Haunting Experience
10900 E Point Douglas Rd, Cottage Grove, MN 55016, United States

Review №1

Had a fun time. Haunted house was pretty impressive with twists and turns on multi level house. Hayride was pretty good but needs a few more actors just scattered. The tent, bonfire and pen were cool to keep you entertained since you will do both house and hayride in under hour (excluding waiting). I would go back

Review №2

Most awesome, realistic, and definitely scary. I truly truly recommend.

Review №3

Fun for our sons first experience. Whole family enjoyed themselves. The haunted house was better than the hayride in my opinion but the ride was still fun. Sit in the back of you can and would recommend spending a little extra for the fast pass. Overall a fun night for the family :)

Review №4

This is at a great location, they had a lot of plants & other gift shop things to browse through. However I don’t think they regulated mask wearing as much as they could’ve. I saw multiple groups with many people not wearing masks, and it wasn’t just when people were eating. The lines weren’t really social distancing, and they piled a lot of people on the hay ride, all facing inward so I decided not to even go on it because the people weren’t even really spaced out. The haunted house was okay, I think it would be more of a fun experience for older kids/young teens. I would look into other experiences first before choosing this one.

Review №5

Great fun! Ill definatly go back.

Review №6

COVID-19 guidelines were not followed at all. Lines were packed together shoulder to shoulder with hundreds of people. People were packed onto the hayride like sardines. The workers/actors in the haunted house were right on top of you almost touching you and screaming/breathing right in your face. We left after the haunted house because we did not feel safe.

Review №7

Loved the switch up for the haunted house and trailer ride. Well worth the wait. And the food and drinks were delicious. To everyone who works there keep up the great work .

Review №8

We had a great time! We will definitely go again. We had a group of 10 people (4 adults, 6 kids) and everyone had a great time. The scarers were very enthusiastic and having a blast.

Review №9

Every one had a great time. The children had fun painting pumpkinsColoring spin paint petting the goats sand art hay ride.the haunting hay ride was very scary

Review №10

Despite having covid safety guidelines on the website, when we got there almost nobody in line was wearing their mask, nobody was spaced apart, and the lines all crowded together at the end. We left as soon as we got there as it did not feel safe. We love this place but its not worth it this year if you are nervous about covid. Just want people to know what theyre getting into if they buy tickets.

Review №11

Absolutely perfect. The art work is amazing. I would put it on a par with a 60 dollar opera ticket. Acting is scary!!!

Review №12

They had a band and the music was great! The scare factor is geared for teenagers but I did enjoy the haunted hayride.

Review №13

The experience itself was excellent. The social distancing is an F. The lines were terrible with absolutely no social distancing whatsoever. Some lines had people standing shoulder to shoulder. Think carefully before attending.

Review №14

Went here tonight on there last night the haunted house was amazing and very scary the hay ride was good definitely will come back next year

Review №15

Zywiecs Landscape and Garden Center, Haunting Experience is quintessential. Spooktacular atmosphere, lots of good food, and fun for all ages. Awesome place to visit for the fall season!

Review №16

Not necessarily scary. But it was fun. Would do it again next year

Review №17

This was a lot of fun not as scary as I thought but worth the money

Review №18

It was pretty good. There should probably be an age limit though.

Review №19

They cram as many people as possible in the haunted house. No social distancing. Employees not wearing masks

Review №20

It was a fun experience for me an my group.

Review №21

Fantastic place for a couple hours of fun with the family.

Review №22

For $17, I couldnt have had a better spooky time. We chose this location due to it being 1/2 price if others & closer to us. The haunted house and hayride were fun & scary for those who actually want to enjoy themselves.We brought our 11 & 12 y/o with us & they really enjoyed themselves. They have food and drinks as well and a place to enjoy by a fireplace inside. The clown walking around took a liking to my younger son, which was the highlight of our night. He loves scary things && clowns are one of them.Only recommendation is having more scares per distance. Some of the rooms we went into had nothing but props inside. The last portion of the house we had to wait, so anticipated something more than 1 person at the very end. Im assuming it was due to us going on a Thursday, which is also cheaper.Glad we came. Not regrets. Lines werent bad. Will come again, for sure.

