Evolution Escape Rooms
5300 Powerline Rd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, United States
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I went on a double date and the four of us did the “Two Thirty Nine” room. It is 35 minutes long. We had a blast and successfully completed the room with about a minute left. It was thrilling and a ton of fun. The employees are kind and helpful. Melisa was awesome!! She answered all of our questions and took photos for us when we finished. This was my first time at an escape room and I had an amazing experience. Will definitely be going again to do the other rooms.

Review №2

Best escape rooms in town, would definitely recommend to everyone

Review №3

My first escape room. Honestly was the most exhilarating experience Ive had for a while. The design was genius. Samaiya and Josh (I think was his name) were awesome hosts. Would definitely return to try the other rooms if the opportunity arises.

Review №4

We had a blast doing the diner escape room! Joshua was extremely nice and helpful during the whole adventure. We will definitely be coming back for the escape room experiences.

Review №5

Wow, this takes regular escape rooms to a whole new level. Josh was a fantastic host. Definitely worth going again.

Review №6

The room was amazing. I had such a great time with my friends. Shamiya was the best, she was so helpful and made our experience the best ever! Highly recommend

Review №7

The rooms were nice and I had a lot of fun. Never tried this before but it was a great new experience. Shimiya was a great host! Ill definitely come back to try out some more.

Review №8

Very cool rooms that was nice for the family to enjoy on the weekend. Really put the cherry on top for our vacation. Shamiya and Josh were very professional too!

Review №9

This was insanely thrilling. I love puzzles and this really left me satisfied. Cant believe I didnt try this before and experience couldnt have been made better if wasnt for Melisa and Shamiya. Overall GRERAT experience

Review №10

We came for my brothers birthday and it was so much fun! The staff is so nice and patient and helped us as we got stuck. Highly recommend and will come back.

Review №11

Shamiaya and Josh were great!

Review №12

This has been the best experience that I have ever had. From the staff to the actual game itself!! I will be back VERY SOON !!!!!! I will give you all the stars in the world if I could.

Review №13

It was an amazing experience! Mathew was super patient and helpful! We are literally doing another one today.

Review №14

Took my daughter for her birthday and we had a blast. Staff friendly and safe environment during COIVD.

Review №15

AWESOMEEE!!!! i loved everything. Melisa was great at customer service

Review №16

Shemia and Josh was great

Review №17

I really felt as if I was in space. I would love to it again

Review №18

Great experience! Amanda was the best! She answered all our questions and was a great host setting us off on the right path (we were all first timers). Go early or book early as the sessions fill up. Max 10 people and more fun with more friends vs strangers but still super fun either way.

Review №19

This was an awesome experience and we would definitely do it again on our next trip there. The staff on Saturday, July 27, 2019 after 3pm was very helpful when explaining everything and they made our exhilarating experience perfect!!!!!! Im not good with names, but the two gentlemen working were the best!!!!

Review №20

We did the dine in the dusk and we were not impressed and we have done so many escape rooms. But the decor and everything else was nice but the puzzles were too confusing but simple and the last puzzles did not match up like we did them so we spent so long trying to figure them out but we were so confused.

Review №21

Escape room is the best. Customer service was awesome. MELISA AND ANAIAH WERE THE BEST!!!!!

Review №22

This was amazing!! we did room two thirty nine and i had so much fun thanks to Anaiah love ya!! thanks for also helping me out with the walkie!-cassandra

Review №23

Awesome!!! I loved the customer service, melisa was super amazing!!!

Review №24

Had a great time! Loved the layout of the escape room. Well thought out and nicely put together. Puzzles where challenging but not extremely difficult. Would definitely go again.

Review №25

Doing escape rooms has become somewhat of a tradition for my fiance and I. So I have really been wanting to try this place out. We did room two thirty nine with our 2 other friends and it was pretty cool. The staff was really kind and helpful when we needed it. We mostly tried not to use any sort of clues because were all very stubborn people. But 100% I would recommend this place to anyone who loves escape rooms as much as we do. Cant wait to try out their special Halloween rooms this month .

