Action City
2402 Lorch Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701, United States

Review №1

My Grandchildren love this place! Indoor and outdoor go carts! A zip line that is an addition fee! They have a nice climbing wall. Good for beginners and younger kids. Mini bowling and laser tag. Indoor bumper cars. Lots of other things to explore! They also have a small indoor water park at the other end of the property for an extra fee! If I remember right it like an addition $10. They also have a trampoline park attached! You can buy combo passes to bring the price down! There is also a hotel attached and if you are a guest of the hotel, I believe almost all the attractions are included in your stay!

Review №2

Awesome place! Its very clean, staff is very friendly and very good with people of all abilities. My kids love it!!

Review №3

We had fun other then the masks. I understand they are needed but when your kids are running around getting over heated with a mask on? Not a fan.

Review №4

No one wears masks, not even some of the workers during a PANDEMIC. When asked why there was so many people not wearing masks, because they cannot enforce it. There was NO cleaning on any machines, rides, etc. The place is a covid central. Schools are being shut down, but the jungle gym is up and running with no cleaning. You would think a business like this would be taking extra precautions.. NOPE

Review №5

Be ready to be worn out. This place has so much to do to keep you busy. Cost about $35 a person to do a large portion of the activities that they have. The trampoline park is a blast and if you have little ones this is one way to wear them out. Go karts are plenty peppy and make it a whole lot of fun. Lots of arcade games and many more things to do to stay entertained.

Review №6

We stopped here to break up a long road trip. We were so happy we did! This place has everything! We got a groupon and it was the most amazing deal ever. We did go-carts, we did laser tag, we did bumper cars, we played games, did virtual reality, and the list goes on and on ! We didn’t even have time for the trampoline park! I wish we lived closer because this place in Wisconsin winters would be amazing to visit more frequently. Go! You won’t regret it!

Review №7

It was fun but only a 3 because it was hot as heck out and very little shade, so that dropped it one star, then there was more real grass on the golf course that mowed days ago and never cleaned up so thats another star lost. But again it was fun and my family had fun.

Review №8

Fun for all ages! Went for the mini golf, all employees wear face masks and everything is sanitized before use. Definitely going back for axe throwing.

Review №9

Lots of things to do. Really good milk shakes.

Review №10

This place is a joke. Half the games are turned off or broken. They tell you your pass is good for non ticketed games however its only good for half the non ticketed games. They change the rules each time you show up. One day your kid is tall enough to ride and the next time he shrunk and is no longer allowed. If I would have known my kid couldnt do anything I would have saved my time and money. Half of the trampoline park is also closed down with no warning until they take your money.

Review №11

Kids had a blast. Go karts go fast and XD ride is awesome. Jumping pillow was fun for the younger ones. Definitely geared more towards younger kids though.

Review №12

Expensive, but the kids have a great time.

Review №13

Fun place for mini Putt. Pizza was good afterwards to

Review №14

Great place to bring the kids and for birthday parties. Or just to get some good exercise.

Review №15

Good place to take the kids, lots to do, food, carts, mini golf, games and more.. would recommend.

Review №16

A day here can get expensive very fast. If you are taking more than 3 people book a party! It is way cheaper than paying individually. Kids always have a lot of fun every time we go here

Review №17

Great place for family fun!

Review №18

Its okay. With what is going on with covid they need to work on sanitizing things a lot more and adding hand sanitizing stations.

Review №19

School hosts a lot of fundraisers here and they are always successful and everything goes as planned. Kids love all the different attractions! Definitely recommend!

Review №20

Definitely will be going back! A labyrinth of games & fun~ May even scrape together the family pass for the year; considering the activities, well worth it.If only they were closer!

Review №21

Great trampoline park to wear out the kids.

Review №22

Not very friendly and expensive

Review №23

Daughter always has fun here. We love the games, and mini golf. She loves FlappyBird, got a collection of Pokemon animals from this game.

Review №24

Good fun, we played mini golf

Review №25

Was a pretty neat place with everything it has to offer. Virtual reality game was awesome gokarts were super fun. Laser tag was fun minus the worker not explaining anything to anyone. Eventually both teams met in the middle cause nothing was working and had to ask the worker what was going on. Some games were out of order but that will happen anywhere you go for games. Definitely worth checking out. Hopefully you will have a better instructor for the laser tag.

Review №26

Expensive, half the games didnt work or were broken. You buy the play pass and very few games actually work with it. It wasnt great and the kids wont remember the experience

Review №27

Very friendly staff! A good variety of attractions and games for all ages! Its well maintained and clean. They run lots of promotions and specials all week long. Its a great place to have a birthday party for your child as well. Worth every penny! Some of the games dont work, and are old and thats why I didnt give 5.

