Uncle Bernies Amusement Park
3291 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, United States
Review №1

Great place for team bonding. Unlike some other go kart tracks, these are all electric cars with no exhaustions. And....this is perhaps the best go kart race track Ive ever been on. They rank you on a national scale which is pretty cool, too.

Review №2

Had a great time . The kids loved the rides . So cool.. The service was good as well. Ill be back

Review №3

Basic, retro and traditional fun for kids up to about age 6. Very low-tech entertainment with most of the park appearance kept functional and clean. I would recommend bringing your own food and street parking.

Review №4

My Adult Sons loved the display of cars. Took my Grand Children for the rides. A really nice gentleman opened the rides for them and they had a great time. Really cheap, a little dated, but that is the fun of it. Love the stores inside you can get really different items at a good price. A must see if you are in Ft. Lauderdale.

Review №5

Looked abandoned. Only saw 1 ride working at a time, run by a single employee. Decided not to put my daughter on any rides.

Review №6

The place reminds me a movie Nothing But Trouble :) But my kids love it! We live close to Fairyland, so I got their membership.

Review №7

Fun amusement rides for kids!!! Busiest during the weekends but open during the week and holidays. Theres so much to keep you and your kid(s) entertained and if by any chance you and/or your family get hungry, there is a lot to eat from churros to pizza. So come bring your family and have fun for the whole day!

Review №8

Rusty looking rides and it looks like trees and plants are over growing them. It doesn’t look anything like the photos it shows online....weird there’s so many 5 star reviews. It’s in the middle of a huge flee market so maybe those folks are giving the reviews to boost the rating. I’m not sure but this is DEFINITELY not 4 stars.

Review №9

Very fun park for families. Every employee in here are very helpful, patience and importantly good attitude.

Review №10

I love coming here with my family they are all so nice. The guy in the cash register was very polite and helpful.

Review №11

Everything is amazing... i like all the rides they are amazing and the cashier has good customer service best place so far thank you for everything and you amazing working everyone works hard thank you for taking care of me!!!!!️

Review №12

This is an amazing park, price is very good and you can even have your birthday party here, Im amazed by this park 5/5

Review №13

Fun place for the whole family. Very friendly atmosphere. A whole day of fun in the sun.

Review №14

Really cute little park in sunrise Florida. I have walked passed it for years and finally took my nieces and they LOVED it. We will definitely be visiting again. Thank you to the park owner,Alex for being super kind and welcoming.

Review №15

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT THIS IS NOT A THEMEPARK ITS A FLEE MARKET. I went with my family it was terrible me and my cousin looked it up and it shows kids happily getting on rides.we go it took an hour to get there to see a hot mess! They owe us some gas money we could have spend some time at a farm and it would have been better them that place don’t waste time and gas going to the place this is ridiculous me and my family expected more from this it’s a complete RIPOFF. This is time I can never ever get back simply terrible.

Review №16

Rides are fun and there is a fruit market attached to this place . Everyone had fun. Market was nice, my sister in law is vegan so it really was great.

Review №17

The flea market and swap meat are cool, the rides not so much. Everything felt very dated.

Review №18

Not your ordinary amusement park. This is located within the Swap Shop. Its easier to describe as a few old carnival rides.

Review №19

I want to swap shop in the the carnival the little park they like the the Techno jump Endo Dragon coaster Im waiting on the coaster since I was a little kid but I want the ferris wheel to be open its been closed since I was like a kid but if they make it open and put new rides in the little park I mean I will be happy and have more fun

Review №20

My boys always have a good time here !

Review №21

Today was in the ride with my daughter and the guy Im assuming is the boss was holding up the ride talking to an employee for a few seconds while myself and a few customers were waiting which I thought was unprofessional but the 2 employees were great respectful and kind keep up the good work guys.

Review №22

Its a great family amusement park , enjoy!

Review №23

Place is pretty dirty and broken down. 75% of the arcade games are broken. Thankfully my 5yr old didn’t know the difference and still had a good time but this place needs help badly. If your expectations aren’t high it’s a good enough time for the smaller kids.

Review №24

This park is great. I always bring my family here for some fun.

Review №25

Thus is a dive....the rides are very old but ok if you cant afford other places

Review №26

This park is amazing. Dont listen to what the other people say. Its super fun and not expensive at all. Come on you dont even have to pay for entrance and $20 for a big thing of tickets is not expensive. Another bonus is that there is this building next to it that sells food and has an arcade. The style of the building kinda takes you back to the 80s or 90s. But I will admit the employees do need a little improvement.

Review №27

The park is beautitul. Full of color. Recently painted no revovated. I visit this place once a year. The best thing in the whole swap shop. Worth the visit. Definitely designed for younger kids. Full of smiles, and laughter.

