The Bryan Museum
1315 21st St, Galveston, TX 77550, United States

Review №1

Great way to learn about the early history of Texas. So much to do and view. The staff was friendly and helpful. We were glad to of had found this hidden gem.

Review №2

$14 admission. Free parking on-site and surrounding streets. Plan on 2 hours + (I spent over 4 hours). Many artifacts, historical objects, documents, sculptures - and 20% paintings. Each has a written explanation and more information available on a touchscreen next to it. Museum is Dedicated to the settlement of the American west. There are Pre-Columbian stone points, beautiful horse saddles, a Civil War violin, an amazing ship model, a Conquistador helmet.... LOTS of wonderful historical artifacts. If you are interested in history and/ or art its definitely worth it (Im cheap: rarely would spend $14 and still rate something 5 stars).

Review №3

Wonderful Experience! We recently hosted an evening event for 65-70 people at the Bryan Museum Conservatory. The location was beautiful and the staff were professional, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Mr. Ochoa was pleasant and quick to respond as we were planning the event, and was present to answer any questions during the event. He even anticipated and took care of fine details, such as the increased need for AC as the event proceeded. The security guard was friendly and helpful as well. Parking was not an issue. I highly recommend the venue for any event, but for evening events, the Bryan Museum Conservatory and surrounding grounds are magical. Thank you again!

Review №4

It was really fun to go explore...alot of history. I will most likely not go back because there was just a strange vibe i got..go check it out if you are not a scary cat like me. Worth it.

Review №5

Interesting collection of Texan and cowboy history. Items are exhibited well and info is on touch screen in English and Spanish. Lots of art, too, featuring mainly Texan artists or themes. Gift shop has great assortment of books. Take the time to visit!!

Review №6

This amazing museum is packed full of beautiful art, thoughtfully presented history and all in a magnificent piece of architecture. Walk around the grounds too. Lovely garden and sculptures. I will go back again the next time I get to Galveston.

Review №7

A beautiful location with many features, attended a wedding here and was very pleased.

Review №8

The lady at the front desk was very knowledgeable and helpful during our visit theres even an activity book for the little ones to do while they are there. I came here the day it opened about 5 years ago and it has only grown and acquired nicer things since.

Review №9

We only explored the outdoors but such a beautiful place!

Review №10

Great museum. The tour guide and the staff so nice and welcoming. Very informative and unique. Beautiful even for private event. We really enjoyed.

Review №11

If you enjoy visiting history, old buildings, beautiful landscape and friendly staff, The Bryan Museum is worth the trip to Galveston.

Review №12

Beautiful former orphanage turned into a museum and events place.

Review №13

Unique museum. Private collector made a huge investment in Texas artifacts. Old orphanage building the collection is housed in is in perfect condition, beautiful inside and out. Museum covers the timeline of Texas history from the Arrival of Europeans to the early 20th century. Maybe half the museum is devoted to guns, saddles, and war -- boring topics to me. Upstairs is mostly art, with one area devoted to dramatic illustrations. Seems like half that space displaying art students pastel studies of landscapes could be put to better use. Special art gallery exhibit was unremarkable. Guide was very knowledgeable, but not interactive. Overall it exceeded my expectations.

Review №14

A most wonderful gift to all of us and well worth visiting! Heartily recommend a tour with one of the knowledgeable docents. I enjoyed seeing the original bench children would sit on as they waited to be called into the room to meet their prospective adopted parents, as well as the room the parents waited in. Seeing small initials the children etched into woodland made it all come alive. Mr. Bryan thank you! The personal collection of Western art is stunning! This gift of a complete renovation of the historic childrens orphanage was lovingly done and I commend all those who raised funds, who stitched costumes, worked on the stunning battle recreations, etc. Loved the use interactive technology and videos to explain the history of the great flood and how it changed Galveston, explained the culture of the cowboy and the extensive display of their saddles, and the early personalities that influenced development. Again, the docents bring depth and drama to your visit, ask questions and avail yourselves of their years of experience. Lastly, I appreciated the use of monarch milkweed (asclepius) and other butterfly friendly plants in the garden. Take your time, enjoy a picnic in the back garden and the many beautiful details this place has to offer both inside and out.

Review №15

Excellent museum on Texas history. Our entire family loved it.

