Old Mission San Jose
43300 Mission Blvd, Fremont, CA 94539, United States
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The original Spanish mission was erected in 1797. Most of what you can see now has been carefully and painstakingly rebuilt and touched up through generous donations.I haven’t seen all of the Spanish missions in California, but this one strikes me as pretty simple and practical.As for whether the Spanish colonial legacy around the world is something to celebrate (any colonial legacy for that matter) is up to you, but at the end of the day it’s a physical part of history that doesn’t let us forget.

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This place oozes history. The church portion was rebuilt in the early 1980s but its faithful to the past of California. And take a guided tour to learn about the state, the area, and the successes and failures of many peoples who have ruled the state. Enjoy.

Review №3

Great place, view and inviroment, Mission San Jose ! Very neat, quite, clean and in ordering. One of my most favorite locations in Bay Area, CA.

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Interesting but not as big as many of the California missions. Was reconstructed in the 1980s. There is the mission, the church and cemetary. Small admission fee as this mission was restored and is maintained by private funding. Also a small gift shop. Weekday masses held at 8am.The church is very nice. Not over the top. Robert Livermore is buried there.. The cemetary is small but interesting. Sad.Overall worth a stop if you are interested in bay area and/or California history. Its probably a 1-2 hr visit for most people. It is wheelchair accessible in all areas . There is parking in the church parking lot on the north side of the church.

Review №5

Beautiful place so much history

Review №6

This place will take you back in time. Its like a hidden gem in the Bay Area. There is very less crowd so, youll have a pleasant experience exploring the museum.

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Good place for an elementary, docent-led field trip. Lots of artifacts to see indoors.

Review №8

This museum is very informative and has a lot of artifacts. Helpful for students doing their projects to visit and actually see it. The church is maintained well and left in its original state.

Review №9

Great experience for my granddaughter. The staff was very helpful it was a wonderful experience.

Review №10

Historical site with lots of significance to the area. Its interesting and has good displays and artifacts. Several rooms and areas to explore/contemplate.

Review №11

Amazing tour with very nice teachers! We also had an organ concert.

Review №12

Small mission. Not much of campus anymore. Church, museum, and a garden.

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Nice self guided historical tour. Beautiful garden and grounds, not large. The church is function as St. Josephs Parish. Contains fasinating artifacts. He cemetery is interesting as well.

Review №14

The Olive Festival at the Old Mission had live music, dancers, face painting, DIY olive branch crowns, food vendors, art, wine/beer. A quaint festival on a beautiful day.

Review №15

Beautiful, small Mission loved it. Nestled in a very nice neighborhood in Fremont. This is the first Mission Ive been to that does not have our Lady of Guadalupe and other saints in the church. I was disappointed. All the pieces on display are very interesting and/or beautiful. Staff at the souvenir shop were very courteous. Very inexpensive fees to go in. A must see.

Review №16

Interesting tour about misdions history of California, how it affected life of Native Americans, what conditions people were living in.

Review №17

Pleasantly situated not far from I-680, this is an attractively restored mission and is worth a scenic detour if you are interested in California history.

Review №18

Absolutely breathe taking. Amazing history. Great gift shop

Review №19

Took friends from out of town there. A hidden gem of California history. Amazingly restored church and buildings with artifacts to give you a great exposure to life at the mission.

Review №20

Nice historical site. Learned a lot about the local history. I cant speak for the religion that they have on tap here as i didnt sample any while i was visiting.

Review №21

There are a few spaces of free street parking in front of the mission.There is a nominal fee (I paid $5) which is paid in the gift shop.The main building has the museum along with the gift shop. Across the courtyard is the church. As with all of the California missions I have visited (7 so far), the church is magnificent inside. The courtyard is not very large. If you are interested in California history, especially the Spanish period, this is a great place to spend a couple of hours.

Review №22

Pretty and interesting to learn about the history of the mission.

Review №23

Whenever friends from outside the Bay Area visit us we take them here for a bit of California history. The museum gives a nice overview of the California missions, their history and that of the native Indians who were swept into the mission system. And the reconstructed mission church is magnificent. Masses are still held here and I’ve seen many wedding parties out front taking the obligatory photos. Lastly, if you’re into old historic cemeteries, the mission cemetery is worth a visit. Many or most of the local founding fathers and mothers from the Mexican period of California are buried here.

