Sky Zone Trampoline Park
3716 Gentian Blvd, Columbus, GA 31907, United States
Review №1

Went tonight for a school fundraiser and my boys had a blast. The staff was constantly cleaning and disinfecting multiple surfaces and locations in the park. Lots of different activities for children of all ages to do. Staff was counting the number of people in and out of the park to keep its numbers in balance. Will be returning to Sky Zone with my boys

Review №2

Great place to let the kids have a blast. Party was a little delayed but well worth it. Pizza was great some of the best. Room was good sized. A little unorganized but with that many kids running around what can be expected?

Review №3

I had my sons 7th birthday party this past Saturday. The staff was friendly and really helpful. My son enjoyed his birthday party and it was all thanks to the Skyzone staff.

Review №4

Awesome place for parties & the kids love it! The birthday party setup is perfect for our family’s needs. Thank you sky zone!

Review №5

This place is reasonbily priced with a $5 per hour jump on Tuesdays (additional fee for socks if you need them but its like $2 or $3 dollars more). Its small enough that I can watch my kids from the floor. The food is good and they have message chairs that have plugs for your cell phone to charge. Got to bring your own cord. I like it way better than Launch

Review №6

The kids had a ball and so did I!

Review №7

In order to receive more business, you SkyZone should allow guests to bring in cakes to celebrate different occasions even if they didn’t book a reserved area or birthday party there. Also, I wish there was a barrier around the “gymnastics” section where there is a drop off into a square hole. Very you g children that like to eu. Around can easily fall into this section if they are not looking where they are going. Otherwise, it is another nice place where you can bring your children.

Review №8

First time going to this particular one my kids had fun the only thing I had a problem with was the staffing uniform the staffing wear the same glow shirts that anyone can purchase there were these teenagers wear the same glow shirts as staff members going around harassing a couple of kids (while their parent was sitting down in the lower area) saying you cant do this and you cant do that and the kids would stop having fun then the teenagers would laugh and say I dont work here they tried it ONCE with my son when he was playing basketball telling him he couldnt play after 8pm not know I was his mother i corrected him as soon as he said something to my son staff need to be dress differently because all parent do not go out there with their kids but my kids did enjoy themselves on glow nights which was only $14 couldnt beat that

Review №9

We’ve been there several times for parties and just for fun. My son loves it. However yesterday my grandsons party went not so great. The “bosses kid” was there. He was about 4-5 maybe. And kept walking around to the parties trying to get involved. He had no sticker on and I thought he was just lost but our party person assured us he was ok as he was the bosses kid. This is not professional!! Also there was so much confusion about our own party upsetting my daughter. She was told if she wanted the upstairs that she would not have a party person??? So she had to accept a room that was occupied and all the decorations would have to wait. I pushed and we got the upstairs space but why put the parents through stuff like that?

Review №10

Great fun for people of any age!

Review №11

Really good and not that expensive, you can take your kid and watch them jumping. The workers pretty nice and friendly . My only complain is that it was too worm inside

Review №12

Very rude employees who are inconsiderate towards families with smaller children. We will not return.

Review №13

Kids love going here. Good way to burn some energy and wear them out before bed time.

Review №14

It was my first visit and my grandsons birthday party! Everything went really smoothly. The food was surprisingly good. The young people assisting with the party were really nice and efficient. It was really nice to see how well they interacted with the children as well as the adults.

Review №15

I thought that this place was better than launch, but I will not be back. My children were jumping at the park after them being there for around 20 minutes my daughter was told she can’t jump with her socks because they were not purchased at sky zone. First of all we have been to several trampoline parks in different states. Other places have allowed us to use any trampoline socks. As long as they have grips at the bottom I don’t see what the problem is. I feelLike this is their way of insuring people are purchasing their socks and they are generating income from sock sales. I will no be going to this establishment again.

Review №16

Grandson had a fantastic time. I enjoyed watching him while sitting in a massage chair. The back massage was a little bit too hard but I leaned up so it barely got my back. At the same time, the leg massages were awesome! Pizza was good too.

Review №17

MAZING AND fun for all ages. The elite plus membership is definately worth it if you will go more than once a month. Also with that membership your kids can bring a friend and the kids get drinks and snacks for free with unlimited jump time. Hours of fun. Hands down great place.