Review №28

Trampoline park is so so fun I loved it

Review №29

AWESOME PLACE to hang out, also connected to a trampoline park, hotel, and a water park.

Review №30

Cannot beat it for the price! I have taken my son and his friends here numerous times for hours of fun! We do Skyzones, Dave and Busters, and for the money Action City was great! Trampoline Park is great, Water Park is cool, video games, mini golf, go karts, batting cages, rock climbing, and more. Seemed clean and very few things under repair, great times. Highly recommend!

Review №31

Great place, lots of fun. Have not been here since I was a kid!! Also I love their version of cupcakes!!!!

Review №32

Lots of fun!!! Friendly for all ages. I loved it and so did my kids and grand kids. And yep I did the trampolines to.

Review №33

I paid for 10 kids and 2 chaperones, for my sons jumping birthday. I reserved the party more than 11 days early so got one kid free (11) for starters wasnt given enough wristbands, or socks... we constantly filled the pitchers of soda ourselves. Once the pizza came out attendant was supposed to announce it over the loud speaker. Never did. She was asked to announce the cupcakes were there... Never did. Im pretty sure the description said party attendant for 3 hours. She came and went barely checking on us. When you pay that kind of money you should get what you pay for. More than likely not having another party here again

Review №34

This is a great family place to come to especially if you just wanna get a way for the weekend. I would highly recommend spending the entire weekend there and making sure buying a full pass for all the attractions!

Review №35

Tons of fun with plenty of stuff to choose from while still being easy to get around.

Review №36

We had a birthday party planned for our son here for weeks with high hopes for fun. We arrived to a very busy place which looked like a lot of fun. The staff seemed as if we cought them off guard even though we had arrived a tad bit late. Most staff was quiet and didnt have much in the way of direction. We followed our host to the party room. We had some questions about our ability to add things to our tab that remained unanswered. The room was clean and ready for us. I thought she will have more information at that time...I was wrong! She asked when we wanted food and scampered off only to return to tell me I had to return to the check-in desk! We finally got the play cards that were part of the package only to find most games off limits, the saving grace is the attractions were available with the cards. Pizza was served on time hot and pretty good, no complaint with the food. However we had parents, our guests, that had to retrieve things like forks and straws and more soda as no attention was paid to the room other than when we had arrived. Some of the games seemed to be in disrepair or out of order. Staff was inattentive and very uninformative, confused, unorganized, I could come up with a few more. Not a great experience at all would not suggest planning a birthday party here, didnt get what I had paid for. Hopefully they can turn it around.

Review №37

Labor Day! Had a blast! Our familys first time in the building, we loved it, staff was aware of all areas and made sure safety was followed. Some kids obviously spend more time there than others but all was fun, Arcade could be a little different.

Review №38

We love Action City and the trampoline park, we would give 5 stars if the cleanliness of the machines, chairs, floors, bathrooms etc were of higher priority. However that being said the customer service is getting better and we have had great service at a recent party we had there.

Review №39

Mini golf is so much fun!!

Review №40

We did everything except the water park, some of the games didnt work or didnt have the right equipment, but the Laser Tag, VR and trampoline park were good.

Review №41

Great place to take kids and adults alike, trampoline park, climbing area, giant arcade, waterslide,Just tons of fun stuff to do and an awesome hotel with some pretty interesting room configurations.Nice restaurant on site with bar.All kinds of sugar rush goodies, pizza ect.Just a neat place to stay, play, unwind and reconnect to the family.Something for all ages

Review №42

Great place for the kiddos. Toddler days are best. The games and all trampoline areas are all in excellent condition. Staff is super polite and helpful.

Review №43

Toddler Jump became middle school playground these last few weeks. Running kids over, playing tag in the climbing playground. Super disappointed. If you designate a time for toddlers and small children. Stick to it.. Clearly a money grab

Review №44

Brought my 5 year old son and my 7 year old brother in law for my sons birthday. Had such a blast I didnt even take pictures... Not one! Great food, great staff, amazing service, so much to do... We easily couldve spent days there. Waterpark leaves something to be desired but if youre going for action city and the trampolines, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

Review №45

I Love it! Its my sons 11th Birthday and we are having fun!

Review №46

Had a really good time playing arcade games here. Pricing seemed decent and there were a lot of options. Will come back with my kids sometime soon. Lots of parking and it wasnt that busy on a Saturday morning during the summer.

Review №47

Very fun. Good for kids and teens, maybe for adults. Had a great time, would come again.

