Adventure Childrens Museum
490 Valley River Center, Eugene, OR 97401, United States
Review №1

*clean*so much to see and do*crafts*toddler areaOur first visit was for a play date for my 3 kids and 6 others. This visit was a first for everyone and all of the kids had a blast and had no desire to leave even after a 2.5 hour visit. There is so much to do that I know the next time we go the kids will be finding new things to do that they overlooked the last time. There are also books and quieter places to sit with your kids if you are looking for that. I really enjoyed the fact that there was a semi-enclosed area for toddlers with comfy seating for parents. We will be returning and if I lived closer to Eugene I would definitely be getting a membership for my family.

Review №2

What a great place! Two solid hours of fun and the kids still didnt see everything. I was most impressed but the variety of things for all ages, my 2 yr old and 10 yr old both had a blast!

Review №3

We love this place! The scavenger hunt was fun but very difficult for my little guys. Maybe some clearer photos and an easier option for 2-5 year olds! My kids never want to leave when we come. The cost is reasonable and there is always a staff member cleaning and sanitizing constantly! I highly recommend this place!

Review №4

Cute little hands on museum for the kids my 6 year old loved it! Lots to do 4$ for all day you can go in and out. Its apart of the mall so fun for all

Review №5

This place is great for the kids and patents. They have birthday party area and well worth the price. They are consistently adding and upgrading as well. Great for rainy days

Review №6

Since our last visit theyve only gotten better . So many things to do. The kids were pulling me all over showing me the new exhibits. It was busy expected for Saturday afternoon. Still had plenty of room to freely roam, sit and watch. Not even real loud with the amount of kids.Come explore with Adventure!

Review №7

Perfect area to allow kids to explore. Soft floors and cardboard structures are safe and friendly. So many thought provoking activities and crafts. Amenities such as a bathroom and baby changing/feeding area.

Review №8

We love this spot. Easy to get to and wide open. Where other spots have rooms, this one has stations and tons of room to get around everything. I feel like everytime were there theres something new, which is incredibly impressive considering the amount of volunteer staff. The membership is super reasonable, especially considering that both of my kids (1 & 4) can find lots to do for at least two hours!

Review №9

Great place ..very vleqn

Review №10

Wow what a remodel job! There are so many different areas that vary from building, cultural, nature, music, make believe, pirate ship with slide, cooking and so much more! With so many different little areas a lot of kids can occupy the museum and each still have their own little space with only one or two other kids or can find their own little corner! So neat to see a place like this were you kids can be kids.

Review №11

My 4 year old likes to play here. Its especially great for a rainy day. Some of the exhibits arent super interactive and arent changing frequently enough, but others are great and my son will play for hours. Definitely worth the annual subscription if you live in the area and you have young kids.

Review №12

Definitely worth getting a membership if you live locally! My 2 year old loves this place.

Review №13

My granddaughter loves this place. Lots of different adventures for her to explore. Something for ages 1 year to 10 years old.

Review №14

This is one of our favorite places in town! Our kids love it, they keep everything up very nice in the whole place feels clean

Review №15

Take yr children here and support yr local community, my 16 month old loves crawling around here.

Review №16

The BEST time spender for kids. They have everything you can imagine to keep the children busy and entertained. While its local and doesnt have a ton of fancy flair, you can tell a lot of work went into making sure the children and adults stay engaged. We spend 2 hours every week and more than makes up for the membership fees.

Review №17

My daughter loves it here! They have expanded recently adding a lot of fun new things including a pirate ship and multiple play areas that feature teachable moments. They have an area dedicated to Japan including a ride on a bullet train and a pretend sushi shop. Their farm area, including a vet clinic is popular among the kiddos. And there is even a TARDIS for those geeks among us. All this on top of the sand table, Lego building area, bear cave, and craft areas they had before. My daughter (8) can spend hours in there having fun the whole time, and she has lots of learning opportunities while doing it.

Review №18

This childrens museum is amazing! There were so many lovely exhibits to explore and experience. I look forward to when my eight month old is able to enjoy them as much as I did today. He enjoyed hanging out in the Soft Rock River Bed playing with soft blocks, giant Legos and reading bilingual books.

Review №19

The kids have decent fun and it’s a nice option on rainy days but a $5 charge per adult is terribly frustrating and a rip off. Nothing like paying $10 to listen to other parents kids cry... may not be back until they realize how petty the parent fee is.

Review №20

Better variety of things to keep young children busy. Even our 8 year old stays busy and enjoys it. Plenty to climb, build, and explore. If only there was a tap on hand for parent drinks.

Review №21

Adult night was so great! Would definitely do again.

