The Rockwell Museum
111 Cedar St, Corning, NY 14830, United States

Review №1

Nice museum. Definitely worth the 11.50 it cost for adult. Also opened until 7pm which is great as you can still have some good time in Corning even after all stores are closed.

Review №2

Nice museum worth visiting if in the area. The exhibits are diverse. The staff was very pleasant and helpful. The gif shop has something for everyone. Also great that its open 7 days a week. Do stop in and check it out.

Review №3

An absolute gem of a little museum. Excellent collection of Western US art, with the highlight being a number of Remington and Russell original paintings and sculptures. A beautiful, spacious, comfortable building rounds out the experience. Its not overwhelming, so it can be covered easily in an afternoon. Located only a block off of Market Street, its certainly worth a short detour!

Review №4

I loved it cant wait to bring my grand children.

Review №5

Great museum. They have a variety of different displays and you are able to learn a lot of different things. Plus my kids loved the free craft they gave them.

Review №6

Beautiful pieces exploring the art and history of the American west. Logistics worked out great in terms of navigating the museum per covid guidelines

Review №7

Trust me, this has nothing to do with Norman.I wanted my entrance fee back, but was too disgusted to hang around.If you are looking for a huge dose of wokeness, this is your place. If not, give it a well deserved pass.

Review №8

Beautiful art museum! Always something new to discover.

Review №9

Very nice but staff was to busy being on their phones to help check out

Review №10

The top floor has some great pieces.However the other floors were nice but small.

Review №11

Some nice art pieces in the musuem. Not a very big museum though. Went through it in 30mins.

Review №12

This is a world class experience of America the Beautiful! From the Hudson River Painters to the Realism of the West, this beautifully curated collection is so incredible. The collection of Prints by Women really showcases the diversity of experience that women artists created and share with us.The beauty and simplicity of the building itself is elegant and comfortable. The gift shop is absolutely beautiful and the offerings are fabulously chosen. GO SEE THIS MUSEUM!

Review №13

Truly a gem of a museum. Corning is lucky to have been gifted such a beautiful collection. Excellent examples of American west, Hudson Valley....Dont miss purchasing the 2 museum ticket when you go to Corning Glass museum. Use on separate days.

Review №14

This was a hidden gem. The exhibits in Native American art and the American experience were great. The store had so many unique items crafted by locals and Native Americans. It was a great and extensive experience. Get the combo ticket with Corning museum of glass.

Review №15

Other than out of control screaming kids, display was beautiful. Parents lost all control, kids were screaming at the top of their lungs for no reason.

Review №16

Had a great night at the Rockwell Museum. They honored several local students by displaying their artwork. They had a very nice presentation and reception afterward.

Review №17

Fantastic collection of Native American art and artifacts from the American West. A mix of paintings, sculptures and photographs. The museum felt family-friendly and theres a dedicated childrens area. Enough to see to keep you preoccupied for several hours while visiting Corning. Time your visit for summer when their rooftop sometimes hosts Music & Margaritas evenings.

Review №18

Small but with some great art!

Review №19

Some amazing pieces to be seen! Lots of fun for all ages

Review №20

Its a great place they have a lot of art there

Review №21

Good variety of Western art at an Eastern museum.

Review №22

An interesting museum to walk through.

Review №23

Discounted tickets after 5pm. Kids are free. A good museum to spend time in during a downpour. Has enough art collection to view for an hour. Kids have several activities to wile the time away. Check out Market St. after! Oh and don’t forget to look up after you leave!

Review №24

Very nice museum and beautiful pieces of art in cute little town.

Review №25

The Rockwell Museum is housed in Cornings former city hall and is a Smithsonian Affiliate museum of American art.

Review №26

Nice Western Art museum.Good gift shop.Interesting building.I was surprised that it wasnt about Norman Rockwell.Only one of his paintings.It turns out that the name of the Museum comes from the prominent Corning family that donated their collection of Western art.Having said that, I wasnt disappointed at all. :)

Review №27

Pretty informational and keep your interest in everything very well. Bright and colorful so good for all ages. Alot of historical info about this area. Over all, pretty cool.

Review №28

Great displays and enchanting gift shop!

Review №29

We loved our visit a few years ago. We just happened upon it, but we will return. Worth a visit! I particularly loved the sculptors.

Review №30

Loved it. A nice, small, art museum. Lots of kid-friendly, fun things. They also have an interesting old gun collection.

Review №31

It is a lovely museum exhibiting a small but interesting collection of American Art. The building is beautiful itself. I highly recommend to get a ticket to both Corning Museum and Rockwell Museum since the former is huge and requires a lot of time, and the latter is small and can be an icing on the cake.