Review №26

So much fun! I felt the room was challenging with out being impossible. TBH I genuinely screamed out loud in surprise and then at another point doubled over in laughter. I will definitely come back.

Review №27

Firstly, employee Amanda Doty was fun, thorough, and prepped our group for an awesome hour of excitement. We enjoyed her so much that we requested she oversee our mission. She’s a keeper! We adored her.The mission was so intricate and creative! We loved it. Highly recommend.

Review №28

Anaiah was awesome. She was so cool and calm through out the whole experience. She did a great job explaining everything. I will definitely be back. Thank you Anaiah

Review №29

Xtreme Action Park’s evolution VR escape rooms are fantastic. After going two times I have decided to leave this review. First I did the Tiberia space themed VR escape room which was epic. With 4 people it was still quite hard as we were about to complete it but failed. Very fun throughout. Same awesome experience with the ocean themed VR escape room. Especially with Anaiah as the one who took care of us. She’s a great staff member that actually made our VR escape room experience better, as she felt like a friend. Not only are the VR escape rooms worthwhile, there are staff members like Anaiah that push a place like this from 4 stars to 5. Highly recommend.

Review №30

Ive been to my fair share of escape rooms and I definitely recommend this one! We did the Geneva Trail room, which was super fun and innovative. It was a really great experience and you should give this place a shot!

Review №31

What a fun experience! Rajib was an amazing guide - knew the rooms in & out! We’ve done two of the three rooms here and they were both really well done. Definitely recommend it!

Review №32

My family and I loved the virtual reality escape room!! It was so fun and interactive. We especially enjoyed the pleasant customer service. We did the ocean VR. Great team work for my family and I and memories.

Review №33

Tiffany & Scott were amazing. The VR escape rooms are a ton of fun. Highly recommend.

Review №34

We did the Diner at Dusk and it was amazing. The clues were challenging and a lot of fun. Everyone can contribute their knowledge and skills. Up to ten people enter into the room (which is quite large) and get to cracking the mystery of the diner. Also spooky enough to get us all to huddle together at different intervals.

Review №35

Me and three other friends went to visit the escape rooms and we had so much fun. The hints in order for you to escape really make you think. The staff was extremely friendly and helped out the best way they could, as much times as they could. Im definitely going back!

Review №36

Great experience! I’ve done plenty of escape rooms but never in VR. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back to try the other ones they have. Rashid and Sal were the ones helping me and they were absolutely great. Sal did great explaining to me on how it works beforehand and was help when we needed it throughout the journey! If you’ve never done it before, you certainly should try this one of kind experience!

Review №37

Really cool. I can’t wait to do this again. So mind blowing. And amazing adventure. Recommend for adults. Can be a little scary. Be careful. Really awesome. Be right back.

Review №38

This is an awesome awesome escape room!! The theming is amazing the puzzles are great and themed! We did the cabin one and it was awesome! Thanks to Ryan! You were super great and helpful! Going back to do all of them today! Only downside is you need a minimum of 3 people to play. :( But the rooms are great

Review №39

VR escape room was so much fun. Takes a bit of getting used to, but would definitely try again.

Review №40

Had so much fun here!! Ive done two of their escape rooms so far and they are so much fun!! The staff is amazing!!

Review №41

The VR escape was awesome! So much fun. The staff was super helpful and friendly. Will be back soon.

Review №42

I love the rooms. Came back and did a second room! Anything in the room can be helpful. Thinking out of the box means EVERYTHING. It’s the only way to get out of the box you are already locked in! The rooms are interactive!! Definitely worth trying at least once!!

Review №43

Awesome for groups!

Review №44

Great experience with me and my 13 & 15 yr old! Jean & Matt were awesome. Liked one so much we are going back later today to do another!

Review №45

Best traditional escape rooms around. And then add on top VR !!! Virtually out of this world. Well done

Review №46

Mikayla was super helpful and kind to me and my family. this was our first escape room experience for any of us and it was extremely fun! we did the dine at dusk room which gave us a couple of like scares considering we had no clue what was going to happen, but all in all so much fun! helped us come together as a family. highly recommend!