Review №22

I love this place to take my kids to play but they party area needs to be blocked off somehow. We had kids constantly coming back some even stealing food and trying to walk off with gifts. Some even came back with their parents! It was awkward. Will definitely rent again if they fix that issue. If not well stick to just playing!

Review №23

My kids love it. Staff is awesome. Love the concept of this place and all it offers. Pricing is totally reasonable and membership is totally worth it esp. If you have multiple kids or come often like we do.

Review №24

Excellent place for your kiddos.The vision of this facility has come a very long way and deserves a great deal of credit.Fantastic space details the inside couches and chairs are present for parental supervision spots and every corner has something excellent in place for your child.Enjoy this one!!

Review №25

So much to see and learn for the kiddos! Huge train table!

Review №26

Very interactive, kids can spend hours here. Great staff, constantly cleaning, picking up sanitizing. Always a new craft to do, they added bathrooms with changing table and nursing room . Snacks for a very reasonable price, and unique gift shop. Free cubbys and $1 lockers for your things. Scavenger hunt with prizes. Dress up, music, japanese area, nature, Veterinarian play, gardening, vegetable stand, icecream stand, bakery, sushi restaunt, movie and lore related area, puppet show, and craft arwa, books and puzzles, buildings and infant/toddler play area, topographic mapping box, marble races, and a giant pirate ship!

Review №27

Fun cute activities. Lots of space and thing to do. Tailored to kids. Toddlers to 8 year olds. Even has an area to snack and drink.

Review №28

Very awesome place! Kept my 3 year old busy for 4 hrs... Went downstairs for lunch and came back for another 2! Well worth the money!!!

Review №29

Best place to take your little ones somewhere safe and fun rain or shine!

Review №30

Great place for preschool aged children. Didnt want to leave! Lol

Review №31

Its a great place for the little ones. My only gripe is why charge $5 per adult if there is nothing for the adults to do. Should be maybe $1 or $2 at most.

Review №32

My 2 year old loved exploring the childrens museum. Each station is fun and interactive and I wish there were more places like this. Affordable and a convenient way to give a child a unique and fun experience.

Review №33

A great indoor place to take children. Has a changing area and many fun activities. Ive taken my two-year-old daughter Knoxville times and he is nowhere close to getting bored.

Review №34

Only downside is parents have to pay.

Review №35

Great place and great price. Keeps getting better every year

Review №36

What a fun place. Our kids, twins of age 2, go bonkers upon arriving here. Each activity station is an endless source of fun. We usually spend a couple of hours here until our kids start looking dazed. This is a perfect activity zone for us.

Review №37

Not expensive, and my kids (6&9) loved it. Well maintained. Lots of younger kids too.

Review №38

Our favorite place to bring our children! Always new fun and exciting hands on exhibits for them to enjoy.

Review №39

I’m very impressed with the new setup and expansion. The pirate ship is lots of fun and all of the little shops and activities they have created in their new space allow children to explore and play for hours. I’m especially happy that they opened the on-site restroom to families, making hours of play easy for families. Great details, wonderful staff, and a fantastic place to play rain or shine.

Review №40

Awesome place for kids to have fun, experiment and learn! Absolutely worth the couple dollars or better yet the annual membership! We go almost every weekend:)

Review №41

Prefect location inside the mall for rainy days and plenty of activities for toddlers creative minds. Our grandson stayed very entertained for the time we visited.

Review №42

Great place to take your children, we spent hours there, and could spend many more!

Review №43

My 3 year old really enjoyed himself here! I loved all the educational play rooms and lots of things to do with your hands. Will definitely be coming back!

Review №44

Our 3yr old boy love this place. Lots of toys to play with. Very affordable entrance fee. Located inside the mall.

Review №45

Always have a great time here with our son. Its well done.

Review №46

The One good thing about the valley River center our little guy had lots of fun running jumping and playing with all the exhibits

Review №47

My four-year-old loves this place.very well run. Safe

Review №48

We visited with the grandbabies, ages 1 1/2 and 2 1/2. They loved it and so did I. Its a small enough space that you can keep track of everyone, but designed well so there are plenty of fun things to do. And nice seating for the tired grownups, too.

Review №49

Great experience with grandchildren. Inexpensive and nice variety of interactive activities.

Review №50

Great place to take the kids. S.N.A.P participants get reduced fares. Lots of room to play inside.

Review №51

Great place. The kids loved it.

Review №52

It has improved and expended a ton over the years. Very nice play to let kids burn energy.

Review №53

Best indoor play-space Ive even imagined... Not to mention the fantastic staff, incredible playsets, and phenomenal socializing with all age groups! Yes, yes, YES! Buy a family pass for peanuts. Its so worth it!

