Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
1430 Johnson Lane, Eugene, OR 97403, United States

Review №1

A world class treasure in the heart of campus! Not to be missed! Unbelievable exhibits and collection, especially for a small town like ours. Dont forget to check out the sculptures in the courtyard, a wonderful place to enjoy lunch from one of the awesome food carts on Kincaid like Cart DeFrisco and Screamin Jays! While youre down there, check out the Museum of Natural History too. An awesome day in combination!

Review №2

A great museum to visit, and admission is free if you’re a student! There’s a lot of modern art exhibits as well as several different Asian Art exhibits. We had a fun time coming here and it’s diffidently worth at least checking out if you can.

Review №3

I was very impressed with the quality of the exhibition and the friendly, knowledgeable docent who took the time to discuss the work of a featured artist with us. I discovered some new artists that have become some of my favorites. Its really a great museum and it far exceeded my expectations.

Review №4

We visited this museum of arts and we were impressed with the exhibits, 1 - RALPH STEADMAN: A RETROSPECTIVE, 2 - CARRIE MAE WEEMS: THE USUAL SUSPECTS, 3-CLAIRE BURBRIDGE: PATHWAYS TO THE INVISIBLE, 4-KWANG YOUNG CHUN: AGGREGATIONS and 5-RESISTANCE AS POWER: A CURATORIAL RESPONSE TO UNDER THE FEET OF JESUSAmazing place to visit. Various each of the exhibitions and I personally recommend. I granted 5 stars for the magnificent staff, exhibits, good taste, design and clean!My congratulations to the Jordan Schnitzer Museum!Give me a like if you enjoyed reading my comments!

Review №5

This place is wonderful. I highly recommend everyone come here be they locals or visiting in from out of town. The staff - both student and permanent workers - all seem to enjoy their jobs, and were all incredibly warm, inviting, helpful, and generous in sharing their knowledge with my entire family (including my three kiddos!!!). I can’t say enough about how much I love having a museum like this here in Eugene.

Review №6

Love this museum. Excellent exhibitions, and frequent rotation keeps you coming back. A membership is well worth the money. If I dont go once every three weeks or so, Im probably missing something.

Review №7

Thoughtful exhibits, but not kid friendly. Followed around like criminals, with security and radio squawks behind us at all times. My daughter is 8 and gave them no reason for concern. Weve never been treated in such way. A regretful experience, we were happy to leave. As ironic as it was profiled while viewing Usual Suspects, Ive never felt more unwelcome.Sad to see a similar review from 2 months ago, no doubt nothing was corrected.

Review №8

Went to see the Ralph Steadman exhibit which was wonderful. Ended up seeing one of my favorite pieces of art in years and years in the form of a seven minute video art by a Korean artist Lee Lee Nam. Its worth your time, simply gorgeous and interesting.

Review №9

Great small museum.

Review №10

Amazing gallery with many, many rooms to explore as well as a going in and sculpture garden. Well worth the nominal admission price.

Review №11

This place is located in a historical building on a beautiful campus. Its Asian collection is excellent, and there is a good number of rotating exhibitions. So why only three stars? I really feel the museums interior needs to be refurbished. Natural light rarely penetrates into the galleries. Artificial lighting is not much better either, with some dimly lit spots. Glass is highly reflective. All these make up a less enjoyable visiting experience. But still, I would recommend giving it a try if you are in the area. The collection alone is well worth the very affordable admission fee.

Review №12

We just moved to Eugene. Nice visit for the family but a slenderman-like tall thin employee kept following and watching us way too closely; he followed our family room to room and stared directly at us from every doorway..when we moved to the next exhibit he was there; appearing in the doorway staring at us...the museum was a bit empty when we went so might be better if he was kept occupied with several groups at a time...when i looked back at him he stared blankly and coldly without blinking or making any expression for as long as i held his gaze; that is not normal human behavior.... Very strange man; was creepy and had off itself was great, other employess were polite and respectful, but that guy was a mood killer..dont think Ill be back anytime soon. I get a need for security but they need to have cameras setup to watch visitors (slenderman can do this out of the public eye) and have only employees on the floor that understand social etiquette. When we left me and my husband joked about it and had a good laugh, but yikes. Edit: appreciate the response..

Review №13

I came here with my visiting in-laws and two children. Security guards followed us from room to room, and “reminded” us not to let the kids touch anything anytime we got close to a piece (close to see it and discuss it, not to touch or try to interact with the art). This was my kids first experience in an art museum and they were very well behaved, and by the end very over their excitement to see art. We left after 20 minutes, feeling humiliated and disappointed. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone with kids under 10. Security should be ashamed. And so should their supervisors.That said the front desk staff were wonderful. They offered us free passes to make up for the experience—which would be nice, except that we won’t be returning.

Review №14

A superb museum, very good atmosphere - a wide variety of arts from all around the world from classic European works from the 1700s to the strange realm of 40-60s China

Review №15

Really a very interesting place ... But what I like best is the statue of Pan playing the flute ... My friend was the model for the statue ... Both of his parents were faculty at the UO and he was the model as a child ... All are gone now, but I can remember them when I see what they left behind for us ..

Review №16

There is a lot of incredibly cool art here. You wouldnt think a small town like Eugene could build up a museum like this, but they did. Definitely worth a visit. Some cool places nearby to grab a bite are an extra plus.

Review №17

Call ahead if you want/need to go. They are almost never open for all of their business hours. Exhibits are fine, but not worth paying for so if you aren’t a student don’t bother.

Review №18

The time went by too fast. It was interesting and relaxing!

Review №19

A beautiful museum in a great location. A fantastic exhibit on Chinese and Japanese artwork. New modern exhibits every few months. Cafe inside with courtyard as well.

Review №20

Phenomenal Chinese art, great gallery at excellent bang for your buck. Definitely recommend if you are headed towards campus at all!

Review №21

You pay a very low price to see a whole lot of exquisite art and artifacts in a serene setting that doesnt feel at all like its in the middle of a major university campus. Dont let the bunker-like exterior put you off, theres a courtyard and ample lighting and it doesnt feel claustrophobic on the inside at all.

Review №22

Great place with a constant stream of new media

Review №23

An impressive collection for a university of this size. Solid permanent galleries - especially the East Asian wing. Check out the ukiyo-e prints. Worth a visit for sure.

Review №24

One of my favorite places on campus. The courtyard is beautiful and peaceful. The exhibits are thoughtful and interesting. The cafe is really nice.

Review №25

Great pieces of art here!!!

Review №26

Schnitzer brings us great art we would not be able to see otherwise. Great work. And you students, dont pass up this incredible opportunity!

Review №27

Such a nice little treasure in town. I hope more kids get exposed to this place. Good docents from time to time.

Review №28

Great addition to the campus. We are lucky to have such a great art museum right on our campus. And Marché too, yum

Review №29

Great building, interesting temporary exhibits, and a good permanent Asian collection. Also good store and cafe.

Review №30

Steadman exhibit.

Review №31

Free entry on graduation week :) good collection for a University.

Review №32

Quality installations updated on a regular basis, alongside a solid permanent collection. The central outdoor courtyard is one of the most peaceful places in town.

Review №33

Awesome place

Review №34

Free for UO students.

Review №35

Really good

Review №36

Wonderful exhibits

Review №37

Continuous change of content, free for students

Review №38

Staff was rude

Review №39

Had the most amazing beet salad.

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