Take Flight Ohio
4816 Sawmill Rd, Columbus, OH 43235, United States
Review №1

This was a very unique and enjoyable experience. The staff was great. I would not change a thing. And I will definitely do it again.Also, note that they have a clear partition in the cockpit between the pilot and co-pilots seat for COVID-19 safety reasons.

Review №2

I got it as a surprise for my husband and he said it was the best experience ever! From the moment we walked in, they made us feel welcome and made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. The flying is so life-like. You get to choose where you want to take off or land and they give you suggestions for a flight path. Once in the cockpit, the instructor walks you through the flying process with no pressure. Overall, it was an amazing experience and Im glad I found them. Well worth the time and money for a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Review №3

Was a gift from my wife as I have always wanted to fly, a plane. Well that was a youthful wish, but age has caught up with me, so this was the next best thing. My co-pilot and instructor was great as was my only passenger, my wife. It was a short trip of only 30 minutes including some initial training. Looking forward to taking a longer excursion next time I pilot the plane. My wife is thinking Maui. Hope you all get a chance to check this “Take Flight Ohio” out. It was lots of fun. Good luck!

Review №4

Super dope place, Super nice people, super fun experience. Had a blast. Pick a takeoff and a landing and full send it. Cant wait to do it again

Review №5

Great gift! John is a wonderful first officer

Review №6

Gave my wife a flight as a pilot in a 737 simulator as a birthday present. The experience was incredibly realistic. She did an amazing job, even landing with the help if her copilot. The staff there is very nice, very experienced pilots and give a very fun experience. I cant wait until its my turn!

Review №7

Ive always wanted to learn to fly, watching videos of various landings and paying rapt attention whenever a cockpit was being recorded. I always thought that I could do it. How hard could it be? So, I came across an ad for Flight Time Ohio, which seemed the perfect opportunity to finally cross airline pilot off my bucket list. I made an appointment, drove down from Cleveland and was met by John the owner and a twin engine jet rated commercial pilot who was going to be my co-pilot. They had me pick a couple of destinations and off to the simulator we went. To say that I underestimated the skill required is an understatement. However, the copilot took care of all the details and talked me through from take-off to landing. The simulator was incredibly realistic, using actual equipment from a 737 and actual start sequences, computer programming, etc. To me, it was very much worth the drive from Cleveland and the cost. Im going to give a couple of friends the experience for Christmas gifts. Highly recommended.

Review №8

Awesome and all the guys that work at take flight are so awesome. We loved it.

Review №9

Hubby gave me this experience as a gift & what a great couple of trips we had with John and Jake at Take Flight Ohio, today! Flying out of Jackson Hole, with the Grand Tetons, was beautiful. Then flying into Athens was amazing! May make this a regular activity. Thank you for this wonderful resource in CBus! Well be back and fly to another amazing place on the planet, with you!

Review №10

This was a birthday gift from my dad, and I was apprehensive about how they could summarize the experience of flying a commercial jet in a 30-minute window, as I don’t think I’ve ever flown for less than an hour. However, they did an excellent job of providing a complete experience within 30 minutes and allowing the customer to define many of the details within such a brief window. They were also very diplomatic and professional in answering all of my questions, throughout and beyond the entire flight experience. Ultimately, it was a very informative and educationally rewarding experience, without coming close to misleading anyone into thinking that such a session could be considered a tangible education in the vast, extensive complexities and challenges of commercial aviation. In short, it gave me a new respect for what a pilot faces in any commercial flight, and how his or her job is as respected as that of a doctor or lawyer.

Review №11

I purchased the flight simulator as a gift for my husband and planned to just sit and watch. I was surprised to learn we could choose our departure and destination (within reason). That was wonderful, this year in particular because we are missing our travels. The simulation was excellent as was the instruction. I was pleased that I was also included in the discussion.They also took a lot of care to adjust to separation with plastic dividers and masks.Highly recommend.

Review №12

I really enjoyed my flight sim experience at Take Flight Ohio. Jake was a great coach with a lot of knowledge. Jake and John have a lot of enthusiasm for flying and it was nice talking to them. I would suggest this for anyone who is interested in flying.

Review №13

Awesome Experience!! John was knowledgeable and patient. Certainly not as easy as it looks. The pro’s really earn their paycheck!! Will definitely be back for another round.

Review №14

Great experience. Took both my kids for introductory rides today. Was a nice sim and the instructors led them through what to do nicely. Very enjoyable.

Review №15

I had a really fun time here. The staff is beyond knowledgeable. If youre interested is flight at all youll love the service they offer. Will definitely go back again.

Review №16

What an Awesome experience! I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting a great time! I definitely will do this again and will recommend it to others.