Review №48

Always love the go karts.

Review №49

All four kids are still raving about our visit. They are already begging to go back for this event or that event. Good thing we got the annual pass. Laser tag, bumper cars, indoor gokarts arcade games and more. We cant wait for summer for the outdoor activities. Do your kids like being active? This is the place to be!

Review №50

The only thing I dont like about this place is trying to get the kiddo out the door! Always a blast, the jump park is a blast for kids and quite the workout for adults. The games are always fun. Great for a rainy afternoon but also some great outdoor activities for the sunny days!

Review №51

Games of skill, video games, trampolines, go carts, mini golf, axe throwing, prizes, and food! Lots of fun, a bit expensive for larger families. Lines can be long for certain things and can be messy because... Lots of kids!

Review №52

Pretty good fun, have things to do all day. Only bummer is when your time card runs out, so maybe get an all day card if possible.

Review №53

Fun, but EXPENSIVE!! My child with cerebral palsy was able to enjoy being bounced for a long time - its so large we didnt get overrun with kids! Lots of neat activity centers that my able kiddos enjoyed climbing and jumping around. Great active family outing!

Review №54

Super fun! Great birthday party or family gathering.

Review №55

To many games with broken parts/ duct tape used almost like they neglected the original space of action city very disappointed will not recommend there was duct tape on the roller coaster simulater the speakers did not work on it either the left seat sounded like it was about to fall apart all of the shooter games had something wrong with it weather it was no feedback in the gun or actuatters in it for gun animation one of the driving games that was a multiplayer game the steering wheel didnt even work the jr bball game had flat balls the TV screens at DQ had dried splatter on them 4 out of 6 mini bowling games were not functional this was at 1 pm-4pm they may say that their was maintenance on duty but if there was then someone hasnt been on the floor in a while!!!

Review №56

Action City and Chaos are doing a great job operating during this pandemic!

Review №57

Nice place, bit on the expensive side compared to other indoor amusement parks. Prize selection is over priced and all the arcade games you win tickets on are $2 or more.

Review №58

This was a great time with my friends and I. We purchased the 3 parks for the day and we spent the entire day here. It was a great time, and worth the price!

Review №59

Always a fun time! The unlimited annual jump, play, swim pass it definitely the way to go :-)

Review №60

I took my grandson and he had a fantastic time.

Review №61

We had a birthday party here. It was great to be able to just come and enjoy! 4 stars instead of 5 because our play cards did not work, but that was a very minor inconvenience.

Review №62

My daughter and her friends had her 13th birthday party there and everyone there had a ton of fun. And its hard to get a dozen 13 year old girls to like anything.

Review №63

Plenty of things to do for all ages with very helpful staff.

Review №64

We had a lot of fun as a family

Review №65

Good for kids

Review №66

Kind of expensive but, my son loves it, had a blast. There is a good variety of things to do. There is a trampoline park, video games, go karts, and small water park. Easily can make a day of it and well have fun the whole day

Review №67

Fun times with the kiddos! We come here often and will continue too! Would highly recommend if you are in the area with kids!

Review №68

A fun place to hang out for families. Tons of games, trampling park, great for birthdays.

Review №69

The trampoline park was a HUGE hit with our toddlers. They absolutely loved it. I enjoyed my time there as well, lots of different areas to jump as well as a kids playground area. Will definitely be going back at some point.Only concern is it does seem like an injury waiting to happen. Between the trampolines the landing area is hard and doesnt have any give to it. If you come down wrong youll probably injure yourself.

Review №70

Loved the indoor go carts and the virtual reality. Decent pricing deals, but majority of the arcade games are not playable unless you add money to your play card, which can definitely add up. Was also disappointing how only one person can use the card at a time. If you want to play the same game with your buddies you need separate cards with money. One card cannot be used for more than one person. As for the trampoline park, seemed pretty standard to me. Everything was well kept, but make sure to bring water or something to stay hydrated... youll get hot really fast since theres really no ventilation or fans

Review №71

I’m just 11 and I love it there! The games and the go carts are my favorite. I recommend this for the young ones because they have a trampoline park and a bunch of fun arcade games.

Review №72

Cool indoor/outdoor amusement park, we have been there several times and will probably go again.

Review №73

They do a really good job in action City. Fun for all the kids of different ages. Typical Amusement area but they do a good job with service. The new trampoline area is great if you want a bit of a challenge or just want to jump around

Review №74

Kids had a blast. Tons of coarses for the kids to play on.

