Xtreme Action Park
5300 Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, United States
Review №1

Great place! Kids had fun! Low rating for customer service. The Spanish woman (5:56pm Sunday November 22, 2020, Fort Lauderdale location), behind the register in the trampoline park was rude and I almost left if it wasnt for my kids and it being my birthday. I understand shes doing her job but she couldve handled it better.Improve the customer service in the trampoline park please. Other than that it was an excellent experience.

Review №2

I felt like a big kid! The staff was super friendly and helpful, being that it was my first time there. They are taking the extra mile to make sanitation a top priority. I was expecting the pricing to be a little high, but it wasnt at all. I was very satisfied with my experience overall and will be visiting again!

Review №3

Best place to take your kids, my kid loves this place, a great plus is the bar. Theres plenty of activities so if your child get bored you can move them to the next attraction. It is alittle busy than I would like for covid, but the staff is attentive making sure everyone is following the CDC guidelines I love it

Review №4

Well off to a great start. I visit the facility today just to scope it out before my daughter’s 12th birthday party because I’m a perfectionist. Gregg, the party coordinator Amazing. He’s has an awesome personality and very informative from the beginning. Took me around the place and also introduced me to some of the staff. Now more than ever excited for my daughter’s birthday party. Definitely during this whole pandemic situation, we all need a good time with nice vibes. She’s going to be amazed and so happy. Thank you again Gregg with putting confidence in this event for my daughter.

Review №5

Lots of things to do from Go Kart racing to Lazar tag, bowling, trampoline area, and even a roller skating ring. Plus a ton of arcade games that you can play as well. This was my first trip here with my son. Had a good time but each individual attraction can add up quickly my son and I spent 80 dollars so a big party of people might get expensive. Hopes this helps. Will definitely recommend and I will eventually come back.

Review №6

I went with my girlfriend last night to walk through the haunted house. It was our first time going through one together and was very fun and scary! I’m very impressed of what it looked like and the time it took to walk through it was definitely worth it. The actors for the haunted house were awesome and scared my girlfriend the most since she is terrified of clowns, but we both had a great time! If you haven’t been to the haunted house please go before this month ends because you’re missing out!The facility was very clean and sanitized. Having police in the building made me feel safe. The walk-in procedure was very organized. All of the staff members who I encountered with at check-in and the haunted house area was very friendly and helpful, especially Matt from the haunted house. This place is huge and offers so much to do for everyone. I am definitely going to come back with my girlfriend to try out the other activities that I am really excited for including the escape rooms, virtual reality, ropes course, and go karting!

Review №7

Place was awesome!! The Go-carts are fastest ones I ever driven... plenty of games.. skating.. lots of stuff to do... little hectic getting in.. you gotta record every family member.. understandable with the current situation.. highly recommend this place... especially the Go-Carts!!!!

Review №8

If I could give it 10 stars I would. My family and I had a blast. We were celebrating her birthday and she couldn’t have been happier, now we’re going next month to celebrate my husband’s birthday. There’s something to do for everyone and every age... loved it and Garry is the best manager ever. He made sure everything was taken care of.

Review №9

Went for my birthday with my boyfriend. did the dark ride and the escape room. The ride was nice. Not great but it was cool. What really got me is the escape room. It was so fun. It was hard enough to keep us entertained and busy, but easy enough not to be overly stressed. It was great fun. Will come back even if only to do another escape room.

Review №10

Worth experience ever!! Really rude guy as a manager. First, we have to pay $25.00 to bring a small cake for a small birthday celebration. Around 15 people. Then we sat in a table, order our drinks, only to be told we have to move to the back. I told the guy I like we were setting. He told us its not a option. That he will not give us the best part of the restaurant to our party. Really unprofessional. This is our first time and last one. We came to this place because my son want to try it.I We always celebrate our birthdays on off the wall in davie. Way better place. Really upset that I have to spent the afternoon in this place.

Review №11

Xtreme is a very cool place to go and have some fun. I went with a friend and her family to the Haunted House. It was cute and there were some scary elements but was it worth the $20 a head not so much.

Review №12

I love this place, super fun and reasonably priced. The only issue I have is that they do not follow covid protocol very well, everyone is jumbled together and no social distancing happening, I will say however, that everyone wears a mask and they have sanitizing stations.

Review №13

Ive been here a few times and also going again soon, great place to hand out also very enjoyable. But in general its pretty awsome i hope to be able to go a lot more in the future.