Review №17

This was a gift from my son & wife. Truly a great deal of fum. As an old (!) private pilot student this was pretty overwhelming, but what a gas! Learned much of a commercial flight deck and computer controlled flight. Id recommend it to anyone interested in flight.

Review №18

Loved it. Great fun learning to fly while never leaving the ground.It was a great family activity for us on a rainy night. I will definitely be back someday.On our package each of us got a short flight from Mesa to Phoenix. On future trip I would like to fly to some different airports.

Review №19

An incredible find! My fiancée has always had an obsession with airplanes and this was a great way for her to get to experience what it is like to be in a cockpit and fly. You can essentially pick any airport or flight path to fly and you are in control. The details on the simulator are incredible! You sit with very kind and knowledgeable employees that make the experience even more worthwhile! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Review №20

A great experience, with very realistic conditions. Even as a passenger, it was a blast. Well worth the time and a good value.

Review №21

Such a great experience! Drove down from Akron for a birthday gift and it was well worth it- will recommends all of our friends up north! John was so informative and loved his stories! Thanks again!!! The flight time at the end was a nice touch ;)

Review №22

My “flight” was a Christmas gift from my wife. It was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting experiences I’ve ever had. John was a great co-pilot, extremely helpful and very patient.I flew to a destination I’m very familiar with and I couldn’t believe how realistic the flight was, except for the houses that didn’t sit on the ground.I would recommend this experience to anyone who has an interest in flying.Thanks John.

Review №23

We gave this as a birthday gift to our son who was turning 13...he said his favorite part was the takeoff and the flying. He said it was a great surprise birthday present. We (Mom and Dad) got to be the passenger...it was awesome.. John and Jake were great. We will definitely be going again.

Review №24

I scheduled a Flight as my husband’s surprise birthday gift. When we arrived, we were greeted by friendly staff who allowed my husband the opportunity to choose where he wanted to fly. We were directed to the simulator, which was exactly like a true cockpit. I was able to sit in and watch him fly the plane. He enjoyed it so much that he said it was the best birthday gift he ever got. It was a fantastic experience and we both completely recommend it.

Review №25

Great fun. Informative. Great staff. The visit showed me how advanced aviation has come since I was a Naval Aviator more than fifty years ago. Encourage all to give it ago! Big fun!

Review №26

Great experience! Instructor was great! Got a real feel for what it is like to land a commercial airliner at a major airport. Would highly recommend to anyone who likes flying.

Review №27

Lots of fun...and a great way feel like youve been able to travel during this Pandemic! Went to Sydney and Kauai- all in less than an hour!

Review №28

I have always loved flight simulators but this is the ultimate flight sim experience. I received the thrill flight as a gift and was able to take my dad and brother along with me - we were amazed at the realism the simulator provided and we had a blast. Highly recommend if you are an aviation enthusiast, or just want to learn how commercial planes are operated. Great experience.

Review №29

My 15 year old son is an aspiring pilot with alot of time flying simulations at home. He discovered Take Flight Ohio and we checked it out. John, the owner and formerly with NetJets, was amazing as I asked him in advance alot of questions about what my son would experience, how challenging it may be, etc. It is a highly customizable, realistic experience but with the higher purpose to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience. The co-pilot, Bill, who flew with my son on his one hour flight has 50 years commerical aviation and international route experience. He was a great instructor and coach and very encouraging through the entire process and experience. The simulator is top-notch 737. Could not recommend more both for the experience and the heart behind the operation.

Review №30

Awesome experience and highly recommended!! I didn’t know what to expect but i did a flight simulation with my dad from Miami to Key west and i won’t ever forget it! John was an incredible instructor and it is a legitimate cockpit of a plane. The simulation felt real and gave me a sense of what it’s like to fly.Really unique fun and educational - they have a great setup. Definitely worth it :)

Review №31

The flight instructor was great, and all of the people were friendly. We bought this as a birthday present for our son, and he had the time of his life. We had a great experience, and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to try flying a jet! Its an experience youre not going to find in anywhere else.

Review №32

My son Andrew did the 50 minute package and loved it this evening. He is a graduating this year from HS and was thinking of looking at the airline industry. After this experience we feel that he has made up his mind on what he wants to do after college. Thank you Take Flight!

Review №33

Working with John on the flight was amazing. There was also enough room for both my son and father to watch. Every switch, lever, and screen is amazingly detailed and realistic. I cant reccomend this enough! If you have ANY interest in flight, you owe it to yourself to try this! Thanks, again!!!!

Review №34

This was my 2nd time for the Flight Simulator. It is very fun and educational. Captain Bill does a great job explaining all the functions of the plane. Will do again.