Review №47

Visited Evolution after reading all the reviews. We did the 259 room and have to say not impressed. Have done many and this one fell short. Our hostess was less than friendly, she mentioned she had therapy and was tired so she gave us our intro rather quickly verbally in a room with couches. The theme was OK but was expecting WOW moments even when we did escape with 22 minutes to spare, very anticlimactic. For the $$ rather go to others in the area. Good for beginners who have never experienced an escape room. As an enthusiast will pass on this one.

Review №48

One of the best escape rooms Ive been in. Theres enough puzzles and mystery in the room to really immerse yourself into. With the three themed rooms available (I would suggest the bunker if your looking for little more of a thrill) theres enough variety in each one to have a good time spelunking through it.A tad expensive, but well worth the experience. I would highly recommend others taking part in these escape rooms, but I wouldnt bring children or people who might have weak constitutions.

Review №49

We had a really good time! This is located at Xtreme Action Park, which in it of itself was fun. The hosts were very cool and easy going. This particular attraction has multiple scenarios, from what they tell me. I wont spoil anything about the one we got, but it was extremely challenging, suspenseful and well made! They hit every sensory with their sights, smells and sounds. We were stumped quite a few times, and there were a few red herrings that threw us off but once we got it, it was really satisfying.Loved it!

Review №50

Excellent experience. Fun for the whole family and friendly staff.

Review №51

Hands down the best escape room I’ve been to. They are on a completely different level than the ones I have been to! The story line is fantastic! We did gineva trail, I think that’s what it’s called, and it’s a cabin themed room! Awesome! My wife hates the woods and it was the closest I can get her to camping. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to get the group together to do another room! I was told not to spoil anything, but well worth it, and highly challenging. We did not get out in time but hope to do better when we go back next time.

Review №52

By FAR THE BEST ESCAPE ROOM IN TOWN! I have done a number of escape rooms and this was by far the Best! Evolution Escape Rooms have the best puzzles and professionally made up sets in the business. My group did the Cabin Escape and it was AWESOME!!! It got a little scary but nothing a kid cant handle. You have 60 minutes to solve a Murder and we finished with 3 Minutes to spare! 100% recommend for Group Outings such as Birthday Parties, corporate get togethers, or a fun night out with friends. Dan and India were awesome. GO! You will not regret it!

Review №53

Such a fun place ! It is a great experience and we had a lot of fun ! You should give it a shot !

Review №54

Wow! If you have not done an escape room, you need to! Ask for Rajib who explains everything in detail and helps thicken the plot of the escape room. The rooms at Evolution are very, very well done. Last night we held an Alumni Sorority function & explored the spooky Geneva Trail Room. There were so many unexpected twists & turns that made the experience unforgettable. Definitely a must!

Review №55

Escape rooms were “XTREMEly” fun! I had to experience all 3 of them with my friends and family, would definitely recommend coming here for a good brain teaser or team building! More than just the fun escape rooms to experience come here for tons of family fun

Review №56

Just came back from checking out and booking the Geneva Trail room at Evolution Escape Rooms. Dan was very informative and helpful and the place looks great. We cant wait to try to escape!

Review №57

Geneva trail was one of the most fun and exhilarating things I’ve ever done. The puzzles were tricky but not too tricky to where you’re stuck every five minutes. We got towards the end and failed on the last part, but nevertheless it was totally worth it. Rajib and Brady were very cool people and definitely offered us some help from time to time without making us feel like we were asking for too much. Definitely recommend for anyone who is 12 and older!!!! You will feel accomplished every time you find something new !!!

Review №58

Very fun and interesting new escape room experience. VR is good quality and feels immersive. Definitely recommend to try for escape room enthusiasts.

Review №59

Very interactive!! The rooms were intense and suspenseful. Made you feel like you were actually trapped. Would HIGHLY reccomend!! Will be returning for the other 2 rooms.