Review №75

Great way to burn off some energy for the kids

Review №76

Go karts, rock wall, laser tag, laser maze, arcade games, and trampolines. My girls had a blast we only played for three hours but easily could have played for three more. However for sensory sensitive people it may be better to go on a slower day and have access to noise cancelling headphones. They also have a variety of concessions. Its family friendly. Oh and bring your trampoline socks- or you will need to buy a pair but they are only $2.00.

Review №77

This is fun. This is fun. I hurt my ankle.

Review №78

My son is 3 and had the best time at toddler jump with his dad. I was able to get laundry done and some free time.

Review №79

The kids enjoyed it, there are a lot of things to do there so they never got bored. There is an arcade with a variety of games for everyone. It was overall enjoyable.

Review №80

Not cleaning very well. Go carts and zip line

Review №81

Great family fun

Review №82

This place had something for everyone. Go carts, tampoline, arcade and so much more! It was a lot of fun. This is a place you will wanna stay all weekend because there is too much stuff you cant do it all in one day.

Review №83

Great funBut too expensive. I dropped 60$ for my toddlers to enjoy 2 hours at action city

Review №84

Well-run place with indoor and outdoor fun for everyone--many trampolines, video games, laser tag, laser maze, mini-golf, zipline, go carts, bumper cars, climbing wall. They also have food available. Next door is Chaos water park.

Review №85

Huge place. Came for mini golf which was fine. Lots of things to do. Seemed like a fun place.

Review №86

Had a nice motel room, was fun to play games and stuff quite a bit to there, its a bit expensive and it would be nice if it was open later for motel guests though

Review №87

Crazy fun place. Comes with a price tag, but worth checking out for a fun get a away.

Review №88

Love the games and great place to be a kid

Review №89

Wednesday wristbands is definitely the way to go! For $17 you get 3 hours of unlimited Action City and trampoline park. With a few exceptions, such as redemption arcade games. The kids had a great time they expecially liked the VR and laser tag. This is a great deal in itself as usually laser tag & VR games each cost about $7 to $10 per person. The kids werent extremely impressed by the trampoline park, but in Action Citys defense they have been to some pretty nice ones and may have been spoiled by it. I thought it looked pretty fun though!! If you already have trampoline socks dont forget to bring them, as they will be $3 a pair and are mandatory. They have food right on site which was really great for us, as it was starting to get late. We got a 17in one-topping pizza for about $18. Not a huge steal, but the pizza was good. I have the boys bring their own water bottles as they only sell sodas for $2.99. Theyre bottomless sodas and can be refilled as much as you want. However, it was a school night and three teenage boys dont need that much soda! lol Altogether I dropped about $80, for 3 hours at Action City, including food. not my first choice of how to spend $80, but the kids had fun and it was for my sons birthday. I didnt check into it, but they have deals on actual birthday parties.

Review №90

This is a great place for family fun! Lots to do for kids of all ages. If you are staying at Metropolis Resort, the stay and play package is the way to go! You get credit for Action City and you get to use the water park for your check in day as well as your departure day.Action city has a trampoline park that you pay separately for and an arcade with bumper cars, laser tag, mini bowling, arcade games, go carts, and more. There’s something for all ages.

Review №91

This place is loads of fun year round, but very spendy!!!

Review №92

We always go here as a family! This is our place for family nights if it is nasty outside! The facilities are always clean. The staff is always friendly and all go out of their way for you.

Review №93

Great place, so many things to do and such a clean faculty. Batting cages, go carts, laser tag, trampoline park, climbing wall, arcade, and food buffets are all on the list of do for this place. Staff is generally a great group of workers who know how to do their job and let other people have fun.

Review №94

There really is something here for everyone. We went for a birthday party and it was great! The VR and the outdoor go-kart track were the favorites this visit.

Review №95

I love trampoline and laser tag. My husband had fun go cart.

Review №96

I went there with my 17 year old son! We had a blast! So nice to know there is a fun place to go for kids, that will keep them entertained and out of trouble! I would recommend this for anybody!

Review №97

I had fun, but it seemed like most of the workers didnt want to be there.

Review №98

I loved arcade and the rock wall climbing and the go karts and I loved lazer tag

Review №99

If youre looking for something fun, this would definitely satisfy the craving. Both for kids and adults.

Review №100

My sons had a blast here. To us it was well worth the price for how busy it kept them. Other than visiting with family, Action City was the highlight of our trip to Wisconsin.

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  • Address:2402 Lorch Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54701, United States
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  • Phone:+1 800-684-9978
  • Amusement center
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  • Theme park
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  • Active military discounts:Yes
  • Play area:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
  • Restaurant:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Wi-Fi:Yes
  • Family friendly:Yes
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