Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Library & Museums
Spiegel Grove, Fremont, OH 43420, United States
Review №1

Excellent museum of our former President, of his life, his family and his tenure in office. His home next door is not to be missed. Youll need about 3 hours, and there might be some handicap accessible issues with the home tour, so check with them. Enjoy!

Review №2

Would have loved to do a tour, but we didnt have time. Walking this yourself there was so much to see! You could easily spend all day here.

Review №3

A hidden gem.Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.Well maintained property.Definitely worth the trip to learn about a president not very familiar.

Review №4

Cathy, the docent, and Kristy, the director, are smart and friendly history enthusiasts who bring Hayes facts to life. Love the tour and the house and the gardens! Something for all ages. Thanks!

Review №5

Such a wonderful historic site to visit. The staff was very friendly and went out of their way to ensure my lady and I enjoyed our time and received the full experience. I would recommend visiting this site to anyone wanting to learn the history of the 16th president and the great state of Ohio.

Review №6

The staff were very helpful and the nature walk way nice. The squirrels are super friendly . I have not done the museums yet but it was a blast and we will come again.

Review №7

This is a very cool place to go if you like history. Knowledgeable staff on the tour. Lots of information here and opportunities to explore out and inside. No pictures are allowed in the Mansions tours; everywhere else is fine. They do discount for military.

Review №8

Went for the cryptozoology exhibit. It was pretty cool. Enjoyed walking the grounds. So many cute squirrels!!

Review №9

Took home tour today extremely unsatisfied. In this time of social distancing the group was 13 ppl and only about 4 ft between. I have leukemia and didnt need that. Guide. Gary rambled too much. Would never pay to see. It. Child was extremely bored. Was never advised there was days for people at risk.

Review №10

Awesome museum! Dont miss the guided tour of the Hayes House!

Review №11

Our nations first presidential library. It has an amazing museum set on park grounds that include the Hayes Home. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. A great place to spent a few hours and learn about history first hand.

Review №12

Great place to visit and learn more about President Hayes life. Toured his home and the museum has a lot of artifacts from his era. Staff is wonderful and provided us outstanding customer service.

Review №13

This is such a great place to walk and enjoy being outside! We Love feeding the squirrels, and hunting for Pokemon

Review №14

Love the Hayes Center. Always clean, friendly people and great spots to take pictures!

Review №15

A great spot to meet explore Ohio history and one of the Ohio presidents that served their country. House and musuem with grounds. Plan for a couple hours to explore and visit.

Review №16

It is a really nice park to have a picnic in and to walk around.

Review №17

We really enjoyed our visit all staff very friendly our tour guide Tara was great.

Review №18

Great place to visit. Mansion is gorgeous. Guide was extremely knowledgeable. Grounds were inviting. Museum packed with lots to see

Review №19

This is a great place to talk a walk or for a photoshoot. The squirrels here are all very friendly and if you wait patiently enough, theyll eat peanuts right out of your hand. The museum is full of many old artifacts and is a great time for those who enjoy history. The inside of the Hayes house is elegant and beautiful, definitely worth touring.

Review №20

Beautiful trees to linger amongst. Impressive buildings to oggle. Very nice afternoon in August to wander the pathway.

Review №21

Excellent collection of historical items of significance. Each item is labeled and the history is as complete as possible so you can gain a greater understanding of its part in our past.

Review №22

Closed because of COVID. But a nice place to visit the grounds. Want to go back when it is open.

Review №23

This is an amazing museum full of memorabilia from his life. The home contains pictures from when he was still alive and the house was renovated back to match those pictures as much as possible. Luckily he saw to it that the home would be preserved as a museum when the family no longer needed it and the family saved most furniture they no longer used. We are going back in the spring to see more of the museum and to walk the grounds.

Review №24

I went to the museum to get information on my heritage.The liabraian was very helpfull.I took a tour on a hoarse and buggy ride and that was beautiful and very enlightening.

Review №25

Great place to walk and feed squirrels!

Review №26

For Presidential Gravesite’s, this was a good one. The grounds are well kept and there are quite a few things to look at and discover.

Review №27

A great place to take a walk and also learn some Presidential history.

