Lexington Place
11001 Rancho Pl, Fort Worth, TX 76244, United States

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I bought my house 2 months ago & have not had a single problem, safe, quiet neighborhood, great neighbors. Well maintained landscaping. My only complaint is I cannot put a fence around my yard but I can live with that.

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After dark the gate no entry without a phone # or clicker. Safe environment.

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Pretty good and accommodating, but the golf cart ran out of battery life when we were on the cart and we had to walk back to the office. And no follow-up call as promised.

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Staff were too friendly and very nice homes.

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A place to rent a home for your family and nice people who work with you.

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Great looking place very clean. Personel very helpful

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Please support this family owned business.

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Seems greaso far. Love how clean it looks.

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So mom was looking for a place to move to. Been working with realtor to buy a home.She said she would even consider a mobile home. So i took her here.The community is nice sidewalk street lights, pond, playground , pool and a gym. Some of the houses need some work on the outside. We did find out, yoy purchase your home and it comes with a carport and a outdoor storage shed.Great! But now you are also paying $450 .lot rent ontop of your mortgage payment. Grand total with excellent credit $1089.00 for a mobile home in a community where some of the owners are slummy. No we will pass

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Management doesn’t enforce rules unless it is someone they don’t like. Residents required to pay for a back ground check when moving in but management looks the other way when original resident moves out and then their barely 20 year old kids stay and rent rooms to their friends.

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Neat and clean

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Love living here. Ive been here since 2013 and Ive never had a single issue that couldnt be resolved. The staff in the office are amazing folks too! They always take care of me.

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This is a nice mobile home park, if you have to live in one. Its pretty affordable for what you get. Mobile homes are actually a good value. However, I lived in one and honestly, I never want to live in a park again. Too many rules. Some of the lots look great, some, yuck. And you cant move your mobile home to a better spot. Im not crazy about this part of FW either. But the space you can get here for $60k would cost about $150k across the street, which is a real consideration for most people.

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Lived there for 12 years great community to raise kids. Great schools within walking distance and one of the cleanest manufactured communities Ive ever experienced!

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Great people they have amazing sex

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The gate never works, and the security phone number from the main menu is disconnected. Really helpful at 3:00am

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Was stuck living here for 3 years. The property manager is a nightmare to work with, she doesnt care about the residents. They continue to raise the rent and you have no lot. The maintenance guys do not know what they are doing, instead of fixing things the right way the 1st time they just put a bandaid on it and expect it to last. The houses are falling apart. The park in unsafe for the kids as there is always drug deals happening. They promise security guards, but 99% of the time they are not there and if they are they are sitting in the office. The neighborhood continues to go down hill and the office staff is most definitely not helping.

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Absolutely love Lexington Place. We are currently staying with my sister this staff here is amazing maintenance to the management team!!!!

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Price has gone up so much for lot rent. I am now paying more than what my house is. Security stays at one house which is making me think he wants to date her. Never any parking because the neighbor parks all 5 of his cars in guest parking and one car is a company vehicle which based on rules it says to park company vehicles in the front and he does not. He has his vehicles parked there for months before they are moved. Front office does not enforce the guest parking and its very rude when I have family and elderly people come to visit and they have to park in front and I have to go get them so they dont have to walk. The pool is okay but last year it was broke all year and they never really keep it open long enough in summer its still hot outside and they close it down early, there are apartments that keep the pool with the hot tub open all year nearly. The price I am paying for a small trailer and small lot is crazy I could go get a house and pay cheaper than what Im paying here which I plan on doing when I can sell this place but its hard to sell when its sitting in this lot. Overall managers do a nice job when I go up there and talk to them after living here for 5 years they know me verywell. I have had family live with me before and they knew them in a matter of no time. But of course the people that were here when I first moved in are not here anymore and they did such a great job. Judy was amazing its to bad God had a better place for her. Overall Lexington is a cheaper place maybe at first but your rent will raise year after year. Not once has our rent ever gone down or stayed the same NOT ONCE! The only reason I moved here was to build my credit and why not in a place that was cheap and looked great. Overall the place looks good and they maintain how it looks. But there are a lot of cry babies that live here and will go to office over little stupid things.