Review №35

Owner John and Captain Bill helped make my husbands birthday present a great success!! My husband flew a very realistic flight simulation of a commercial airplane. Complete with the seatbelt sign ding.

Review №36

If youve ever been curious about piloting a commercial airliner then you need to visit Take Flight Ohio!Where else can you not only sit at the controls, but take off, manuver, land...If you like lights, switches and knobs (and all the associated bells and alarms) and want to see a wrap-around view screen that will absolutely have your senses fooled into thinking that you are actually moving then this is without a doubt for you.If you want to test your skills at programming a flight computer for an ILS approach you can do that too...If you just want to see the world, guess what? Theyve got it within reach!Where else can you climb in the cockpit of a Boeing 737 and fly without having to commit hundreds of hours in training, and tens of thousands of dollars...Fear of flying? Maybe itd help if you were the captain, and safe on the ground.Disclaimer, I have not been paid or compensated for this review, I pay my money just like everyone, and Im glad to do so!Take Flight Ohio, thank you for your vision and making this available.

Review №37

Awesome experience! John provides expert information and guidance and gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself. It is very intense as you pilot a large commercial jet from preflight check lists to stopping at the jetway and everything in between.

Review №38

My husband and daughter flew on Father’s Day. Highly recommended !!!!!

Review №39

I was lucky enough to get an adventure flight as a birthday gift and I was able to use it this weekend. What a great experience! My wife and I had so much fun! Everyone there was super nice, knowledgeable, and genuinely excited. I highly recommend it to anyone, and especially to those who have any interest in aviation. I’m definitely going to do it again.

Review №40

Absolutely blown away! The staff were friendly, the flight instructor was as excited as I was! Had an amazing experience.

Review №41

Very enjoyable and memorable experience. If youve ever wondered what goes on in the cockpit and what the view looks like of the front of the plane this is for you!Based on a 737 cockpit its very realistic. You dont get the seat-of-the-pants feel for the engine thrust nor the bump of a rough landing (the simulator is stationary), but the feedback through the controls and the visuals through the windscreen are very realistic. All the instrumentation is just like the real thing. The software enables you to select any airport in world with a runway long enough for a 737 to base your experience on. I flew from Seattle to Portland, right over Mt. St. Helens crater. You can adjust the weather from good visibility to flying in cloud. You can try landing with a 90 degree crosswind...or just be amazed at how the autopilot takes care of everything!Try it, youll have a better appreciation for what the guys up front do next time you fly for real!

Review №42

Very cool and fun experience. I would definitely recommend. Staff was very helpful and nice. Whether you have no aviation experience or lots, the experience is really engaging and can be tailored to your knowledge. Give them a try.

Review №43

My husband and I did the Adventure Flight so that we can take turns being the pilot. John was an awesome instructor! Even the gentleman who checked us in was awesome! John answered all our questions and was very patient and knowledgeable and excited about teaching us.

Review №44

Fantastic experience, very realistic. Gives a new perspective on what goes on in the cockpit as you relax in your seat. Would recommend this to everyone.

Review №45

It was so awesome I am going to do it again and agian

Review №46

What an experience! Fun for both the most and least experienced sim pilots. Ill have to return soon

Review №47

Excellent experience!!! Wife bought this as a gift and I couldnt have been more pleased. This is a great experience for anyone with aviation interest. The owner John was excellent and knowledgeable about is simulator. Great gift idea for teenagers and above. Think about what airport you want to depart from before you arrive.

Review №48

The whole experience was unique and provided a fun insight at piloting. From the start, everyone on the staff was friendly, gave me a rundown of what to expect and answered all questions.I would recommend this experience to anyone who may be interested in becoming a pilot, or ever wondered what it would be like to fly a plane. It was both challenging and engaging.

Review №49

What an incredible experience! I highly recommend this to anyone who has whimsically (or seriously) thought it would be fun to fly a commercial jet. The flight instructor makes it so easy and is so much fun to work with.

Review №50

Got our Dad the Adventure Flight for his birthday. He has played Flight Simulator on PCs for years now and this took it to the next level. We went with him and were able to sit behind him and watch the entire time. The sound and scenery was amazing. It had the wind noise and all the other noises you hear when on an airliner. The view out the windscreen was fantastic. The cockpit itself does not move but with the wraparound monitors it gives you a weird sense of movement. John and the staff were excellent and very accommodating. Overall it was an excellent gift and my Dad loved it.

Review №51

I bought the 30 minute flight as a gift for my husband.He thoroughly enjoyed it - the simulation is very realistic.John, the owner and instructor, explained everything and made the flying experience extremely interesting. Highly recommend this as a unique gift that is fun and memorable.

