Pins Mechanical Company
141 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States
Review №1

Good atmosphere and staff but a bit pricey for some of the games

Review №2

Duck bowling is fun although you can only play one game and then you have to get back in line. Pretty strict about COVID precautions.

Review №3

A great place for a fun happy hour with friends or co-workers. They have an awesome bar, fun duckpin bowling, tons of pinball machines and patio games.

Review №4

We were here for a corporate event so we had the venue to ourselves. This space was a large enough for everyone. The bartenders were great, and they had a huge beer selection. I love the outdoor spaces here complete with games. The duck pin was awesome and very popular so I was glad we got to play. However our food selections that were there the night we were, were the not the most appetizing (we paid for the food ourselves our meeting space did not include this). I was hoping for better food trucks. Still this is a great venue.

Review №5

Me and my friends arrived 10 minutes before last call so we ordered 6 shots of tequila and upwards of 10 mixed drinks and brews. ALL 3 bartenders rushed our order with hesitation or complaint. Customer service at its finest

Review №6

Service is always nice even when they have a full house. The staff was very friendly and attentive. The bill was fair for the quality of the food.

Review №7

Place was really cool! Had a great selection of beers. Played some barrel beer pong and duck pin bowling, which was cheaper than I expected. They have some pinball machines, arcade machines, and ping pong as well. Great outside area. Probably the coolest place my group ventured to in Columbus.

Review №8

Observance of quarantine rules is very cool! Thank you so much for the atmosphere and enjoyable evenings. I love this place!

Review №9

I love this place!!! I come here every time I visit Columbus. I wish we had one in San Diego. I specifically enjoy all the pin ball machines and how roomy and homie it is.

Review №10

Awesome mechanical games and very friendly as well professional staff. Cant wait to be back

Review №11

Had a blast. Tap selection was very nice. Liked It enough went back the next day

Review №12

Best happy hour hangout after working downtown Columbus. Large variety of craft beers at decent prices. I don’t recommend sticking around too long because the price of their beer will eventually catch up to you faster than your buzz will.However, they have plenty of games like ping pong, pool, bowling, Jenga, and life-size beer pong outside. It’s a great place to unwind after work. I highly recommend going in the summer when you can enjoy the outdoor space. The food trucks outside have amazing bar food!

Review №13

This always has been and will forever be, my favorite pinball bar. Thank you to pins for being so awesome, even when everyone is scared.

Review №14

Lots of fun! Many fun and unique activities to do. Would certainly recommend for a team outing. One downside is one of their two change machines always seems to be down which is needed to play the pinball machines. It can also get so overcrowded on the weekend that its impossible to play ping pong or duck bowling.

Review №15

Great place to throw a game of pins and have a cold one. Nice selection of craft brews. Plenty of pinball machines too if you are into that. Saw several families bring their little ones for a game of pins which is different from regular bowling. The lanes are shorter, the balls are smaller and you get 3 shots instead of 2. I had a great time. Go check it out

Review №16

Always a good time, great place for friends and dates. Fantastic cocktails and and more choices for beer than you can shake a stick at. Recommend if youve never been or are from out of town.Stays competitive with area costs, but prepare to spend some money; if youre looking for a place to drink on a budget, there are cheaper options.

Review №17

Great staff, great atmosphere!

Review №18

Great service. Fun games. Very clean. Follows COVID regulations very well.

Review №19

Duck pin, pinball, drinks (both alcoholic and non), a nice fireplace outside with a sitting area, bathrooms... Thats really all there is to this particular location. There is no parking, but the open lot across the street and down the street was $3 to $5 in a credit card accepting machine. Theres also some meters on the street that you can use, which could be free depending upon the downtown times of enforcement. The other location is attached to a 16-bit arcade. I called and was told they were not busy, but they were so busy that we had to wait over an hour to get a duckpin lane. Since theres no arcade theres a lot less to do, and it was disappointing. There were also a lot of issues with the pins resetting in our lane, but there were very attentive staff to help fix this quickly. Overall, it is a lot of fun to have fun here with friends! I highly recommend it!