Review №18

Kids had a good time! Food prices are decent and it wasnt to crowded.

Review №19

My son enjoys skyzone very much and we go there frequently. We have the elite plus membership I highly recommend it if you want to jump with your kid.

Review №20

Attended a toddler birthday there and it was set up well to accommodate all age groups. The staff was friendly, attentive and professional. Pizza was very good too!

Review №21

I was fun just the music was to loud.

Review №22

Great place for the kids,very friendly staff

Review №23

We took my nephew for his birthday and had a great time. Employees were friendly and interacted with the children, if you want a good game of dodgeball challenge John. He’s pretty hard to beat lol.

Review №24

Tonight was horrible for my family. 1st. the person at the counter did not tell me that my two needed a shirt for glow night although they were standing right by me when I paid. To be told almost an hour later that she had to have one. Then 2. I spend $36 on food well my pizza never came only to go down and inquire about it, the young man said they couldn’t find me because they didn’t give me a number wth! Why not check upstairs to find someone it was 3 adults at the table none of us saw anyone bring a pizza upstairs. I guess it’s easier to just say they can’t find you it’s pathetic the service here is horrible. My last time bringing my kids here.

Review №25

Worst establishment for kids.. I was followed the whole time.. my kid can’t sit down and watch other kids jump, so we got in trouble.. then I got in trouble with jumping with my kid.. then I couldn’t hold there hand and jump very unprofessional it’s a 0 ️ in my book won’t be back!! #SURGEISWHEREITSAT #SKYZONESUCKS

Review №26

I took my niece and baby cousin for a nice afternoon jump and they had a blast. The facility is very toddler/kid friendly, safe, and adventurous. I was able to sit in the overlooking seating and could monitor everything they were doing.

Review №27

They couldn’t see that I had bought socks with my ticket online. I had my toddler with me for toddler time, it was nothing as advertised. I went to go get her off a trampoline because somebody was jumping high, as soon as I got to her I was approached about 2 people being on one trampoline. She’s not even 2 and she had fallen into the area I was in. Definitely not going back. I’ll stick to Launch.

Review №28

Great layout. Awesome facility. Use the high price of admission to hire friendlier staff, though.

Review №29

I went on a Saturday afternoon and the whole facility was really clean. I love how they have staff on every corner watching the kids to avoid any injuries. Very friendly staff and good prices. Lots of activities for the older kids too. I’ll definitely be bringing my little ones back!

Review №30

I loved it there

Review №31

We have been there a couple of times and I have to say we always leave with a big smile on our face! The staff is always kind and extremely friendly! During toddler time they always have fun activities and balloons. I definitely recommend this place to have some fun!

Review №32

Simply amazing! Sky Zone toddler time is now a Saturday Morning ritual for my family. I burn calories as the small one burns energy! Jumping with Spider-man, dancing and singing with Doc McStuffins or winning an egg race is just a few of the many activities you and your little one(s) can look forward to. No matter jumping with Spider Man, My kid loves to jump and see the different cartoon characters that walk around with the kids. If you want a friendly, professional, clean facility with lots of fun this is the place!

Review №33

The staff was very helpful and the place was amazing and one over the best Ive seen so far

Review №34

Took son and friends for night out as part of birthday bash on glo night. They had great time. Sat up in balcony could see them everywhere.

Review №35

I took my grands here and was truly impressed, except for the online waiver. The Sky Zone is an awesome place to take kids. There is something for all ages. The employees are friendly and helpful.

Review №36

I really enjoyed myself coming to sky zone for my first time. Customer service & food was great by Ravyn & I appreciate her making my first experience a good one.

Review №37

The staff is great , they make you feel at home. Always have fun every time we go.

Review №38

My granddaughter wanted her birthday party at sky zone I never been there before but when we went there on my God it was awesome I love that place she was happy camper they are very reasonable with their shirts too because I was expecting for them to tell me that their shirt was more than $5 and it was only $5 I thought maybe it would probably be like 10:15 maybe $20 so Im going to get one of every color also love the place love the jumping and my grandbaby just had a great time I would greatly greatly recommend this place sky zone glow

Review №39

An hour flies by here! All the attendants interacted with my girls and made their time even more fun. At first sight, I thought my kids would prefer a competing trampoline park in town but turns out this is the only one they want to go to now.

