice sculptures. They had a 4D cinema with really nice videos as well. The lights around the park were also very nice. Overall a great experience during Christmas time. Be sure to bring your family and you will have a great time.

Review №52

Great time! Fun! Educational! Loved how much we learned about the world we live in

Review №53

We went to the aquarium and rainforest. I loved both! Beautiful views and animals! My kids are 9 and 11 and they loved looking at everything. The rainforest is a little hot but they have a/c vents along the walkway which makes it a lot better. I think the prices are pretty reasonable.

Review №54

Love this place! Definitely had a great time with the BF here, it was his first time and he had a blast. We loved seeing the animals especially during this whole Covid thing.What I had a couple issues with are the 4D Shark showing and the paddle boat. The 4D Shark show was completely baffling, I loved the video itself, however the water spraying and the poking from the chairs were super unnecessary and it didnt even follow the beat of the video! Its just random spraying and poking which btw really hurt my back, those pokes were too aggressive. And tbh with the whole covid thing, the little theater was way too full with adults and unsupervised kids and they couldve just canceled out the water sprays.For the paddle boat, when the ride was almost over, people were all lining up by the gate. No social distancing whatsoever and lots of people werent wearing their masks! I felt like the workers that were managing the boat couldve at least been strict with the social distancing and the masking. Its not safe at all.

Review №55

Absolutely had a wonderful time here. Will be back for sure.

Review №56

Mid week and during Covid there are not as many people. People are all wearing masks and good distancing observed. So glad we went. Annual pass is cheaper if you go only twice. Plan around the timed attractions, picture of the times are included in this review.

Review №57

Quality entertainment for kids. Bought the season pass. Ill be back at least a few more times over the next year. Worth it.

Review №58

Moody Gardens is one of the best resorts I have stayed at. There is so much to do and see. Palm Beach is pretty big and perfect for families with children. The Cafe is fabulous, as is the pizza and ice cream place. The pools are fantastic and relaxing, only made better by the swim up bar. Kids loved smores in the evening. I cant wait to go back and s explore more.

Review №59

The rainforest garden is lovely! Lots of plants, birds, and small animals. If you visit the day pass is worth the money!

Review №60

I got a free upgrade after booking the wrong room. The room was very clean. The experience was pleasant and the staff was attentive. Will go again.

Review №61

Todays visit was exceptional. We got to cover the aquarium, Iceland and festival of lights- all in 3 hours. Iceland is so fun and interactive. Ice sculptures are just beautiful. Its really cold, so if you plan on visiting that attraction, make sure you bundle up.

Review №62

Great Family fun! Lots to do!

Review №63

Loved it loved it loved it! My 11 year old daughter loved it. This is a place where you can spend all day enjoying the several areas they offer. The aquarium and beach/water area was my favorite. Its clean and family oriented. It was definitely a great experience for us.

Review №64

We love Moody Gardens! Great exhibits and customer service. The entire property is infested with mosquito due to all the standing water from Tropical Storm Beta. BRING MOSQUITO REPELLANT or just avoid overall after a heavy rainfall or a storm.

Review №65

Moodys Gardens is a really nice nature oriented theme park in sunny Galveston. It features an aquarium, an artificial rainforest, butterfly garden, and expansive outdoor facilities including a really nice pool. This is were you can easily spend a full day or even several days with a family, but it is also attractive for adults alone to visit.

Review №66

Had so much fun here. Loads of fun activities to get into. Just make sure you arrive earlier to get a decent parking spot.

Review №67

We love Moody Gardens! We went for the 3rd time last weekend. We usually go to the Aquarium or Rainforest Pyramids. Hopefully next time we can try out the other attractions they offer.

Review №68

The rainforest and aquarium are top notch. The discovery pyramid could use some reworking. Overall my family really enjoyed Moody Gardens.

Review №69

Excellent place to spend time with your family and friends, you can see different animals and enviroments created for them.Recommended!

Review №70

I love moody garden. It is a great place for the entire family. Christmas decorations and exhibits ( Festival of Lights and ice land) are most to enjoy during the holidays season.

Review №71

Took my daughter and we loved it and had a great time, even though it rained the whole time. Only reason its a 4 star rating is that the gift shop close an hour or or 2 before the exhibits close. I didnt see any times posted on the does saying they closed early. Other than not going in the gift shop we had a great time. Great place to take your family.

Review №72

I absolutely love their Rainforest and Aquarium Pyramids!!! The rainforest pyramid is full of deep green vegetation and a superbly colorful variety of tropical birds of all sorts. Be sure to bring your camera!The aquarium is large and has everything from penguins, beautiful corals, fish, and sharks. Be certain to not skip the jelly fish exhibit. If you arrive early enough and beat the crowds, it is a very relaxing area to be at and observe the jellies while the water tanks change light colors. Can’t say enough. The membership may seem pricey, but totally worth it as I assure you that you will come dozens of times through the year and proceeds to to keeping up the amazing habitats they have.

Review №73

We attended a private party for work that offered private viewings of the sea creatures at the Moody Garden Aquarium. We got to wonder about the the pyramid with adult beverages and appetizers. It was quiet and peaceful. We were allowed to touch the jellyfish at the touch tank. We were served a meal of salmon, steak, and chicken with awesome sides and . The desserts were incredible. They were all catered by the Moody Hotel. Great fun!!!!!

