Dueling Axes Axe Throwing Bar
309 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States
Review №1

Fantastic experience! Booked online with 3 friends and had a blast!Social distancing guidelines were in effect and enforced consistently so I felt safe. Action was fun and quick to pick up. We did so much damage to the boards in they let us take a slat home!Newly introduced digital scoring made it simple to keep up with bragging rights between friends. BYOB (bring your own beer) feature makes this place hard to beat...but they also sell drinks!Will come again for sure. Such a fun, out of the ordinary experience!

Review №2

Absolutely cherish my time spent here. Instructors were helpful and recommended game types based on our groups interests. We had a group of 7 and an hour reservation. We easily could have spent 2-3 hours as the time goes quick because of how fun it is! If you have a similar sized or larger group Id strongly recommend getting at least 2 hours so everyone can really enjoy themselves without having to watch the clock. I will definitely be back and would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for a fun way to spend some free time doing something a bit different!

Review №3

I went last night for the first time and loved it. I was given instructions by the staff on safety and how to throw. Will go back!

Review №4

Great place to enjoy a date night out. Very friendly staff that was happy to explain everything. Excellent for beginners that havent ever dabbled in this sport. A very fun spin on a group outing. Heads up though, it is 100% BYOB and snacks, as there is only a pop machine in house

Review №5

The whole experience was excellent. The staff did a good job introducing the rules and pretty much let us play with out interputions. Will say its a bit pricey but still worth the experience.

Review №6

Such a fun date idea! The lady that got us set up was super kind and showed us how to safely throw. And then she left us alone to enjoy our time, always ready to help or to take a picture when we needed it. We will definitely be back, and we’ll bring some friends next time. Such a therapeutic way to de-stress after a long week of work! Thanks again

Review №7

We had a blast. They followed social distancing and cleaned rigorously after each guest. Alicia and Mike were great. Alicia gave us great advice and we had a really good time. Thank you!

Review №8

Fun for a group of less than athletic people. The byob and byof actually was a convenient thing for anyone who knows how to plan ahead.

Review №9

Dueling Axes was great! The experience was one I wont forget. The staff is very warm, welcoming and friendly. Also, the workers did a great job explaining how to throw the axe which really helped eased my fears. I would return again to this location or even New Albany

Review №10

Our guide (Michael) was amazing! He was encouraging and provided all kinds of games for us to play. I was there with a large group from work and we had a blast! I have already put out a recommendation to my FB peeps and will definitely return to do this again!

Review №11

We have visited Dueling Axes twice and both times we had a blast! The staff are all very friendly and helpful. We had our first encounter with the Dueling Axe people at the Coffee Fest and we were immediately hooked. They offer technique suggestions that are very much appreciated. A warm, inviting environment filled with wonderful folks?

Review №12

Staff is super friendly, they teach you tricks and tips and the faculty is clean, light and fun.

Review №13

Had a great time! Staff was really friendly. We should have booked 2 hours instead of 1....went to fast.

Review №14

Tons of fun. Chill atmosphere with a helpful staff that knows when theyre needed and when theyre not. A good activity to do something different. Will be back

Review №15

What a fun new experience! They gave us plenty of training/instruction and a lot of practice throws before our time started. This would be a great team building event.

Review №16

Had a great time! The place is super clean and the hosts Alisha and Mike were super cool and very helpful. 9/10 would highly recommend!

Review №17

This place was a ton of fun! The staff was excellent and provided an extremely fun experience for us. I would highly recommend giving this a try. I will definitely be coming back here for a night out!

Review №18

Fun place for sure and I definitely had a good time. A little pricey and I had to buy one of their masks. Other than that Id recommend this place for anyone looking to have competitive friendly fun with your partner or date.

Review №19

My family and I had a great time at Dueling Axes. They spent the time to teach us each how to throw the axe and a few games we could play. The facility was clean and safe in these COVID times. I would love to visit again soon!

Review №20

Very fun, Mike was so helpful and really good at explaining for our first time experience! Definitely will return :)

Review №21

This was our first time going and we LOVED it. So much fun and the staff was great. We will definitely be back!