Review №16

Very educational and great displays ..can spend allot of time here in the 3 floors reading all the information on the displays..we spent 2 hours and didnt stop at everything or read mear all of the information. Beautiful building as well would recomend for all shop is a bit of a joke but didnt affect the enjoyment

Review №17

Quality artifacts, well presented all in a historic beautifully restored building. Most of the items deal with the history of Galveston and east Texas. We were these on a Thursday morning, small crowd. Friendly staff and docents throughout that will add extra information about the exhibits. Only issue is its $14 for adults, which seems a bit pricy compared to other similar quality private museums. We did have a coupon for one free entry with purchase of another. This can be found at most Texas visitors centers.

Review №18

Amazing a must for anyone who loves museums and just something to do so much packed in a historical building.

Review №19

Awesome place very affordable and informational

Review №20

This place is great!! Not so much for American history bluffs! But if Texas history or even more so maybe western history is your thing then this is it!! Be sure to check it out!!!

Review №21

The most amazing trip back in time and learning of my family made me realize certain straits I have .a true Texas must see exhibit of the world west and largest

Review №22

WoW, Awsome experience and fantastic exhibitsA must see!!!!

Review №23

Great grounds to stroll and the exhibits are well done!

Review №24

This is one of the best museums I have been to. We have one mans passion to thank for bringing Texas History together in one place and presenting it in a way that immediately captures your interest. Exceptional.

Review №25

This place is great! Full of local history. The staff is what makes this place even better. So friendly and full of knowledge.

Review №26

The history of the museum and Galveston is very interesting. The restoration of the building is beautiful.

Review №27

Beautiful facility. Love it

Review №28

Amazing collection of early Texas artifacts. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly staff.

Review №29

Toured with granddaughters last summer and we loved it. They did scavenger hunt and I did, too, looking for Mr. Bryans postmarked envelopes. Taking husband today!!!

Review №30

Wonderful place no need for much more.

Review №31

A Top Class Museum of Texas History. I could write pages about their exceptional displays and well done choice of building and display format. And the depth of the displays. And on and on. But what I will say is if you only have 1 day to spend in Galveston and are Texas or wishing you were Texas, you owe it to yourself, family and friends to visit this Museum,

Review №32

Beautiful groundsGorgeous museumFarmers market

Review №33

Even though it is a relatively small museum (it used to be a refuge for orphans), the exhibits there were outstanding and I learned a lot about the history of the American Southwest and deepened my understanding of art works that were drawn between the 1800s and 1900s by artists who were based in Texas. Another fascinating exhibit was learning about how the devastating hurricane in 1900 changed the history of Galveston forever.

Review №34

This is a first-class museum. I expected the all-too-usual look of a local, ill-managed and underfunded dusty place. It is not!Bryan museum is beautifully maintained, clean and well curated. The art, by its own, is worth the price of admission. But theres much more inside. Plus, the gardens are a treat. Well worth the trip.

Review №35

My husband and I loved it! Very interesting history on Galveston, Texas part in the movement west! 3 floors full of artifacts and history.

Review №36

This is a very well planned and beautiful Texas history museum, from the earliest years of the area through its statehood. I brought a group of about 20 seniors, and everyone loved it and our guide.

Review №37

We go here just to take in the scenery. It is beautiful. The landscaping is amazing. Inside is awesome too. If your in to Texas history this would be a great spot to stop by.

Review №38

So interesting and a must see while visiting the island. I learned more Texas History.

Review №39

Even if you dont think you love historical collections. Visit the Bryan!There is something here for everyone young and old to get excited about.Texas history is amazing and you will no doubt learn something you didnt know about prior.Terrific signage, audio video, and display .

Review №40

Even the effortlessly bored 13 year old liked it!! Very cool, and a great escape from the heat!

Review №41

This historical place is extremely interesting. The Texas and old West artifacts are amazing! The people - mostly volunteers - are very nice and very helpful.

Review №42

I enjoyed the house itself as much as the artifacts. So much history to discover.

Review №43

Fantastic establishment with a wealth of history and changing art exhibits!

Review №44

A docent named Jack lead us through an interesting tour of the museum. He was knowledgeable and genuine. The kids in our group were included, yet he kept the adults intrigued as well.

Review №45

A sightseeing gem in a nice Galveston neighborhood away from the downtown area and close to the seawall.

Review №46

Loved the opening for Halloween.

Review №47

Everything from a specific part of Texas history ~1850-1930, relating to the greater story of the US. Told from a Texas perspective.Highlights: painting from Rocky Mountain School of art, 3 Andy Warhols, Texas art, lots of beautiful guns.

