North Recreation Center
149 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, United States
Review №1

Excellent gym for students. Has everything youll need, and its not too busy in the mornings.

Review №2

I like that its usually less crowded than the RPAC, but there are some things its missing. A lot of the time the good treadmills (the ones with fans on them) are out of order, theres no assisted pull up machine, and they really need a giant fan on each floor (or a small wind tunnel) for after a workout when youre super overheated. Also the pressure on the water fountains fluctuates a lot and the spray bottles frequently run out. The people are generally nice if not the most proactive.

Review №3

It is smaller than the RPAC, which is good if you want a pretty basic workout and want to get in and out fast. The main thing is that there is no pool or running track, so just come here to lift and it will be perfect. There are lockers here too for extra stuff, and they also have occasional workout classes.

Review №4

Good place. A nice alternative if you live around north and don’t want to walk all the way to the RPAC.Strange architecture, though, as the gym is separated into three floors, so you may have to do a bit of walking to get from one part of your workout to another.

Review №5

The facility is pretty nice and conveniently located. However, the rags are always gross and the spray bottles rarely work... so is anything actually getting cleaned? Also, the front desk staff isn’t always very friendly. Sometimes they’re so stuck in their own conversations or phones and just take your buck-ID and swipe it without saying hi or anything.

Review №6

The north rec is my favorite place to work out on campus

Review №7

This gym has so much potential, but wastes too much space. The rooms on the right of every floor dont seem to get used for much, the giant stairs are twice as wide as they need to be, and the bathrooms in the center are too large for this small of a space. Combine this with equipment that is frequently left broken for weeks, and this gym is always too full. The only redeeming qualities are the location and if you do show up when its not busy there is plenty of equipment.

Review №8

Good selection of machines and weight styles, can definitely get crowded. Just be flexible in your workout if some equipment is occupied.

Review №9

Weird layout and smaller than it looks from the outside. Gets crowded at peak times which makes it hard to get a machine or weights. Best to go at odd times to avoid rush hours. RPAC is much better but if you’re on north campus it gets the job done

Review №10

As far as physical activity facilities on Ohio States campus, this one is the newest. It seems to be designed mostly for the on campus students and on the go people. No nearby parking, so we have to walk there. Its a nice facility, dont get me down. It just has the basics of a rec center. The only issue I have is that their equipment is very spread out over three floors, so theres a lot of commute in between machines. Student staffed, so we get what we get in terms of employee service. Good for in between classes workouts.

Review №11

Equipment is too close together but ita close to my dorm and is nice if you go when theres not too many people

Review №12

Great alternative to the RPAC at North campus. Close to dorms and open pretty late. Occasionally can be crowded but never so bad you cant get on the machines you want. All in all a good gym for north campus students.

Review №13

Somewhat lacking in available space for free weights, but overall there is a wide variety of equipment of good quality and in excellent condition.

Review №14

Great place to work out, especially for it being a college rec center. The only complaint is the quality of the cleaning spray bottles. I want to wash sweat off of machines and keep a clean gym, but the bottles never work. Nice gym though.

Review №15

A great place to exercise and liberate the stress. It needs more lockers.

Review №16

I just cant say enough about Ohio State University. I would like for my son to attend this University.

Review №17

The facility itself is rather small, mainly composed of cardio equipment with few weights. It is nice and modern but lacks in other types of equipment. There are four outdoor basketball courts though which are really nice.

Review №18

Probably the worst gym on campus for weightlifting. Extremely limited in free weights, and the machines are spread out over three floors. The design could not have been worse honestly. The giant stairs and auxiliary rooms take up half of the building itself. The only reason this gym got more than one star is because it is open at 6am. If you need to go early, this is the gym for you otherwise JO North is a 100x better option.

Review №19

The updated layout is much better than it used to be but the limited hours compared to what it was in the past really sucks.