Review №22

Love this place!! Staff are great, its super clean and using safe distancing practices! Great for parties or just chilling with friends. Can BYOB and bring in food too!! So glad you guys reopened!!

Review №23

It is a good place for having a good time, you can bring your own drinks and food, the staff is amazing they are very patient. The place is clean but the restroom are located in a separate area.It is a new and very fun activity you need to try it.

Review №24

Nice place to go to but does not offer food or drinks unless you order to deliver.

Review №25

Great time! Our girls loved it!

Review №26

Had a great time and the staff were very helpful in teaching us the best way to throw as Axe!

Review №27

We had an amazing time at this place, they were extremely accommodating, and helpful to newcomers. You are able to bring food and drinks into the establishment and there is plenty of seating around to each and have a great time. It’s a lot harder at first then it looks , but they are extremely helpful showing you the best way. They take safety pretty seriously, which is great knowing that intoxicated people are throwing axes!

Review №28

This place is so much fun! I went for a work outing and was an instant fan!! The staff was very helpful and very nice. They made sure that everyone enjoyed themselves. I will definitely be back with my son to do it again!!

Review №29

Dueling Axes is centrally located and easy to get to. The staff was extremely friendly and the atmosphere, overall, was also great. We went with a larger birthday party and they were able to accommodate all of our needs.Would recommend for a unique and fun experience. Looking forward to visiting again!

Review №30

What wonderful staff. Taught my wife and I the technique, showed us some games and let us get to it. Great atmosphere and music with options to have food delivered from a few delicious favorites(looking at you, Pecan Pennys). Place was busy when we got there and after we left but the staff was attentive to everyone and was always right there for anything from questions to calling out praise when people nailed a blue dot.Well be back, hopefully soon.

Review №31

I had my bachelor party here and Mike was awesome!! If you choose Dueling Axes you will never regret it!!

Review №32

Dueling Axes has a simple, clean set up. We were going to dinner after, but the BYOB and nearby food options work great with the table space by the throwing lanes. We were welcomed, given the safety speech, coaching, and guidelines for games in a short span of time before our hour ever started. The music sounded like my own playlist with a few interesting deviations and didn‘t overwhelm conversation. I look forward to returning!

Review №33

Awesome staff, awesome fun, awesome time! Great group activity.

Review №34

Great experience. The atmosphere is fantastic and the staff work really hard to make everyone feel comfortable. Its a great time for two people or even a huge group like a bachelor/bachelorette party. You get a training session before you time starts so show up a bit early.

Review №35

We had a blast! We took a group of 18 coworkers for some team building. The staff was super friendly and helped us set up teams and games. They allow outside food and drink and there are plenty of options around to make that easy. We will be going back!

Review №36

Try this place out! Its a lot of fun! Great environment. Laughter, music, staff is super friendly. Everyone around me was having a great time. And you get to throw axes!! How cool is that! A bullseye is great, but can you get a blue dot? (I got lucky...)

Review №37

I recently went to Dueling Axes with my fiance and we had the BEST time there! From the moment we walked in to the moment we left we had great customer service. The rules of the facility were explained really well including the types of games we could play. I felt like someone was there whenever I needed something or had a question. The staff added so much to an already super fun activity - the stress relief of heaving an axe was awesome! :) I would highly recommend Dueling Axes - youll have a great time!

Review №38

We had a really fun time. The staff members were really nice and very accommodating. Great experience.

Review №39

Our group had a great time! They were so fun and accommodating. They opened a little early for us so wed have plenty of time to get our son the groom and his groomsmen in and out before the wedding. It was a great day, and Dueling Axes got off to a great start! Would definitely recommend!