Review №28

Terrible experience!! Don’t come here. Don’t waste your money

Review №29

Rides are great for the kids but could be better. Theres always a malfunction or ride out of order

Review №30

A bit dirty and worn down but the selection of rides was great for small children, my 3&6 year olds loved every minute.

Review №31

A little too old and dirty for my liking, but my 3 year old enjoyed it.

Review №32

Great place to take the kids

Review №33

I would rather go here on a field trip then Disney or universal

Review №34

I came here with my family for the day and It was a blast

Review №35

Amusement park for kids!!! Busiest day is Sunday but Saturday gets pretty crowded too. Rides are open every day of the week. There has been improvement in the last two years and the park looks renovated and beautiful. The rides are safe and clean. Best feature in the Swap Shop by far. Fun experience for regulars and new guests. Birthday parties and school field trips book the park often. And recently there has been a lot of commercial FILMED and t.v . shows from Univision andTelemundo. . Park is used as a filming location and can be booked by calling. Also a great place to take instagram pictures, no permit needed for photographers.

Review №36

Horrible!! Came here on vacation with our kids. We stopped here just to sight see and for something to do and it was horrific. They are quick to take your money but after that your jvchildren are left standing and waiting at rides for attendants to let them on. Some rides have no attendants at all so you are left waiting and looking for one to walk by for you to ask them if they can get someone to help you. First and last time ever coming here.

Review №37

This place is super nasty, outdated and all rides are dirty. They should make this small place better for kids and adults as well. Plus paying $7 for parking is absolutely ridiculous unless I went on the most unfortunate time. Save your money and go somewhere else.

Review №38

Its a nice place for children and family , not only the amusement park , the entire place is unique

Review №39

Love it take your Family

Review №40

Really nice park, my lil sister loves it

Review №41

My kids love the rides, however it would be a lot better if all the rides worked.

Review №42

I went there when I was a kid, and now that I am an adult its still kinda fun. Its best for elementary and middle school age but there is something for everyone.

Review №43

Nice place to spend a day of shopping eating and enjoying the games, live shows and rides. A humble family place.

Review №44

This is horrible I went here it broken down and the rides don’t even work this needs big big BIG update or gone cause this place is bad I went this with my family and when we first look at it we knew it wasn’t right it’s no good it looks like it was build in 1960s it looks like a farm!!

Review №45

Love this place if youre looking for The Impossible phone cases they have them!!

Review №46

A wonderland for kids, but teens and adults will be bored. Some of the rides dont even work anymore and are closed, and some of the rides that are still open are clearly starting to show their age. Some of the rides, you have to wait for an employee to show up to operate it (why dont they have a ride operator for each ride, perhaps not enough money is the answer) The octopus ride was A LOT of fun and ended up being the highlight of the trip, but thats pretty much it. Save your money and go to another amusement park instead.

Review №47

Kind of run down but fun for little kids

Review №48

Great place for kids

Review №49

$22.00 unlimited ride passes

Review №50

Awful location, poor place, damage machines, sorry but that place have to be closed looks terrible!!

Review №51

Magical place

Review №52

Its very old

Review №53

Good costomer service, for the rides that are actually open...

Review №54

Nice but they are hardly open on weekdays

Review №55

I loved this place everything was so fun and the octupus ride was the best

Review №56

Great for family’s and very affordable.

Review №57

I didnt want to give any stars at all its not worth 1 star its not worth $20 do not take ur family here the pictures online are FAKE because it looks nothing like them this place should be free its run down it has some raggedy swap meet next to it everything is just dirty do not take your family here please reroute the pictures is false advertisement please do not visit this at all

Review №58

Fun amd old-fashioned place for children

Review №59

Very disappointed! Nothing works, outdated, and very expensive.

Review №60

Awful rides they were well maintained and we got stuck on the dragon and the log ride very dirty rides as well with a lot of underpaid young employees

Review №61

Don’t go there everything is old and not working well.

Review №62

Very fun

Review №63

Go early

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Review №65

Gotta love this place

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Review №67

Good prices, the kids had a lot of fun

Review №68

It was crazy fun

Review №69

Enjoy everything there.

Review №70

This isn’t a theme park !! It’s a swap meet now !!Avoid this trash hole !!!

Review №71

Not fun

Review №72

My granddaughter loved it.

Review №73

My favorite place of All

Review №74

Dirty dirty place

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Review №76

Crappy asinine theme park. Im not even sure if it work.

Review №77

Horrible, disgusting, dirty everything is broken and breaking apart. Almost fell off a ride with my 7 year old.

Review №78

Very cool

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  • Address:3291 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 954-584-1727
  • Amusement park
  • Theme park
  • Tourist attraction
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:10am–5pm
  • Thursday:10am–5pm
  • Friday:10am–5pm
  • Saturday:10am–7:30pm
  • Sunday:10am–8pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
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