Indian Creek
5400 Parker Henderson Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76119, United States

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Been there over 20 years. The office staff are understanding and will work with you. I really do appreciate all that yall have done to keep me in good standards. Very much appreciated!

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I have been a resident here at Indian Creek for 2 years! I love it here! The office staff from management to maintenance are amazing. I havent had many service calls but when I do they get right on it! I love to call this place home! The grounds are well kept and its quiet. We have food truck Fridays and I love being able to offer good food to our communities.... #smhcomegetitbbq

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I have lived on this property for 2 years! The staff is amazing from old management to new management. Everyone has been very professional. The grounds are kept up, they provide service when needed. The office staff and maintenance crews both take care of business accordingly thank u guys keep up the good work. For all of u that may catch this review check out the good bbq offered at the front entrance on Fridays!!!

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The new manager and staff were very helpful took care of my issues very quickly

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We have been living here going on 9 years, the last year has been a big improvement with the new office staff and the new maintenance staff. being more friendly and professional compared to our first 8 years experience, still have a bit of a problem with people driving too fast through the community. Its been more of a quieter and calmer community as well. We are confident the new staff will keep it that way.

Review №6

I have lived her almost 2 years now and I can’t complain. They always keep the landscaping looking great. When I submit a work order in it is actually taken care of. Thank y’all and keep up the good work.

Review №7

Chantelle took her time to make sure that I looked at different options of homes I wanted as well as needed. She was very patient and walked around describing every room. By her being empathetic to my needs, I felt as if we had connected, building a working relationship I could trust. I could see myself actually living in a community such as this. It has exactly what I want and looked how I expected it to look. This community was extremely beautiful, well kept and a peaceful community. Everything was so beautiful. Great prices.The office staff was extremely accommodating and friendly as well. Right up the road it gives you different food options. Love love love the community.

Review №8

I have been living here barely a year and I love it! I have no complaints and its quiet. I would definitely recommend living here.Cora Ramirez is very sweet and always follows through with any questions I have.

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Very nice and quiet community. Rates are very reasonable and the entire staff is professional and eager to assist their people! I am definitely enjoying my stay here!

Review №10

I just wanted to give a BIG shout-out to a couple of the office staff and maintenance and say thank you!Thank you Parker for always being great and understanding the needs of our community!Beca and Cora thank you for always being attentive to the issues and working with residence on getting things fixed PROPERLY!And thank you to the ALL the maintenance crew who is constantly making this a clean, functional place to live! To all the other staff who makes this community team great, THANK YOU!

Review №11

This place is an absolute joke. My family and I have lived here for 5 years. We keep to ourselves, we adhere to the 2 car per lot rule, were quiet we dont party or play loud music all hours of the night and yet Parker, Cora, and Becca are targetting us. They say no pets allowed, but yet new tenants bring in pets. We apply for emotional support animals and they go against the law and the ADA and want to know what the disability is. Through inside information, we were told that we are on their list of families to get out. They want to slowly make this a Mexican only community. Through speaking with our neighbors, they are even trying and sometimes successfully getting people out who own their homes. They are discriminating against people.

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Decided to take a tour around with them they are such lovely staff and very accommodating homes. Definitely recommend the place to call your next home!

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Thank you for Becky... She is a great Access to Indian Creek.... We are blessed to have her...

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I give them a 4 star rating instead of a 3 because the office staff tries.. As someone who understands business development I understand some... some of their decisions weve had disagreements about, and weve had some disagreements. I work in the field of Luxury business which makes me big on building relationships so I anticipate misunderstandings. The 5th star is the hardest.

Review №15

My husband and I have lived in Willow Terrace MHC for almost 4 years and have always had a good rapport with the office staff at Indian Creek MHC - one new lady in particular, Cora, is always there when I need her! If you have any problems, make sure you contact Cora - the other office staff are also fabulous (Isabel and Nancy). We have lived in 3 of their four properties and have come back and stayed because of the office staff being so kind and professional, knowledgeable, and helpful. We dont usually have any issues, but when we do we talk about it and come up with a solution. Its a quiet neighborhood with very little disruption (i.e. noise). I personally like their lawn maintenance program and am thankful it is offered.

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I been here for about six month and the community is quiet love the area

Review №17

I have been staying here for over a year and Ive been satisfied with office staff and maintenance

Review №18

I lived here almost 8 years thru out the years its getting worse no communication with the residents of this community. Like having water shut off for what ever reason A advance warning would be nice with in mind we work and waking up to no water and having get ready for work suck today .If I could I would give you no stars .

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Absolutely a beautiful play stitches.

Review №20

Want to thank Chantel and the maintenance team for acting quickly when the trash company took my trash can with them on pick up in hidden oaks. I call them 8/12 and morning of 8/13they brought me another one.

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I have lived at this location for the last ten months, and outside of one person ( whom was not the most pleasant )handled a safety issue poorly. I have had very few problems. I live in the Wille Springs community and quite frankly enjoy it. Very kid Friendly environment, and have not had any run ins with theft or burglary or any issues concerning my overall safety. The staff except for the one is so helpful and awesome! The maintenance men are great about getting things done, and what you do not understand they will thoroughly explain to you! They will do their best to work with you if they can within property means.Update: the stuff has changed since I initially arrived and I am sorry the great status they did hold with me has dwindled. The communication is Horrible and the people are not helpful anymore nor can we get anything done. I don’t know what changed but whatever did hasn’t been good. Had two hit and runs, the parking has become seriously an issue.

