Woodridge Park
9000 90th St S, Cottage Grove, MN 55016, United States

Review №1

Worth the 30m drive for us. Lots of features to keep kids aged 2 and up entertained. The soft rubber surface is so nice (and clean!). A lovely, big park. Put your kid in a brightly colored shirt to make it easier to spot them!

Review №2

Great place for kids. Much better than it was when I was growing up! The playground has many things to do and the ground is very cushioned so my kid can trip on his face and get back up with no issues. The basketball courts have been greatly improved as well

Review №3

Easy to get to from Hwy 61. Parking in close proximity. Huge new play area, rubber mat ground cover, ample benches, covered pavilion with grill area. Basketball, baseball, volleyball areas. Modern bathrooms/water fountains (when open). Long paved path around pond. Senic with flowering fruit trees and wildlife.

Review №4

Great place to be a kid!!! Lots of fun playground equipment. Ground playground is built on is spongy soft. Fun place!

Review №5

This park has a very nice playground but it also has a great tennis court, basketball court, sand volleyball court as well as nice building bathrooms. I had fun here with my friends and want to take some of my other friends here next time. Great for kids and adults!

Review №6

Great park for kids of all ages. Basketball courts are fenced in, new types of playground equipment, and baseball fields nearby too. Will definitely be back.

Review №7

This is a wonderful park for old and young a like. We had a great day watching the grand kids play in a safe and fun environment.

Review №8

Such a fun and amazing park, worth the drive. Kids had a wonderful time . Next time we will make it a day with a picnic.

Review №9

We love this park. The play equipment is good for kids of all ages and abilities. I just wish it was kept up and monitored better.Trashcans are overflowing and garbage littered the grass. A few groups of teenagers swearing, chucking basketballs at each other, bouncing them into the windows of the pavilion with no sense that there are young kids around trying to play.

Review №10

Very cool park. Was here for the baseball tournament. Love the set up

Review №11

Love the Astro turf, and great equipment for the kids to play with! Also has filtered-water water bottle fill area with water fountain, and currently has some portable toilets since the main bathrooms are closed. Park has a few baseball and soccer areas for recreation as well.

Review №12

My 3 and 5 year olds love this park. Its got a good variety of play equipment. Some wheelchair accessible/ inclusive equipment also. My kids especially love the zip line swings.

Review №13

Awesome playground. Handicapped accessable. Super toddler friendly. Not many places for long falls. Rubber foam padding under everything.

Review №14

Beautiful park, large shady trees and picnic table shelters. Really nice playground and adjacent ballpark.

Review №15

Great amenities. Inclusive playground. Paved trails.

Review №16

So many different types of playground equipment! My kids had a blast

Review №17

This is a lovely park with literally all the bells and whistles and perks. Its almost like a theme park!

Review №18

Very clean park great for kids & family gatherings, updates were done right, quiet & well maintained area.

Review №19

This is a wonderful park that is inclusive to all.

Review №20

Wonderful park for kids, easy walk around a pond, pokemon go spot

Review №21

Very nice play area.

Review №22

Every park should be as wonderful as this park!We LOVE coming here and drive 30+ minutes frequently in the Summer months to do so.The park has a great layout. I love that it has clean bathrooms for my kids. It has wonderful shady areas as well as numerous athletic areas.Wed love to some day rent out the pavilion because its just fantastic looking.

Review №23

Excellent park facilities and friendly people

Review №24

Great, so much fun for all ages.

Review №25

Best Playground I have been to in the Southeast Metro.

Review №26

Its ok not rlly a nice place to play basketball

Review №27

Updated park ,very nice.

Review №28

One of my favorite parks to take my child (2 years old). Has a lot of options for play where her cousins also love the park. Great for large range of ages.

Review №29

Perfect for kids of all ages!

Review №30

What a great play place for kids of all ages. I love the music area. Sounds so pretty when the kids are playing.

Review №31

It was really calm and beautiful... Well laid out and good for relaxation and sporting activities. A very good playground for kids too.

Review №32

Great place for kids and family get togethers! From the cool swings to the musician instruments throughout the play ground. This kids love it!