Review №40

This place is fantastic! We had never been before and reached out to several of the ax throwing companies in Columbus for reservations; this was one of the 2 that actually called me back. The owner, Jess, was super responsive, answered my questions, and helped me make reservations. When we got there, Collin and Mike helped us out. Our training sessions and the time to fill out all the paperwork and to pay (we had a group of 11) - was NOT included in our hour of ax throwing time, so that was GREAT! Collin let each of us practice and have several throws and gave suggestions to each of us as to how to improve. Even when we started our 1 hour session, he watched us and would come over to help, particularly if it looked like anyone was getting frustrated or having an issue! You can bring your own food and alcohol (just not hard liquor) - which was really nice. We will definitely go back and are super excited that they are opening another Dueling Axes in New Albany/Gahanna by the new Target. If you have never tried ax throwing -- it is a BLAST and Dueling Axes is the place to go. Their customer service is top notch!

Review №41

We had an amazing time, I think I found something that I can beat my husband at. But we would come back

Review №42

So much fun! The entire staff is so helpful and friendly. Will definitely bring everyone I know.

Review №43

What a great axe throwing establishment. The best in Columbus. They teach you and you do it without being one upped instructor like other places around the city.

Review №44

Clean, well-lit venue with friendly and helpful staff. The atmosphere was fun. Would recommend 10/10.

Review №45

We had a corporate outing here. One of our best! Literally everyone can do it. We played a variety of games, which plays alot like darts. Fantastic day!

Review №46

We booked an hour for a girls get together. All of my friends were from out of town, and we all had a blast. Highly recommend for a fun, competitive, new skill to learn with a group. The staff was super friendly and helpful. You can BYOB and snacks. Hard to come by these days. Walking distance to some great bars afterwards. Only recommend scheduling more time! It goes by quick.

Review №47

Extremely fun and unique experience! Great time for a date or even a group! The staff was fun and helpful and they have many options of games to play to make the activity even more fun!

Review №48

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Dueling Axes! All of the staff were very friendly and so helpful, coaching us about technique and offering suggestions. They offer a relaxed environment but with strong safety guidelines. We cant wait to go back!!

Review №49

Had a group of 16 people in on a Saturday afternoon for a 38th birthday celebration. The space is well maintained and equipped. All of the staff members went above and beyond to keep our large group entertained and comfortable. Will definitely return. Thank you Dueling Axes!!

Review №50

Friendly, helpful stuff and a very fun, cozy atmosphere! Kids allowed, which is why we chose this place.

Review №51

We had a corporate team building event at Dueling Axes on 09/29/19 for 50 guests and it was PERFECT! The staff was AMAZING. They got everyone up to speed quickly, they organized a tournament with participation from EVERYONE, and were super friendly and helpful! 11/10!

Review №52

So much fun here! The owners are amazing and personable and do such a great job putting on events! Would highly recommend to anyone in and around the Columbus area.

Review №53

Fantastic staff... great location.. bring your A game as the competition is fierce!

Review №54

We had such a fun night at Dueling Axes! The employees were super helpful and helped make the whole experience wonderful!

Review №55

Incredibly fun! I can not wait until I can go back and throw axes again.

Review №56

Ive been here twice and intend to keep coming and join the League this fall. Everyone who Ive interacted with has been incredibly kind and helpful, Matt specifically continually checked in both times Ive gone so far and offered advice on my technique.What started as a curiosity has developed into a full blown hobby and I credit most of that to Dueling Axes.Colin was also incredibly helpful when I started and helped me get a solid foundation for my Axe Throwing technique.

Review №57

The staff here was really nice and is a big part of the experience. We had a great time throwing there and would recommend for any parties or groups or events.

Review №58

Had a great time with my co-workers at Dueling Axes. The instruction was good and I appreciated the time they invested in helping us try new games. I highly recommend!

Review №59

Was a lot more fun than we expected. We picked it up fairly quickly and enjoyed the 1 hr we spent there. The BYOB and outside food was a plus but so was having local places willing to deliver. Will be back.

Review №60

Wow what can I say. First the activity is a blast and great for groups. Everyone had blast. The workers were also amazing. They are friendly and passionate about the jobs. They do a a nice safety demo and are very patient with everyone to make sure they are throwing correctly. I recommend for everyone.