Review №20

Good place to work out

Review №21

The obscenely loud country music has got to go. I had to turn my headphone volume to 100% and I could still here the facility music. Other than that its a nice gym.

Review №22

I love this location & basically everything except the staff needs to refill sprays and change towels more often, pretty gross.

Review №23

This student rec center is nice because it has almost all the same amenities as J O North, but it also has much better wifi, which is nice if you want to work out while watching a movie. It also has a very nice crossfit jungle gym like apparatus, a good amount of cardio machines. The weight section is a little tight, but there is J O North close by so people should really go their to lift weights

Review №24

Lots of cardio equipment, and everything is nice and new, but the layout is awful. This is not the place to go if you are trying to do anything more than core and cardio, because everything is spread out over 3 floors.

Review №25

Theyve got some neat equipment here but its very small and gets crowded quickly.

Review №26

No gym is better. Staff are students so theyre all friendly, nearly all gym goers are friendly as well. A bit cramped around 3-7, but it still has equipment that even the RPAC doesnt have. Honestly, I dont get as nearly as good of a workout if I go to other gyms. Its kind of odd. This review is for Jesse Owens North. The North Rec Center is trash.

Review №27

The facility is clean and well maintained. Thats the only nice thing I will be saying about this gym. Other than that, North Recreation Center is honestly a waste of space. Its ok when its empty but other than that it horrendous. If you want to work out cardio, this place is fine. If you want to be a beginner weight-lifter, this place is fine. If your goal is to be anything but sub par, please go to Jesse Owens or the RPAC instead. All of the free weights are congested into this tiny corner of the gym where youll be waiting 20+ mins for a single bench or station to open up. If you do happen to grab a spot to start your sets, youll be climbing over and bumping into everyone as you try to obtain some weights. Instead of maximizing space, the builders decides to make the second floor, balcony style failing wasting about half a floor where they could have either spread out the equipment they had, divided up cardio and weights in a matter that made sense, or added equipment that people actually use instead of a 4 piece machine where you can do the monkey bars.

Review №28

Aka: The place hiding behind Tom W. Davis

Review №29

Great place to workout with friends, assuming youre a student at OSU.

Review №30

So glad to have a place to go closeby when I dont want to walk all the way to the RPAC! The facility is very nice, well lit, and kept clean. The broken up floors can be confusing/irritating...I always seem to confuse what machines are available on each floor and end up having to walk up and down a few times. The free weights are usually open..during busier hours, the squat racks are NOT. Its hard to get on a squat rack here in my opinion. Bench press benches are usually free, but there are not many benches to sit on by the mirror or in general. Good amount of ellipticals and treadmills, a few bikes, and one stairclimber. Not the most intuitive layout of machines, but it is a nice place with lots of windows, music is usually decent, and it gets the job done! Oh, and I like the individual bathrooms, several of which have showers in them.

Review №31

North Rec is the armpit of OSUs recreational facilities

Review №32

Can we get uhhhhh another squat rack

Review №33

On my stroll....

Review №34

A great place for the daily routine

Review №35

Premium gym with the latest gym equipment.

Review №36

Brand new state of the art facility. A bit small, but its never packed

Review №37

My visit was great!!!

Review №38

I shouldnt have to put my music at full blast to drown the music they play here

Review №39

Very clean

Review №40

What are the charges for gym membership..??

Review №41

Needs more cable machine attachments

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Review №43

Not much standing room by the free weights

Review №44

Great place to work out, but can get crowded at times

Review №45

Variety of machines but sometimes crowded

Review №46

Too small for dumbbells

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  • Address:149 W Lane Ave, Columbus, OH 43210, United States
  • Phone:+1 614-688-2450
  • Recreation center
Working hours
  • Monday:10am–9pm
  • Tuesday:10am–11pm
  • Wednesday:10am–11pm
  • Thursday:10am–11pm
  • Friday:10am–11pm
  • Saturday:10am–11pm
  • Sunday:10am–10pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:No
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