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My family and I have lived here for 3 years, and find the park to be very pleasant and quiet, which I must say surprised me considering how close we are to the city. The maintenance staff are very attentive, and the residents maintain their property well. The management team/office staff are top notch, and aware of issues in the community ( my husband had a health scare and one of the office staff was very kind, going out of her way to make sure I was coping well. ). We moved from a very small town in East Texas, and am very happy with small town atmosphere in a larger city environment. I look forward to many more years here.

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Nothing but issues is with these slumlords. always looking for ways to nickle and dime residents. forced mow policy is a joke. dont given residents enough time to mow. especially when its rained for multiple weeks straight. they dont care even given state during cov19 outbreak they just want money when people have issues getting to work as is

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Thank you all for working with me!

Review №25

My name is Mrs.K Amy.... I must say I have been on property for about 4months ..I must give credit where it due from day one Mrs.Cora with welcome arms have went over a beyond for me rather it was from a repair to a complaints to whatever ... so I love it thanks Mrs.Cora

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I’ve been living here for 5 years and it’s a peaceful place to live, the staff is friendly and they’ll help you with anything you need help with. They’re very understand and flexible with your request. I highly recommend coming and staying here :).

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Worst place I ever lived at!

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It’s a great community for the price, the fixed 10 year to own program is a good deal. The staff are friendly and are there to help. I would recommend to all.

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Management is helpful and responsive

Review №30

I think the place looks great by the way and I think Im gonna start living in my first mobile home

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If I could give negative stars I would! Stay far away as possible! All they do is lie in the beginning to get you in the door and then never do what they say. Make everything seem great just to get you to rent, they dont fix anything if they do it is rigged to just fall apart. I have been in a 86 degree house with a 9 month old baby and another child and they dont care, there solution is for you to spend your own money on window units when they supposedly provide central ac. The staff is rude and hang up on you when called out on there lies, so good luck if you must come here.

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I have lived here for long time. This community has had its ups and down like everywhere however, things are changing for the better. The office staff are very nice and easy to speak to. The maintenance are as well and do quick efficient work.

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Im very pleased with Indian Creek! I have been living here since 2016 and have enjoyed my home and neibors.. The ladies in the office are great! Im happy to do business with them. Thank you!!

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Hi I been here almost a year now the people here stay to themselves it’s quite everyone worried about just they business and the workers always on time they really work with u long as u tell them on time but great place to live quiet mobile home park make sure y’all say Jay sent y’all lol

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Force to give a star but anyways,very bad place to stay at this was the first lot to stay at and trust me u dont want to.They are MONEY HUNGRY PEOPLE! they take your freedom away its what they say or your out. rents go up water goes up because the over fill pools that dont open thrueout the year and find every possible way to get u by towing, mowing and moving your stuff.. this is something you caint call home! you can do better!

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The speed bumps are too large

Review №37

I lived here for 3 years had little to no problems with my neighbors and enjoyed my time there while living there maintenance was great it all depends on attitude you cant be rude to staff and think things will get done

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Nice homes, awesome community, staff is great always willing to do what they can to make my stay better.

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In the three and a half years i resided there jeff was the person i dealt with most and he was always kind and polite and attentive to my autistic grandson and my grand daughter i was alway pleased with the service and always helped when needed

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Surprisingly quit, been here 3 years. Awesome programs.Mike

Review №42

I stay at the Willowsprings Mobile Home Park anytime I need anything maintenance,or I just have questions they always help me . And the maintenance men take very good care of me. When ever I need them they are here the next day.

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Ive been living there 2 years and I love the place

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This place is horrible.. I have lived here for almost 3 years and nothing has changed except my rent.. Literally anytime i call to have something repaired like my window, or anything else, i wait literally months before its fixed if i dont call again.. Im so effing tired of this.. Im tired of them charging me 50$ for my grass being cut but they cant send someone out tk fix somethimg important?! Not to even mention bill likes to wait till its 80 degrees in your house before he sends someone put to fix your a.c. even when you have kids.. This place SUCKS!! Your maintenance men im starting to not like them either.. Thanks for leaving my fart fan on my counter after i just cleaned it and then not coming back to fix it like yall said yall would.. That was suppose to be fixed when we moved in 3 years ago.. And its still not done.. Ive absolutely had it with yalls laziness.. Ive absolutely had with yall charging me AND not leaving a notice on my door for ME to cut my grass.. I didnt go in amd fight it.. Cause i know thats a battle i wouldnt win.. I never do.. Theyre more about money than they are about helping their community..

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Poor staff! Cheap mobile homes.Houses fall apart within weeks of being there. We paid higher deposit for a new mobile home and all the trims and cabinets doors kept falling apart. After going to bug so much to office, they finally send someone that says theyll have to get this or that tool or supply then never return. They pretend to take reports of issues or things that need to be fixed, but they never actually file the reports, then later come trying to fine you for the same issue you tried them have fixed. They slowly start adding fees on your water and sewer. Long story short, price is good but be prepared to end up paying for things out of pocket.

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They dont come fix nothing but they expect they rent on time. Im still waiting on them to cut the tree that is scratching up the top on my car for the last four months.

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We lease home here, The office staff is always very friendly

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Nice place to live

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