Review №61

What a cool experience! The staff was very good at coaching and directing as needed. We will definitely be back.

Review №62

Cool place, lots of fun throwing axes and playing different sorts of games with the axes. The staff is super friendly and helpful with giving tips and showing you how to throw correctly. I also like how you can bring your own food and drinks in

Review №63

Liked it so much that my girlfriend and I got matching axe tattoos later in the night

Review №64

I have also visited the competition Columbus Axe Throwing (soon moving to high street) and Dueling Axes is a much classier act! No employee “game master” who stays with your group the entire time (working for tips), corny name tags, being pared with people not in your party, and/or structured games. BYOB and food was a plus too! Highly recommend.

Review №65

Awesome time!! Its not as difficult as you think once you take a couple throws. The owner also show you how to throw and gives you pointers. Will definitely be back!!

Review №66

Everyone in our entire group had such a great time! The facility is top notch only to be outdone by the amazing staff! We cant wait to come back!!

Review №67

Fantastic place to go for any occasion. The rules of the facility are plain and easy to understand, the booking is easy, and the staff are excellent. When I say the staff are excellent, I mean they go out of their way at a moments notice to make your experience more fun and fulfilling. If youre having trouble with technique and arent sticking an axe, they are more than happy to constructively give you advice to help you achieve your best throws. Ive never met more helpful employees anywhere.The atmosphere is super casual and fun, and the aesthetic is perfect for what it is. Bring your friends and family and have a great time at Dueling Axes. You cant miss this new Columbus opportunity.

Review №68

My husband and I decided to go on a random date night, and though we would give axe throwing a shot. We were not disappointed. It could not have been more fun. The staff (all incredible friendly) give you a great lesson on how to throw, and makes sure you are comfortable before you start playing. Laid back environment as well. Will be back often!

Review №69

Really fun thing to do with my friends. Staff were super helpful and welcoming.

Review №70

This place is a real blast of a time. Went here with some co-workers and we had the time of our lives. Very helpful and friendly staff as well!

Review №71

We went in a group, had a great time. Unique experience, good for hanging out with friends, date night, group party, etc. Staff were friendly, helpful, and safety focused. No food or drink available here, but they know which places deliver, both food and beer available for delivery, plus at least half a dozen other places to walk to within a block.We didnt make reservations, but should have, although killing an hour at 16-bit while we waited for a lane wasnt a bad thing either.

Review №72

Such a great place to hang out and have a blast. Whether on a date or with a group, this is the place to be!

Review №73

Came here for a yoga and axe throwing event on a Sunday. It was a great experience. BYOB alcohol and food was the perfect touch. I look forward to going back again soon. We all had a great time!

Review №74

Fun group activity, nicely set up. Staff seemed to know what they were doing.

Review №75

What a fun time! Employees are very friendly and has a GREAT time! Will go back!!!

Review №76

Staff is wonderful, helpful, and patient. Atmosphere is inviting. We had a great time and will be back often!

Review №77

Great place and great staff!

Review №78

We hosted our Winter working outing With Dueling Axes and had an amazing time. Definitely will be coming back more often. Make sure to listen to all the tips your host has on how to throw accurately.

Review №79

I had a blast at Dueling Axes for a friends bday party. It is nicely decorated, lots of space to sit, and protected throwing lanes. I have been to other axe throwing places and they do not have the metal fence protecting you like at this location. Staff was very helpful and gave pointers throughout. Also its BYOB!

Review №80

Excellent time! The axes are pretty light, which was nice if youre an out-of-shape potato like me.

Review №81

Super fun experience. Clean and well taken care of. Staff really nice and knowledgeable. Fun for a date night or out with a group!

Review №82

Awesome place!! Held my husband’s 40th birthday party here and it was so fun!!

Review №83

This was amazing! We had two families for a total of twelve people and a lot of fun. The Dueling Axes people were great - helped us learn the games and skill. Would absolutely do this again!

Review №84

Interesting concept and staff was friendly. I was part of a group which made it more enjoyable. Need to bring your own food and drink.