Review №23

Pretty awesome we had a good time!!

Review №24

Really fun! Screamed all the way through.

Review №25

Was fun and entertaining!!! Liked it! Not scary but just a good attraction for those feeling the Halloween spirit.! If they are reading this! Be awesome if you added SCARY theme music to the haunted house attraction.! The experience will be more epic!!

Review №26

The hay ride was fun but not very scary. The haunted house on the other hand was great! My wife and I love haunted houses and this one was thw best we went to this year. The only down side was we caught up to the people in front of us and the 2 girls behind us caught up to us. Other then that, it was a real fun time and good scares!

Review №27

They improve every year! My boyfriend and I have been coming here for a couple of years now and it never ceases to impress. Nothing that is too terribly scary by any means but you definitely get your thrills and screams in for the night. The cast and crew is great, the scares are memorable, and it is definitely worth going

Review №28

All my daughter wanted for her 7th birthday was to go on a Haunted Hayride and see a haunted house! We started to enter the haunted house and my daughters age definitely came out! Needless to say she was freaked out! We ended up leaving the haunted house but quickly returned with an excellent tour guide( the clown) he escorted myself and daughter through on a low scare tour! Overall she enjoyed the experience. I thought it was very kind of the clown to personally walk us through the haunted house. He did a great job of making this experience extra special for her! Thanks staff for giving us an age appropriate scare. With that being said don’t bring children younger than ten! Thanks again for making her birthday extra special! I think you have a future staff member!

Review №29

The haunted hayride and haunted house were good, but the lines were so long. We waited for two hours just to go on the hayride and another hour for the haunted house. When we thought we were getting closer, there was another line that we had to went in. I wish they would have signs indicating how long the wait time was and clearer directions saying that there are two lines for the two attractions. By the time we got to do anything, I wasnt in the Halloween spirit anymore. I would suggest people go right when they open otherwise youre going to spend most of your night waiting in line. This will be my first and last time going here.

Review №30

Just awesome! Both the haunted house and hayride were scary and long. Sometimes haunted houses take 10 minutes max to go through but not this one. As soon as you think its over, you get a very big surprise. Also, everything was well laid out and organized which I appreciated! The pictures that get taken are hilarious to look back on. I will be back!

Review №31

This was our second year going, and they changed it up a lot since then which was cool! Only downside was the wait times in line, but that’s due to them trying to break up groups so you could get the full affect. We didn’t catch up with another group until the end.Definitely had good jump scares.

Review №32

This place was a little lack luster to me. We went through pretty quickly and I did not get frightened by the attraction. My friend that I went with screamed a decent amount, but not my entire group. I did have a couple of issues, the main one being that I couldnt see sometimes. They had a flash that went off and I could not see for a solid ten seconds. And since it was dark, there was a point where everyone in my group tripped on the stairs. The staff made funny jokes and one of the clowns remembered on of my group members and came back to pick on her, which made my group laugh and my group member nervous. It was fun, but I didnt find it frightening.

Review №33

Well its cool and all but for 25 per person its not all that great. I like how they change it up a bit every year with the haunted house but that need some more to it. And the hay ride never really changes same old thing every year. And I think that they should have a kids rate cause 25 for even a child under 12 shouldnt be that much. Next year I might just take the family to valley scare.

Review №34

Sorry i didn’t took any pictures. But i had a good time in both experience: hayride/haunted house. I felt like the actors get too close to ur face though...(to intimidate you) but i got my own screams and yells (even my husband was screaming). The best part is enjoying my hot coco next to the fire pit. And i wish that the band was facing us instead so they would have an audience! But anyway.. that was fun!

Review №35

Haunted house was phenomenal, hayride was less than haunted and according to the 7 year old, made for 5 year olds. They had a live band that was decent, food, hot drinks. As soon as you get out of the car your arteries start to harden as the smell of mini donuts shoots up your nostrils. They have alcohol if you want to make navigating the haunted house even more challenging. Huge bonfire and some paintball targets as well.

Review №36

Great haunted house! Super creative! I would definitely go again.

Review №37

I went to the haunted house and haunted hay ride with one other person and had a really good scare. The team was great and the ride was even better!