Review №33

This is a beautiful and well maintained park. The playground is inclusive and nicely spread out. It is easier to spot your children here than at Madisons Place by HealthEast, and much of the equipment is the same as Madisons Place.

Review №34

Love thats its for all ages

Review №35

Wonderful park. Fabulous playground for younger children. Ball fields, walking trails even sand volleyball court present. Nice tables in shade.

Review №36

Very cool park. My niece n nephew loved it. Its a big playground n they loved the different things to do there.

Review №37

Love how they redid this park. Soft ground mats.

Review №38

Its my familys favorite park.

Review №39

It was fun! There were lots of bees there. Three children were stung. The park service was not good about cleaning out the garbages.

Review №40

Awesome, all-inclusive park! My kids love it and were fortunate to have it in CG!

Review №41

What a diff and unique playground. Plenty of shade avail, restrooms, grills. Also b ball courts and soccer field. Trails, biking.

Review №42

This is a fantastic park for kids. Older and younger, they have something for everyone. Theres multiple jungle gyms with modern ways to climb. They especially like the climbing wall that twists. There is no sand or tire pieces or wood chips underneath the jungle gyms; its a very nice spongy floor thats comfortable. One unique thing is the metal zip lines that run smoothly and had fun features four kids. They didnt even get stuck like on other playgrounds!Thankfully, theres bathrooms attached to the community building on the outside around the back. Theres picnic tables in shade in two places and it was very pleasant to sit there while the kids played.This playground is even fun for adults too!

Review №43

The park is large and the equipment is amazing. My kids all love it here. Its their favorite park and we will surely be frequenting it. My sons favorite part about the park, is that it has smaller climbing areas that he can do on his own even at 2. Thank you to the community for holding the park to such a high standard.

Review №44

Lots fun things to do here! Climb, swing, and play! There are pleanty of pokestops and two gyms here!

Review №45

Kids absolutely love this park!Its a little crowded, but thats just more friends, right?Some older kids came in after the sun started going down and were swearing and running around and bumping into children, which wasnt great. And now I know how old I sound...

Review №46

The kids had a blast, they wore out the adults. Great design. Plenty of area to keep kids of all ages busy.

Review №47

Great, fun park.

Review №48

Great park. Everyone is friendly and the kids play for hours. Soft ground in playground area for the kids. Basketball courts are great.

Review №49

Loved the park. Kids had a great time

Review №50

When I babysit my grandkids and Cottage Grove I love to take him to this park its awesome Park

Review №51

The best park Ive ever been too!

Review №52

Best park in cottage grove... highly recommend... will always go back again and again

Review №53

This park has a variety of activities and attractions for kids. It is large enough for my kids to run around and easy to navigate and keep an eye out for my children.

Review №54

The remodeling looks great. Bathrooms, when open, are nice (but do have portapotty). Theres a good duck pond to walk around. Good times had.

Review №55

A great place to let your kids burn energy!

Review №56

Great place to take kids for fun

Review №57

This park has great playground equipment, basketball courts and more.

Review №58

Great park with allot of neat stuff for the kids.

Review №59

One of the best parks on Cottage Grove

Review №60

Super fun

Review №61

Good park but there was two guys having sex in the woods next to the play grpund

Review №62

OMG, the BEST park weve ever brought our kids to. They have everything you could imagine. We have two kids with sensory issues and they loved it, did not wanna leave. Will take pics the next time we go. Highly recommend!!!

Review №63

It really taste very good

Review №64

Great playground for kids of all ages. Amenities include large playground, basketball court, baseball field and more.

Review №65

Fun park, but not well shaded and the equipment and rubber flooring get very hot.

Review №66

Great playground. Clean bathrooms. Lots of equipment.

Review №67

Kids love it! Soft turf is helpful for young ones.

Review №68

At most of the times this park has alot of people but the park is a vary nice park featuring a super large playground and alot of seating.

Review №69

Great park for all ages and abilities.

Review №70

This is a slightly different playground with a unique assortment of playground equipment my kids LOVE!!

Review №71

This has to be the best park in the area. Clean, well maintained and so much to do. Most importantly its a fully inclusive park so children of all abilities can enjoy it equally. The world needs more places like this

Review №72

Great, new park with lots of fun for young kids

Review №73

Great park to visit! Kids had a blast!!