Review №52

This is a fabulous experience - not only is the simulator VERY realistic, John (owner) was exceptional to work with! We had 4 family members “fly” today and everyone had a great time - even those of us who were only watching! Space is very clean and well-cared for. I would highly recommend this to others!

Review №53

Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband and he loved it.

Review №54

My boyfriend did the 10 min flight yesterday, and told me that I would love it. So today he got me the 10 min flight. OMG it was AWESOME! I was worried that I would feel out of place, but that was not how it was at all. They guys that work there were extremely helpful, funny and serious at the same time. I would recommend this to anyone! Now me and my boyfriend are going to plan a few longer flights. And I cant wait!!

Review №55

Amazing experience and we are already talking about returning! Everyone was very friendly, helpful and explained things well. I highly recommend to anyone interested in aviation or just someone looking for a fun, unique experience.

Review №56

Awesome flight sim. Had a blast. Very realistic. All buttons and controls are where they would be on a real 737. Instructor very friendly and nice. Will definitely be flying again! 5 stars

Review №57

Awesome Realistic Simulator. We really enjoyed the staff as well as the machine.

Review №58

A short, but very enjoyable simulation. Professional and fun staff. I highly recommend taking a test drive.

Review №59

This was a very unique experience that anyone interested in flight should try. It was very informational and had a very authentic feel. Staff was friendly and happy to answer all my questions. It was fun. Thanks.

Review №60

It was really fun

Review №61

This was an awesome experience for my son and I to have on our guys weekend. I “HIGHLY recommend” Take Flight Ohio for anyone that is looking for a fun time and amazing experience.

Review №62

I highly recommend Take Flight Ohio to anyone even remotely interested in aviation. The staff are knowledgeable and its obvious that they care deeply about providing a great flying experience.

Review №63

Excellent adventure! Was able to walk in, schedule a Boeing 737 simulation, take off, fly and successfully land the aircraft. Great instructor!

Review №64

Incredible experience, friendly staff, one of a kind experience

Review №65

Bought this as a gift for my son and he loved it! Wonderful and encouraging staff. Highly recommend!!!

Review №66

Just stopped in on a whim, Andy and John where extremely friendly and showed me around before I took a flight, only needed a few minutes to start the simulator and away we went.Plan on doing at least two flights, one to actually pilot and another to put on autopilot and sight see.

Review №67

Great staff and very cool experience! Highly recommended.

Review №68

I came home from work on Valentines Day around 12:30pm and my wife was standing outside waiting for me. Thats nothing unusual but we were to be heating up some leftovers for lunch and then head out to the senior center. She had a look on her face and told me to get into the car. After she took me to a nice lunch, she setup the GPS and programmed in TFO. I had no clue what TFO stood for until we got to our destination - a storefront with a sign that said Take Flight Ohio. My first thought was that it was a travel agency and we would be planning on getting on an airplane. I found out that I was half wrong. It wasnt a travel agency but I would be getting on an airplane.We went inside and met John, the owner. He explained what he had and it began to sink in. He had a real flight simulator, not just some little video game. He took us back and showed it to us. I was very impressed and totally blown away. This is just like being in a real cockpit. He has four different flight plans to choose from ranging from a ten minute introductory flight to an ultimate flight experience where you pick the location you want to go to and do everything from pre-flight planning to the complete aircraft shutdown. I chose the 30 minute flight and flew from Dayton to Columbus.This is just like the real thing. John took his seat in the co-pilots position and showed me how to get into the captains position. He went over all the necessary details. Looking out the windows of the cockpit, you could see the airport and trucks moving around. He explained how to start the engines and had me flip the switches and actually do it. First, the left engine and then the right engine. After they were both running up to speed, he explained how to actually take the plane off. After the explanation, he sat back and had me do the work. He was there to provide positive reinforcement, if needed, the entire trip. We took off, went through some clouds and then he explained what we would be doing next. My only disappointment was that I was so busy taking care of the plane and making sure everythingwas correct, I didnt have time to do any sightseeing. John made the entire experience realistic. For example, he explained how and when to put down the landing gear when we were approaching Columbus; but, he didnt just say Okay. Put down the landing gear. He politely asked if he could take over the controls while I put down the landing gear making the entire adventure very realistic. After making a smooth landing, I made a wrong turn on a taxiway. John laughed saying he never went this way before. After a brief sight-seeing trip on the taxiway, I got the big plane parked at the gate.My only passenger, my wife, also agreed it was very realistic. Would I do it again? You bet. I never would have thought that you could really feel the entire piloting experience like that and never leave the ground. With Johns assistance, this non-pilot did pretty good if I say so myself.

Review №69

Great staff, super informative and experience is awesome

Review №70

Amazing place, pilot was a little under the weather.

Review №71

Awesome experience!

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