Review №20

Fun place to play games and hang out with friends for a drink.

Review №21

Really great a large outside patio we were way more than 6 apart from other people so I felt very comfortable

Review №22

This place is one of a kind and welcome addition to Charlotte instead of the usual brewery or (insert craft something) that is spreading across the city like a plague. They have something for everyone whether it be duck pin bowling, giant trash can pong, arcade games or ski ball. We had a blast here and the atmosphere of family friendly but still a place you can have fun at with friends on a night drinking.The beer and liquor menu is plentiful and the rooftop views are some of the best without having to be in the center of uptown.

Review №23

Great selection of beers and cocktails. A lot of activities too, pin ball games, bowling, ping pong, and foosball. They have tvs and comfortable seating to watch sports too. The building is an older space but it is redone very nicely with exposed brick, wooden rafters, and exposed water lines and electrical conduit. Very cool reclaimed space.

Review №24

Large selection of draft beer and whiskey. Way too pricey, even during happy hour. Different food trucks visit throughout the week, and the patios are nice. Theres definitely some novelty here, so visiting 1-2 times a year is plenty.

Review №25

Fun place to spend time with friends! Having never played duck pond bowling, I must say I prefer it to regular bowling. Get there early or go on a weekday to reduce wait times which can be pretty lengthy. Beer selection is great!

Review №26

Great place, fully supporting social distancing. Making a safe place for socializing.

Review №27

This place was great! They have a great drink selection, a ton of fun games, and the food trucks were awesome. Duck bowling, ping bbn pong, pinball, giant connect 4 and Jenga, and more. The atmosphere was fun and it was packed!

Review №28

My family and I enjoy the duck pins and games. The outside has heaters and games. Good place to meet and chat while the kids play. It is 21 and over at 7:00 or 7:30 pm though. The food trucks are usually good too as PINS does not serve any food, only drinks. My son likes the non alcoholic drinks and pinball games.

Review №29

Quick, polite service. Great selection of craft beers. Huge, clean facility that when crowded still felt roomy. Fun, well kept games. Great place!

Review №30

Great place to hang out with friends sitting by the fire, watching sports, or playing games. Enjoy!

Review №31

Very fun place to hangout with friends and family. Clean environment and very spacious for parties. Recommended going the staff there are very kind and the DRINKS! menu is great.

Review №32

Drinks slapped tbh, the pins themselves never worked right but still fun

Review №33

I have been to this location multiple times. I always enjoy a game of duck bowling, drinks and food from the local food trucks. I like hanging out on the patio or inside. Its a fun place to chill all year round.

Review №34

Awesome place to hangout for small group of people. Many options for games . The drinks are good. The mini bowling was good .Outdoor games Jenga & xoxo was great. The fire place with proper sitting area is great. Would revisit for sure. like the vibe of the place.Had great time with my friends.

Review №35

Cool bar, entertainment venue for a fun night with friends. They offer a variety of drinks on tap. Fun place to visit. If you park across the street make sure to pay for parking or you will get a ticket

Review №36

They have pinball machines here including Mars Attacks. That’s it. You shouldn’t need anything else.

Review №37

One of my favorite bars in Columbus. Lots of great beer choices. They have lots of activities and both patios are great. Theyre heated in the winter which is awesome. And they have constantly rotating food truck options on both patios at the same time. Its also huge and is designed well.

Review №38

This is my favorite place in Columbus! Had my 30th birthday there, double dates, after work beers and games, etc. Its a solid place with an awesome beer selection, good games and great service! I highly suggest it!

Review №39

Downtown or Dublin, Pins is great gathering place for friends, fun, and good food+drink!

