Fort Humboldt State Historic Park
3431 Fort Ave, Eureka, CA 95503, United States

Review №1

My daughter and I brought food up there and had lunch. It was very quiet and peaceful. Nice view of the bay also. Whoever does the landscaping is on point.

Review №2

A small but interesting oasis in Eureka. Dog-friendly. Strolled around a few times with my dog for our afternoon walk, enjoying the sunny afternoon. Some interesting engines, trains and other miscellany explaining Eurekas logging history. There are also some buildings from when the area was a US Army fort. Definitely worth a visit.

Review №3

Hobo free that important theses days ... Well kept landscape and building were as well ... Would go back again ...

Review №4

Love checking out history. It was a nice walk.

Review №5

Great place for a mellow, informative walk. There are several large steam powered logging machines, as well as 2 steam engines that are sure to interest just about anyone. The paths are well kept and lined with historical information signs about logging, the fort that once stood here, some events in local history, and Native American history. There is also a nice overlook towards the Mall and the ocean, which we saw a pretty sunset from.The bathroom near the parking lot was clean and proper.This park also hosts 6 stops and 3 gyms in the game Pokemon Go, making it a great spot to stay and play.

Review №6

We enjoyed stoping here and eating our lunch since we are from out if town and limited places to eat do too covid 19 well maintain and great views

Review №7

Love this place. Everyone should visit it atleast once. It gives you a Great little History lesson on life in Eureka/Humboldt. An how people lived.

Review №8

We enjoyed having a picnic there! And you get to learn local history!!

Review №9

Even though the museum is closed the outside exhibition is excellent. We learned about lumbering and steam donkeys and a helpful volunteer gave us tipps about the area.

Review №10

Eureka, Calif.Free museum.This Fort more like a lumber museum focusing on the towns tycoon.Aside from the buildings and some barracks i wish more was focused on the fort, strategic location and challenges to live rather than for commerce.The lumber history lesson was ok too though. Has many outdoor equipment. Heck, the museum is outdoor.There is a Small, puny indoor exhibit i a nearby cabin.This is the best touristy dork related stuff to do here in eureka.

Review №11

Nice historic park! Unfortunately we didnt get the chance to visit inside the houses because of Covid-19.

Review №12

My son had a lot of fun on the train ride! Even though its a short ride, you can still get an idea of how it used to be for the Army and the lumber trade. Another note would be, as a former military member, the historically rich info boards were very interesting.

Review №13

Great for pokemon go stops lol

Review №14

This place is beautiful both in a sense of nature and of history. I really like how you can just get a sense of living back 150 years ago.

Review №15

History, trains (sometimes), open spaces...great park.

Review №16

Great place for the family to run around and explore while also learning about history. Bathrooms have a keycode to get in so they are only used for visitors. Picnic tables to sit and eat lunch

Review №17

Friendly staff, quiet place. A good one for reflection or reading and a picnic

Review №18

Great place to walk and enjoy some history.

Review №19

OMG all the logging history and big trees. What a hidden gem

Review №20

It is a great historical place and to think Ulysses S Grant that we learned about in history class in school was stationed here in our little town for a year!

Review №21

Great place to fly a kite and safe for my doggie!!!

Review №22

Beautiful open space with many historical items and a few buildings to visit. Easy parking and free entry

Review №23

A nice quiet place for lunch.

Review №24

Great historical location. Lots of renovations currently happening, but I was happy to see the parking lot was full with visitor parking. Train rides on Saturdays and Ed-venture Quests makes it fun for the whole family. Great place to picnic, as well.

Review №25

Small park with a few walking tours. Informative signs all the way around. Trails are easy, some are dirt, some are asphalt. A history walk. Friendly staff.

Review №26

Nice and peaceful setting with picnic tables, clean restrooms with code lock and code can be found posted on front door of parks office. The history of this place is wonderful to read about and the history on logging with railroad equipment, etc. The machines are on display here also.

Review №27

Surprising this University is tucked in trees.. Beautiful in its makeup..Every major department within easy walking distance..large parking lots... Science and enivormental studies top priority...Has a major effect on the town of Arcata and Eureka..Ocean close and has the feel of University of Santa Cruz...Feels and looks newer ,but its not...Quite in off days..

Review №28

Lots of cool & historical things to see

Review №29

Beautiful view. Great info in history of vicinity

Review №30

Great place for a picnic

Review №31

Awesome historical park nice little trail with interesting plaques to read.

Review №32

History is Rich here and there is a lot to contamplate I recommend you visit at least one time

Review №33

Interesting place to spend 90 minutes. The buildings are full of the history of this area. Park has picnic tables. Well kept.

Review №34

Love it. Fun to walk around. Very informative and awesome to learn about the daily life at a fort

Review №35

Its great for the history of the steam donkeys, but not much for children to do there.

Review №36

This is a beautiful place to go in Eureka. You can almost feel the history here and the people working here are really nice and pleasant to talk to and learn from.

Review №37

Omg yummy and they have a Tesla coil how cool is that the wait staff is amazing. You can spend alot or eat on a budget. What a hidden gem

Review №38

Bit open historical place. Great place for a picnic on a nice day

Review №39

Dont go on Tuesday or Wednesday, the hospital is closed. Lots of cool stuff to see. Very easy walk.

Review №40

Great place to visit for a day out, has a large open grass area

Review №41

Learned the past can inspire if shown desire

Review №42

It was relaxing

Review №43

There were a lot of markers with educational information about the fort, the area, and its history. It is also overlooking town and is windy because it is higher up, so take a jacket. There is not a lot of parking on the hill, though, which is the only draw back.