Review №28

This is a great place to take grandchildren! There is the museum inside & Spiegel Grove outside for nice walks. They schedule events throughout the year. For example: they have sleigh rides in the winter and band concerts in the summer.

Review №29

Lots of great information of the times. I didnt know the election was so contentious. The house is beautiful and grounds were peaceful

Review №30

Wonderful free concert twice a month, the ice cream is good too

Review №31

Loved this place. The house tour was great. Our guide was knowledgable and friendly. The museum was interesting and had lots of cool stuff to look at. The grounds are beautiful and peaceful.The only reason I didnt give it 5 stars is, I would have liked to see the 3rd floor of the house even if its not restored. You also are not permitted to take pictures.

Review №32

The grounds are beautiful even if you dont go to the museum. The museum is a bit pricey but very informative. The house is pretty cool, especially if your into the period decor and clothing. Lots of neat events to watch out for; for kids and adults.

Review №33

It was a great day last summer for us to travel to Fremont, Ohio to tour our 19th President, Rutherford B. Hayes Home, Burial, Museum and our nations 1st Presidential Library. Serving 1877-1881, a product of the Civil War (wounded 5 times, a Union Brevet Major General, knew Abraham Lincoln and served with distinction with Arthur Garfield his successor and William McKinley both who will both be assassinated while President. Controversy like today, the Democrat candidate with more popular vote but like our chaps, he ended up with one more electoral college vote when mysteriously 3 states votes were shifted to him, very contentious! 1st president with a phone thanks to Edison, 1st to visit the wild West mostly by train then stagecoach and after Grants scandal riddled cabinet and presidency, agreed to remove Union troops from the southern Confederate states and continue black suppression for generations. His son was 2nd recipient of Medal of Honor started by Theodore Roosevelt. Beautiful grounds, no photos allowed in his magnificent home with 13 foot ceilings and 31 rooms on 3 floors. Glad to visit here and pay our respects to our President. Just like then we will be history and our generation for better or worse will no longer make a difference.This Museum has many of Abraham Lincolns possessions including his slippers, gloves, part of his coat, etc he wore on day of his assassination as Rutherford Hayes knew Abe personally. Rutherford was a hoarder & kept everything. His descendants also kept everything. They lived here until 1965 when after accepting Federal Funds to renovate the deteriorating property had to give up their privacy so they moved away and gave everything to Foundation. The house is impeccable and everything is original and owned by President Hayes and his family. Rarely seen to this day. A must visit! Beautiful grounds trees planted here by 7 Presidents.Our 19th President wrote in the twilight of his years in the 1890a his belief that current government unlike that of Lincolns was for the people had become a government for the rich.

Review №34

Rutherford B. Hayes tends to fade into the background of American history, and this museum really brings a focus to his life and his politics, as well as the man himself. I thought I knew much more than I actually did about him before my visit here. The grounds are beautiful as well.

Review №35

My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed going here! Our guide through the house was a woman named Grace and she was excellent. We plan to return soon.

Review №36

Excellent tour of the Rutherford B. Hayes estate! We were captivated from the time we stepped in the home. The renovation done over the years to the mansion was so impressive!

Review №37

Things are kind of pricey but the grounds are very pretty and really enjoyed the trolley ride. I felt bad afterwards though because the horses were actually foaming at the mouth like excessively and i thought it just looked so sad like it was not worth our enjoyment for the poor horses thirst. Maybe should give them breaks in between rides?

Review №38

Nice place to walk . Good history lesson.

Review №39

Nice place to burn calories with my power walks

Review №40

This is an awesome historical site that everyone in the area NEEDS to visit!My family and I have toured President Hayes home many times over the years.

Review №41

Great historical place in Fremont. So beautiful and so much to do. From the many exhibits in the museum, the house and the grounds. It is truly an amazing experience.

Review №42

Excellent site. Well maintained and essential part of history.

Review №43

Take a step back in time and tour the president Hayes mansion.

Review №44

Lots to see, both for the history buff and the fresh air person.

Review №45

I had visited here before and was very impressed. I went back because I was interested in the Temperance movement display. This was a bit disappointing as it was mostly just placards briefly explaining the history of the movement. If youre truly interested in this part of history stay at home and watch Ken Burns film. Its redeeming quality was that it explained the Hayeses position on the subject.

