Meadow Glen
11644 Old Denton Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76244, United States

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IF YOU HAVE OTHER OPTIONS, PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE. This was by far the worst decision I’ve ever made with buying a home. The neighbors were always loud, my home was broken into 3 times in one summer, and management is a JOKE. The location is great, but I found an actual house, not far away, with a fenced yard, paying what I was paying there. Buying is cheaper than renting from these people. They are not what they claim to be.

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Horrible mgmt, never seen rent go up monthly before living here. Bad internet, and only one choice. A hole in the ground would be better.

Review №4

Great location, nice clean mobile home park with tons of amenities!

Review №5

We needed a place to live 5 years ago, really fast. Are intentions were to move the next year but we ended up here still. Its alway something I think I pay to much rent for this place. But its home for know. The people in the are good people. I have a good neighbor. And I do recommend this place to people

Review №6

So apparently having a near perfect renters payment history AND a perfect mortgage payment history (except when they try to pocket your payment and then when you go question them about it they find it under the desk calendar) and because of them not posting your lot rent on time they evict you.*Amendment *Just called their help line and got the corporate line stating theres nothing corporate will do to help you. So despite being a damn near perfect resident doesnt matter to them.

Review №7

Nice mobile home park..better than most!

Review №8

Really nice but they lead you on

Review №9

Units can be rented or purchased. Lot rent is reasonable, corner or large lots have higher rents. If you dont want an apartment but you dont want to commit to real estate, a manufactured home can be a viable option. This location is literally surrounded by $300k+ homes and is sometimes referred to as Ghetto Glen. Having been desperately poor in my past, I can say confidently that this community does not satisfy the definition of ghetto. Blue collar, honest salt of the earth people live and raise their kids here. Every neighborhood has a few bad apples. This isnt Beverly Hills. But the management staff treats you just as nicely as you treat them and all they hope for is a clean respectful tenant who pays rent on time. My only gripes directly related to the property management itself is the occasional unexpected and sometimes frequent loss of water service because theyre having to replace lots of old plumbing lately. Also, theres no fiber optic cable high speed internet available because cable companies discriminate against lower income housing areas. Satellite and wireless services are available.

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If you can avoid it you should. Its convenient location is okay. For a rent house its fine I guess, however you would be much better off in a free standing brick house with a fenced in yard. Better than apartments, but you cant control your neighbors. Really expensive for what it is, living without a garage is hard.

Review №11

They seem not to go by their rules. Water and lights are cut off sometimes to fix. After trash truck comes thru there is trash blowing in yards and streets. To many lose dogs roaming the streets. Street lights not working had to put up are own.

Review №12

Wonderful Staff very happy with our new home.

Review №13

Love this place highly recommend office staff allways on point.. felix and Nicole are allways so helpful..For residents needs..

Review №14

Worst place ever. They keep increasing the rent but they dont do anything for the park itself.

Review №15

Just had a tow truck that hslasny been seen in the park back up and tow my truck out my drive way for supposedly being on the grass. The problem I have is he passed about six trailers with cars parked on the side of the road in the grass and didnt tow them. I’m starting to think it’s some racism going on.

Review №16

For the rent they charge it should be kept cleaner

Review №17

Peaceful community on my street but pool is always closed and always saying you pay your rent late when you already took them the money.

Review №18

Lived over 6yrs in this Sist poolGlad to have finally leftThe pool is rarely open, it is not even a bonus.This is a very sad place.Yes, it is Keller ISD; but not worth it.

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The people who run this neighborhood dont know what their doing and will try to scam you in every way possible. If they dont want you in thier neighborhood they will try everything they can to get you out. They will make up violations. If youre thinking about getting a house here DONT!!! Go somewhere else.

Review №20

Scum of the earth. Drug dealers not being dealt with. Filth in every house. Overcrowding in every house. Promises of evictions and nothing happens. Animals that arent suppose to be here and still no evictions.

Review №21

Dont move here at all!!! We are always calling the cops because of these little punks in our neighborhood. Cops are always driving around and being called. Its hard to get internet service in the area. Weve been without it for THREE YEARS!. If they dont like whats on your property they will remove it without notice and WONT give it back to you. (They took my sons $45 pool that he paid for) when rent is due you must get your invoice stamped because if not they will charge you a late fee even though you did pay for it. So far our utilities went up over $100. (Garbage and sewer) cars are always driving fast in the area and dont care about the kids. The front office dont give a damn about you. They LOVE to gossip about the residents and they put words into your mouth. They tell you what you want to hear and you will get fooled. Read the reviews before making the decision to live here.

Review №22

When I bought my house I didnt see the clause where I could not move my house. This is the only reason I am still here I am legally obligated to be.

Review №23

I just watched the maintenence man take my neighbors swing set because he said he was doing his job. My neighbors received no notice to take it down. Again no notice. They will take anything they want from your front lawn. You cant get internet. The office doesnt care about its residents. They are hardly ever there. This place has been a nightmare. At the earliest opportunity we are moving out.

Review №24

All the people that run Meadow Glen are very welcoming & informative! I rented here less than a year & just purchased my first double wide! My wife & kids love it here! Thank you Andrew, Jennifer, & Nicole!!!!

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They are very helpful and very nice will do everything they can to help you

Review №26

Very clean and peaceful nice environment to live and raise your family

Review №27

This location is super racist. The guy that works in the office, Felix should be replaced. He prefers to only rent to people of his kind and will tell you they no longer rent out mobile homes when they actually do. He makes the company look bad.

Review №28

Could use a handy man too fix it up some

Review №29

I lived in Meadow Glen before they built Timber Creek HS and Caprock ES. I was in Pre-K when i lived here, now i am graduated from high school for 2 years now and i miss that neighborhood. It was when the addresses were 3 digits and there was no park at the front. Such great memories at Meadow Glen!

Review №30

Could use some work to many people around here and it’s noisy

Review №31

Horrible maintenance. Dirty. Drug deals in the park. Thug kids break into cars and graffiti everything

Review №32

Couldnt find a new home there that we liked.

Review №33

Makes me sad to drive thru here

Review №34

Ive been living here for about a year without internet... its literally almost impossible to get an internet line around here, unless youre extremely lucky. If you need internet DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE!

Review №35

Ive lived here for 12 years it would be decent enough for a 3-bedroom and two bathroom

Review №36

The official make up lies about people and are rude I wouldnt even rate this 1 star

Review №37

Terrible to their residents. Bullies to say the least.

Review №38

Not really sûre how to rate a trailer park......its a trailer park. Meth?

Review №39

Easy to maneuver

Review №40

Awful! The trailers are torn up whenever you rent them, they ripped us off to where we couldnt move for a year, theres gang activity and drugs at night fall, just over all a bad experience.

Review №41

Awesome area!

Review №42

Visited wow pretty crowded.

Review №43

I love it

Review №44

Crowded, unkept.

Review №45

Great place

Review №46

Been here 20 years

Review №47

Nasty place to live.

Review №48

Just nasty

Review №49

Nice looking area

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Review №51

Your classic trailer park.

Review №52

I have to live here

Review №53

Overcrowded and not maintained.

Review №54

Great pkace

Review №55

Too many mexicans and drug dealers

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Review №57

The stuggle is, and will remain real.

Review №58

Its an awesome place.

Review №59

What a beautiful place to live

Review №60

The office people are rally mean and strict when you park youre car at youre house some even said that they will get a pick up truck and take youre car

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