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Its a great family community. Quiet, friendly. No evident signs of riff raff

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Hot tub doesnt work and fence is in horrible condition as I often do repairs for my mom

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Parking sucks! But the people I know like living there

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Didnt like the area or the grounds, to MUCH CONSTRUCTION on 360 & if you didnt know in advance the exit is closed

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Lived here years ago and so glad we were evicted. We had an arrangement but management went behind our backs. They dont care if life happens. Even if your trying. Read other reviews, clearly we werent the only ones this happened to. The blonde manager.. Yeah dont trust her for a second she will lie to your face always get it in writing.

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This community is quiet, friendly, safe for children. Great family friendly neighborhood

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Super clean neighborhood nice and quiet grateful family

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Other reviews are biased and full of it. Speed limit signs not enforced? On what planet do you live on where people follow the speed limits? People go faster than the speed limits but there are speed bump every 50 yds so you are not going too fast. No yards? Duh! You can see that driving in through the gate. Small lots yes, but well maintained for the most part and not trashy in anyway. Playground isnt brand new but it is adequate and used frequently. I dont hear the kids complaining. Pool is maintained and well used as well. Front office isnt the friendliest but they do their job and thats all I care about. For an inexpensive, compared to the rest of the area, place to stay this is top notch. Lots of homes and lots of kids so theres going to be a few issues, just like any other community. Drug activity? A few pot smoking kids, oh dear lord its a drug haven! Obviously people who have never lived in a truly rough area. After over a year theres never been a theft or mischief issue with the home, no car break ins, no home invasions, and no police on site every night let alone even every week. Nightly patrols by on site security (that actually patrol and make sure under 18 curfew is enforced) albeit from a golf cart. I dont know what people expect here, the 4 Seasons maybe? Granted it is a gated community, but its a mobile home park. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to avoid a traditional apartment or home rental, whether cost prohibited or not. The review that said just your average trailer park has never been to one! This isnt one of your typical trashy trailer parks. Drive around and look at the cars (not a hick heaven). Youll see a good mix of of low-middle to middle income families.

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Thieves! Crooks! Steal from the elderly and disabled!! My Aunt was released from her lease by the manager because she had a stroke and could no longer live on her own. That dirty no good manager promised to return her deposit if the residence was cleaned and we turned in the keys by Monday. So, her family pulled together and we got it done!! We gave the forwarding address for the deposit to be returned. When we called (after 3 months of waiting) The manager said Do you have it in writing? I could have charged her for breaking the lease Disgusting individuals run this place. They have no morals or integrity.

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Troy is dead wrong in his review. Playgrounds and dog runsare un-maintained. Playgrounds so much so that they are unsafe. The street is the only place for kids to play because there is no yard to speak of. Its also worth mentioning that Troy is the son or son-in-law of the sales manager here, Judy Decker.Stay away. Spend the extra $200/month for a real house. Youll make up for it in energy bills. Oh, and trash will be picked up twice a week instead of once a week for the same fee in a real community.Only one choice of phone/Internet/cable provider: One Source. Not the worst, but not the best. Slow Internet speed. No choice of electric provider. Only TriCounty. Rodent problems enough that youll find traps all over the neighborhood. Exterminator said it was common here.I could go on, but it doesnt matter anyway. Our house will be finished in August, and our net cost of living will be the same with our mortgage payment and reduced energy costs, for a two-story 2910 sq ft house. Check out the Trails of Fossil Creek which is close by. Much better option than buying or renting here.

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Quite family friendly community that is well maintained.

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I would put less of a star if it was available... the trailers they rent, way over priced!!!!!floors are almost falling thru. The ants over run the trailers, because basic lawn care is too much to put any killer down to get rid of infestation..Up near the front, peoples unsupervised children run into traffic all hours of the day and nightNow lets discuss the security team..these power tripping wanna be cops, they are beyond rude. They go peering into car windows like common thiefs...Threaten to tow cars not even parked in no parking areas. And are always driving around with no lights or reflectors on the golf carts at night..

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Been here a year.Its going down hill.Rules are no longer being enforce.Gate never works, yet we pay $30 deposit per remote we have.A lot of warrants get served.Cats are out of control and cause damage.

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Nice for a trailer park community. Local kids like to destroy stuff though.

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Clean, safe, some of my favorite friends live here

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Kinda crowded and dirty

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Way way way way way way way way expensive.

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Overcrowded. neverending feeling that you are being watched.

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Nice neighbor

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Crap office people are bitchest

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Love it

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