Review №60

I had an amazing time during our escape room, our guide, Shamiya, was amazing and very funny.

Review №61

All the rooms at Escape are awesome! Really get you thinking and driving you crazy! Lol such a fun place and great employees especially Matt and Rajib! Thank you very much!!

Review №62

The escape room was great! I would highly recommend it for anyone.

Review №63

The best escape rooms in Florida. Ive tried rooms worldwide and these have custom content and props. Not a franchise with that generic franchise feel... Evolution is over the top awesome. Thanks for the great 90 minutes --- totally worth it.

Review №64

I honestly didnt think Id like escape rooms. I thought Id be scared and I didnt think Id be good at it. But after a friend dragged me here, I seriously cant wait to try it again.It was so much fun! The rooms and effects were cool, and the the puzzles were challenging but didnt leave me frustrated. I tried the diner and Ill totally go back to try the other ones.

Review №65

Tiffany was so nice helped us understand how to do the room. The escape room was one of the best

Review №66

The Evolution Escape Rooms are a very fun, entertaining, and scary. My first time going I was treated very well by the employ Matthew. I 100% recommend coming here if you are looking to have fun.

Review №67

Try the new VR escape rooms they are amazing!!!

Review №68

Nick and Jean helped us through a great experience. Working with strangers enhanced the experience and we came close enough to solving the mystery that everyone felt good and took away a wonderful memory.Went again! This was our third time and the BEST! Two 70 plus year-olds and 10 year old twins did the two thirty nine room. It was hard but super fun and we got far enough along to feel great about solving as much as we did. Rajib was there with the clues when we needed them and was a great help and kind helper. Cant wait for them to build the next room!!!

Review №69

Jean Marin was a great help! Very friendly and helpful. Thanks for making my birthday even better!

Review №70

My boyfriend and I tried it for the first time and it was the best thing ever! We were so scared at first BUT it’s totally opposite of anything you think as a first timer. I would recommend for anyone to try it :)

Review №71

I had a blast! I did Geneva Trail which was by far the most detailed escape room I have done, you can tell a lot of work went into these rooms. The staff is friendly and can give you information about all three of their rooms.

Review №72

So much fun!! I went with my co-workers, courtesy of the office, and we actually did not escape in time (lol)...BUT they let us keep going until we could and it was awesome!! The puzzles are so interactive, not just a bunch of padlocks and find the key. Cant wait to try the next one!!

Review №73

One of the best escape rooms I have been in Miami! Me and my friends did the cabin and it was amazing. I recommend this place to anyone that’s looking for a good escape room.

Review №74

This was by far the best escape room I have done. The puzzles were challenging, yet fun. The aesthetic of the rooms by far surpasses any other escape room I have done. Would definitely recommend to others.

Review №75

Scott has some of the best customer service skills. He knows how to keep the customer happy and we will definitly be coming back again. The rooms were great and really encourage team work

Review №76

Rajiv and Matt were so nice! I had a blast!

Review №77

Amazing Place, Alot of Fun, Rajib Shamiya & Scott Were of Great Help, Will Definitely Be Coming Back Again And Again.

Review №78

The room we did was awesome and intense definitely will try more

Review №79

Ive been to a couple of escape rooms in Florida and this one is high on my list. My friend and I went in for free for Eagle Day for MSD students. We did Diner at Dusk, and it was pretty scary at times. The room is decorated so well, youd swear it was an actual diner! The puzzles were hard to solve and involved a lot of teamwork, but thats what makes it so fun. You have my stamp of approval from an MSD student!

Review №80

It’s a very fun interactive experience for you and your friends. Some of them really make you think. Staff are friendly and helpful.

Review №81

Well designed room with very unique puzzles. Hosted by staff members Shauniya and Daniel, who were very engaging and informative. Will absolutely be back again for another round.

