Mount Pisgah Arboretum
34901 Frank Parrish Rd, Eugene, OR 97405, United States
Review №1

The people living here were informed about us seeing a black terrier or snauzer looking dog with a collar loose going to the riverbed at the entrance and were instantly on looking for and retrieving the pup as we couldnt since we had our toddler with us and the dog ran onto private property in the area. Was a really beautiful experience with my family and I got plenty of photos and videos with them and of the beauty surrounding us. Everyone here is so friendly and personable. I loved it overall and we only got about 2 and a half hours of trails in. Cant wait to come back and see what all else my husband brags about in this place! Some of the photos attached are just an Arizonan in awe of mossy and green nature, some are the way in and way out surrounding the mountain, most are along the first trails you will see if you take the trails to the right as you enter.

Review №2

Gorgeous hikes and beautiful views! Plenty of parking. Pay with app. Dogs welcome on leash. Clean up bags provided. Clean restrooms available. Trash cans, sign boards, and maps provided. Look up for eagles!!

Review №3

There are trails for all levels of hikers and theres even an area for swimming. Even though there is $5 parking fee, the trails are very well-maintained and there are a LOT of trails. There are gravel trails, dirt trails, rocky creek bed trails, steep trails, flat trails, short trails, long trails, shaded trails, exposed trails, wide trails, narrow trails, and more! There are also plenty of lizards and snakes in the Spring and Summer. I highly recommend at least checking this place out. Theres plenty of parking with 3 separate parking lots which are located at the base of different main trails that branch off into other trails.

Review №4

This is a great place to hike or do some serious hill training. The trails are well marked and well groomed. Some of the trails are steep with loose gravel. Good views most any time. Few trees near the tops of hills. Bring water due to the temperature.

Review №5

Very nice place with miles of trails to hike deers and bears and turkeys lots of wildlife there never run into bears but there is droppings spotted all the time

Review №6

Beautiful hike. Steep and wide Trail # 1 up to the summit was a workout. Narrow, steep, and single track back down (didnt get the trail number) was one to take your time on. Not from the area, so Im not positive, but I think I saw poison oak along the trail, so I was cautious.

Review №7

A moderate hike with lots of views of local savanna and the surrounding area. Very pretty, but make sure you pack sunscreen.

Review №8

Nice hike. We had our 3 year old with us and she managed it. Beautiful views.

Review №9

Right outside of town is one of Natures most beautiful locations, Mount Pisgah. If you like to hike, this is the place to go, which is close to town. Their event calendar is always popping with wonderful things to do for families. The photographic opportunities are bar non as well. If you are searching for that wilderness feeling but, dont wish to drive far, then Mount Pisgah is your place! I am SO not a good photographer but, here are some quick photos I took for your viewing pleasure.

Review №10

Took my kiddo to the Mountain Rose Free Herbalism event this past weekend, we had a great time! Food trucks were awesome! The freebies from Mountain Rose Herbs were great too! Loved the Ayurvedic talk as well! We walked around the grounds a bit and wow it was so beautiful out! We will be back :)

Review №11

Mountain. River. Wildlife. Forests. Extensive hiking. Exhibits. Great spots to swim and raft. Oh and real bathrooms! Very much worth the $5 day pass. Or even better, get an annual pass, as youll want to come back again and again!

Review №12

Great for hiking and for weddings and other events!

Review №13

Pretty awesome place hardly any shade going up or down. Scenery was very beautiful.

Review №14

Such a beautiful place so close to home. Great trails through the arboretum or on Mt. Pisgah. Went to a wedding reception held in an old barn-type building on-sight thats available to rent for private gatherings. I saw a couple of male peacocks wandering around. Great yearly wild mushroom festival and all kinds of other activities open to the public.

Review №15

Everytime my wife and I visit this arboretum, we always fall in love with Oregon again.They have some great trails and a few fascinating spots if you explore a bit.Dogs and horses are welcome. They love to play in the open fields and run through the brush.Each time we come were greeted by new colors, flowers, and even a critter or two.We spend a good deal of time here with our family and would recommend for anyone looking to spend some quality time with nature!