Review №44

I was visiting family in Fortuna and wanted to check a few known haunted places in Eureka. Theres known to be an apparition of an old lieutenant second floor window at his old house in this site. I checked the house and the old hospital and it was beautiful and very well kept. I left afterwards since I felt a little spooked.

Review №45

Ive lived in Humboldt off and on for a few years, and never knew of this place! Awesome grassy area for a picnic in the right weather, and theyve got free rides on their steam engine the third Saturday of every month! Definitely a fun, if short, time.

Review №46

This is a Great little gem of a park. They have a muesum that is seldom open but many exhibits around the park speak about the history of both fort Humboldt and the logging industry. During the dryer months local train enthusiasts bring out and run the parks locomotives on the tracks in the park. The park also has an expansive field and a commanding view of Humboldt bay.

Review №47

Love it for the history but the homless hanging around makes it creepy and feel unsafe

Review №48

Very good walking self guided tour.

Review №49

Dont think I spent much time here. Seriously old history. They had some railroad displays at the Redwood Empire Fair in 2018 for the logging conference.

Review №50

This is a great party with a stunning Vista of the Pacific Ocean. Its got great picnic tables and the local birds are good at begging! I only gave it four stars because there are more beautiful parks along the coast. Amazing history here.

Review №51

Neat park with good history and trails to learn about the past at this site.

Review №52

Beautiful spot. Kids love to run around and look at everything

Review №53

Beautiful and clean

Review №54

Very nice and quiet place to visit

Review №55

Love the place. My Grandfather had the billboard on the highway put up to help keep it open. Fond memories as a child and I brought my children here as well. I love the history and the events they hold.

Review №56

Cute place to visit . Small so it doesnt take long.

Review №57

Cute stop with a little train ride (great for kids!) and local info.

Review №58

I love taking my dogs here for a morning walk.

Review №59

Very beautiful Historic Park and well worth visiting and checking things out there. It would be a great place for a picnic overlooking the bay.

Review №60

Great place to take family an learn some History

Review №61

Nice spacious park. Clean restrooms

Review №62

Fun place to learn about some History

Review №63

Good place to learn about some fascinating and tragic local history

Review №64

Small park with a nice bit of history

Review №65

Way rad place to visit, lots a neat things to see

Review №66

Super cool history has many things even geo caches and loads of points to grab on a walking game....

Review №67

Very helpful staff are here.

Review №68

We found this to be a very interesting historical monument. Today we only had time to see the logging exhibits. Hopefully, we will return soon to see the other buildings.

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Review №70

A beautiful spot, we loved walking around the park, but even though the gates open at 8:00, the museums and gift shop doesnt open until 9:30. So they missed out on getting any money from us.

Review №71

My kids (ages 1-9) did the adventure quest and loved it! There is a beautiful field that you can run and play in, and a few picnic tables.

Review №72

Dont be looking for a large fort structure. A very nice and informative exhibit area with history of the area and the lumber trade.

Review №73

The view was great and the objects of interest around were entertaining to read. The plus side- is that there are a ton of Pokestops and Gyms for Pokemon Go.The downside is that car access to their parking lot is closed later in the evening, as well as there being a constant mosquito problem from nearby stagnant water.If you dont mind getting bit, or have insect repellent, its a wonderful and free way to spend an hour even without Pokemon Go.

Review №74

Clean ,well maintained place .nice for dog walks and an over look of the bay as well as the mall

Review №75

Small easy to walk through self guided tour

Review №76

Ft. HUMAlways the throwbackWhenever I come back40 oz to freedom and a bluntSitting on a picnic benchStaring out at the PacificWhile the the world drives by on the 101 below me

Review №77

Loved seeing logging history.

Review №78

Great place to take kids learn little about eureka history

Review №79

Great place but I havent been there yet

Review №80

Nice place to learn humboldt history

Review №81

Really too cute, must take a picture

Review №82

This place is so important for our history. The train is especially important and a necessity for future generations to see and experience.

Review №83

Fun to visit when its not windy, up on the hill can get very blustery. In summer theres a festival when they run the steam trains and you can get rides on them. Pretty cool overall

Review №84

This place is beautiful. We rode on the steam train and it was a fun little morning.

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Review №86

Visitor center closed 3 people in office yet no one could open it for my 3 kids...very bad..even the door sign said it was open 10 til 4...but no go

Review №87

Lots of history, good and bad.

Review №88

A few more historical stories would be great

Review №89

It was very nicely laid out with a nice walking trail. The ability to actually enter in the old buildings was cool. Learned a ton about the history of Eureka and Fort humboldt.

Review №90

Neat little place. Great history. And fun EdVenture program for kids!

Review №91

This place is amazing. So much history

Review №92

Revisionist history, bad white people good Indians thats the message from the state of California. We got here in the middle of the day and everything was closed.

Review №93

Pretty scenary.

Review №94

So beautiful there. The trees are so awesome. Roots growing over stumps its awesome.

Review №95

Quiet place to sit except lunch time well still quiet but fills up some history to read about at the various points and artifacts

Review №96

Very nice park

Review №97

Great attraction in the middle of Eureka. This park has a short loop hike with well kept information signs and historical buildings.

Review №98

Pretty cool lil place to learn about the military industrial complex as it spread its evil tentacles across the nation, plus the old equipment and stuff is cool

Review №99

Always the best place for a walk or a picnic

Review №100

Whats not to love about a park.

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