Review №54

My 18 month enjoys playing here. We ended up purchasing a membership (great deal!). Theres a variety of things and areas to play and pretend in. Its a life saver during all those rainy Eugene days. I look forward to their expansion!

Review №55

Had no idea this place existed..My 4yr old had a blast, even my 17yr old enjoyed herself. Will definitely be back.

Review №56

Fun place for kids, full of learning opportunities.

Review №57

The grandkids had so much fun. They were never bored!

Review №58

Great place to being your kids there is tons of things to do for them and at free will!!! With supervision of course!

Review №59

We love this museum! Our daughters favorite exhibit is the Great Britain area and especially the TARDIS.

Review №60

Its a good place to take the kids to play on a rainy day.

Review №61

A little underwhelming, but appropriate for the price I guess. The staff were nice. The exhibits were largely un-educational. The lighting was kind of poor as well. They should not include museum in the name.

Review №62

Worth the membership and great for small kids. Generally low key and relaxed

Review №63

Fun for small children. Inexpensive.

Review №64

Loved it. Kids can play play play... Great for imagination development.

Review №65

My grandchildren love going on of their favorite places.

Review №66

Wonderful place for kiddos to play. I wish we had one in Redmond.

Review №67

My kids (even my tween and teen) were impressed and liked the exhibits and games.

Review №68

It gets better every time we go!

Review №69

Great place for a rainy day with little kids. Went on a weekday and it wasnt crowded at all, might be more people on weekends.

Review №70

I arrived there with my grandson at 5:30 was paid the $8 to get in. was not told that they were closing in less than 30 minutes after after leaving for about 5 minutes to go to the bathroom when we came back they had already put away all of our stuff that we were playing with and we were informed rudely that it was time for us to go.when I mentioned it would have been nice for somebody to tell me, they said you should have known

Review №71

Engaging and educational activities for children. Best for 5 and under.

Review №72

This place is so great! There are so many things for kids to do like creative play, art, reading, music and on and on.

Review №73

Fun place for little ones!

Review №74

Consistently amazing!! We will be forever grateful they opened when they did!

Review №75

Wonderful, wholesome, engaging and educational. SNAP cardholders and family are admitted for 1$ per person!

Review №76

Open with lots of things for a 2 year old to do

Review №77

Great place for kids, especially handy, and very affordable place to hang with the kids while others shop at the Mall. Great place for Birthday party. Combines fun and learning just right.

Review №78

Best place for your toddlers

Review №79

Awesome place, the kids all love it. Many different things to do!

Review №80

Our family has had a great experience here! The exhibits are growing, staff are caring and available, and our kids request it more than any other place in town.

Review №81

My children and I have visited this museum a few times and previously had a positive experience. Unfortunately, we will not be returning after my son attended a birthday there. I was informed by another parent that as some of the boys got a bit rowdy, any child whose parent was not there was made to sit on a bench until they arrived. I understand that children must behave, however other parents mentioned my son was not an instigator, yet he was made to sit there by himself. This was a birthday party for kindergartners, so things like this will happen.When you own a business that caters to this age group, there will be times when children act out or get a bit rowdy, so you need to be prepared to handle these instances in a professional manner. Parents mentioned that the women there were grouchy and rude and really did not handle the situation well.

Review №82

Kids loved the legos and the movibg train window

Review №83

I love bringing my son here! It’s always nice and clean, and there’s plenty for him to do.

Review №84

Great place to spend some with you kids, learning and exploring. They have soft activities for smaller kids, and educational things like the Augmented Reality sandbox for older kids to use.

Review №85

Great for those rainy days

Review №86

This is a wonderful place for toddlers and young children to play. Creative and adventurous and will get better as they grow!

Review №87

Fun and lots of other kids to play with.

Review №88

Chaotic but my daughter had tons of fun.

Review №89

Nice idea

Review №90

They have some fun things for tots to do; but its still pretty new, so hopefully their exhibits will expand and improve in the future.

Review №91

Lots for the kids to do and comfortable seating for adults

Review №92

Lots to do for kids of all ages

Review №93

Great place for the kids on a rainy day!

Review №94

Nice place to check out while youre shopping with the kids.

Review №95

Its good for adults and kids and cheap

Review №96

Progressive hands on for children educational

Review №97

The workers are nice and polite.

Review №98

Small but fun, good use of space.

Review №99

So fun for kids an adults..

Review №100

Awesome place

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  • Address:490 Valley River Center, Eugene, OR 97401, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 541-653-9629
  • Museum
  • Tourist attraction
  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible lift:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Restaurant:No
  • Family friendly:Yes
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