Review №16

Great walk! Plenty of trails to keep your heart content. I used to go to Spencers, but this is definitely my new favorite mountain in the valley.

Review №17

Beautiful park with many options like hiking, picnic, swimming and events in their lovely large gazebo. One of my favorite places to go for outdoor enjoyment.

Review №18

So beautiful and serene. I always have a good time walking and looking at the plant life as well as abundant wildlife.

Review №19

Mount Pisgah Arboretum is beautiful year round. There are variety of hikes for all skill levels. Its super fun to go play in the river when its hot outside! Just be sure to lock your car at the trail head.

Review №20

Really great place to hike when the weathers nice. Id stay away from dipping in the waters off the trail. Some creepers and aggressive k9s like to hide out and drink there. But on the trails is family fun. My Fiancee and I really enjoyed it.

Review №21

One of my favorite hikes!Please make sure to wear your mask while passing others on the trails.

Review №22

We went here for a school field trip and it was so much fun and the tour guide was also awesome! Be careful of the poison oak and prepared to see so many critters to beautiful wild roses. The little covering we had lunch under is SO beautiful.

Review №23

It is beautiful out here. Just the right distance away from all the hustle and bustle of town to really allow you to feel immersed in nature.

Review №24

Walked the North Bottom lands Loop (?) Wonderful place, quiet on a weekday with birds everywhere. Walked the riverbank for a while and had great fun exploring the beaver trails in the tall grass. Ran into only 2 other folks. Nice vistas and long flat walking trails

Review №25

A wonderful place for hiking of all levels and strengths.

Review №26

I love the different options of paths to take to the top. Always worth the drive and hike.

Review №27

Always beautiful and nice being at pisgah, sunset was amazing and the walk is much easier than climbing up the whole thing. Plenty of benches and open views perfect for sunrise or sunset

Review №28

Its more than just a mountain to climb. There is a nice walk by the river and even a wedding venue. Also found some plants with labels infront of then. And a book of all the local plants in the area.

Review №29

Great 30 minute hike to the summit if you approach it at a moderate pace. The view from the top is by far the best Ive seen within 20 miles of Eugene. Trail 1 is the quickest, but certainly the most grueling at 1500 of elevation in 1.5 miles. You will be rewarded for your hard work though. There are many benches along the way to rest your tired bones. Finding the ticket station is a bit confusing as it is located on the way out of the parking lot vs when you enter as one would expect. Look for a yellow kiosk on the top parking level.

Review №30

Great hike with the family, got a bit lost on the way down but the wild berries helped tide us over :)

Review №31

Awesome place. Nice easy walk through the forest and along the river. A couple of spots that go down to the river where you can touch the water. Be prepared to pay $4 for parking!

Review №32

Great place all around swimming fishing hiking.

Review №33

Awesome nursery staff. Beautiful area. Family friendly. Able to social distance and enjoy nature.

Review №34

Have been coming here since I was a kid with my family. Theres a ton of trails to choose from, you can find the work out just right for you. Theres a little something for everyone here. Great views at the top and on the way up. Always well maintained by workers and volunteers.

Review №35

Most beautiful hiking trails close to Eugene that offer a lot of environmental variety including riverfront, Oak Savannah, and Evergreen forests. The arboretum hosts two large annual festivals that a worth attending every year: the Mushroom(fall) and Wildflower (spring).

Review №36

Easy hike with a nice view at the top. River trail as well. Cost 4 dollars to park credit only...

Review №37

Great place to exercise. Great scenery.

Review №38

This is a beautiful facility with great hikes and river access.Im not local, but I still suggest strongly considering becoming a member.

Review №39

Love the different trials, beautiful evening hike

Review №40

Ive hiked this over 200 times, I love watching it change with the seasons

Review №41

Gorgeous nature site that’s awesome for anything from a relaxed walk to a fairly intense uphill hike. The arboretum has a combination of shady tree paths to open fields, and has a ton of trail space! Great for a place to walk your dog, or go on a hike with friends and family.