Review №85

Near 16-Bit Barcade, Mikeys Late Night Slice, and Dirty Franks. Its just on the opposite side of the street, and about half a block south. Metered parking in front. They require covered shoes or you can get issued some there on the spot. You can sign the waiver online ahead of time or do it there on the spot.They make each person in your party do some test throwing with a trainer. They make sure each of you can land and stick the axe at least once before you can graduate to your lane. I was mega surprised to find out that this place is Bring Your Own Booze. They allow beer, wine, mead, and wine coolers. But not straight liquor (we got asked to put the scotch away). I was worried that booze and axe throwing would be a bad combo, but its light drinking, not heavy drinking. And the staff keeps an eye on everyone.There are sturdy metal cages containing each lane. So you dont have to worry about someone from another lane hitting you or your target. The lane ends in thick wood planks that they replace if they split too much. There is a thick rubber gasket at the bottom connecting the wall and floor. Dont throw insanely hard, because the axe can kind of bounce, and skid across the floor back to you.The restroom is not attached to their business, but there is one there. The facility itself is wheelchair accessible as there is no threshold from the entrance to the main area. Stools and table tops are tall (bar height) though. The waiting area is a couple of leather couches and coffee tables. There is food you can order, but it is also made off premises.Had a great time. Kind of physically demanding considering I have weak arms. But this place is more about the technique than strength. Great for parties!

Review №86

Super fun! Very friendly staff.

Review №87

I want to thank Dueling Axes for an awesome experience! From the atmosphere and music, to the exceptional staff, we couldnt have asked for a bette time! Will definitely be returning! I literally cant wait to get my AX on again!!

Review №88

This place is great. We had so much fun. The staff is friendly and helpful. The adults as well as the teens in my party really enjoyed it. We will definitely come back.

Review №89

I had a great time and I will definitely go back

Review №90

We had a group of 22 go for 2 hours. We had a blast, the instructor was great and he had a number of different games to keep us entertained. The facility is very well maintaned, and there was plenty of parking in the area. I would definitely recommend it for both small and large groups.

Review №91

Dueling Axes is an awesome addition to downtown Columbus! It’s a fantastic spot to bring family and friends or to host an event. Jess and Paul (the owners) are incredibly enthusiastic, have strong attention to detail, and ensure that everyone walking into the space has a great experience. As a tenant in the same building, I have been very impressed with their kindness and thoughtfulness for their neighbors. They have gone out of their way to communicate with us so the building is able to function without a hitch!

Review №92

Had a lot of fun throwing axes at a corporate event. It was safe, the instruction was good, and the team games were fun.

Review №93

It is a great place to go if you already have some experience, because they leave you to it.On the other hand, at the rate they charge... We asked to have one of the targets replaced and they wouldnt do it.

Review №94

Great atmosphere and friendly, helpful staff. I would definitely recommend this to others because of how fun it is. I will be back for sure!

Review №95

We had a great time! The staff is super friendly and very helpful teaching you how to throw the axe and playing games! We definitely plan to return!

Review №96

Our group of family ages 15 to 70+ had a great time at Dueling Axes. It was something that all ages from teenagers to grandmothers could actively participate in. I liked how people are able to bring in their own food an beverages. Something Ill definitely remember for the next time!

Review №97

I had a fun time. Everyone is very nice and helpful. Its a bit overpriced for what it is.

Review №98

Celebrated with 30 of our friends for my wifes 50th birthday. Great time! Friendly staff, BYOB and pizza from Late Night Slice.Strongly recommend a visit !

Review №99

Took my family and had a blast (kids 20, 18 and 12). The facility is very clean and the staff is friendly/helpful. Definitely recommend.

Review №100

Nice place, clean. Not a massive facility, but thats a good thing. Felt like and was a fun place to hang.

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  • Address:309 S 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States
  • Site:https://www.theduelingaxes.com/
  • Phone:+1 614-221-1600
  • Recreation center
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Working hours
  • Monday:12–11pm
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  • Sunday:5–11pm
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
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