Review №32

This is such a nice museum, especially the 3rd floor Western art by Bierstadt, Remington and others. They have a treasure hunt for kids for each floor for kids that is pretty challenging and my kids have enjoyed doing it two different times.

Review №33

Beaded Native American clothing, quilts made and donated by local people and pottery

Review №34

Small Art museum, dedicated mostly to Western American Art. It has a very pleasant atmosphere and one can spend there an enjoyable hour or two.

Review №35

I love this museumIn Corning NY!Great permanentNative American collection !Small intimate museumYou can wander through in an hour!Great little gift shop too!

Review №36

Loved this museum beautiful paintings

Review №37

Massive let down. Use to be so full of exhibits and things to learn. Now its mostly empty and has nothing to offer. Absolutely not worth the price of admission and I got in free last time. The gift shop has far more than the rest of the entire building.

Review №38

An absolutely beautiful museum. Only costs about $12 per adult to get in and only takes an hour to walk through. Definitely consider stopping if you want a place to learn a little and stretch your legs. If have any questions the staff is very knowledgeable and will tell you almost anything you want to know!

Review №39

Amazing exhibits, friendly staff, beautiful and accessible building.

Review №40

3rd floor is paintings, a few firearms and some Indian artifacts. 2nd floor is a few sculptures and some more paintings and 1st floor is a portrait gallery. All in all it was ok but not amazing.

Review №41

So nice inside... Love seeing historical American photos and Native American relics. So amazing! Cute little gift shop too.

Review №42

Great place. Check for great activities throughout the year like decorating gingerbread houses during Sparkle

Review №43

The Rockwell Museum is an intimate museum of primarily American Western Art.It is not cluttered and had seasonal special presentations. Their current ones include Andy Warhols Marilyn Monroe plus a few and a second exhibit of oil point enhanced Adult Party Photographs from Texas Elite of the 50s or 60s in vivid color.

Review №44

Beautiful collection of Art Americana

Review №45

Interesting collection of Western art.

Review №46

It was TERRIBLE. Not worth the trip, and neither is the Kids Art Lab. It was literally just a room full of destroyed cardboard, some crayons and paper, and some blocks... Things you could do at home. Not worth spending the money. I recommend the glass museum though!

Review №47

Great art gallery. Had packet tickets with the Corning Glass Museum with free shuttle between the two and the Gaffer District area. Great deal.

Review №48

Good amount of collections with nice deck view.

Review №49

We very much enjoyed this collection of fine art work.

Review №50

Great small museum with American art.

Review №51

The Rockwell Museum has held one of the greatest exhibits in Corning since I was a child, full of historical pieces as well as some more modern work from time to time. If you have children, there are also some interactive exhibits and if youre a Doctor, theres a great gift shop downstairs.

Review №52

Beautiful Experience! The building is beautiful, so is the artwork. The staff is very courteous!

Review №53

I wasnt too excited about this place we looked for someone to speak to and were left to our own devices. The only time anyone came over to me was to scold me for taking pictures of an Andy Warhol exhibit which contained two pieces worth talking about but nothing to write home about.But I have to say the paintings and artifacts of the people of that region of New York in the mid 17-18 hundreds was okay but that was it, not really much to keep you interested.I wouldnt recommend you buying the extra admission at the Corning Museum of Glass. Stick with the Corning Museum only. Save your money. But if you want to take the Shuttle Bus to Market Square thats fine. They have a lot of little shops there to choose from. Take care and enjoy.

Review №54

Peaceful and interesting museum. Excellent staff.

Review №55

This museum houses paintings with the most expressive horses my husband and I have ever seen.

Review №56

The art isnt my cup of tea, but it is well curated.

Review №57

Nice museum with a well-versed art display. Good collection of Native American artwork and also had a nice collection of antique guns and muskets. The museum is in the old City Hall and has been renovated for the museum. The renovation was done excellently and looks great for the artwork. The only downside, this is a small one, is the museum is on the smaller side. They are looking to grow and look forward to their new enhancements. Great combination to do in Corning with the Corning Museum.

Review №58

Interesting collection of western paintings and sculptures. Glad they had a couple of Charlie Russells works. Not western, but I do like Andy Worhals works and they have one!

Review №59

Nice. I think i expected Norman Rockwell paintings. If they were there i couldnt find them. The gift shop did not have a ball cap with the logo.

Review №60

My five year old daughter really enjoyed it here, both the kids Rockwell and the regular museum. The small coffee bar at kids Rockwell really sealed the deal for me as a parent!