Review №40

Five stars for the heating system outside. As soon as I entered the place and saw the firewood burning outside, I had a good feel about this place and I wasnt disappointed.There is also a food truck stationed inside from which you can get food. The food isnt bad. There was a Hawaiian food truck on the day I went and I am not sure if its the same food truck every day or something different.They have various sport activities inside. I went on a Saturday afternoon and it was packed. They have ping pong, fooseball among other activities.They also have something like a mini bowling which is fun. But be ready to wait for 2-3 hours on a busy day.The drinks arent that bad either.Overall, a good party place for a college town.

Review №41

I went on both a Saturday and a Sunday night. It was a mob scene on Saturday but the service was pretty good. Huge place. Lots of games. A truly stellar set of patios with fire pits, comfy seating, games and smoker friendly.

Review №42

My coworkers and I had an awesome time! Great selection of beers and a great spot for watching sports games. Our cocktail waitress Ashley was super friendly and greeted us right away, bartenders were quick and Sam was also very friendly and knowledgable. Everyone had a great sense of humor and made us feel right at home! Will definitely be back.

Review №43

With the activities, great place for a date.

Review №44

This place has a cool feel to it.

Review №45

An absolute MUST if you are in Columbus. Just visit. You wont regret it.

Review №46

Pins is a really fun place with a lot to do! The wait is usually too much at night to get a lane for pin bowling, so I would go early. They also have trash can beer pong and big jenga. Its a good place to watch games with a big screen on one of the patios. They have a pretty good beer selection as well.

Review №47

Had a great time in Columbus. Took my grandson here we had a blast!

Review №48

Great place to hang out. Duck pins, foosball, table tennis, etc. Full bar, and you can get food at a food truck, or bring it in. Family friendly atmosphere and good service. Loads of fun.

Review №49

This place is huge! Fairly quick to get a drink. I went with the Pinball Wizard which seems to be a popular drink. As others have stated, the beer list is long so it’s a safe bet they’ll have what you’re looking for to imbibe.This place does get busy but there’s plenty room to move around, if you want. I like the fact the ‘garage doors’ can be opened to cool the place down and let fresh air in.A couple food trucks surround the place and the food can be brought inside. A great time was had by all!

Review №50

Really fun place to hang out. I pass through for the pinball machines. great selection of machines that are cleaned and well maintained. the draft beer selection is also on point.

Review №51

Very cool hangout! Caution: duckpin bowling is addictive!

Review №52

Pins Mechanical is obviously more interested in their corporate profit than our health as evidenced by their joining the lawsuit against the City. Lets let these businesses join in and fun d the emergency health services and hospitals that are overwhelmed in part because they cant control their own clientele!

Review №53

One of my favorite places to go in Columbus

Review №54

Great fun, watch it those drinks sneak up..heehehe!! But there are two good food trucks outside. Loved the mini bowling

Review №55

Playful place. Enjoyable. Crowded. Good drinks. There is a food truck inside which has yummy chicken sandwich. Good place to spend time, play ping pong etc

Review №56

I had a great time. Huge selection of pinball games. There was a 2 hour wait for the bowling so we didnt get to do that, but there was foosball and table tennis too.

Review №57

Local spot# We had a great workplace outing here..

Review №58

Love this place. Pinball and beer. Great time to hang out with friends and play some games

Review №59

Great place to relax with friends and have a drink while playing some games. There are lots of pinball machines to play, as well as duckpin bowling, table tennis, and several tabletop type games to play while enjoying your cocktails and draft beers. Pins is my favorite bar for an entertaining night out.

Review №60

Fun place! Everyone was really friendly!

Review №61

Nice bars, reasonable prices. Pins bowling is fun. Pretty cool you can sit reasonably comfortably outside on the patio when its cold out.

Review №62

Beer selection is great! Amd 3 food trucks make a good selection of foods too! Lots of games to play, including with little ones. I really like that its shown 21 and over AFTER 8pm. Lots of families there at 6pm, my kids loved it!

Review №63

Great place for a large group or to grab a beer after work. HUGE patio when it is nice out.