Review №14

Horrible experience I won’t ever come back again. My first and last ! I could not bring my cake in, I got kicked out because I was scared of the ropes I was stuck ! And told me to get down , I had my mask at all times , they kept watching me had no a/c on I couldn’t breath with the heat !

Review №15

Theyre really keeping this place clean for everyones safety so we can Have Some Fun!!So many things to do for good prices and partys too! Come out and have fun while keeping a business open and people with Jobs!!Excellent family and adult fun!

Review №16

Went here for the first time to go to the haunted house they were having for Halloween. The haunted house was pretty cool and scary but the place was so packed!! There was a line just to get into the park! I honestly did not know or expect so many people to be there, made me feel super uncomfortable and had I not had prior commitments I probably would have left :/

Review №17

Had a blast here! Came here for myHoneymoon and loved it! The games were fun and there were a ton of choices! It was kind of expensive but worth it! EVAN, who was working in the prize section was the best! He was super helpful and super kind! Made our experience great! Would definitely go back!

Review №18

This was the best go cart track I have ever been to. The carts were super nice, fun, clean, and really fast. No gas, all electric and no smoke or odors to deal with like a lot of other courses we have been on. You get a print out of you and your groups lap times, place, and stats. This would be awesome for teens, guys, team building and families. So much fun and great staff and experience.

Review №19

Xtreme is a really fun place to go have a good time with friends, family and even for a date :) We enjoy speed related adventures/sports, and we always go to the go-karts. Right now as they are getting adjusted to the current norms post-covid, things are a bit chaotic for sign in, and obviously to promote social distance there arent sitting spaces/areas to watch the races or while you wait for your turn. But other than that, it was a fun time, as always,

Review №20

I enjoyed coming to the arcade, i had tons of fun. The only down fall about my experience is the price and quality of the food. The price is expensive and the quality is not good at all. I was barely able to swallow a slice of pizza which barely had tomato paste and cheese and the pie should not cost $19.99 for this. Other than that this arcade was a nice experience.

Review №21

Evan helped me and all my kids find everything smooth. Had a few good jokes also. Thanks

Review №22

It might be fun inside, but be prepared to have the mood spoiled at the entrance. Starting with multiple armed guards and the whole weapon search more than I saw in a night club sets you in a nice family fun mood. Then be prepared to spend quite a bit of time registering with each child has to be entering your driver licence once again and be approved by the stuff that has to come personally to the check- in board.Came for bday party and feel so festive already !

Review №23

It was a birthday surprise for my son. Also, brought the rest of the family along and they had the best time of their young lives. I would like to thank the Team Members, Cristy and Andrew for making it possible. They were very accommodating and friendly. Had a couple of laughs while making my purchase. We will visit again very soon!!

Review №24

I went rollerskating with two of my friends and let me tell you how disrespectful the girls working the skates area, i went last night 10/04/20 so whoever worked that night shift, needs some re training on how to treat customers and this is coming from a front desk receptionist herself, i know its not easy working with people but come on youre only passing out skates.. theres worst jobs out there and be grateful you have a job during these moments. Everyone else was amazing, cleaning crew in skating arena was lovely... i think they deserve to work the skate area instead of the girls working last night...

Review №25

The phone reception, I believe her name was Ashley, was very helpful in assisting me and my needs. She took her time explaining the procedures and prices in regards to the facility.

Review №26

I’ve never been here in the 18 years that I’ve lived in South Florida. Very impressed with the facilities. I’m about to go on the go karts but just a second ago I stopped by the little food place they have here and I had to stop to write this review. Briana and Amanda were absolutely great. They were very attentive to my needs. I manage an establishment and the way they represented this place was fabulous. Definitely something I look for when I look to promote.

Review №27

Prices are to dang high. I didnt like how they closed the skating rink just for the adults starting at 7pm. Kids skate more then the adults. Overall my kids and family had fun. Even though I spent $260 for 1 dang hour. And that just was for Laser Tag and game cards for 7. Smh

Review №28

Wasn’t happy with my go kart service until manger Cristy made everything better. She explained the policies and procedures of the company and gave me excellent customer service. Cristy made a poor experience into an extreme experience, I highly recommend extreme action park Fort Lauderdale, thank you

Review №29

We came in on a weekday and it was honestly pretty fun. Only thing is the prices are very high, I spent almost 100 dollars just doing the arcade and the dark ride. Food was just ok and the customer service wasn’t too great.