Review №46

This place is an absolute gem of a find! Such a wonderful experience and very friendly staff. Definitely do the the house tour! That was one of the most informative tours I have taken in quite awhile. Everything in the house is so very detailed and it is in pristene condition. The museum is pretty awesome too. But that house tour by Ann was just amazing! I am definitely going to be going back. I will also recommend this place to absolutely everyone heading through Fremont, OH. It is really accessible and I loved it.Thank you for making my trip so memorable! Remember!!!! TAKE THE HOUSE TOUR!!! It is literally AMAZING!!!

Review №47

Beautiful home of Rutherford B. Hayes and very informative museum. Spent a good amount of time learning about our 19th president. The staff was very helpful as well.

Review №48

Our tour guide Joan was very informative and explained so much about the history of the house and family. The museum was also very interesting. My son and I enjoyed our time here.

Review №49

Plenty of shade if you want to go for a walk it is truly a beautiful place. The museum is always updated and the tours are great. Im proud to say I live in Fremont because of this place.

Review №50

Much to see in this first presidential museum, the Hayes home is huge , has 31 rooms

Review №51

If you love history definitely worth a visit. I always enjoy learning about people who you dont read too much about in history books.

Review №52

Good historic site. Very nice museum next door. A lot of history to go through. Very informative desk clerk.

Review №53

I go here just to walk around the trail. It is a peaceful, woodsy area.

Review №54

This museum is great it shows the life of president RBH In a amazing manner.

Review №55

Great historical location. Very relaxing to walk the paths.

Review №56

Nicely done. Beautiful grounds with relaxed pace. Staff friendly and helpful. This was our 14th pres. Library visited. All are unique and this was no exception. Learned new information to motivate me to read more about this family.

Review №57

Great place to take a nice walk, with family or with your pets!

Review №58

Very educational. Really neat slice of history.

Review №59

Visited the library. Staff was super helpful! Great place to do family research.

Review №60

Gorgeous historical site that is so much more than the site of the first presidential library. Beautiful grounds, gorgeous home, and an amazing museum honor a unique family.

Review №61

This is a small presidential library/museum. The museum still includes a lot of information on one of our lesser know presidents. I didnt go on the house tour so I cant review that. The grounds here a lovely.

Review №62

Very nice, great learnings

Review №63

If you like history stuff, its great. The house tour was really well done.

Review №64

Despite being in town, its very quiet. We love walking here with our kids. We bring food for squirrels and our kids love feeding them.The museum is wonderful as well. We particularly love the house. Its interesting to see the house so well preserved and the reenactment they do each year really brings the whole place to life.

Review №65

Worth the detour off the interstate.

Review №66

Great place to walk. Each round, with the hill, is a mile for us. Make sure you take unsalted peanuts for the super friendly squirrels

Review №67

I really enjoy the Hayes Center, its a beautiful historical site with many events that are all perfect for a day out with the family. The home, museum, tombs, and grounds are fantastic. Its a true treasure for the city of Fremont.

Review №68

Fantastic interactive displays and beautiful grounds and walking trails

Review №69

This is a wonderful site. Not only do you have the Hayes Presidential Museum but the Hayes Home is also available for tours. The grounds are well kept and some very notable trees are still standing.

Review №70

Great place to walk kids and pets. Shady so its not so hot. Go there to find lots of Pokemon!!!

Review №71

This place is just amazing. The people here are very friendly and helpful

Review №72

I wish I could remember our tour guides name. She was a well of wit, sweetness, and knowledge. My gentleman friend and I were the only ones on what was to be an hour tour of the house, but we ended up staying and asking questions for an extra hour. It was such a special experience to learn about this family, their property, and to bask in the gorgeous Grove

Review №73

I love this place for doing genealogy research. The library has a great selection of material to doing research. The people are very friendly and knowledgeable. They are very friendly and knowledgeable about what the library has to offer and can help you with your research.

Review №74

Was a nice tour, guide did an excellent job.

Review №75

I always enjoy time spent at the Grove and its such an inviting space. The trails are easy strolling and the squirrels are friendly and enjoy a shared peanut or two from the visitors who come bearing gifts.The house is enchanting and the grounds have plenty of space for an impromptu picnic, just bring along a blanket and your lunch and enjoy the shade from the trees while you enjoy a lovely afternoon with loved ones.