Review №74

Very nich

Review №75

So much to do here! Love love love!!

Review №76

Lots of room to spread out, fun for all ages

Review №77

Clean,well maintained,nice play area for all ages

Review №78

Good place to catch a game

Review №79

Great park for the kids. Set of 3 Pokestops you can sit on a bench and farm stardust.

Review №80

This is a well-built part that is accessible through kids in wheelchairs theres a really fun swing also really nice basketball courts and tennis brand new everything

Review №81

Such a great park! Perfect for kids of all ages and accessible!!!

Review №82

Very nice park

Review №83

Kids absolutely love it there! Theyre always asking if we can go to the green park, lol. For all age groups too.

Review №84

A great place for family and friends.

Review №85

Lotsa fun playground equipment

Review №86

Like this place but lots of bees and being deathly allergic I get high anxiety coming here

Review №87

Excellent park for kids and parents

Review №88

Great park with lots of open space

Review №89

Heres what you need to know:Parking: LotAge range (playground): 1+Sidewalks: Paved to park amenities and throughout park groundsSeating: Ample seating throughout play areaBathrooms: Located in warming housePicnic tables: Enough to seat around 50 in a picnic shelter to one side of the play areaGrills: NASports field: See website for a complete listTake my word for it: This park has pretty much everything.Climbing walls, ladders, nets, and domes; tall slides, short slides, bumpy slides, and curvy slides; bridges; tunnels; weather-resistant instruments; stairs; steps; seesaws; monkey bars--(Insert breath)Sand play area; hammock; ramps; seated merry-go-rounds; high back swings, baby swings, and regular swings; regular zip lines and seated zip lines; and a bunch of stuff I cant even identify.It offers more shade than the average playground and its got synthetic flooring. Did I mentioned there are also real, flushable toilets inside a clean facility?I might build myself a house in the woods nearby just so Im local.Woodridge Park is a dream. Its like the Mall of America of parks: Every type of playground equipment you could want is here. You could spend the whole day here and see only half of it. And, of course, its ginormous.Its so big, in fact, that I didnt even realize how busy it was until we returned to the parking lot on our way out and almost half of it (ginormous parking lot for a park, as well) was full of cars.There are several playgrounds scattered in the play area accommodating ages from walkers to jumpers. All of my kids had a blast running around trying a little bit of everything.One of their favorite parts was the roller slide. I think they spent a quarter of our trip riding it over and over again. They also loved playing the xylophones and scaling the outside of the huge tunnel.We could have easily killed half a day at this park if it werent for the merciless sun and humidity.The park opened just this past fall and is in wonderful condition. Its definitely beloved and received plenty of traffic during our visit. At the same time, the spread of the play area keeps even busy times from feeling overwhelmingIf youre looking to host a party or keep your kids entertained for a few hours, pack a hefty lunch, plenty of water, and head over to Woodridge Park. Itll do the trick.

Review №90

Excellent, interactive playground for children of all abilities! Definitely worth checking out.

Review №91

This was my first visit. My grandkids loved it. Well be back!

Review №92

Came all the way from St. Paul to check it out! Had an amazing time! Boys had a blast!! Came back two days later!!

Review №93

Updated play area & basketball courts...would love lit baseball fields!

Review №94

Whats not to like? Brand new with all the bells and whistles and a great place for the kids to burn off some energy.

Review №95

Loved the park

Review №96

It has bathrooms shade areas and basketball hoops. Good for toddlers to elemantary school kids, and a amazing playground.

Review №97

Brand new park completely renovated! From swings to rock climbing walls theres something for everyone even those with physical challenges!!!

Review №98

Great place to take kids. Need someone to control teenagers running around playground and over little kids.

Review №99

The childrens area being refurbished as we speak. Definitely does not get the love and attention Kingston park gets

Review №100

Newly designed playground that can appeal to kids of all ages and talents including music!

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  • Address:9000 90th St S, Cottage Grove, MN 55016, United States
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  • Phone:+1 651-459-7037
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Working hours
  • Monday:6am–10:30pm
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  • Saturday:6am–10:30pm
  • Sunday:6am–10:30pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Good for kids:Yes
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