Review №30

I’d have to give this place 2 stars. Me and my friend went for the gokart track, and expected to have major fun as the karts are “45 MPH” like other places we’ve raced at. We did 3 whole races for $70 & when we finished we were disappointed. The karts didn’t seem to be going 45 MPH. When we talked to the staff, they said the karts had been slowed down due to the track structure. I would have not came here if I knew the karts were going to be slowed down. I myself race gokarts every other week and it’s a big hobby of mine. So this was disappointing. I contacted the email for at least some type of refund or some credits for when the karts are fixed... and nothing. No response whatsoever. Truly disappointing I was hoping to give the place another chance.

Review №31

I have an Adventure Pass that gets me into Xtreme Action Park, Flamingo Park, Butterfly World and Sawgrass Recreation Park. The pass only covers unlimited roller skating, and not on Sundays, which was the night we went, and so I was disappointed. Also, I was not able to enjoy all the other fun activities the action park offered because the pass doesnt cover them.Now on a positive note, the place was amazing. Arcade, bowling, go karts, rock wall, and of course a roller skating rink. The price to do the activities imo was very high, like $80 for 60 minutes to bowl, Ouch, but it is Florida so I am sure compared to going to a theme park, its not considered expensive.It was clean and well staffed. Very strict with CDC guidelines and being safe, and enforcing the mask mandate during the pandemic. Great place for kids and adolescents, especially if the weather is inclement, as it was in our case ( Isaias was coming at us) and outdoor activities arent plausible. Adam was the most awesome guy. He helped us use our passes to attend the Sunday night adult only skate, when I explained our circumstances, and threw in some arcade points so we could enjoy ourselves in the arcade too. He is a great asset to the company and made a great 1st impression. Kudos Adam. You are the man. Thank you so much. See you next time. I would definitely recommend but because of the cost I did not score higher.

Review №32

Had a great time kids had fun lots of things to do roller skating is my fav kids enjoyed the Go Karts & Arcade this is definitely a weekend spot

Review №33

Im sure this place is fun once you get in, but thats the hard part. So over complicated just to get in the door of an arcade. Its easier to check in at the airport and get through gate security than it is to get inside this place to play a few games.

Review №34

Took my son there for his 10th birthday, not a party but just he and I. Christian, Adam, Sequoia(I think that was her name), and the assistant manager to the party planner did an absolutely amazing job!!! They made my sons dreams and my dreams come true with their professionalism and attentive service. THANK YOU GUYS VERY, VERY MUCH!!!!!!!

Review №35

The go karts were very disappointing. I have been to many in my life and had always enjoyed then . This one, only ruined my experience with extreme action park. I will turn 13 in about a month and I wanted to have fun on the go karts. I payed for the cadet driver because I wasn’t sure of the age limit for pro-driver. I knew it wasn’t going to be great because it was for kids but I wanted to try it. Once I saw the track I was going to be on, I lost it. I went to tracks in Tennessee and Orlando and I drove with adults and had fun because there were turns, bridges, and spins. This track was so disappointing and it was just a circle. I was so upset because I wanted to have fun today. We ended up going to the front desk to ask if I can go to pro driver which we found out was from 13 years old. We pointed out that I would be 13 in a month but they refused to let me drive with the adults. We got a refund and left. Me and my family were also upset with space bouncers. That was the area with the trampolines. My younger sister and I went to the trampolines and we enjoyed that area. But when we went to the ninja course there they told us we had to pay extra. It was so not worth it to pay extra for such a small thing. We were upset that everything was so expensive and also bad quality. Some of the games were rigged and broken. Overall, I don’t recommend coming here.

Review №36

Entertainment for everyone, skating rink, rope course and fast go karts. Games everywhere and even a cafe with food and drinks. Special event rooms. Its a great thing to do on a date or with the family.

Review №37

I went to the Xtreme action Park haunted walk. It was incredible, had an amazing time. The characters were amazing and the props were bloody!

Review №38

Kids loved it. A bit expensive

Review №39

Xtreme has always been great. Their cleaning standards are so high, that I feel way more comfortable having fun with my friends and family there than anywhere else.

Review №40

Do you like parks with Xtreme action? Then youll love this place! They literally have everything here. Bowling, Ropes course, arcade, trampoline park, roller skating, laser tag, escape rooms, virtual reality, and of course go karts. The best go karts anywhere. This place is one of the best ways to spend a day off. The virtual reality escape rooms are super fun.