Review №61

Great cozy venue for chamber music ensambles

Review №62

Great collection of early American art. Very cool collection of custom antique guns. Layout was intuitive and the new Favoritism exhibit brings a broad spectrum of subject matter into one room.

Review №63

Great museum for people of all ages.

Review №64

Surprisingly nice, had fun looking at the Nancy Lamb paintings and the comments. Receptionist was very personable.

Review №65

Im not a big art fan but the scavenger hunt was the funnest. My son even won a prize for finding all of the items. Way to engage the kids to keep them from being bored. I really like the huge painting on the 3rd floor very beautiful.

Review №66

Lots more stuff to view than there used to be. Get a combination ticket so you can enjoy here and CMOG as well, but be warned! CMOG might take you more than one trip to see it all!

Review №67

Great engagement with the art.. scavenger hunt for the kids.. awesome!

Review №68

Small, not necessarily a destination but if you are in town worth a visit. We too were in town for the corning museum... looking for something to do the next day. Kept kids interested only bc they had a scavenger hunt. The gift shop was wonderful.

Review №69

Very educational...loved it....but no pictures on 2nd floor!!!

Review №70

Interesting paintings, photos and sculptures from American artists representing Americana.

Review №71

Very enlightment

Review №72

Great small museum. Local talent.

Review №73

An amazing collection of western art in the beautifully repurposed city hall in this old, happening rust belt city.

Review №74

Amazing displays and an interesting night out.

Review №75

Very interesting

Review №76

Really cool! My wife and I spent 2 hrs here. I would like to come back and check out some of displays again.

Review №77

Great collection of vintage firearms. Liked the Marilyn exhibits.

Review №78

A nice little museum affiliated with his Smithsonian but no Norman Rockwell.

Review №79

Interesting museum with a surprising number of works from the west and southwest.

Review №80

A wonderful museum & a great experience. Loved the art & architecture as well as the cool image scavenger hunt. Its for the kids but we all had fun with it. Great stuff!

Review №81

Amazing little museum that no one has really heard of.if you are a lover of art I would definitely check it out and it is definitely not going to break your bank. Also if youre in Corning it is very convenient to the what I would call Commons with shops.

Review №82

Unique Upstate New York experience through history and art.

Review №83

Was a great time looking at the past. It was neat seeing how things have changed but also how much it is the same.

Review №84

Had a great time with the grandkids in the museum and in the kids art space and play place

Review №85

If your expecting to see Norman Rockwell originals, the only one this museum had is currently in storage. We thought we would view a lot of his work which was disappointing. They do have some interesting Remmingtons, indian cultures, and modern art. For what it is, its very overpriced.

Review №86

Very nicely set up with friendly staff and a beautiful gift shop.

Review №87

It was nice but if youre planning to see Norman Rockwell stuff there you wont.

Review №88

Excellent Southwest collection. They have special exhibits and long-term art collection. Easy to get around. Scavenger hunt is available for children. Small but very nice gift shop. Dont miss the Buffalo head outside the building. Theres a free shuttle bus to and from Coming Glassworks. You can buy tickets to both together to save money.

Review №89

Such a beautiful fun place. We enjoyed our first event here recently. Will definitely be returning.

Review №90

This was perfect. We were looking for the large painting of Mount Whitney by Albert Bierstadt, found it along with another of his studies. A bonus was the little room dedicated to Frederic Remington and Charlie Russell. And the gift shop had the most interesting items Ive seen in any such shop. Our goal had been the Visions of the West exhibit, which shows the passion of its original collector, but we were perhaps even more impressed by the temporary exhibit of present-day women artists.

Review №91

What a great little museum, we stopped there while camping near by in Watkins Glen and was well worth a visit. I wish I spent more time we did a quick lap top floor to bottom and I think we should have did a second lap it was that good a lot of fine American art all in one great place. We are going back!

Review №92

Surprisingly good. First rate exhibits.

Review №93

I love the history and architecture of the building but Im afraid im not to much into Western art

Review №94

Dont miss this gem. Even the building is wonderful as is the collection of Western art. Scavenger hunt for details in the paintings for children is a delight for all. Plus gift shop is a go-to for all gifting occasions.

Review №95

Lots of native American art

Review №96

Bought the two museums through Corning Glass, both museum were awesome! There is a great ice cream shop Dipity Do Dahs around the corner from the Rockwell Museum.

Review №97

Awesome place, granddaughter loved the place.

Review №98

This place is Wonderful! Absolutely beautiful art displayed well.

Review №99

Anyplace with Bierstadt gets five stars in my book.

Review №100

It was a beautiful building just thought there were going to be more art pieces. The staff was super friendly though and it was very clean and open inside

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