Review №40

Took our Youth Group, great activity! Teens had a great time. Dodgeball, free jump and ninja area were their favorites.

Review №41

Granddaughter had a great birthday party and staff was nice and room was spacious and comfortable.

Review №42

This was my first time visiting a Sky Zone. My kids really enjoy this place! The staff was amazing and they do a great job of getting everyone to have fun. They got me to jump even though I was reluctant and I’m glad they did. It was great exercise. Lol

Review №43

I went to this place for the first time today. I was extremely impressed. The staff is very friendly and gentle. Shout out to Brandon and Trey . They were super helpful with helping me and kids maneuver around skyzone. My family will definitely be back.

Review №44

I will stick with LAUNCH. This place has no clue what it wants to be. They want to have performers on some nights. Dont understand that one. Thats about like going into an Italian restaurant and most of the menu is comprised of Mexican food. At LAUNCH, you know what you are getting with no doubts.

Review №45

Not quite is big is launch trampoline park but the squishy block pit was a whole lot better Then jump in only on trampolines.

Review №46

Took my 2 kids today for the grand opening and was pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. The facility as pretty busy but there was still plenty of space to get your jump on. All the mats are new so you can get some serious air! There was a great assortment of activities to suit any age in the family. The only down fall for me was the price. Felt like I was breaking the bank, the other jump place in town was cheaper and offered pizza packages for less than what I paid for just to jump.

Review №47

We attended a birthday party and it was lively and well staffed. The manager came out and greeted us and asked us if we needed anything. We will be back

Review №48

Great place to come and interact with your kids and have a lot of fun!

Review №49

Awesome place! Much more low key than Launch. Great pizza!

Review №50

Great great great service. The team made sure that my team of educators and a plethora of students were well taken care of. Incredible service and an incredible experience for our students. Cant thank Sky Zone enough.

Review №51

Love the facility itself & my kid loves it...But I give it 3 stars bc of staff. Ive gone the last 3 Sundays and they absolutely do not pay attention. I saw people jumping with babies in their arms, kids holding kids, one kid jumped on another kid when he fell, kids slipping in the crevice of that big mat thing (I had to pull a kid out bc no one noticed him waiving for help), etc. Those teens arent paying attention at all... Only in spurts. So for safety reasons, well probably start going back to Launch.

Review №52

It was hard to find anybody that was working there. At one point there was a whole bunch kids underneath the rock climb pulling all the phone out of the landing zone for the rock climb.

Review №53

Friendly and caring staff, lots do, well ran... We always have a good time here.

Review №54

Great place for the kids to burn some energy. My children love playing there, and I enjoy it as well. The food is great and the prices are reasonable.

Review №55

Birthday party for 10 - 11 year olds. They had a great time.

Review №56

My kids love to jump at this park. The staff is so watchable and friendly I feel safe with my children jumping here

Review №57

Cool place. Very nice and friendly staff. Prices are very reasonable. Im happy with it and so is my youngin.

Review №58

This place is truly awesome! My son goes all of the time! Kandyce and Neon are phenomenal! Bring the entire family...the kids will love it here!

Review №59

We had my son’s birthday here and the experience was beyond awesome. The staff was thoughtful and attentive. Unfortunately, we lost my son’s free 30 minute pass with all the birthday confusion. We came back and paid for him to jump again, I told Ms. Tyra we had lost our pass from his birthday. She went out of her way to not only replace the one we had but give us two. She even came and found us while we were out jumping to give it to us. This type of extra customer service is what sets sky zone apart from Launch. We had my son’s party at launch the year before and it was a mess. His party at sky zone this year was so well managed and we asked for nothing. Everything was done before we even had a chance to ask.If I could hire Ms. Tyra to work for me at my business I would do it in a minute. She went above and beyond, that is the type of employee any company would want.

Review №60

Absolutely amazing, but the price for the food has alot of room for a price drop.

Review №61

Great place. Its different than the local competitor, so be sure to visit and see what it has to offer.

Review №62

I love this place. The Sky fit classes are awesome.

Review №63

They had amazing customer service! I was pleasantly surprised at how well they ran the facilities. I will be returning soon!

Review №64

My nephew had a wonderful jump session. The staff was very friendly. Great place for kids and parents too!