Review №64

There is a lot to do here to entertain yourself. We went on Saturday night and it was popping! Fun enviroment. Drinks are a little pricey but good. There are heaters on the patio which was amazing. The bartenders and the girl with red hair in the cage were all super friendly and helpful and the girl even came over later and asked if we had fun bowling earlier as it was our first time coming. The older guy working near the bowling lanes seemed like he hated his life though and was even a bit rude to us when we tried joking with him. It was almost enough not to want to go back. All in all it was a great experience though and Id recommend checking it out if you havent been.

Review №65

If Im ever in Columbus again I will make time to visit this place again. So much to do and take in! Incredible bar! The owners should be proud!

Review №66

Really fun to go with friends and I went to a party with my friends we ayed bowling they had ping pong shuffle board big giant beer pong without the beer and pin ball.

Review №67

Great place to have a large happy hour. Have many activities like duck pin bowling, ping pong, giant Jenga and more.Large selection of beers plus a full liquor bar.One of the more fun places to drink in all of Columbus.

Review №68

We love this place! It’s a must every time I travel to Columbus on business.

Review №69

Always have a good time when I go

Review №70

Alyssa was my bartender. She was phenomenal. She was knowledgeable, quick, friendly and welcoming. She helped point out all that Pins had to offer as I had never been there before. There were so many cool games and things to do! The place was very clean, clearly well kept, classy, organized and well-run. Ill definitely be returning!

Review №71

Fun time. Good beer.

Review №72

Made my second visit to Pins Mechanical Company; Downtown, again one word INCREDIBLE! Came down from Toledo, Ohio for the weekend, arrived at Pins Mechanical Company at approximately 1:00 PM, not a long wait at all, we were playing Pin Bowling but 1:30. This location was as little different, they do not have, Bocce Ball, but all the other games were the same. Ping Pong, Pinball Machines, etc... 36 Craft Beers on tap, my favorite; CDC BODHI (made in Ohio) Bronze Medal, American-Style India Pale Ale, Great American Beer Festival 2014and named one of the best IPAs in America.They do not serve food, but allow food to be carried in, there were three food trucks parked around the building. They had three outdoor patios with lot of outdoor games including giant outdoor size beer pong, couches, love seats, and fire pits. Another must when traveling to downtown Columbus.

Review №73

We had a couple of hours to kill in downtown Columbus so we decided to check this place out. It was really awesome. Unfortunately we got there 10 minutes after they opened and theyre read already a 3 hour wait for duck pin bowling so we didnt get to try that. They have pinball machines that cost 50 cents as well as ping pong, giant skee ball, and foosball.They have a bar, but they do not serve food. There is a food truck outside and they let you bring in whatever food you want.We went on a weekday around Christmas and it got crowded pretty fast. Almost all of the tables were reserved in advance and the pinball machines were pretty full.I would definitely come back again but I would make sure to make a reservation for duck pin bowling in advance.

Review №74

Fabulous place you have to go here. So much fun !

Review №75

Looking for a place to chill with friends? Pins is great spot that offers entertainment for everyone. Duckpin bowling, ping pong, pinball, jumbo janga, food, drinks, etc. it’s the hot spot in CBus!

Review №76

Coolest bar I have ever been to. They have outdoor fireplaces, outdoor games, a large selection of beers, indoor duckpin bowling and much more. Totally a great atmosphere and really laid back.

Review №77

Pins is a great place to come with friends. Great atmosphere and great drinks. There are two different bars and great room outside to watch games or chill. There are food carts nearby with great food and inside you can do ten pin bowling or ping pong. Bathrooms are nice too which is a plus, place is very modern and chic.Would highly recommend this place, gets a little busy but thats how you know its good!

Review №78

We love it here. However, there are always so many children/babies/families. Since this is a bar and not a restaurant, I personally dont feel its appropriate to have children running around. Groups have even taken over an area of the bar and set up pack and plays. I would enjoy this experience if it were strictly 21 and over.

Review №79

Fun, fun, fun! Huge, huge, huge! Outstanding place for fun. Huge space to roam. Great drinks, giant ping pong paddle, oversized janga and food trucks!

