Eugene Science Center
2300 Leo Harris Pkwy, Eugene, OR 97401, United States
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Went to a Metallica laser show, which wasnt the greatest but Im definitely going back just to check out the place. What I was able to see I could tell it had a lot of really cool things.

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If you could do a four hour planetarium showing I would be here every night I came for a fundraiser and have not been to the ESC but I will say it is geared toward a younger crowd (2-11 maybe?). The exhibits were interesting but I bet even more so when it’s open and you get more information from staff.The planetarium showing was amazing! We also had a laser show customized for our group and it was cool, the kids especially got a kick out of it (a lot of dancing and laughing).I’m happy to support the science center but as I have zero kids I might not come back any time soon. Definitely encourage a visit to anyone with younger children and get them interested in science!

Review №3

All the classics! A great place to explore with any age. They have a good selection of interesting and educational exhibits, most are hands on and fun to figure out. They have a small tots area, there is a back room for deeper science experiments with a group, the dome theater is their most exciting piece tho. They host a variety of things from constellations to laser light shows with rock music.Just wish it was bigger and had all the funding for more and new all the time.**look into the membership benefits!

Review №4

I love Eugene Science Center! I have been going to ESC since I was a child. Good times then and now. My son loves to visit and play. He loves the planetarium shows and the laser light shows are great! Friendly out going staff. Low prices. They are apart of Museums for all and have great discounted prices for snap/EBT.

Review №5

This place was really fun!! My 9 year old grandaughter and I both had a wonderful time. They have all kinds of great fun activities to do. The staff was super nice and friendly. The prices are so inexpensive!! We love that part!! We got a schedule and circled all the activities we plan on doing!! Great fun. Keep an eye out for all the activities!! We love this place!!

Review №6

You would think that being located in a university town, the science center would be exceptional. This location could not even be described as ‘adequate’.A personal support worker, I took a teenage client here in hopes of an engaging, educational experience. Parking here is some distance from the actual science center and we were confused if we were even in the right location. Once we finally made our way to the building, I should have been alerted to possible trouble by the rundown exterior and poor maintenance of the grounds. Old, peeling picnic tables and litter were the first impression made. We purchased entrance to the center as well as a planetarium show. I believe my adult price for both was $11. Stepping from the cashier into the center, I was immediately disappointed. The entire place can be taken in in one glance. The stations are old, many in need of repair, and all seriously lacking in appeal. In fact, most of the exhibits are geared towards very young children - under 8, I’d say. In this technology-driven society, this science center seems like an absolute dinosaur.We were finished with the main center in less than 20 minutes and had to amuse ourselves in the gift shop until the planetarium show. The planetarium seating was comfortable, the sound was good, but the graphics were dated. We didn’t see a astrological show, but rather a show on sounds in nature. It was meant to be interactive, but, much like the rest of the center, was geared towards a very young audience. A teenager or adult feels grossly out of place.The staff were all friendly, but this science center is in desperate need of funding and updating. It’s painfully obvious where Eugene’s interests lie - with Autzen stadium mere footsteps away in its multi-million dollar splendor.

Review №7

Friendly Staff, and that is about it. Its a small planetarium, its very run down and they get very little to no local support unfortunately. I came to this place once around 30ish years ago as a kid for a school trip and it was great.(when it was at its mid to prime years.) As an adult taking other kids(not mine) to see this place...its sad to see how little love it gets. the seating is sticky sometimes, there is a smell to the place....really it needs to be torn down and redone on a grand scale...but this is a football and track doesnt seem to matter to the locals much unfortunately. would not take kids to this place even though it can still be fun and inexpensive price for admission. There are better ones available further away outside of Eugene.

Review №8

Love this place! Ive been here with a 2, 7, 17, 37, and 73 year olds and they all had a good time! Its in doors so great during too cold, wet, or hot days. It is easy to spend hours here, making it well worth the small entry cost. Rotates exhibits and has a nice balance between new and old favorites!

Review №9

This place is design for kids .Great for fun and learning .Great customer service . Great lady at the entrance .

Review №10

Cute place for younger kids to explore. Our kids were almost too old for it but we still had fun. The planetarium show was fun and educational.