Review №65

My daughter LOVES Sky Zone! While here she met Donte whos an employee. He taught my baby how to flip handless in less than 5 minutes! Shes happy which makes mommy happy ️ Thanks Donte!The staff is always friendly, smiling and helpful ️Lastly, the Elite package has been a blessing. Its a great price and because my daughter loves to jump, it only made sense. Im also free and the other perks are cool too.

Review №66

SkyZone was only open for two days when we tried it out. Never been to a SkyZone before....we were there for a hour when I was approached about my sticker. What sticker you ask? Exactly. At Launch, you get an armband, here you wear a sticker. The lack of communication by the greeting staff is the reason for a missing star. We had tons of fun! Lots to do, worked out hard for an hour. I do wish you could just jump for 30 minutes, though. Pretty good location, too. Nice facility. Excellent experience.

Review №67

Skyzone was a nice facility with several different activities/coarses - rock climbing wall and ninja coarse. Kids had fun and that is all that matters really.

Review №68

Boys enjoyed it

Review №69

I love Sky Fit. Great instructor.

Review №70

Had a blast! My son and I loved toddler Time!

Review №71

This is a good place for family fun.

Review №72

This place is amazing its new fun and exciting so many attractions my favorite is All of them but I really enjoy dodgeball the staff is very friendly will come back to this place 10 out of 10

Review №73

Very nice... kids loved. The staff interacting with the kids was awesome

Review №74

The kids had a blast, there is lot to keep them busy for the time I purchased. Price is comparable to launch. 4 stars because of the food. I paid 16.50 or so for a meat lovers type pizza. It was pretty awful. Dripped ugly amounts of grease. Take your kids, its fun, just dont buy that puzza.

Review №75

Kids had a great time ---my 1st time going

Review №76

I went here for my birthday and it was AWESOOOOOOME

Review №77

Great place for birthdays and the staff was helpful

Review №78

Love this placeMy granddaughter loves everything about Sky Zone including the charactersI’m disabled and I can also jump it’s low impact on my anklesThank you for coming to Columbus

Review №79

Awesome place and a great price

Review №80

Emily loves SkyZone. It’s not as crowded and has more things to do than the competitor.

Review №81

Fun place and great for kids of all ages

Review №82

Totally love this place. Great customer service. Friendly team and extra fun.

Review №83

Tables was dirty and didnt stick with there policy of no outside food... also the wing tray was really cold I was very unhappy

Review №84

I personally like it better than Launch... its bigger and slightly cheaper... My opinion

Review №85

We had a blast at sky zone! Fun for the adults and kids!

Review №86

Black lights, live DJ, good music, food and FUN!

Review №87

We prefer this one to Launch. Skyzone has better obstacles, more attentive staff, better visibility for parents, and better concessions.

Review №88

I think it was very nice for younger kids but advertisement a bit over rated lol but young mid aged kids will love it

Review №89

Affordable place to take kids and for adults to have fun.

Review №90

My cousin & I took our kids here on a Sat. just to jump & there were no lockers or cubbies to put your shoes in just an open shoe stand you have at home in your closet. There was not a lot of seating at all so since of our kids had to stand up to eat. All the seating is in the party areas & that seem to be the main focus of this place. They put more focus & attention on the party areas! I had to go ask someone about table space & seating & thats when they had to come clean a table & move a leftover pizza box from the table. Our kids had to put their shoes by the table we sat at. Smh! My baby & cousin got sick off the cheese fries they served & they were the only 2 that ate the fries. The rest of us ate the pizza only which was good. I wouldnt recommend this place just go to Launch trampoline. This was our first visit here & will never go again!

Review №91

Way too may people working felt like they were all on me, but was fun to jump and finally have other stuff to do then just trampolines.

Review №92

Its ok, needs to offer more tho

Review №93

Best time to go is 8pm glow time

Review №94

Tyra and kandyce made my experience here worth it. My family really enjoyed themselves !

Review №95

So much fun jumping!

Review №96

Good price not too crowded pretty good value for the fun

Review №97

The kids love it and the staff was great

Review №98

I had the best time ever the employees are so nice best time I ever had and a special shoutout to Jacquise she is so nice and I hope you see this.

Review №99

Massage chairs for the waiting parents was a great idea!

Review №100

Good prices, friendly staff and fun for all ages

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