Review №38

Not scary at all. Maybe for a 10 year old. Eight of us went and we were all extremely disappointed. Not worth the 25 minute drive or the 18$ tickets. But the staff were all very nice.

Review №39

The entertainment was good but the person I talked to on the phone earlier in the day was very short and impatient with my 2 whole questions. I also didnt appreciate the beer drinking and pot (yes I know what it smells like) smoking in line for the hayride with no one enforcing your rules.

Review №40

Totally Tied with THE DEAD END HAYRIDE i feel like they are sisters, it was so hard to choose who was better. Oh well guess Im just going to have to go to both places every year

Review №41

A very good haunted house. Its way longer than most, so a real treat. You do have to go up and down some stairs, so bear that in mind. I dont want to give away any of the scares, but there is a really cool hallway and a spectacular room. The effects in those 2 areas make them crazy scary. The hayride was better this year than in the past too with more random scares than at the vignettes. We went Thursday night of MEA weekend so it was not too busy. Check Groupon for deals!!

Review №42

Me and the girls at the haunted hayride and house

Review №43

It is amazing. The nursery is also amazing. Very cool staff as well. If you have the opportunity i totally suggest going. Get vip for the haunted house though. Its worth it

Review №44

Very fun very scary, prices could be lower for food & drinks but otherwise great

Review №45

Very fun time with my wife and friends! Highly recommend this place.

Review №46

Great time!

Review №47

Waited in line for 2 hours for a 10 minute long ride and it wasnt scary at all. Disappointing waste of time in my opinion. Not worth the $50 in tickets.

Review №48

I took my wife to this haunt last night and we absolutely loved it! The hayride portion was fun and the actors did a great job. I think it is a great feature, especially for kids. The haunted house portion was amazing. I loved the sets and the props throughout the experience. There are a lot of fun little details put into this haunted house that I really appreciated. Once again, the actors were great. We were spaced out really well, and because of that, most of the scares actually felt like a surprise. Overall, I was very impressed. I met the owners after the experience and they were the nicest people! They genuinely wanted to make sure we had fun and enjoyed the haunt. You can tell they care about providing a wonderful experience for their guests. Ill definitely be going back later this season to try their Cell 61 lights out experience!

Review №49

Honestly the best haunted house experience I’ve had. Some I find corny or over the top child friendly (which isn’t a bad thing, just not as exciting) but this place gave me a good scream and an even better experience because of it. Actors were wonderful and at certain points, I forgot that these are just normal people in scary costumes. They were that good! The hayride was okay, and they also have zombie paintball, but the haunted house is definitely the star of the place. Would definitely go again!

Review №50

Fun and haunting. Too many young children under 12 getting too scared. Leave the young ones home.

Review №51

It was a bit busy but it was an amazing experience. Love getting scared

Review №52

Absolutely the BEST haunt in the Twin Cities. They have both a haunted house and a haunted trail ride, beer garden, and live musicMama ROCKS!!

Review №53

Kudos to all the staff for their hard work and dedication for a great, fun filled family attraction. Spooktacular!

Review №54

Ive been to a few of these haunted places and I think this one was one of the best one. The hayride was pretty cool, they had lots of people playing characters scaring people. They would jump onto the wagon to scare people and lots of cool props such as chain saws, grave yard etc...The haunted house was pretty awesome! Lots of scary/jumpy parts. The haunted house was really big, the walk through took almost 15-20 mins if youre going slowly through the whole place.I thought $25.00 was actually pretty expensive for just two attractions. However they do have Groupon offers if you buy in advance. They also offered snacks/drink to be purchased. Overall it was a pretty cool experience.

Review №55

The haunted house is amazing! Hayride is pretty good too but the house is awesome!

Review №56

I would give 5 stars but there was so much fog I couldnt breathe. Would not reccomend to people with breathing problems. Great scare, super exilerating bit would not do again.

Review №57

This was my first huanted anything, and oh my Lord. I was horrified. My only negetive experience was on the Huanted Hayride, they got way to close and had complete disregard for personal space. Other that that it was great.

Review №58

Really great haunted house, hay ride was a little weak but still fun

Review №59

So fun! Good price. Lines arent too long. SCARY

Review №60

This was very good and has a great time, worth your time and money!!

