Willow Springs
4600 Old Blue Cir, Fort Worth, TX 76119, United States

Review №1

I love the way the homes look, they are much bigger from the inside. The staff are always answering all of my questions and concerns. I recommend living here very peaceful.

Review №2

We love management. They make repairs in a timely manner, clean the community and ensure everyone is following the rules. Shout out to FTW

Review №3

I’m having such a nice time living here the staff is very friendly. Ms.Cora gave me a wonderful tour of the property when I came by. Each year they have better homes and cleanliness looks even more wonderful.

Review №4

Been here 7 yrs and I love it,the new office stuff will work with you to get things done.Becky you rock.

Review №5

Ive been here at Willow Springs 3 yrs in feb I can say as of last year the community is getting better and better the new staff are personable and the maintenance staff are on it the community that I live in is quite clean and well kept I love that office staff care

Review №6

I am not trying to win a gift card for a false review. I have lived here over 6 yrs and the park never maintained anything. I have a big Pecan Tree in my lot that I have payed to maintain. Today with no notice at all the park cut it completely down. This is disrectfull. Especially when there are tree bent into homes and you didnt touch them at all. I am not umunge the illegal people that live in this park I dont have a problem standing up for my rights. I am born and raised in the . Also it is so dark at night in this park does not pay for Security lights. I have been paying for the one on my lot for years. People are getting cars broke in and houses. I lost a piece of my peacefull enjoyment and the privacy from my neighbor that stares out her window at my front door everyday. Per a horticulture expert the tree did not have to be completely cut down just the root that was the concern. Per Them Boys tree service Supervisor your maintenance employee took them around and told the tree service Supervisor which trees to remove.

Review №7

I been here for almost 12 years ,I been knowing differents people in the office, my community definitely needs a lot of improvements, I did told them about the basketball court, the playground, we need more lights because is to dark, they havent fix the pool for years now, so practically all where our kids can have fun .But I most say I like to follow my community rules,pay on time . And that way they never have a problem with the administration. Oh and Ms.Samanta was the most kind Secretary of all.I also need to feel they appreciate every penny we pay as Hispanic we work so hard to have a place to live in peace with our family.

Review №8

Very nice place to live. Management are very helpful and ready to answer any questions.

Review №9

Tony and hunter done a great job fixing everything I needed done at the home, just wanna say thanks guys with the service. T. ROBINSON WILLOW SPRINGS RESIDENT

Review №10

I’m here for 6 years now.. everything was nice and calmed!! Till new management showed up and showed there true colors.. I recommended this place to live to my friends and they are here 4 years and counting.. If I would of k ow this type of management was going to run this place I would of never recommended this place..

Review №11

I have enjoyed my stay. Management has helped me out with questions and concerns.

Review №12

They are awesome and have good service

Review №13

Management makes sure everyone follows the rules! Clean community! Thank you!

Review №14

Thanks for all you do!

Review №15

Management has help me out with questions and concerns.

Review №16

Great staff! The ladies are smart & informative! They always greet you & speak with you like a friend.

Review №17

I have been living here since January it is a quiet community. Property Management are all nice, friendly, and understanding. I highly recommend this community.

Review №18

Yall are great!

Review №19

Me and my family justed moved in and we love the community..The property is clean and quiet family friendly.All the staff is respectful and understanding.Very pleasant people

Review №20

Great place

Review №21

Willow springs is a place where you can live with peace and comfortably with your family

Review №22

Very nice management, really enjoy living here would definitely recommend living here!!!

Review №23

Love this place very much been here 2yrs me and my family love it!!!

Review №24

I dont recommend this place or any of them lots, im force to give a star to post a coment. rent keeps going up and its al spend on office remodeling and themselves, pools never open thrue the year, homes always have something wrong with them, water is expensive because they want to charge dubble for water that goes down the suwert. trucks get towed at midnight, face it this will never be a home, u caint have something outside the homes because if they dont like it it has to go. mannager sucks and also you get your yard cut by sorprice and they add it to your rent. also Hispanics give good feedback because their afraid to speak out, but in the past years their the ones having to leave because of how they been treated.

Review №25

This is the best community I have ever lived at!

Review №26

Nice and cozy place when you want to live in a community

Review №27

Very nosey property management. Makes it difficult for extended family visiting that will be staying for longer than a week. Quick to tow any vehicle that they dont recognize.

Review №28

Its not too noisy and there is a mix of people.

Review №29

Quite like omg awesome

Review №30

This were i wish i wass wit my gf i cuff frfr

Review №31

Been here 3 years my door was kicked in while at wk and robbed of my TVs no one saw anything Had to move I cannot work and worry about my home back to Houston

Review №32

Not well kept

Review №33

A lot of problems come with these mobile homes

Review №34

Very quite and clean

Review №35

Great community

Review №36

Nice quite place to live.

Review №37

Nothing good to say just a place to lay your head

Review №38

I like the pace been living here for the past 10 years maybe more .. the only thing that I don’t like is the stupid manager he is ass .. don’t know how to respect the people that live here .. I will have respect for the people that give you respect this stupid manager don’t know what is that ...

Review №39

Nasty an all types of wrong going on

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