Review №48

Great museum about local and Texas history with an amazing collection in a beautiful historic building. The staff was very friendly and we enjoyed the touch screen pads to learn more information about the collection. We look forward to going back. The grounds are lovely as well!

Review №49

This was a very interesting museum and beautiful too.

Review №50

Well organized and extremely informative about the history and formation of Texas. Recommended Galveston stop. The old guns on display on the second floor is the best Ive ever seen.

Review №51

We are more into admiring old architecture. Most of that was covered up. Large collection of art and artifacts.

Review №52

The museum is beautiful! We enjoyed the film at the beginning of the tour. It was very informative about Galveston and Texas history.The upstairs was full of western art, just beautiful!We highly recommend going for a visit!

Review №53

Out of all of the museums between Houston and Galveston, my daughter says this is her favorite place

Review №54

Anyone who enjoys a variety collection of art mixed with personal items that meant something to a person, and housed in a grand example of Renaissance architecture... This is worthy of your time. Walk slowly and take it in... Enjoy the day.

Review №55

If you are a lover of American History and Texas History dont miss this great museum in Galveston Texas!

Review №56

This is such a unique and beautiful museum, which feels like being in the mansion of an eccentric old collector who packed his house to the gills. Lots of incredible artifacts from Texas history and well curated special exhibits. Definitely worth a stop when youre visiting Galveston

Review №57

If youre a fan of guns or the old west, this is the place for you.

Review №58

Beautiful place for a wedding

Review №59

Loved all the history, architecture of the building and story of the orphanage!

Review №60

A beautiful venue for a wedding. The glass atrium was so cozy and intimate.

Review №61

Staff was friendly, exhibits will presented and interesting. The building itself is a good example of turn of the century construction.

Review №62

We enjoyed it! If you love history, come check it out!

Review №63

Excellent museum. Full of wonderful Texas history. A must see when on Galveston Island.

Review №64

Wonderful museum, lots of information about Galveston and Texas history!

Review №65

I thought this museum was fabulous. It is very well put together and has extremely interesting Texas memorabilia. Our docent was great.

Review №66

We were on our way to a store when we saw this mansion. Decided to check it out and glad we did! This museum offers a lot, from artifacts to artwork and through everything, they do a good job telling the story of Texas and Galveston.

Review №67

Jeff Warren is a great docent. If you like Texas history you should visit. I learned a lot from Jeff during our tour.

Review №68

Ive only ventured outside but it was beautiful and well kept. There is a farmers market in the back twice a week I believe. Definitely every Sunday and possibly Thursday. It was fun and clean.

Review №69

Lots of history in this place. Beautiful place tp visit

Review №70

This is an exciting gem on Galveston Island filled with artifacts and stories from Texas history! The building use to be one of 3 orphanages on Galveston Island. There is a little bit about the orphanage included in the tour. You can explore on your own or you can enjoy a guided tour that is packed full of information! This is one of the best museums we have visited outside of Washington D.C.!

Review №71

Absolutely beautiful building and first class exhibits

Review №72

The Bryan Museum is a great place to check out local history. They also host fun events like Hands on Texas History where there are more interactive parts. I had a good time seeing, touching, and learning.

Review №73

Very nice museum and the docents are fantastic! Noticed it is also a venue for weddings too!

Review №74

Fantastic museum with some Texas history. The screen system they used for showing more information about the various artifacts was fantastic. A great little museum that I didnt even know about until just recently.

Review №75

Really interesting little museum filled with Texas and Galveston history. The kids enjoyed the scavenger hunt and I enjoyed the exhibits. Very nice piece of history.

Review №76

Marvelous exhibits from Texas history. Finest diarama of the San Jacinto Battlefield as exists. I spent a half hour soaking up the detail.

Review №77

Amzing architecture housing losts of cool art

Review №78

Beautiful grounds and exhibits! The Farmers market there usually has live music.

Review №79

There is an amazing collection artifacts documenting Texas history.

Review №80

I’ve been going to Galveston for over 50 years. I really enjoy the history of the island. Until today I was unaware that there had been more than 1 orphanage on the island. This one, which opened in the late 1800s and closed in 1984, was a victim of the Great Storm of 1900. It was turned into a museum in 2015.Lynne was our guide for a very detailed and interesting tour of relics, arms, art and other pieces of Texas history.Most (if not all) are from the Bryan family personal collections and includes a surprising number of rare items, more than I’ve seen anywhere else.There are also beautiful grounds, an atrium, and a gift shop which was staffed by Jan who was also a friendly wealth of knowledge. They offer many events and a farmers market throughout the year.We were so impressed we bought an annual membership, something we haven’t done in many years. Definitely worth a stop & a return when you are anywhere near Galveston.