Review №11

My kids love the Science Center. It seems like each time we go there are new exhibits and activities to check out, and the planetarium show is super fun! The Science Center has undergone a lot of improvements in the last couple years, so if you havent visited for awhile you should check it out again. My kids have gone to summer camps and no-school day camps there and really enjoyed it. The Parents Night Outs cost less than a babysitter and my kids always have a great time!With a Science Center membership, you can get into OMSI, Evergreen Aviation Museum, and tons of other museums for free or reduced price. Buying that membership has saved me a ton of money.The Science Center staff is always super friendly and helpful. They are patient with my children and take time to show them interesting aspects of the exhibits.

Review №12

I love taking my kids to the Eugene Science Center! Ive been so impressed with the changes over the last couple of years. And the new planetarium upgrade is a major game changer! My youngest loves exploring the tot spot and its baby-friendly activities. And my oldest never wants to leave! We have a membership and we love the bonus reciprocal membership program, which gets us in to lots of other area museums (Gilbert House, OMSI, etc.). I really look forward to seeing the continued evolution of ESC and Ill continue bringing my kiddos here for a long time to come.

Review №13

Completely remodeled lots of rotating exhibits good selection of videos and films in the planetarium

Review №14

Queen laser show was amazing!

Review №15

Big disappointment, it was very dirty and the staff seemed more interested in their phones then there job. Won’t be coming back.

Review №16

Not impressed with this place at all, although not expensive, its BORING. Not much for the kids to do, except read about stuff, very few hands on activities. They need more building/creating stuff for the older kids!

Review №17

Nice place for older kids. Its smaller than I expected. You can bring strollers but its difficult to navigate them around.

Review №18

We have loved the science center as a place to broaden our childrens minds for over a decade, both by attending events or summer camps. Such a great place to have in Eugene even for just a daily visit or the planetarium. thank you

Review №19

Not sure whats supposed to be going on here. A LOT of currency displays. Everything was run down and dirty. I didnt see much science going on at all. They have a Tots corner for 5 yrs and younger with a small junky ball pit, some blocks, a small train set and a few other things. Absolutely No science going on there. They tried with one display, but failed miserably. As you walk up to the door, you already have a feeling its not going to be special. The outside of the building needs work, including paint.

Review №20

Rudest staff ever!!! If the facility was awesome (ie: no extra fees for planetarium) then maybe it would get a few stars but bad experiences with the staff made it an AWFUL experience.

Review №21

The kids enjoyed it, but was rather expensive ($41) for my family, being that half the exhibits were either out of order or broken. You can tell its an aging place.needs makeover.

Review №22

We enjoyed the friendly staff and the kids loved the take flight exhibits and the star show! Plenty to keep them entertained and engaged.

Review №23

Always fun, the kids love it.

Review №24

We were disappointed by the staff and their treatment of families trying to visit the Science Factory. We definitely recommend the Adventure Childrens museum and other amazing kids activities around town instead.

Review №25

As a Eugene local with a 2.5 y/o:He loves it and asks to go often. The display rotation could be faster (as they usually are set up for 3-4 months, sometimes more for each display).They have a few permanent displays that are mildly entertaining, and a tots play area that is fun for the littles.The best reason to have a membership (besides the discounts for other venues) is the tots day (first friday of each month), where they have special hands on crafts/tasks for kids and a short planetarium show aimed at kids 5-ish and under.This is a community resource and maybe not a travel destination. Could it be improved? Sure... but everything can. Mostly volunteer run and plenty of fun for my son...

Review №26

It is small and barebones in functionality. A fifteenth of the machienes dont work and although it is nice for children under 8, I do not recommend it for all other ages.

Review №27

Quite boring even for our small children. It is less of a science museum, and more of a place to bring your kids to learn how to count currency. The exhibits felt like they were cheap and have been the same ones they had for years. The inside was very dirty and one display had something for the kids to smell as a clue, and it smelled rotten. Definitely dont bother traveling to Eugene to visit this location, however if you live nearby it might be fun for your kids if they are bored with everything else Eugene has to offer.

Review №28

Kinda small but the kids enjoyed it and it was inexpensive.

Review №29

The staff was quite rude and pretentious. The entire place was run down, dirty and smelly. My three young children were ready to leave after ten minutes. Not a great experience and we will probably not be back.

Review №30

Its no OMSI, but its a cool thing to do if you find yourself in Eugene with the kids.

Review №31

We this place

Review №32

Planetarium seats a little to old

Review №33

I will never visit this facility again. It was quite dirty and smelly. Take your kids elsewhere. The staff present were also not helpful or friendly.

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