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Free parking in the lot next to the school (nice since there is a ton of traffic here!), and open 10-5 pm. $5 admission fee helps support the mission - well worth it to see the various exhibit rooms and the church. Not original but still an interesting piece of California history. You can visit the cemetery to see where Robert Livermore is buried just next door. Great staff in the gift shop, too!

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Mission San Jose. Nice road to bike along

Review №26

Its one of the few surviving missions on the west coast. Its a very interesting history lesson on the west coast and how the missions had an impact on its development. I would suggest that you take one of the guided tours.

Review №27

Very interesting and informative. Really learned a lot about the history of the area. I loved the sanctuary and listening to the organ music. The grounds are nice too.

Review №28

Classic California mission

Review №29

Nice but small mission.

Review №30

To me It was kind of plain!

Review №31

Well organized and laid out. The signs and descriptions of the artifacts are just enough information without being too wordy. The tour isnt so long that the kids get bored.

Review №32

When I was homeschooling my kiddo I took him there. We explored the museum, cemetery and church. It was for his 6th grade report (2015) and recently (2019) I went there for a wedding in the church... Very beautiful, great parking, location and obviously lots of history.

Review №33

Had a wonderful tour with kids. Decent was a bit too detailed for them but very informative.

Review №34

Great tour foe our fourth graders

Review №35

This is a great place to go during the Christmas season. I can remember my Mother taking me there when I was little for the first time. Fond memories

Review №36

Not a very large museum but a great deal for $5 and a good place to stop by before climbing mission peak

Review №37

Its amazing that we have this history right in our backyard and we take it for granted, this is the 3rd California mission we have studied for my sons mission project and the we now have the urge to visit them all. Please take the time to stop and visit any California mission in YOUR backyard, you wont regret it. Cheers.

Review №38

Great place back in 1993 but the people are more weard

Review №39

Parking here was on the street. The shop isnt the best, seems the inventor isnt kept up. The ladies were nice though. The church is nice and looks like a mission church. Traffic around the area is crazy on Fridays. The line flows right by the mission.

Review №40

A beautiful mission with tons of history to learn about! The gorgeous cathedral with enchanting art makes a visit entirely worth it.

Review №41

Another beautiful California mission similar to all the others. This one was destroyed during an earthquake and rebuilt.Mission San Jose is in Fremont, not San Jose, keep that in mind.

Review №42

Beautiful old church. Not a lot to see ..

Review №43

Pretty awesome, and accessible piece of history.

Review №44

It was so good it was beautiful and staff members were great I recmond it as a great place to visit and learn about :)

Review №45

History, some sad

Review №46

Charming little museum and church with some interesting artefacts.

Review №47

Beautiful Mission, nicely renovated. I rarely get any intuitions or feelings but a heaviness came over me while in the cemetary. It was not a creepy feeling, but more of a sad feeling. I have heard stories of a haunting at a place just southeast of the mission, between Mission San Jose and Ohlone college. Anyone else felt or heard anything strange?

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Very interesting affordable gifts wonderful plants

Review №49

Very nice...somewhat small. It wont take long to go through it.

Review №50

Mission San Jose is a great place to learn about the history of Native Americans and the Catholic Church. I bring my family her probably once every few years. The Mission has been taking care of very well. The kids like to see the many items for sale in the gift shop. Great place for school field trip and photo shoots. This place will always be one of my favorite historic places in Fremont.

Review №51

Is a great place

Review №52

Historic Catholic church, beautiful wedding venue

Review №53

I man doing a mission project on this mission

Review №54

I have made it a Mission to try and visit all 21 Missions in Ca. I cant believe that I had never came to this one since I work in Fremont. I also went to Santa Clara University, San Juan Bautista and Carmel by the SEA. HIghly recoMmended for my faithfuls to stop by and take some pictures and buy some gifts from gift shop........ ALL CATHOLICS ARE CHRISTIANS BUT NO ALL CHRISTIANS ARE CATHOLICS

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Lots of nice items. Not typical plastic garbage found in gift shop. Historic mission rebuilt after earthquake. Quiet place to just hang out and look around. Excellent example of California mission. Traffic in area can be hairy.