Review №80

Always a great night out. Great drink selections, fun food trucks and great duck bowling. We always have a blast here.

Review №81

A great place to play games and socialize. It is a good size too.

Review №82

Bartenders were nice and attentive. Nice selection of beers at a reasonable price.

Review №83

The duckpin bowling is tons of fun and the pinball machines are a blast. Food trucks are on site (Cluckwagon!) if you get hungry. Good times!

Review №84

Great place for a first date, meeting up with friends or just a cool place to hang out. Worth the visit!

Review №85

Spacious bar with a vintage feel. Duckpin (small pins, palm size ball) bowling, shuffle board, ping-pong, pinball, and Giant Jenga. This bar has an very cozy feel too it with a great sense of community with how the area is laid out. There is lots to do here and its not hard to have an enjoyable time. Prices are reasonable in comparison to its competition in the area.

Review №86

Miscommunication between management and staff means no bowling for us. Not going to wait almost 2 hours to bowl. Staff did give us a coupon for a free game next time we go

Review №87

Good place to have a fun evening with friends. Good atmosphere, food and drinks.

Review №88

Great place for bowling and pinball. Loved their happy hour prices.

Review №89

Fun place, great for a date night. Lots to do. Their bourbon selection is astonishing!

Review №90

Creative and fun, great family and friend time, staff is helpful and the outdoor area is charming as well even if it is a little cold out.

Review №91

Real cool! Real chill! Nice place solo, couple, or group.

Review №92

Had a great experience here with some friends. Cocktails were fun and unique. Service great! Sky specifically was very helpful and friendly! We will be back very soon !

Review №93

This place is very fun on a nice summer day/night. Cool out door areas with games, food trucks, and fire pits. Known for duck pin bowling and several pinball machines. However, the beer selection is my take away, good selection and a decent happy hour. Will return soon.

Review №94

This is a cool place! I didnt realize how large it was, and how much there is to do for everyone, from the super chill to super active. Cant wait to come back!

Review №95

Really good beer selection! Great vibe. Bartenders were friendly.

Review №96

Always have a good time when I go here. Good beer selection, fun games, and plenty of tvs

Review №97

Awesome place to get a beer and have fun with friends or alone.

Review №98

I love Pins, mostly because its quicker and Im better at it than bowling. They dont have just miniature bowling, but pin ball machines and ping pong tables. There is plenty of room at the bar and its not too loud, so you dont have to shout to get your order. The drink selection is a bit sparse but I always find something good. This location is recommend more than the Dublin one, mostly because of the people. Dublin can be rowdy and impossible to get into at times. The only real problem can be parking but we Uber anyways.

Review №99

This place is very relaxed with many areas to hang out in. There are indoor and outdoor areas. Food trucks send on the premises and there is a wide selection of beer on tap. Duckpin bowling is a featured attraction. There are also many pinball machine.

Review №100

Great beer - fun if you have the time to wait. Skip the food truck

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  • Address:141 N 4th St, Columbus, OH 43215, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-464-2255
  • Amusement center
  • Bar
  • Cocktail bar
  • Event venue
  • Pub
  • Sports bar
  • Video arcade
Working hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:4–11pm
  • Thursday:4–11pm
  • Friday:4–11pm
  • Saturday:12–11pm
  • Sunday:Closed
Service options
  • Dine-in:Yes
  • Outdoor seating:Yes
  • Takeaway:No
  • Bar games:Yes
  • Fast service:Yes
  • Great beer selection:Yes
  • Great cocktails:Yes
  • Sport:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating:Yes
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet:Yes
  • Alcohol:Yes
  • Beer:Yes
  • Cocktails:Yes
  • Happy-hour drinks:Yes
  • Spirits:Yes
  • Wine:Yes
Dining options
  • Outside food allowed:Yes
  • Seating:Yes
  • Toilets:Yes
  • Casual:Yes
  • Trending:Yes
  • Groups:Yes
  • Tourists:Yes
  • NFC mobile payments:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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