Review №41

Love the scape rooms in this place. Now in October they have. Really nice hounted house

Review №42

Nice place to have some fun with friends.

Review №43

I gave this place a 3 because the pricing is very confusing.... the staff members looks lost half the time and dont want to help you at all... very crowded and loud barely could hear the staff members explain what im paying for n why.... food not so great neither are the drinks.. DO NOT RECOMMEND DRINKS (ALCOHOL) AT ALL.... overall the place is fun you have alot of options rollerblading, bowling, climbing ropes/ obstacle course through the building, arcade games, and race carts...

Review №44

This place closes too early and has more than enough going on, perhaps too much...

Review №45

It has a lot to do but the staff in general needs improvement. Checking in is so stressful and with so many employees walking around checking out if their friends are there or talking amongst one another does nit help

Review №46

Came for a quick session in the arcade and it was great. Social distancing was highly kept and great customer service overall.Evan was awesome in the gift shop and I can’t wait to come back again.

Review №47

I had the pleasure of having party host Tavish for my son Robert’s 11th birthday party. This girl is awesome! She made my experience at Xtreme well worth every penny. She delivered beyond expectation. Thank you!!!!

Review №48

The indoor race track is really cool.I guess they stood serving food at 9pm and I did not know that but neither did the food stand attendant, so she charged my card and then had to call me back and offered food that had already been sitting out, and I ended up getting a refund. It mostly put a damper on the whole experience because I was so looking forward to a cheese pizza and didn’t want to have my card charged and then refunded.Besides that it’s a cool place!

Review №49

What a fun place to spend several hours at. There is so much to do and so fun doing it. There’s laser tag, go carting, ropes, and so much more. Bowling, too. The arcade games are also so much way to spend a few hours.

Review №50

Awesome place and SO many activities to choose from!! Tons of hand sanitizer everywhere too.

Review №51

Great place to have fun with the fan!Virtual Reality and Laser tag are super fun

Review №52

Janelle made our experience at Laser tag amazing!!! She was super friendly and fun.

Review №53

The go-kart racing was extremely fun definitely dont wear a jacket cuz the one race for $20 is like 78 laps and it is a workout. The Rope climb is also fun only $15 definitely worth trying I plan on going back again to work on my fear of heights. I went and eat there so eat before you go so you can just enjoy entertainment. Im pretty sure you can bring a bottle of water to so that might be something else to do it is summer

Review №54

This is such a fun place to go to. They have absolutely everything! Whenever I go its pretty busy but theres different areas for whatever you want to do. My favorite is the go karting hands down.

Review №55

This place is really nice, filled with cool games and a huge roller rink. What really makes this place is the staff that is friendly and helpful!

Review №56

The ropes course is totally worth it! LOTS of courses, from easy to quite challenging and strenuous, for only $17 (though you need to pay $3 for the card, but you can reuse it for future visits). Make sure to deep-clean your hands afterwards though, theres no sanitizing of the ropes (it would be very impractical).The VR game was OK (you can do better at home), and the XD Dark Ride was immersive, but Ive experienced better in Vancouver.Laser Tag was fun too, and they also have lots of arcade games, trampoline (with foam pit I think?), and gas-powered go-karts (which require another $5 card).Covid-wise, there were hand sanitizer dispensers, and everyone was wearing masks. I didnt see laser guns and such being cleaned, but that was probably (hopefully) done too, and the risk of Covid transmission by touching things is low.

Review №57

Great place for not just kids but for adults to have fun too!

Review №58

Fun for everybody, everywhere, good food, forget the weather outside .

Review №59

Place is OK Not worth the cost, very high priced versus similar fun parks. Go carts are computer controlled and limit your fun for no reason.Good for little kids from with all arcade games that are rigged in there favor.

Review №60

Had a great time,, had games, skating, bowling laser tag and cart racing in one place. Can be a little pricey, games dont give much tickets but had a great time

Review №61

Under the circumstances it was great. My first time on the go carts. A good places for fun no matter what age.

Review №62

Kid had a did i.. Until i left my phone.. But lucky enough an employee named jesse was kind enough to take my number and call it.. Search and find! Great ppl great place!