Review №56

Great tour and friendly staff also!

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Review №58

It was a nice visit to this historical landmark.

Review №59

A nice place to go when you want history blended with interesting architecture and peace.

Review №60

Makes you feel like you went back in time.

Review №61

Was a cool spot. Pretty interesting

Review №62

I have been to all of the missions over the years. San Jose could be so much more. The original buildings were damaged by earthquake and fire and while it is a nice place to visit, you just dont get the same feeling you get when you visit Carmel, San Juan Bautista or San Juan Capistrano. Still, its one of the 21 original missions and should be visited.

Review №63

Beautiful history to learn and feel.

Review №64

Very holy beautiful place.

Review №65

Went to Music at the Mission....Fantastic

Review №66

Fun and very informative

Review №67

I am going there for a field trip

Review №68

I love the place...over there on Mission Blvd have beautiful giant tall thin palm trees...the old mission museum and gift shop is too beautiful to visit for awhile. We are newcomers to California three weeks ago. I will go visit there again because we live 4 miles away. I love MSJ area.

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I think mission is a very nice place to visit if it is your first time going to a mission, it has a great shop and displae.

Review №70

Nice place to visit

Review №71

Beautiful, but not as much to see as at some other missions. Not a must-see, but worth a visit.

Review №72

Nice, but a bit small museum

Review №73

God bless us all

Review №74

One time visit typically good for people who love history

Review №75

Really neat and historical local. I believe it dates back to 1797! Despite the name the mission is in Fremont.

Review №76

Beautifully restored mission, full of interesting information about the native inhabitants prior to the arrival of Spanish missionaries. Staff members are well-versed on many historical and architectural aspects. Must visit!

Review №77

So peaceful and beautiful inside.

Review №78

Creepy yet interesting

Review №79

Excellent, informative museum. They have guided tours once a month during the weekend which are totally worth it - do call and find out when the next one is. I learnt a lot about the history of the Indian people who inhabited the area and of life in the time of the missions in a changing context (Spanish, Mexican and American rule). The Mission buildings themselves are very nicely restored and well worth the trip in themselves.

Review №80

Great history and exploration at this mission

Review №81

Beautiful church, lovely priests!

Review №82

Nice place to visit

Review №83

It was an amazing experience!

Review №84

The gift shop was rather small, and I wish their Pass Port stamp was more creative; but the staff was very kind and polite.

Review №85

Beautiful Mission church.

Review №86

Beautiful place and in great shape.

Review №87


Review №88

I was married here, but dont hold that against this beautiful place.

Review №89

Interesting old church. Mass held in church only on weekdays.

Review №90

Not much to see. Small compared to other missions, e.g. San Juan Capistrano. Only die hard mission aficionados will find this mission worth the visit.

Review №91

Well reconstructed in the later 1800s, this is a beautiful and peaceful place to.visit. Interesting history.

Review №92

Awesome place to visit

Review №93

Beautiful mission

Review №94

Very well maintained and full of interesting artifacts and information.

Review №95

Historically important, beautiful church and grounds

Review №96

It is nice, bit not worth the money

Review №97

Wonderfully preserved and still in use. Sprawling grounds and a fantastic museum!

Review №98

Mission San Jose, the 14th mission, was founded in 1797 by Father Fermin Lasuen. It was located near the Pueblo de San Jose, the first Spanish settlement built in California. In 1808, an earthquake damaged its bell tower, collapsing it. During a 1809 reconstruction, the bell tower was shortened to the roof line.By 1834, the church was secularized and its assets were sold. During the gold rush, its buildings were used as a trading post. Later, the buildings were used as a hotel, store and tavern.In 1868, a major earthquake completely destroyed Mission San Jose. All that remained were the padres quarters.Mission San Joses history is varied in that it only served as a Spanish mission for 30 years. A complete restoration of the mission began in 1982 and was finished by 1985. There is a museum on site, next to the church, containing exhibits of mission life and the local Ohlone Indian tribe.

Review №99

Must see 1797 Mission S.J.

Review №100

It was the best mission i ever went to. It has so many history and I loved it.

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