The Garden on High St.
1174 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201, United States
Review №1

Both me and my girl were discriminated due to our disabilities. We explained and had in hand our paperwork from our Doctors explaining our issues and our positions and was told we still needed to leave and if we wanted to shop there we needed to do it online. We did not argue we politely left and said no ty to the offer to shop online. We will never give our business to this store again

Review №2

Just got home from trying to support The Garden and shop local. I found a new toy online a couple of nights ago, however rather than ordering it, I decided to wait until I had a chance to walk a few blocks over and see if I could support my neighborhood shop instead. As usual, the staff downstairs was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable, and even though the toy I wanted was $17 more than it had been online, I figured it was worth it to support my local business (and have it tonight). I went upstairs and found some lube to go with my new toy, and got in line to check out. There was only one group ahead of me (paying all together as one transaction) and they were already in the process of checking out. Twenty minutes later I was still in line. At this point they had finished paying and were now all creating performer cards to insure they would get their performer discounts next time they came in the store. A process that apparently involves filling out small pieces of paper that then get laminated, and could have easily been done off to the side while they continued to help more customers. After about five minutes of waiting while they talked and filled out the cards I found another employee in the store, gave her my products and told her that I would be leaving. That the toy I wanted was less expensive online but I had wanted to support them. However, I had been waiting in line for at least twenty minutes and would be buying my toy online instead. She simply said OK. My entire experience upstairs was customer service at its worst. As a side note, while writing this I decided to look up the price of the lube I was going to buy online, its $12.99 on Amazon vs. $26 something in the store for the same size. I try and support my local businesses, however with these kind of mark-ups and todays poor customer service, even as a long time customer I wont be back. Thank you to the night manager that was downstairs, everyone else could learn a lot from you.

Review №3

Being followed no thanks. Good luck guys

Review №4

I’ve been coming to this store for years! Despite a lot of the negative reviews the staff here is amazing a knowledgeable about product. They’re all about making you feel comfortable with what you’re purchasing and just making you comfortable in general. Very LGBT friendly! A little pricey, but that’s shopping at locally owned small businesses for you! Truly a hidden gem of a store, the owner is an amazing woman, I’ve never had a better experience anywhere else!

Review №5

Nice store with a large selection of merchandise and helpful staff. We had a great experience.

Review №6

Honestly they sold us a toy that didn’t work right out of the box, after supposedly testing it behind the counter. Even paid a dollar for a battery. But tbh I was tipsy and didn’t even notice. Used other batteries at home and the product was a dud. Waste of 20 dollars. Then the girl at the counter was staring while we browsed the whole time. I don’t steal and if I did it certainly wouldn’t be from there lol. Truly would’ve gone to lions den if they were still open but they weren’t. Don’t shop here.

Review №7

One of the best places i ever shopped for toys reps was friendly and asked if i needed assistance great toy store. Very clean shop thank you

Review №8

NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES! I bought fearless pleasers here two years ago and they lasted that entire 2 years before I had to glue them. I went a little over a week ago and bought a new pair of the same shoes. The customer service was great. I’m very disappointed to say I wore my new pair 4 times and the entire platform has already detached from the shoe. While this is a manufacturing issue, the reason for my poor review is that they have no return or exchange policy on anything in their store. Once it leaves the store it does not come back. While I can gorilla glue my shoes, I shouldn’t have to after only wearing them four times when I paid over $100 for them. If you’re going for shoes you’re better off ordering through pleasers site directly because at least they’ll exchange your shoes. I more than likely will not return to this place now that I am aware of this policy. It makes it hard to invest in pricey dancwear if you’re gambling with the quality of the product.

Review №9

The massage candles they have are amazing! Sam and Andrew were very helpful and informative about what products were best for us. Great store!

Review №10

Great place and friendly staff.great selection

Review №11

I have never left here without having a great experience. Staff are all wonderful and have a GREAT sense of humor.

Review №12

I was a little nervous on my first visit, but Dani took time to help me find what I needed. My partner and I have been very happy with the results. Thank you!