Review №81

Wonderful simply wonderful. Great bits of true Texas history. Polite and educated staff makes this a good stop for mom and dads.

Review №82

3 floors of history about Texas as well as the venture west. Museum is in the historic orphanage that withstood the 1900 storm. The lowest floor is a lot of fun for kids! Pirate ship and cave...

Review №83

Great museum, staff was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.

Review №84

Interesting collection of Texan and cowboy history. Items are exhibited well and info is on touch screen in English and Spanish. Lots of art, too, featuring mainly Texan artists or themes. Gift shop has great assortment of books. Take the time to visit!!

Review №85

Omg where do I start...our wedding is in November this year and we were super stressed on planning. We didn’t know how to plan a wedding or what to do next until we met Peter.Peter is the kindest most helpful person in the world. He cares so much about people and how to make the best day of their life better.The Museum itself is absolutely gorgeous. We had a company party there one night and I fell in love immediately with the luxurious, eclectic and vintage feel of the place.I have no doubt in my mind that Peter will make our day go perfectly. I honestly don’t know what I would do without him!Do yourself a favor and go meet Peter and Richard at The Bryan Museum!Love,Molly

Review №86

Wow! So much cool Americana and Texas history. I went with a history nerd and she had a great time. For anyone like me who didnt go to elementary/middle school here its a great recap of Texas history. Definitely worth a trip.

Review №87

This is the best attraction in Galveston. We could have spend much longer there, and were amazed at the rich history portrayed. A special side note, the lady in the museum shop is lovely, and my husband bought me a lovely suede shawl from there.

Review №88

Beautiful historical facility. We visited for a wedding tour. Peter was super informative and friendly. The place is beautiful and we loved how much attention to detail they put into the wedding amenities without taking away from the venue. Definitely in our top three as we go forward analyzing the details of which wedding venue to pick.

Review №89

Great place to spend a rainy day in Galveston. Interesting exhibits on Texas history and wonderful presentation of Texas artists. Loved the gift shop!

Review №90

What an amazing collection of Texas history! This museum has put extraordinary effort into every detail. The staff is very friendly and helpful.

Review №91

Great overview of Texas history in a stunning building with a beautiful garden.

Review №92

Very interesting. Lots of history displayed.

Review №93

Great museum with a really cool collection of documents and artifacts from the Spanish colonial era all the way through the 1900 hurricane.

Review №94

Wonderful facility with good history and art combined. Well maintained piece of history on the Island.

Review №95

Always a great experience!!! Very nice and knowledgable staff and volunteers. Doesnt matter if there is an event or a speaker or Im just enjoying the museum.....its awesome!I recommend the Bryan.

Review №96

This place is a time capsule of texas history. Very nice

Review №97

Really cool museum and art gallery. The tour was awesome and the people there were very nice and knowledgeable. We were excited to see the paintings and cowboy gear. Definitely recommended for a nice visit.the grounds were beautiful and the best day to go is probably on Sunday because you can also go to the farmers market. The museum also does a great job supporting the locals, which is a plus.

Review №98

The Bryan Museum is located at the historic Galveston Orphans Home and it houses the Bryan Collection, one of the worlds largest collections of historical artifacts, documents, and artwork relating to Texas and the American West. Assembled by J.P. and Mary Jon Bryan, the collection spans more than 500 years, with pieces ranging from ancient Native American cultural artifacts to modern twenty-first century objects including over 20,000 rare books; more than 30,000 documents in Spanish, German, French, and English; three dozen saddles; over 250 antique firearms; several hundred spurs; a large collection of fine art, religious art, folk art, and portraits; rare maps and artifacts, such as cowboy chaps; Native American stone tools and arrowheads; and a Spanish mission bell.The Bryan Museum is a chronological history of Texas and the American West with a special emphasis on the Spanish influences in the region. In addition to its permanent galleries, the Museum also includes space for rotating special exhibits, a library, and an archive.

Review №99

My best friend had her wedding at the Bryan Museum this past weekend, and it was amazing! The event coordinators were really friendly and helpful and they made sure we had everything we needed. Great service and beautiful venue!

Review №100

If youre interested in United States and Texas history this is a great place to go. Set aside a lot of time because theres many interesting exhibits to see. This is such an interesting place Galveston would be worth going to see just to go through this Museum. Plus Galveston is a great vacation city.

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