Review №74

Some fun experiences with the movies, rainforest and aquarium. Considered memberships for my family, but living out of State we didnt find anything worth coming back within the year.Solid educational experience for all ages. Plenty of pictures and GoPro videos of the wildlife. Attended during the week and there was more of a group atmosphere than a small crowd.With the restaurant closed and only the rainforest food station open, expect to over pay for sub-par food. If you get the souvenir cup, that is currently the only location to get a refill. Still, worth it if you are already getting a combo, IMO.Will probably get back around to visiting after the COVID-19 mask stuff is done and everything is back open on property.

Review №75

The lights and ice sculptures were truly amazing! Plus theres a rain forest and aquarium, a rope course and zip lines. So many things to do. So little time. Plan out your day or consider a 2 day ticket.

Review №76

Nice and clean exhibits. It was a great experience for the whole family. Stroller and handicap accessible as well

Review №77

Very nice hotel! You can dine @Shearns inside while looking out watching the sunset the beach is close by plus all the attractions to visit & see while you stay!

Review №78

Very nice place to take the family too. The aquarium and rain forest was great.

Review №79

Beautiful aquarium! Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I loved it!!! Ill definitely be back!

Review №80

This is just an all around great place. If youre in the area it doesnt hurt to pay them a visit as you wont be disappointed.

Review №81

Nice walk, no need to pay if you walking aroundBut mosquitoes killed us for some reason, it was crazy we had to leave

Review №82

Many fun activities. Just wish the boat was scheduled for a later trip and the train ride was included with the price.

Review №83

Very expensive, but still a fun, family oriented vacation place. Its my second time here since my last visit 6 years ago. A few parts of the hotel could use a little freshening up.

Review №84

Fun place to take smaller kids or for Adults to get away from the city. Pool with a swim up bar and several restaurant options on site at the hotel. Its a nice getaway from Houston.

Review №85

It is a nice attraction in Galveston/Houston area, good for family outing and day of fun.It could be a bit expensive, for the amount of stuff there is to do, but still it’s fun for kids atleast. And it’s more knowledge oriented and which can be fun sometimes.You could also plan a day at beach and this in parallel so could be like a weekend thing.

Review №86

I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone! We were able to get a couples package and stay 2 nights at the Moody Gardens hotel and go to the pyramids how ever many times we wanted, and we brought our 2 young children with us! We enjoyed every second of being there and are already planning a second trip during the summer!

Review №87

Arctic slide was dangerous, kids got bottom and flipping everywhere. Night of lights was beautiful and would definitely recommend.

Review №88

Been moody members for many years. Always something to do. Membership does have its benefits, but is also a great place for a day trip. We went to Iceland this trip saw how different cultures celebrate all over the world for christmas.

Review №89

My first time coming here with my son. The ticket purchase process was very simple. The place was very clean, the staff was very friendly and helpful. The staff would walk around and offer educational facts. Social distancing practices were being adhered to. I enjoyed my visit and will bring my wife in the near future.

Review №90

This place was a great day out ,very family friendly. Lots to do.

Review №91

I have been to the Aquarium several times over the years, and have always enjoyed it, but this time was terrible. We paid $130 for a family of four, and it took us only about a half hour to walk through. None of the extra exhibits inside the aquarium are open, nor can you touch anything at all. Several of the exhibits had cloudy water or just looked filthy and it really smelled inside. Some had very little or nothing at all.We were very disappointed. There were no ticket deals anywhere to be found. Don’t feel like we really got a full price experience. Made me very sad, but I doubt we will ever be back, nor will we recommend to anyone.

Review №92

I payed for this hotel, months in advance and called several time to make sure that my reservation was good to go. When we got there to check in they said i have to be over 21. They never said anything about that when i made the reservation and even when i called.

Review №93

Had the best possible time here. Hotel was clean and the staff was awesome. We will definitely return.

Review №94

Great hotel and amusements. Had a very good experience. I hope to be back soon and get to all of it.

Review №95

2 years in a row and were still coming back. Enjoyed the Festival of Lights and Iceland plus all the other attractions. We had a few minor issues but they worked with us and compensated us to our satisfaction. We WILL be coming back again. 1st class all the way.

Review №96

Lovely place great food little to much walking and was hot but was fun I do recommend if ur going to eat at the rain forest go early or make a reservation

Review №97

My fav place as always . Shared the memory with my love

Review №98

Was okay. Not hardly anyone there. Nice to see this attraction. Expensive.

Review №99

Place is a little worn down, but a fun place to spend with family. Definitely a one and done visit

Review №100

Rainforest pyramid was great! Lots of animals, birds and friendly guides.

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4.6 Rating
  • Address:1 Hope Blvd, Galveston, TX 77554, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 409-683-4200
  • Theme park
  • Aquarium
  • Botanical garden
  • Non-profit organization
  • Tourist attraction
  • Zoo
Working hours
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  • Sunday:10am–4pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Wheelchair rental:Yes
  • Bar on site:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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