Review №61

Super fun! Loved getting scared and had some good laughs too!!

Review №62

Great time at a fun attraction. Had to wait a bit longer in line but worth it.

Review №63

The hayride was much better than the haunted house.

Review №64

“Awesome atmosphere and is a lot of fun. The hayride keeps you entertained the entire time while the haunted house has you scared throughout. The rooms in the house are well put together and are very creative.”

Review №65

For the weak. If you arent scared easily, enjoy the fear of others!

Review №66

Totally worth the $15 tickets. Our group ranged in age from 14 to 55 and a good time was had by all. Very well done. We went on a Wednesday night and there were no lines. The staff were friendly and extremely terrifying. We are all hoarse from the shrieking. Highly recommend.

Review №67

All and all a very good haunted attraction and well worth the money if you are in to these. Some great props and costumes. Very unique feature during the hayride I thought was cool. Appreciated them actually spacing people out after the hayride. We actually were able to walk through pretty much alone for the the majority of the time. My wife and I have been to almost all of them in the area and I would probably rank this second out of the ones we have been to. Too many chainsaws would be my one negative. Loses its luster fairly quickly. Well done though!

Review №68

Im giving them 5 stars for multiple reasons. Very organized from parking to buying tickets to the lines. I even had an issue with buying tickets online and needed a refund. I contacted them via email and got a response within minutes including my refund. The experience was really good! I will be back!!

Review №69

One of the best haunts Ive seen in awhile! Scary and unique... Very creative and many original characters that are above and beyond whats trendy. Highly recommended!

Review №70

Couple things about this place. First, if you like driving around in circles trying to find a parking spot for 30+ min., this place is for you. The parking assistant called her manager asking what my wife and I should do, and he snapped at the assistant and was condescending to her. The manager didnt care that we pre-purchased our tickets and apparently didnt care about his crew. Second, dont go if you dont get their fast pass. The line will take hours to get through on busy nights. Third, when we went through, many of the rooms in the haunted house were empty. There were items to look at, but no actors were in many of them. Fourth, the line progression through the haunted house was not fun. We caught up to the 2 groups ahead of us and it was just like a conga line. We knew exactly what was coming up since they were already reacting to the following room. They should have personal managing how lines progress through house so everyone gets their own experience. And lastly, if I am paying this much for tickets, I want something new and fresh. They just reused many props and items from the years before, making it forget-able.

Review №71

Super spooky!!

Review №72

Great autumn night for some ghouls...

Review №73

Great scares; ridiculously long lines.

Review №74

Great fun experience actors did a great job

Review №75

It was okay. Parking was a nightmare and unorganized. Lines were long and not well marked if they were fast pass or normal lines. We had fast passes and it was definitely worth it, but we waited in line for several minutes not knowing we were in the wrong line. The attractions were honestly too dark. Complete darkness is scary, light is not so scary, but too dark without being completely blackout just makes you feel like youre walking through a dark maze. Actors were okay, but screaming in my face really isnt scary. Zombie hunt feels like false advertising. Its not an actual zombie hunt just paintball guns on a stand with metal targets. Wont be coming back.

Review №76

Fun , fun , fun. ! The haunted house has a slide in it thats different from the usual and the hayride is longer then any other Ive been on so money worth spent.

Review №77

Best haunted house I have ever been in. We did the haunting experience and it was well worth it. Try to go slow through the haunted house so you dont run into the group ahead of you. Im going to definitely go again next year!

Review №78

Compared to years prior, this years was trying to be more entertaining than scary. Really the scariest part of the experience was the lines, I waited almost 2 hours for the hayride and about another hour for the house. Last year, they at least had people scaring you in the lines to make it more entertaining, but this year just got flat out embarrassing in my opinion. Not one worker looked like they were having fun, or trying to do their job at all.

Review №79

My husband absolutely loved this place.

Review №80

Definitely better than dead end.

Review №81

Cold, dress warm from head to toe

Review №82

I came here to wait in line thats all we did and then they closed before we could do anything said no refunds but that we could still come back another time that the tickets are still good wow Ill be doing this again NOT!!!!

Review №83

Definitely one of the best haunt in mn by far.