Review №82

Absolutely amazing! Matt, and Rajib are awesome and I highly reccommend this! I’m SUPERRR experienced and this was a phenomenal challenge. #un-Fire Matt :)

Review №83

Been to a lot of escape rooms and this one is pretty awesome. Loved the room and the team.

Review №84

Had our first experience with and Escape Room last night and it was incredible! We chose to do the VR escape room because we didn’t feel we had enough people to do the hard level room that was available at the time. We completed Dragon Tower where you have to escape from being captured. Honestly, we weren’t sure how the experience would be with VR but it was so cool and well worth it. The clues do actually help you advance and the employee supervising will help as well just to nudge you in the right direction. My “hands” ended up not working correctly in the beginning and our supervisor, Sal, was great! Worked quickly to get it resolved while still joking with me to keep me in the action I was missing. Additional time was added for us to solve the final level for the difficulties I had, which we were greatful for because we really wanted to meet the dragon LOL. All around, exceeded our expectations and all of the employees were great!

Review №85

The Karts Are everything!!! I just wish the fun lasted longer!!! Had a great time.

Review №86

Do NOT go here.. the manager at this place will completely RUIN everything about escape rooms.. an absolute tool. Everyone I spoke to about this place has had a story about the AWFUL experience from the staff.This place is the worst. The 40 year old manager with the dreadful comb-over thinks hes really smart. He will verbally abuse you with the rhetoric of a 12 year old girl. He will also threaten to not give your money back, citing (invisible) fine print on the website. Quite possibly the worst human.Save your $40/person and go somewhere else.

Review №87

Shamiya was very helpful and Rajib was funny. Great time

Review №88

I took my 4 teenagers to do the the escape room and we had a blast! Lots of laughter, quite a few screams and good fun for the group!

Review №89

Id make sure that you go with a group that fills the quota; being paired up with random people might not work so well...

Review №90

This is a shout out to Rajib and Scoob. Rajib was really helpful and funny. He was helpful but not too helpful. Scoob, great rooms. We have done them all now and they are great. These are our favorite escape rooms.

Review №91

Evolution Escape Rooms is probably the best escape room company I have had the pleasure of experiencing in my life! I, along with 3 friends, did the 239 room and the whole experience was amazing. Not only were we able to successfully escape the room, and had a time good enough for the leaderboards, but we were so lucky to have an amazing employee, Nick. He was funny, charming ;), and overall fun to talk to. He seemed young, maybe a college student home for winter break, but I hope he becomes something amazing in this world because he deserves it. Our escape room experience would not be the same if it werent for Nick. we still talk about how great he was. Team Geekalicious for life!

Review №92

Been to escape rooms in other places even NYC and this one is my all time favorite. Went with my 5 girlfriends and had a blast. Owners were very cool.

Review №93

We did the Cabin Escape room and it was amazing. Very mysterious and creative. We didn’t finish the trail but was all worth it

Review №94

Done quite a few of these in this area, and Evolution Escape Room was by FAR the best so far. Really excellent plot lines and pairing of clues. Will do their new one when it opens for sure!

Review №95


Review №96

Awesome experience!! Challenging, exciting and lots of fun. Had a great team and we escaped! Will definitely be back to try other rooms.

Review №97

Very thematic decor, rooms are fun with unique little touches to make them interesting, and Matthew was very clear about instructions and helped us just enough to figure it out. Will absolutely play again.

Review №98

Best Escape room in SFL. Ive done them all and Im sick of the old plywood walls and lock puzzles. This is high tech, audio and visually top notch, and transports you into the setting. No more poorly designed, quickly built escape rooms for me. This is the place. Too bad there are only 3 ... but have the Cabin and Bunker still to go through. Amazing. Cant say enough.

Review №99

6 Stars! Seriously, for 1 hour and 10 friends, this place rocks. The best escape rooms Ive been to Orlando and South. And then you can walk into Xtreme Action Park and have a beer & pizza. No other venue offers the combination of Escape Rooms connected to the biggest entertainment venue in FL. Hands down the best night on the town.

Review №100

This place was really cool and I cant wait to try all the rooms. Going for the second time.

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