Review №63

I had a great experience with my child and Evan made my day great thank you

Review №64

Wanting to experience FUN? From Laser Tag, Skating, Games, Rope Courses and so much more check out Xtreme!!!This place is for everyone!!! Chuck E Cheese on Steroids literally. Great for all ages.(M)

Review №65

Evan in the prize room is awesome and he told me about the haunted house I’ll be happy to come again

Review №66

$45 for two kids to skate, searched with a metal detector and bags searched. Real classy place, love being outnumbered 50 to 1. Never again

Review №67

This experience has been nothing but five star red carpet treatment from start to finish. We met Arianna at the door pleasant and so nice! Nicole and Emile at food court customers hands down the best in the building! It’s take a lot to deal with all these kids, different attitudes and emotions from beings stuck during the quarantine! Andrew and Hanna just as sweet !Pleasant night out overall! Great jobs!

Review №68

FuN memories are had here!! BUuuut!The adult skate night dj needs to improve track list to create an even better mood vibration thats more consistent to groove to. Clean, super friendly and helpful staff. Overall atmosphere fun and safe.

Review №69

The layout was very nice just spend the whole day there

Review №70

It’s amazing place to go and have fun ️

Review №71

Would have been higher if they discounted SOMETHING for bringing your own roller skates during a pandemic.... Cause those skates were wet from sweat or STUNK and I have my own that I could have used from home.

Review №72

Went to go to the haunted house. I think they did a really good job especially considering COVID

Review №73

Its wasfirst time there and its very nice and I like how everything is and I feel like out of all the places I went to before I like this one better.

Review №74

This place is great! It has something for everyone. We went on a Monday, so it wasnt that busy and we had a chance to try it all (bowling, skating, laser tag, go-carts, and the arcade). The chicken wings were awesome! We had a great experience at the concession stand with a young man named Emile. Some of the kids in our group required gluten free meals and he went above and beyond to help us. Emile, you are a true asset to this company, Thank you! We had a blast and will definitely be back...

Review №75

My son loved it! The whole family had a great time.

Review №76

The place is really fun though the credit system is more expensive than it should be and the prizes are WAY overpriced, and the kiosks dont log off of your account after a purchase which isnt really a big deal for you but the person after you it is a big deal for, just yesterday my dad bought 40 credits for some account named slim diesel and we realized too late. The race karts are extremely fun but I think that pro and adult should be two different classes of racers as people who compete against other parties, their own or are just tryna get faster times are constantly getting interrupted by the new drivers hogging the walls on turns but going slow which can mess up someone trying to qualify for super class timing (which is 22 seconds). Other than that I dont know about anything else there.

Review №77

Had a good time with the family. Evan at the prize booth was very courteous and helpful!

Review №78

Samoya (I really hope that I am spelling her name correctly) a manager at the front desk Friday night was truly amazing. We had a issue/misunderstanding with our group in regards to go kart racing and she handled it not only with professionalism but with an incredibly warm and kind demeanor. She understood our side and was willing to work with us to make sure we were taken care of in the end. Throughout the night she continued to check in with our group to make sure we were enjoying ourselves and how we did! So a huge thank you to Samoya and Dan, as it was a night to remember for our group. We can’t wait to come back!!!!

Review №79

I gave this place a 3out of 5 because I do love going there, but the manager was so sour he just walked around glaring at all his staff and creating an awkward vibe. My boyfriend and I arrived literally at 2 when they opened and went inside, the check in process is also done by yourself now and its complicated it took like 10 mins for us to to check our selves in and honestly we never saw the package deal and could have got more worth for the money we spent, anyways once we were inside there was nobody at that time we were alone and my and my boyfriend had our mask under our chins cause there was literally nobody in there, manager comes up saying he knows nobody was in there right now but we need to be covering our faces ok no problem we did that. Then my boyfriend needed to unlock his phone and uses facial recognition, manager happens to walk by again as he was doing that a literally snaps at my man and glares at him. Yeah so anyway we did end up having fun because it is fun there but the new checkin sucks and we missed a nice package deal because of how complicated it is and then of course the grumpy manager made us feel uncomfortable.

Review №80

Took the kids there yesterday since the opening from Covid19 and we had a blast besides the entertainment and food the staffs were my favorite they went above and beyond to make sure we had a nice experience.... This guy by the name of Emile (I think that’s how you spell it) made sure we were taken care of in a timely manner being the fact it was crowded and a long wait time for the food but he went out his way to make sure we were satisfied, let me not forget about the other staffs Hannah was very helpful and polite at the counter, Nicole brought us fresh food from the kitchen, and Amanda checked on us when we were done we were treated with such royalty I’m taking the kids back tomorrow those employers are awesome and deserve recognition thanks Xtreme!