Review №42

I was a beautiful place i really Love that i totally recomended

Review №43

This is my first time going over to this place I was over there in the middle of the night and even in the middle of the night it just smelled beautiful the flowers it even at night it felt alive you can feel the energy

Review №44

Beautiful! Bring your debit card, tho, because parking is $4 & the machine doesnt take cash.

Review №45

Beautiful bplacevfor a hike, just disappointed that there is nothing at all for bikes. I can understand the trails but there are gravel roads. Signs everywhere prohibiting all bikes.

Review №46

Easy to moderate hikes, quick access from Eugene or Springfield. Some river views.

Review №47

Large park with lots of trails for walking, hiking, and has horseback trails. Plenty of bird watching. Can hike above the clouds some days. Parking costs and they do ticket. Has an arboretum and planted gardens that are rentable for weddings or other such events.

Review №48

Gorgeous hike! Usually pretty busy, but my co-worker had their car broken into in broad daylight. So just be mindful of your stuff. Otherwise, beautiful place to spend the day! Loads of trails and dog friendly!

Review №49

Went on an ethnobotanical educational walk. Fantastic!!

Review №50

A beautiful view if youre willing to make the hike.

Review №51

I have been enjoying this place since childhood. You can hike to the top or enjoy the scenery along the arboretum trails.

Review №52

Outstanding natural area and great short walk. My friend and I were looking for a place to launch a drone and passed on that idea with it being heavily packed with people, so we walked instead. Glad we did!! Great site!

Review №53

Lovely trails. You can choose the gentler meandering trails or the tougher hike to the top. Dog friendly.

Review №54

Lots of trails other than the big one that goes up the hill, try walking around a bit, theres plenty of great spots

Review №55

Great day hikes. Many options for routes if you want an easier hike. The summit is an amazing view.

Review №56

Fun, pretty, great place for the whole family!

Review №57

Always great food. I love the calzones

Review №58

Very nice park pleasant river !

Review №59

I photographed a wedding here and loved it! It was such a beautiful venue, with lots of little nature-y spots to do the couples portraits as well. The building had lovely natural wood, and perfect lighting for photos!

Review №60

Great place for nature lovers with miles upon miles of easy to challenging trails and a beautiful view of the valley.A MUST VISIT year round.

Review №61

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Review №62

Had a great time trecking around with a good friend here! Took the long way around and hit the summit as well.

Review №63

Awesome place to take the family

Review №64

A lovely and moderately difficult hike. The trail was clear and easy to access. Parking was plentiful. Beautiful hike and gorgeous veiw from the top!

Review №65

Excellent area to hike, get outside. Uphill hikes, walk along the river, scenic views.

Review №66

Ive been coming here since before the pay station. Great short easy hikes in the bottom arboretum, lots of local plant and wild life. Longer, harder hikes up the mountain itself. Great for a family putting it a good solo hike. Also have areas where horses are allowed. Day pass is inexpensive ($8 I believe).

Review №67

Go up here couple times a month or so and its always a good time. Many trails to choose from. Great photo opportunities.

Review №68

Great! Best loc trails to take dogs out on.

Review №69

One of my favorite local hikes. For those who havent visited I wouldnt recommend walking up the steep trail to the top as it doesnt show the diverse plant life and shaded senic paths along the side of the mountain and by the river. Worth a visit!

Review №70

I love the variety of trails .awesome hike

Review №71

Great trails crisscross Mt. Pisgah. Go all the way up to the top for a stunning view. Just remember to buy your day pass.

Review №72

Good experience with my grandson, trail walking with our sticks!

Review №73

Always a great little getaway for a few hours hiking, difficult hikes medium hikes and easy hikes, good place to exercise the dogs too!

Review №74

So many nice hikes, beautiful area, river front, benches to rest on. Love it! Hosts several family friendly event throughout the year.

Review №75

The mushroom festival that is usually hosted here every October is what I know this as. Its scenic and rural setting make it a spectacular place to go with friends or family. The Arboretum has a very Eugene feel to it. Add in a little live music and food carts and be prepared for a great time.

