Awbrey Park
4291 River Rd, Eugene, OR 97404, United States
Review №1

We like Awbrey Park and all of the shade that is there! Today is a hot one, so a park with some shade is nice! It is almost all shaded. They have slides, swings, baby swings, climbing equipment, and smaller kid toys. It is wood chips under the playground equipment. There are bucks to go potty in and a large field to run around in. It seemed clean and there was only one homeless man in the parking lot, not bothering anyone.

Review №2

Usually we love this part, but as of October 30th there are two people camping out here at this park. One in the tent and one in a small camper attached to a truck. Makes it you feel real uneasy bringing your kids here.

Review №3

Love that this park has a fire pit for BBQ but remember to bring an oven rack to cook upon! Great spot for intimate gathering. Signs are up about local plants.

Review №4

Nice small park not overcrowded, easy to find, convenient location for me, my 1 yr old grandson loves it especially the swings (they have 2 for his age & 2 regular ones), several slides of different heights. Around edge of park is a natura area

Review №5

Cutest little park beautiful surrounding

Review №6

Its nice place to park if you need some quietTime

Review №7

No sand play area which is to bad. Great little park though. Our 3 years old enjoys it. Beautiful trees and wildflowers

Review №8

This park is high on my familys park-to-go-to list. Its clean, easy to go to, has space, two port-a-potties with handicap access, and a parking lot (not big, though). I go to this park at least once a month when the weather is decent.

Review №9

Love this park, one of the very few without homeless people, be aware theres poison oak!

Review №10

Clean and nicely maintained. There are 2 hand washing station and although supplies were running low, between the two stations you were able to find some soap and paper towels to wash your hands. Water was flowing at both stations.

Review №11

Quiet park. Two play areas, one for little kids and one for bigger kids. Lots of just grass and trees and oaths for exploring.

Review №12

Just a pretty little get away to clear my head from work on lunch break

Review №13

In a nice neighborhood, nice place to bring the kids for the afternoon. Sometimes will even find painted rocks.

Review №14

Great place to relax. Good playground.

Review №15

Very relaxing and peaceful.

Review №16

Very nice large area to play soccer or football clean portable toilets there was a man sleeping on bench when I arrived but he moved to sleep In the field he seemed harmless

Review №17

Great park to take the kids to, has multiple slides, swings and bathrooms. Always seems to be well maintained too.

Review №18

For a little size park its pretty loaded with the things that make parks great

Review №19

A fun picnic in the park with friends. Its such a beautiful location, and the little ones love the playground.

Review №20

Great playground for my daughter that is 19months. The slide is the perfect size for her.

Review №21

Lovely local park which connects to walking trails. Nice playground and play structure.

Review №22

This park is very well kept. Theres several benches and picnic tables to eat at, a large open area, and a decent sized play structure for the kids. Although The parking lot is a decent size, it can still get pretty full on busy days. Overall this is a nice park just on the outskirts of North Eugene/Santa Clara.

Review №23

I love taking my son to this park. Its never crowded, and there are several different play structures for him to take advantage of. Hes currently a toddler, and most parks only cater to the older kid crowd. Im happy to say that this park is inclusive for all ages. The location isnt ideal if you live in South Eugene, but its still great, regardless.

Review №24

I grew up going to this park. It has since been remodeled. Nice play structure. A huge field. Flowers for making flower chains. And even a nature trail with a river and a community garden.Friendly people, dog friendly, awesome atmosphere.

Review №25

Two small play areas, one ideal for kids under 5. Large open field surrounded by large trees. Fair amount of shade. A single fire pit and grate. Good place for kids and dogs.

Review №26

Supervise your kids. Great place for a nice walk. But, homeless folks living in trucks in Parking lot. Not a place for kids- teenagers to go alone. Always use the buddy system in Eugene parks.

Review №27

Great park, playground is starting to show its age. But still a great place get outside and play.

Review №28

Grew up going there

Review №29

Great place

Review №30

Its small, unique & nooked in a little corner. I love it & my kids love this park.

Review №31

Nice little park.

Review №32

Always a good outhouse and a good pit stop to gather your wits.

Review №33

Nice, pretty place to sit and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken in your car.

Review №34

We are fairly new to the area and were surprised and happy to find this park. At first glance it looks to be a small park mostly for keeping toddlers happy. But at our first time not only did we find a nice small park, but at the back of this park is a nice trail for walking! This is a nice place for all ages and many activities.

Review №35

A nice, cozy-sized community park with a nice play area and open areas.

Review №36

I used to play basketball here, small park in town, decent atmosphere

Review №37

It was a nice little park. Nothing fancy, no long trails or anything. But a generally safe and well maintained nature area with a park for children.

Review №38

Nice park but no enough parking

Review №39

Decent park on River Road, a little way out of town. The port-a-potty was pretty clean. The playgrounds were pretty good, geared toward littler kids. Small parking lot fills up quick, so get there early!

Review №40

Great lunch...

Review №41

Lush and green maybe moist too depending on weather.

Review №42

Clean. Nice kids and familys for a family outing!

Review №43

The parking is small, but that also means this large park is usually never crowded. Cool wooden bridge and nature paths in the back of the park.

Review №44

Well kept, open easy to get to

Review №45

Love it, Husband an kids, small family park

Review №46

Nice neighborhood park

Review №47

Beautiful park, tucked back off River with just the right amount of playground to actual grass ratio.

Review №48

Great little park with playground, field and nature trail.