Review №81

Went to this place all the time before it was bought out by Xtreme Action Park. The place was really run down and was in dire need to be remodeled. Extreme has done a lot of work to this place it is a great place to go now its like a mall of fun things to do I love the idea of it and I will definitely be visiting this place often. You can do anything you want they have go-karts, a skating ring, a Bounce House Park, Escape rooms, arcade games, a Ropes Course, a car museum, bowling a shooting and great food and ice cream. You can pretty much do anything you want here and have a good time theres not much that they do not have.

Review №82

Big place staff friendly. Lots to do. More on the $$$ side. Arcades. We mainly went for the roller skating which was pretty empty so it was nice.

Review №83

We Went Monday for my son’s birthday and Christ/Christy I actually forgot how it is spelled, went above and beyond to assist us.. She didn’t get frustrated with us she stayed energetic and bubbly with us until all our purchases were complete.. Thank you so much, I know during these times it’s very difficult and frustrating but she did great. Also the girl in the kitchen area who had to serve and take orders etc by herself needs a RAISE.. Keep your head up girl.. you did an awesome job. This was Monday August 10 2020

Review №84

Very fun experience. Ive skydived and did other rope courses this still shook me. Was fun. Liked being able to go our own route and own pace. Definitely be back for more fun. We also did racing which was fun too. The 7d? Ride was great.

Review №85

Loved this place. Evan at the ticket checkout was hilarious and awesome. The cafe staff were friendly and the food was good! Definitely recommend this place for future fun outings!!

Review №86

Juliana was a very good host And very nice and hospitable.

Review №87

Friday evening Logan was one of the most helpful attentive workers hes an asset to the company

Review №88

Great place for family fun. They have something for everyone and for all ages. Super clean and great staff. Will go back again and again for sure!

Review №89

Good place once you are set up with your card. The go carts are fast and safe. They even have a small track for children. If you are a veteran or still serving member you get a 10% discount, however ensure you ask how to do it prior to finalizing your account details.

Review №90

Worst place ever. Way over price! Horrible food, games rigged, and they keep making you show your receipt to enter the play areas. This is a kids friendly place please lower your prices and stop doing the most!!!

Review №91

Evan was very helpful and knowledgeable about questions I had pertaining to the park! Also if you need the hook up for blueberry airheads he is the guy for them thanks man for making my experience even more fun that what I had!!!!

Review №92

Loved it. Has plenty of things to do. From little kids to adult. Go gart, laser tag, roller skating, bowling, arcade, trampolines, some other fun things to do .

Review №93

Had a great time for my sons birthday the service was top of the line Danielle and sandy were the best we could have asked for. And the place was clean and sanitary

Review №94

Fun time for the kids and family but very pricey.

Review №95

LOVE THIS PLACE! Will always be back. And right now during Covid season they are doing an amazing job sanitizing everything 24/7.

Review №96

Lots of things to do but pricey. Very fun though cuties for sure!

Review №97

OMG !!!! The absolute BEST service I have had at an arcade park yet ! From Adrianna greeting us and checking in on us periodically to make sure we were set up. Sending us to Samoya was patient and super sweet. And the dining !!!! Andrew was very polite and directed us to Emile who took our order for dinner and it was served with a Side of comic relief and welcoming posture . Nicole was with Andrew and with Emile the entire dining ordering experience. Nicole has Poise and charisma that makes a family feel at home. Hannah brought us our food with a smile and grade A customer attentiveness, sealed the deal on a much needed night Out .

Review №98

We went as a family outing and we had so much fun. Its plenty to do for everyone, but just make sure you bring plenty of money because its pricey..

Review №99

I enjoyed a nice evening there with my loved ones

Review №100

The go karting was awesome, and Evan (and all the staff) were SO COOL. I’m serious, I don’t usually review places, but pleaseeee come here (they have so many COVID safety precautions too, so don’t worry).100% goin on more dates here

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4.3 Rating
  • Address:5300 Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 954-491-6265
  • Event venue
  • Racecourse
  • Video arcade
  • Bowling alley
  • Amusement park
  • Laser tag center
  • Family restaurant
  • Roller skating rink
Working hours
  • Monday:2–10pm
  • Tuesday:2–10pm
  • Wednesday:2–10pm
  • Thursday:2–10pm
  • Friday:2–11pm
  • Saturday:11am–12am
  • Sunday:11am–10pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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