Review №76

This place is such an underappreciated spot to swim, hike and relax. The grounds are always well kept, for the most its super quiet, and the whole place changes every season. Theres a lot of shaded areas for younger kids and pets, and for those who might find Mt. Pisgah too difficult for a hot day, there are a bunch of great little trails that are mostly flat all the way around the park. The place is a wonderful area for events too (Mushroom Fest is a particular favorite of mine).

Review №77

Always a great scenic hike. Lots of boxelder bugs flying around. And spittlebugs on plants with white foam.

Review №78

This is a beautiful little piece of nature just a skip away from downtown. Make sure to catch sunset from the top on a clear day! Trails are well maintained and there is a variety of plant and small animal life here!

Review №79

I biked up like always the view from the top worth every second. I could see spencer butte from the top but I went down the mountain on my bike and a ton of people were waiting because a race I wasnt in with a loud speaker I heard the announcer he scared me. I considered going straight through especially for the review but I felt a little not so today as I been on tv so many times. I dodged it ended up on private property jumped the fence and by the way it is easy to get off track this way so be careful Im not just drunk. Their should be more signs and the shell has a little more selection of hot food than other places. Ill be going again before other places because of the variety of trails. Thats why they call me velvedeer Wilbur woobalinskii!

Review №80

Pleasant walk on secondary trails

Review №81

Beautiful place. Great place to hike. Looking forward to spending more time there.

Review №82

A great escape into the woods. Great trails with so many ways to go

Review №83

Peaceful and beautiful place, perfect nature for regaining energy ,breathe in!

Review №84

Walked up trail #1 to the summit. Good hike but not much shade. Definitely wear sunblock. You do have to pay a $4 day use fee and it is card only. It was a good hike but there are others in the area that I prefer to this.

Review №85

I didnt know until recently that there are many trails. One way reminds me of prairie lands with hills in background.If you go to the right you go into a deep forest.

Review №86

This is a beautiful place to hike and or just stroll by the river. I love it but I always bring protection. Ive encountered various species of wild animals here the boa constrictor being the most startling. You usually just gotta keep your eye out for the herds of unicorns

Review №87

A haunting ghost prowls in the moonlight. Wailing a chilling tune. Scary skeletons grasp at you from the bushes. Not a place to go if you’re not looking to get spooked

Review №88

Beautiful hike and scenery. Plenty of parking and foot paths that it never feels crowded to me.

Review №89

Always a good place to spend the day at the river.

Review №90

Was here for my friends wedding, never been before until then. Park was very clean, bathrooms were clean. Well kept ground. Beautiful!

Review №91

Wildflower festival was great! Kids activities, food and drinks, plants galore, lots of information on helping environment and plant preservation, and best of all lots of hands on stuff for kids to look at!

Review №92

Lots of trails at options, unfortunately it was foggy the day we went. It was pretty crowded and paying for parking isnt ideal for the hike itself. Watch out for all the wholes in the ground from the rain and snow we had this year.

Review №93

A beautiful place to reflect, run, walk, photograph, get married or sit under a tree

Review №94

Amazing place and a beautiful hike

Review №95

Great place to walk trails.

Review №96

Great hike nice

Review №97

Wonderful spring day, plenty of room for distancing, great trails and views

Review №98

Such an amazing place. It can be tough though Lots uphill. But all in all a beautiful hike Oregon is such a beautiful place to live. The trails are great for kids and families alike. Also if you were a horse rider there is even trails to ride on.

Review №99

Great hikes and views. Hard hike up the hill if youre in the mood and a flat one if youre not!

Review №100

Mt. Pisgah and Buford Park are a local gem. There are trails for just about everyone, from moderate hikes to the top of the mount to pleasant strolls by the river. Birders and wildlife spotters will appreciate the variety of local fauna that can be seen here. They have interesting and fun activities throughout the year, including a mushroom festival in the Fall, a widower festival in the spring, and other events such as a recent free herbalism symposium.

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