Review №76

The city doesnt do enough to honor this great place.

Review №77

Beautiful place!! Love the home and gardens. Nothing like walking the grounds with so much history. A must see!

Review №78

Absolutely worth the trip beautiful ground September the best time of the year to come learned a lot the grounds are beautiful best time of the year to come in September I learned a lot. His presidency and history someone mimics Trump today and the social issues we still face

Review №79

A great experience for the area. One of the only things to do in Fremont. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Lots of special events for adults and kids. Highly recommended.

Review №80

The house itself is a fantastic piece of history. Because of pictures taken while Pres & Mrs Hayes lived there, there were able to recreate how the how looked at the time of their occupancy, down to the specific placement of specific paintings, even where the President had a cane hanging on a peg. The muse is also a fascinating repository of historical artifacts related to the President & his family, but the layout is a bit difficult to follow. If one desires to follow along the story in chronological order, its a bit difficult to know where to begin. Plus, the display and info on the temperance movement as related to the Pres and Mrs Hayes is hidden away in the basement. As stated, however, the artifacts tell a fantastic story, especially the area dealing with his presidency.Did spend time in the library, but not much, as its more conducive to research than anything else, and I was just looking.Overall, a great presentation of the life of our 19th president

Review №81

If you enjoy history, especially if you live in the area, you really should visit. The grounds and facilities are perfectly maintained. The entire thing is enjoyable, but I thought the tour of the house was the high point. Highly recommended!

Review №82

I am so glad I sought this particular place out during my recent trip to Ohio. Whether you are a student of history, an architecture fan or a just a curious passerby, this place does not disappoint. Ive been to most of the presidential libraries and, all though small, Rutherford B. Hayes is well done, accurate and is staffed with excellent hosts and docents. The property is breathtaking and the homes interior is superbly restored.

Review №83

My aunt and I went down there and had a lot of fun learned a lot I really enjoyed it

Review №84

Great place to visit and do genealogical research

Review №85

The history of the election is the big story behind Hayes presidency. The park is open to the public with or without admission to the museum and library. Magnificent grounds.

Review №86

Very peaceful. Nice area to walk the trails.

Review №87

The escape room experience was fantastic! Went with four other couples and escaped with 4 min to spare. Will definitely do this again if they have another one in the future.

Review №88

Always a nice place to go to. I go for the Genealogy Library.

Review №89

The house is just gorgeous and the property goes on forever! Excellent and informative tour is worth the visit!

Review №90

Learned a great deal about a president from my stateVery nice museumHome tour in original furnishings veryEducational

Review №91

Even without going inside any of the buildings it is still a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy being outside

Review №92

8/30...Very nice, and well tended grounds, house and museum. Uniquely informative tour of the house with Cathey, a local guide. Well versed in the occupants and history of the property. The house has been restored to reflect the original status. Many original fixtures and furniture pieces. The museum shows an accurate portrayal of the life and times around the 19th president. Well worth the afternoon we were there. I was disappointed only by the relative lack of museum shop literature about Hayes and the politicos of the era.

Review №93

My family loves to walk the trails here when the weather is nice. Always well kept.

Review №94

Beautiful park to take the kids too. Lots of squirrels

Review №95

Beautiful! The grounds are beautiful! Bring your walking shoes and take a leisurely walking tour of the grounds and mansion. Pop inside the library and museum for 2 floors of exhibits and family history, and great information on the drama around R. B. Hayes election!

Review №96

Lots of great history to be seen here. The museum is wonderful.

Review №97

Didnt tour the house or Museum but the grounds are beautiful.

Review №98

I loved visiting here with my friends! I was doing a school presentation on Rutherford b Hayes, and I decided to come here to get more information. The home tour I especially recommend. Those tour guides sure do know a lot about President Hayes. The museum is my next favorite, tied with the tomb. There are SO many exhibits on president Hayes, it took 2 hours to photograph much of them. I dont have anything to say about the library, because we didnt spend too much time there. I place I definitely recommend visiting in Ohio.

Review №99

Excellent information available. Bob & Sue terrific help.

Review №100

Fascinating home tour. We loved it. Great history lesson, original furnishings, decor of the original period, beautiful grounds.

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