Green Acres Mobile Home & Ohio Garden RV Community
321 Isbell Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114, United States
Green Acres Mobile Home & Ohio Garden RV Community

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Ive lived here 6 1/2 years. And under old managment it had its ups and downs. But it has always been pretty nice. Owners of park have taken over. And it has done nothing but improved. They have taken care non stop of every problem that has come their way. Charming couple- Fair -polite awesome . Theyve done nothing but help my family- and my sons family make it through this covid nightmare of a time... Thank you maam and sir for all youve done for us and the park.... Yall are amazing!

Review №2

First month I was there swat ran through my front porch. After the police officer returned he asked if he dropped anything like a gun. So had to ask what was he arrested for he said there was actually 2 guys who were capital murder suspects running from the mobile home park. Most people there are eaither illegals or not people you would want to live by. Also cut my power cord to my camper and took a week to get another so for several hours we had to resplice a 50 amp power cord which also rained while waiting for the new cord.I was kicked out for shooting off 4 fireworks on 4th of July when I called to get my deposit back nobody would return my call nore answer the phone. Which even taking pictures of a spotless spot which was better than I moved in still no $400 deposit returned. In conclusion it was the most ghetto place I have ever staid and absolutely will not recommend anyone with a credit score staying there. Ps the owners house on property has a 10 tall chain link fence all the way around it with many no trespassing signs to keep her English terriers inside.

Review №3

New Management TransitionNew management team has been overseeing the park for last 3 months. June 1 2020. We are making improvements for a Friendly, Clean and Safe community.Enforcing Rules to ALL residents, Improvements around the park consist of the following: Road Repairs, Replaced Guard Lights, (More lighting at night)Security surveillance Cameras Installment, Cleanliness etc.

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Green Acres Community is a well taken care of quiet place to live! The management staff is very helpful & friendly.

Review №5

Very nice

Review №6

Quiet and close enough to shopping and entertainment

Review №7

Called and she wouldnt even tell me what the lot rent was.She said owners who own the property bring in the trailers. You cant bring in a trailer of your own. And theres no wait list to get on.

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Nice area calm and the neighborhood is friendly

Review №9

Charles and Donna have been fantastic! Super friendly and helpful all the way around! And they are able to accommodate our 40ft with 2 slide outs with ease and comfort! I’d recommend to all!

Review №10

Seedy and low rent

Review №11

Good Place to live Friendly People who Manages The Mobie Home and R.V. Park.

Review №12

Getting a hold of the office and the landlord is horrid sometimes. Yes, I understand she may not live near here. Please get a new sign up for the street next to the office, not the RVs, its a ONE WAY street. It is too small to allow everyone to park their cars and for people to drive through. Please try and fix that sign problem in the future, thank you.

Review №13

Could not rent RV parking spot. Local regulations can not rent to RV with out built in bathroom. Insurance cannot rent to RV older than 2005.

Review №14

I was visiting friends thier .It is a very cleanmobil home park.

Review №15

The owner of this place needs help. So many people get screwed here. I did a survey with 20 trailers in this park and everyone of them told me about scandles and getting screwed in this place. One of them said that one year she tried to get him to pay for the whole parks plumbing problem that came to 1260. If you want to be screwed you are more than blessed to come to green acres. The expensive ghetto.

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Not the best or the worst place to live. Very difficult to have any privacy everything is cramped as could be. Difficult to get ahold of management. Doesnt feel dangerous but definitely dont trust random neighbors. No problems with pets. If there is someone causing trouble for the community the management will not hesitate to handle it. If the price is right I would live there again.

Review №17

I used to live and work for the mobile home park

Review №18

Nice little area. Very tight parking though.

Review №19

I just know someone who lives at this place.

Review №20

I just read the most bogus review. Trent Hoffman WAS asked to leave (as he so stated) for shooting off M-80s fireworks, near 24 RVs and 90+ mobile homes, by the way RVs all have propane tanks..? Signs were posted in front of the office, streetside; as they are every year, fireworks are prohibited. Being within the City Limits, fireworks are not allowed.This park does not nor has ever charged deposits for RV lots. Its a shame the internet cannot depict truth from fantasy. Its usually unpleasant when any resident is asked to leave, however the safety of ALL residents in the park is foremost over one persons self focused desire to make noise.Please visit the Park and see for yourself, there are no ten ft fences, no terriers, and no deposits for RV campers. Manager since 8/2001

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Its not very clean

Review №22

The crew there is always nice and understanding

Review №23

It is a nice quiet place for your trailer

Review №24

From what I hear, the rates are OK but its not a good neighborhood and the amenities are lacking.

Review №25

Charter cable available for tv and internet, and u verse at&t internet and phone (no u verse video) are available.

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Bad place to live

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Dont like the parking situation

Review №29

Looking for a home to buy

Review №30

Its a little pricey 475 a month for an rv spot u can have 2 small pets

Review №31

Drug alley

Review №32

Love it. Used to live there

Review №33

I want a. Rv

Review №34


Review №35

Nosy owners

Review №36

Awesome place

Review №37

Quiet area

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Review №39

No showers

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  • Address:321 Isbell Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76114, United States
  • Phone:+1 817-737-7542
  • Mobile home park
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