Review №84

So spooky! They change it every year!

Review №85

The was probably the best Halloween experience in Minnesota. I am adamant about going to various spooky haunted houses every year and this was by far the best. From the staff with amazing customer service, to the actors ALL in character!! The hayride was amazing and spooky, and the haunted house was very creative and was worth the money! Let me also remind you that this is not very far from the cities and it is cheaper than most haunted houses with the groupon in Minnesota! Thank you guys!

Review №86

Great haunted house and hayride. Long lines, well worth the extra money for the fast pass! Good food, beer tent and live music made for a great time.

Review №87

Haunted hay ride was not scary, I think I jumped once and Im a pretty jumpy person lol. It was mostly just riding through bedark empty fields. Haunted house was more entertaining but it was so packed there was just a line of people walking through it together. Would have been better if they just let a few people in at a time to make it a more spooky experience. Only good part was I bought the more expensive tickets and didnt have to wait in a huge line for these mediocre attractions. Really wish I had a better experience.

Review №88

Had a great time. Haunted house and hay ride was awesome. The zombie paintball not so much.

Review №89

Amazing experience! Scared every step of the way. I almost lost my stomach! Overall fun, entertaining and definitely scary!!

Review №90

This was definitely worth the drive! The corn maze, hayride and haunted house were great. We were spaced out the whole time which was awesome so others didnt ruin the scare for us. This is my favorite haunted house. Really enjoyed the actors and the little details.

Review №91

Went 2 years ago and it was a lot better. Kind of disappointed in it this year. Very short mazes not a lot going on. Its alright if youre looking for something to do but would reccomend going somewhere else for an actual scare and some fun.

Review №92

It was awesome, very nice atmosphere.

Review №93

When I was waiting in the 2 hour plus line freezing my butt off I swore I was going to write a bad review. I felt like they were kinda trying to trick us making it seem like we kept almost getting to the end until we turned a corner and there were 5 more switchbacks full of people. And a large chunk of the waiting was basically in a wind tunnel. But the actual experience once I finally got on and then the haunted house (the line was much shorter due to it almost being closing because we were stuck in the first so long) was actually a really enjoyable experience. To me, it was the right amount of scary but also fun to where I’d get a jump scare then be able to laugh about it. There was one really cool thing on the hayride I won’t spoil but I was super impressed. I just wish the line had been shorter, or more up front about the wait time, or at least had like heating lamps every so often.

Review №94

We went to the Cell Block 61 adult only event last night and it was by far the most intense, scary and fun haunted house experience ever. Amazing set up, scary, dark, fast moving. I was pushed into several rooms alone and it was terrifying! I loved it!!

Review №95

My 22 year old daughter and I went tonight. We arrived around 6:45 and waited a while before opening. We were close to the front of the line and it moved rather quickly. The haunted hayride and house were well worth the price. Very disappointed in the corn maze. Walked through the whole muddy roped in area and never saw a sole. The man who took our tickets called on his walkie talkie or whatever to see if anyone was even working in the maze because of the amount of complaints. He said only two people were working the whole thing because of employee sick calls. He said he would gladly allow us to go back through. Needless to say, we happily declined. To bad we did that last( and payed for it). It left a bad taste in our mouth. Everything else was well done. Just a word to the owners, if you don’t have employees to work an attraction, don’t open it.

Review №96

Haunted house is really good, so is the hayride. Way better than it was a couple years ago.

Review №97

In my opinion, this experience is overpriced and not worth the time. The staff did not seem enthusiastic about their roles and the customer service was pretty poor. I dont believe one bad experience accurately reflects a company or its employees, but this was hands down one of the poorest experiences I have ever had when going out with friends and family. I have never written a bad review before and do not intend on writing anymore. There is definitely some room for improvement.

Review №98

Super fun and scary!

Review №99

This is a really fantastic haunt. It seems to be quite larger than most others. The experience goes from building to building and then outside for the hayride which was my favorite part. I was legitimately scared and waiting for someone to grab my ankles the entire time. You can see how much work is put into the design and sets. I wont give too much away but it is certainly worth it. We all especially loved the zombie paint ball. Its as fun as it sounds.

Review №100

Very creative and scary

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