Review №49

Like that its tucked a bit away from the street. My kids had a blast even Im the freezing cold. Its very clean

Review №50

Clean park. Kids love it

Review №51

The park is fine. The parking lot is too small. Sometimes the homeless are hanging out, and its not a good environment for kids at that point.

Review №52

Really nice neighborhood park. Small but lots of play options for kids. Picnic tables and a spacious open space for playing frisbee or catch...NO dog park though

Review №53

Its a great place I love taking my daughter there so that she can play and make new friends

Review №54

Nice and clean

Review №55

This park was great..... Until I seen a huge rat walking thru the park like it was a regular thing. And no Im not mistaken it for a mouse it was a rat a very big rat. Will not be coming back either...

Review №56

Beautiful park

Review №57

Secluded, quite

Review №58

Grew up playing ball here!

Review №59

They got swangs

Review №60

Nice park, there are some homeless people living around there.

Review №61

Its a great neighborhood park to take the kids. Or just relax with friends

Review №62

Nice park for the kids to play. Kids area for different ages. 2 barbecue pits and horse shoe. Nice open field for activities. Portable bathrooms are better than no bathroom. Only 12 stalls so be careful on parking. Poke gym and poke stop for the kids.

Review №63

Good neighborhood park for kids with playground. Lots of dogs. Small parking lot. They have a very short path in the trees and stream not ideal if looking for more of a nature walk.

Review №64

Nice, small neighborhood park. Has several play structures for the kids and the swings are strong enough for us big kids. Plenty of room to run and play for kids and pets. Has large clean porta-potties. Parking is limited but is rarely a problem.

Review №65

Beautiful park, I like the area

Review №66

Great little park, good amount of shade, but a nice big open field that is sunny. The play structure seems really kid-friendly, and can even accommodate adults playing on it also (my two year old likes it when I run around on it with her). It had a small play area next to the main one with a simple little slide, and some rocking chair-type things, and a little play area for pretty small children (probably 1-4 years old). The only bad part is that it has a bunch of homeless/transient people in the nearby woodsy area, mostly smoking cigarettes and weed. They seem to be aware of the park, and most do not leave any cans or garbage sitting around, but it still makes me uncomfortable with all the smoking right next to a kids play area.

Review №67

Kids love the big yellow slide

Review №68

Could be bigger, but its a nice rest stop.

Review №69

Outskirts of town, big open space, clean restrooms

Review №70

Clean, bathrooms, shade .. nice little park

Review №71

Nice little park for a stop and go not much parking good excersize area for kids and pets

Review №72

Its a great park to play picnic hide painted rocks find painted rocks. Earth day celebration all kinds of fun.

Review №73

This is a nice park. I practically grew up here as a kid, and it always had a nice sized field to play Frisbee and such in.

Review №74

Great place for kids.

Review №75

Awesome! Best little park in Eugene. Even has WiFi. Cleanest porta-potties around and theyre handicap accessible. Cant forget the tall beautiful trees. There is Poison oak there. But its clearly marked. Love it there.

Review №76

This was a nice park to visit.

Review №77

Beautiful well kept local park. Childrens playground may be slippery after rain.

Review №78

Very nice peaceful

Review №79

The community takes such great care of this park. It has a small playground but also trails and bridges to enjoy the natural beauty surrounding the park.

Review №80

A nice, cozy little park with a medium-sized field and playground. Lots of forest to explore in the back with a hidden passage to the connecting neighborhood.

Review №81

Nothing fancy. Wish there was more seating options. A small park right on edge of town. Good for lunch break though seems like many others do the same thing..

Review №82

Always lots of good people, the equipment is well kept and there are separate areas for the little kids and the big kids.

Review №83

Fun friendly place. Good equipment with swings slides and a toddler area. Restrooms are portapots.

Review №84

This park has things

Review №85

Quiet nice little park right next to a stream (which is probably not the safest for little ones if parents get side tracked easily)

Review №86

It was a great park

Review №87

This is a great park. Ive been here so many times and just love how big it is and what the city has done with the space (although hilariously Im pretty sure this city park is outside of city limits).

Review №88

Good playground, also cool Creek surrounding the area ripe for exploring.

Review №89

The porter potties are very clean considering!

Review №90

Nice small park, not overcrowded. Parking can be difficult, as it has a very small parking lot.

Review №91

Nice place

Review №92

Pros: Wonderful little park. Clean area with water fountains and two large Porta Potties kept in good condition. Popular spot for Eugenes painted rock Scavenger hunt. 2 Play areas with slides, a jungle gym, mini rock wall, and several swings for the kiddos. Nice sized field for flying kites, throwing frisbees or playing fetch with dogs. Horshshoe pit for the adults. Two table benches with one of the tables near a BBQ/fire pit and a garbage can. Short trails near a creek in the back forty. Plenty of parking. Low crime area.Cons: Small patches of Poison Oak in the back forty. Homeless folks frequent the back often monopolizing an area, making patrons feel uncomfortable. Sometimes folks living out of their vehicles use the parking lot to sleep. Not enough benches for adults to sit.

Review №93

Beautiful small park. Great place to play or take a short stroll. Wonderful plant life.

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Review №95

Nice playgrounds

Review №96

Lots of nice cool shade to chill under.

Review №97

I wish the grass was watered like the other parks, otherwise its very nice.

Review №98

Its a nice park with playground stuff for the kiddos.

Review №99

Pretty and quiet. A nice , small trail and bridge over a small creek

Review №100

Nice park

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