Review №13

Wouldnt even quote me a price over the phone total douche

Review №14

Best lube in town

Review №15

When Ive gone there, I was left alone to explore the store by myself, which I prefer. When I walked in, I was greeted by friendly staff, and asked if they could help me. When I responded I was Just Window shopping, they were cool about it. They gave me the space I needed to look around and pick out items I was interested in.

Review №16

Shhh... guys, relax. Its just sex.Professional, friendly customer service. What the prudish typically see as scandalous and comedic, they see it as means to help individuals, couples, etc with an important aspect of any relationship with themselves. A place of open-minded amusements and general basics that can amuse the simplest of needs, I personally highly recommend turning to this shop if you decide spice things up. Far better than any sleazy roadside trucker stop.

Review №17

I loved working their it was the best job I ever had I wish I could work again Im ready to show that I have matured and Im focused...please give me a call Mr Tom or lacey I left my cell number on voice mail.Thanks and have a great day..,

Review №18

They sell inferior, dangerous products. I recently bought something from there and, upon close inspection before the initial use, discovered a manufacturing flaw that would have caused physical injury if the product were used. I returned to the store and asked to speak with management. Their response, in so many words, was tough luck. They were unwilling to see that a product they sold could cause one of their customers to be injured. They gave me some b.s. name of the manufacturer and basically said to take care of it yourself. Bad business practice, and poor customer service. Dont spend your money on junk, go online and order from a reputable business. It sucks to say, but do not support this local business.

Review №19

I have visited the store more than once and have been totally en femme while doing so. The sales people were cool and helped me as I needed it.

Review №20

Very, VERY overpriced on theatrical makeup! I am also not a thief and dont appreciate the implication as soon as I walk in the door that i need to be watched and that my merchandise has to be heavily guarded until I purchase it. Maybe if you lowered your prices, you wouldnt have to worry so much about people trying to steal things. The only crime I see is what youre charging for cheaply constructed, China made merchandise! I guess Im going back to buying all of my stuff for my theatre class online.

Review №21

Went in the store with my boyfriend and we were followed around by some man with long hair the whole time, I felt EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE being watched. Also, had my bag for a whole of 15 minutes, then the girl at the front of the store marched up to me with her hand out RUDELY saying I could not carry my bag and it had to be taken to the front. When my boyfriend and I tried to go down stairs, my boyfriend had to go back and get my ID and wallet, then we were followed AGAIN! We decided to leave empty handed, I was so uncomfortable and upset, I was on the verge of tears, as we had both shopped there multiple times before hand.To the owner(s): I understand loss prevention is a huge concern, however, dont make customers, especially loyal customers who have shopped and spent their hard earned money multiple times, feel UNCOMFORTABLE and like CRIMINALS as they shop for intimates and other toys with their partners. If you must, please invest in better security cameras. No one wants to be stared at and followed or made to feel like they did something wrong as they shop for panties and dildos.

Review №22

This place makes the,Lions Den ,look like a waterbeds store ! If you cant find what your looking for here,your not going to find it !!! Amazing !! Love , Love, this store ! So worth the trip ! Wish it were closer !

Review №23

Great place. Great customer service. Lots of variety. Good prices.

Review №24

The staff is always really helpful and willing to discuss different products and options with you for whatever it is youre shopping for! I love this place!

Review №25

Less than 1 star. The staff was extremely rude the moment we walked in. They also had no problem very respectfully talking about us within earshot.

Review №26

This place has bed bugs. Also many other health code violations. Its owned by a slum lord.

Review №27

All your stripper needs upstairs and all your pervie needs downstairs.The purchase process is a bit shady at the cash register.Forgettable. This place used to be something special.

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  • Address:1174 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201, United States
  • Site:
  • Phone:+1 614-294-2869
  • Adult entertainment store
Working hours
  • Monday:12–8pm
  • Tuesday:12–8pm
  • Wednesday:12–8pm
  • Thursday:12–8pm
  • Friday:11am–11pm
  • Saturday:11am–11pm
  • Sunday:12–8pm
  • Women-led:Yes
  • Debit cards:Yes
  • Credit cards:Yes
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